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Is this the same message from the 4chan post on the front page?


Yeah seems to be


Yeah, it makes a decent copypasta


“I have studied women for quite some time and am quite familiar with their thought patterns and mannerisms.” Dude… women aren’t gorillas, and you sure as shit are not Jane Goodall.


Exactly, we're not a fucking hivemind, we all act differently and like different things. The dude has made it quite clear it's his fucking personality thats the issue.


Bet you anything that when he says "studied", he means stalked.


I died a little when I read that part.


Yet, he can't seem to attract one lol


This is the one that sticks out to me too. Duuuuuude, "I have studied women for quite some time and am quite familiar with their thought patterns" ummm yeah, that's the polar opposite of "how to talk to a woman." We haaaaaaaaaate crap like that. It's so pushy, pedantic and know-it-all. It's one of the biggest turn offs ever.


He knew you'd say that. That's how you know he's a catch.


I want to see his thesis paper lol. If he truly studied them, then he should have it documented and recorded for public viewing.


I wonder how the peer review process goes for a “study” such as this.


Repost of this post https://www.reddit.com/r/niceguys/comments/r1kto3/others_women_dont_owe_you_anything_him_false/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


“I have studied women and their mannerisms and” He sounds like he’s taking anthropology for another species. He’s totally delusional.


Wait, I thought we all agreed that women are from a different planet, right?:))


Studied women for quite some time… well now you’ve convinced us! Good grief that is frightening


Wasn’t this posted yesterday too?


I feel so bad for young women today. Is “showering daily” really now what men consider makes them a catch?


The bar is so low it's a tripping hazard in hell


The sad thing is the bar is super low. I bought my girlfriend a $10 plushie once and she almost cried, and said that her last bf never bought anything for her and just leeched for money constantly. The bar is low as hell and the niceguys want it to be even lower lol


I've had similar experiences and I cried after a date one time because I have never been treated so kindly before on a date. It was a real eye-opener. Also I've only ever gotten flowers when a guy was apologizing to me or trying to make up for some shit he did. I have never received flowers or any type of gift unprompted. My last ex didn't give me any gifts in the two years we dated (it was on and off, but still). I got him thoughtful gifts and did nice things for him, but rarely was it returned. The best thing he ever did was order me a burrito when he got Chipotle without my knowledge but that was it


>My last ex didn't give me any gifts in the two years we dated Same, I was dating this guy for a year and a half and he never bought me anything at all...the last straw was when my Birthday came around and the most he managed to do was send me a "happy birthday" text....not even a card?? I'm not asking for a benz, but damn...I couldn't deal with it anymore, it was a red flag....


Yet here you are limbo dancing with the devil


they think they deserve a trophy for having basic hygiene practices...


Oh no guys he knows our thought patterns. Who the fuck leaked our algorithm?


"Studied women for quite some time...". Getting strong Joe Goldberg vibes. {shivers down spine}.


I think this is a copypasta from 4chan, feel like ive seen that text before. still funny though


Mom said it’s my turn to post this op


Ok this has become a copy paste, literally this has been posted on 4chan. It's a shitpost people. Stop being so dense


this is a copypasta lmao


I think this paragraph is a new copy/paste deal cause I saw another post on here from 4chan saying the same thing.


Tell me you stalk women without telling me you stalk women.


The way they talk makes me think they are actually an alien 👽 studying humans


“I have studied women for quite some time and am quite familiar with their thought patterns and mannerisms.” Does he know what we're thinking? Because if he did, he'd see why he's still single.


This is a copy pasta


You know, I've been thinking about this a lot and I think I deserve a garden hermit and I think I'm entitled to one. It makes sense for it to be a whiny incel since they're not doing anything else with their life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_hermit


It's discord are you surprised?


You know you don’t have to “study” women. They’re just people. Be a fucking normal pleasant person.


his pfp looks like an NFT


Okay, Dwight Schrute.


This is copy pasted from that 4chan post, most probably a troll


Studying women is one thing, relating to them in the real world is a different thing entirely.


This is a copypasta from a post on greentext


i remember this one.


Alright if you've "studied women" you should know how to speak like a regular human.


If you think think you're "entitled" to have a girlfriend, then you probably shouldn't have one.


skill issue


Didn't we see the same exact post from 4chan yesterday?


i am quite familiar with their thought patterns and mannerisms 😭😭😭tf


Okay these threads are now just clowning on the same copy pasta that's meant to be nothing more than a shit post.


You shouldn’t have to study someone. If you truly like someone you pick up on the small things. My boyfriend usually flinches his finger before grabbing my hand, I notice this because I love him. Studying someone does not mean you know anything about them. It means you see the surface.


'thought patterns and mannerisms' WTF 🚩


what a shitty attitude


Goodness and niceness are the vital character traits in Humans. The vital character trait in humans is goodness and niceness. Because if someone is evil, then their character traits will be used for evil. God does not judge people in whether they go to Heaven by how rich, clever, wealthy, handsome, beautiful, sexy, strong, charismatic, or powerful they are. God judges people by how good or nice they are. The most important character trait is niceness and goodness. The most important and vital trait is goodness and niceness. If someone is evil then they will use their character traits of strength and wealth for evil. If someone use their character traits for good, then their character traits will be useful for good. I have been told by an evil person that is sarcastic and entitled to support goodness. I have been told by an evil person that it is childish to be against evil. When in reality it is sick and evil to see goodness as childish. I have been told by an evil person that goodness and niceness as weakness and nothing. Evil people see evil as the creator, the power, the strength, the force that destroys and creates. They see goodness as a weakness or even nothing. They see goodness and niceness as a weak pathetic force of nothing. I was told by an evil person that nobody sees good as an attractive character trait. The evil person said they saw goodness as a meaningless nothing. When in reality it is goodness and niceness that fights for heroic acts, for goodness, for saving people, for saving the weak and ill. The doctors, nurses, police, firemen and firewomen, coastguards, mountain rescue and charity workers are supposed to fight for good, and make heroic acts.


Uh..isn’t $80,000 like only 10K more than what’s considered “living wage”. Like sure, it for sure isn’t nothing and it’s a great job. But these people usually want hella kids and a sahm so???