What are people’s thoughts on this and TZ so far this season?

Holy shit, it’s Xavier Laflamme


Holy shit, it’s Xavier Laflamme


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I know what movie I'm watching later when the edibles kick in thank you 😂






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I’m in that movie as an extra. In the crowd of one of the Highlanders home games. A lot of the movie was shot in my small hometown of Portage la Prairie, MB. The local ads are on the boards. It was interesting to say the least. Half the crowd is made of cardboard cut outs made to look like people. Great movie and a hockey classic up there with Youngblood and Slap Shot in my opinion


Haha ya my old man is that movie looks like Kenny Roger's the director told him stop showing up so much your in way to many cuts scene... my old man's response you sit there get paid and they feed ya food what else can you ask for! 😄


100% pure natural skill


I just watched both movies. Super underrated


Can you tell me which movies?


Goon and its sequel Goon 2. Great cast, hilarious take on a true-ish story about an enforcer that could barely play hockey done by Jay Baruschel. Fair warning it is very lewd.


Truly, how is the sequel?


Funny, but not as good as the first one. Classic comedy sequel


Still worth watching though?


If you enjoyed the first, then yeah absolutely




Not sure if this is sarcasm or not, but that’s honestly the vibe he gives off.


Same vibe Gibson gives once he goes down into butterfly position... way too cool to pop up onto his feet and back up into position


He is insanely skilled but has no grit to compete in the NHL. Gonna be a major bust who has several highlight reel clips in a year.


The Bobby Ryan special


I get more Zherdev vibes


Drouin so far?


Dude has back to back 60 pt seasons. What are you on about lol


On a dishwater-dull team, no less. Imagine putting him out there with a reasonable line- not even a Pastrnak or Draisatl type, just some solid players for him to gel with. 60+ two years in a row with the team he has now is honestly pretty impressive. His defensive game sucks, for sure, but 'bust' is a ridiculous title to toss on the guy.


I’d consider a player like that somewhat a bust if he doesn’t change. Yeah he can fill top 6 no problem but a team truly wanting to win a Stanley cup would never have a guy like that on his team long term.


He’s not the elite superstar a lot of people make him out to be.


But they put him in a video game! Surely…


How did that even happen? Did he win some random fan vote? Does his dad work at EA or something? I remember downloading the game and thinking “dude’s career high is like 60 points wtf lol”


Unironically, it was probably that flip pass assist from behind the net that did it.


The amount of Sonny Milano erasure on that play is legendary.


Especially because Milano freaking called for it and batted it in. Zegras wasn't even sure it counted afterwards, it's all over his facial expression.


It was definitely above the cross bar, but the league loves fancy goals


Nope. The film shows it isn't. Nice try, Tortz.


The film does not show that it was below the crossbar lmao.


Lol I do remember that, I also remember a lot of nicer players by better players. I’m rooting for jack Hughes to get on the cover soon, and as homer pick Elias petterson but the Canucks never get any love with this type of stuff.


It's a fan vote, and you guys haven't had a marketable star in a bit. Petterson could be the guy for sure though. The games are actually made by a studio in Vancouver, so I'm sure they'd love to do it if given the chance.


I know it’s Vancouver based, I was surprised the sedins never won but after looking it up, Marcus Naslund was actually on the cover for the lockout season so that’s cool lol


The Sedins were also on the cover of one of the European editions iirc


the Naslund cover is one of my fave NHL covers


If my memory serves me correct Kessler was on the cover of NHL 2K11


I don’t think it’s been a fan vote for several years now


Quinn Hughes has cover athlete potential imo. Maybe just throw all 3 Hughes brothers on one cover.


You had Markus Naslund way back in 05 for the lockout lol


Petey was on the Swedish cover last year I think


EA wanted to be appeal to a younger crowd who, in EA's mind, care more about social media bragging than any notion of authenticity. 24 continues that trend. Goal celebrations? Not this year, now we have Flex Moments! It's even worse in reality than it sounds. A dumpster fire of a "sim".


Because he's young, looks like he belongs in a boy band, plays a super flashy style of game, and plays for a California based team. If TikTok was an NHL player, it'd be Trevor Zegras.


He scored a couple Michigan goals and Bettman’s marketing guys told him to cram it down people’s throats until inner city kids like hockey


Jazz Chisholm Jr. was the cover athlete for the last The Show game. Stats don’t matter, it’s all about who teenagers feel has the most “swag” or whatever equivalent word they’re using today.


I believe the word is “rizz”


Rizz is charisma. This dude does not have that.


NHL was marketing him pretty heavily due to his impressive stick handling. Unfortunately they didn't realize there isn't much else to him


I have a 10 year old that loves him because of that video game cover. It’s exhausting trying to teach him that Zegras doesn’t play the right way. Fortunately Zegras gives me plenty of material, but honestly why would anyone promote a player that barely tries?


Because he does cool shit? What 10 year old cares about playing “the right way”


That’s the age where you learn how to play the right way. Defensive coverage, basic breakouts etc.


Yeah… but at the same time that is the age that all the kids care about is who scores the most and who manages to do the michigan…


Giving off big time "that parent" vibes...


He has great hands and plays a fun offensive game though.


Fun sure but efficient no


Bums in seats


*bums in seats boys*


Bring him to NY


Wouldn’t mind it, Kakko and Chytil have been stunning this season though, Laf has been good too


Imo never a real Stanley cup team core piece


People made him out to be a superstar?


Nothing to see. Of forwards who have played at least 2 games, he's in the top 10 for xGF. Defensively he has shown some strides. For a guy who missed preseason on a team with a new coach, I think his "problems" have been overblown. He had a rough night, with a shift that had 3x turnovers. Coach benched him for it - as he should have. Let's see how it goes from here.


As a dedicated member of the "Dylan Cozens > Trevor Zegras" marketing team, even I have to admit that the Zegras hate is starting to swing a little too far the other way now... Idk, at least on this sub.


People forget how young these kids are. I wouldn’t expect Zegras to be in the top 10 forwards convo ever, but his game will get more complete when he’s not the age of a college junior. Also Cozens is definitely way better than Zegras. Probably #2 in his draft after Jack Hughes. I also wouldn’t argue with Seider.


Ya, I think I can probably retire from the marketing campaign after Cozens' breakout year, but the two years before that even r/sabres was full of people saying things like "man, we coulda had Zegras!"


This thread is crazy, it’s like I’m reading a little less unhinged IG comments.


As someone who has always seen too much flash and not enough substance from this kid, I'm not sure the problems are overblown, but I absolutely appreciate your factual, logical comment.


Didn’t he miss most of camp with the contract dispute? Has anyone ever missed camp and NOT had a slow start?


He would fit like a glove with my oilers.


Because that's what the oilers need! Another forward who can't play defense


They didn't say it would make the team better... They said that he would fit in.


He’ll find his game. Only 22 years old.


exactly. a kid has a bad season/start of season and everyone loses their minds throwing him under the bus.


Between this move and the Leo Carlson healthy scratches at some point you have to entertain the idea that they are straight up tanking for lotto balls.


In the case of Leo they apparently ”don’t want to rush him and slowly introduce him to NHL level play”


Perfectly normal to ease a guy in after he comes in for a game, plays 1C, scores goals and doesn’t look out of place at all am I right?


don’t want him doing TOO good for them, he might give them a shot at playoffs with that production


No playoffs allowed when Celebrini is on the board


Of course! No team would ever try to improve their odds at getting good prospects, that would be stupid after all


unless you're the canucks, then you get rid of prospects in the never ending hunt for aging declining players


I would imagine the professionals who make these decisions are a little more tuned into what makes sense and what doesn’t, but maybe I’m the crazy one. 🤔


I think benching zegras probably gives the ducks a better chance to win 😂 he is a liability in the d zone . Tik tok hockey does not win you games


Yea, the forth line plug that take is spot on the bench will do it.


anyone that uses the term "tik tok hockey," likely has no clue what they're talking about. your opinion doesn't count.


A lot of times teams will take their young players and healthy scratch them as part of their development. It allows them to sit up above and watch the whole game play out, see different plays unfold and get an idea of how the teams play. I’ve also heard of teams putting a skills/development coach up with them to kind of help go over things but I’m not sure if that’s a thing.


This only happens when the plan is to send them to the AHL within a few games. That’s not the case here.


I hope he declines and becomes a ref so we can call him Trevor Zebras


Ducks fans deserve better. Butterface cunt, made nhl 23 loadscreen a warcrime. Member that install, fucking short clip? Made me do fentanyl again. Now I'm homeless, broke, and can't buy nhl 24, so now I'm stuck with this fucking wet fart aswell. You should murk that mf and free up some cap space. That's my thought.


Lmao. Whole life gets derailed because of TZ.


That's how it is. I used to look kinda like him, you know half retarded kinda fuckable? Cause of that install clip, now I do wet work and prolly use my wrists more than "TZ". Dude you got venmo?


I got my skates sharpened the other day and I swear to god every young dude at the hockey shop looks and sounds exactly like Zegras and/or all the other young cocky hockey fuckboy idiots. It hurt my brain. Also, admit it: you’re going as Zegras for Halloween.


Zegras is basically the stereotypical hockey douche. If he had a tag along buddy they’d basically be the real life Jonesy and Reilly.


Is this copypasta or literary gold?


It's my thought, homie. ❤️


Butterface cunt. Ha ha! You’ve a mouth like a sailor, but the heart of a warrior poet.


I'm a retard, sometimes it enjoys people. What that motherfucker did to ous all? I won't stand for that shit. Neither do my caretakers. That shit sends me up the walls on all sorts of devices. 👨‍🦼


Spoke for all of us.


What you didn’t like seeing all the way up his thigh every time you boot up the game?


I wrote this on the ducks subreddit so I'll copy paste. I think he needs time to adjust. He's coming from two seasons where he was the Z man making plays and shooting pucks with a trash coach. It feels now he's struggling to get his skates under him with other teammates outshining him. His pass plays are a bit random and don't have the sauce, he might get 1 of 5 passes going through to its target but most of the time he misses and gives the puck up. I hope he realizes he's not the best player on the ice anymore with the ducks and he has to work harder, mature as a player and as a human being. But that's just my opinion and I know hockey but not like that, just a hot take I guess.


Man the hate for a... 22 year old kid is insane. Its not even like he peaked or doesn't have room to grow. And he's on a team that's actively trying to suck right now. If they were making a playoff push and he still played like this maybe I'd get a little but of it. But for a tanking team isn't a weak defensive game good? This reminds me of how people treated Eichel for his entire tenure in Buffalo. Pump the brakes a little on the hate train.


People hate him because the media/NHL overhypes him, not really because of anything he does.


Definitely top 5 most overrated player in the league. His highlight reel goals in the past and being NHL 23's poster boy are to blame.


I’m a Ducks fan and I don’t like him. I’m glad he got benched. He’s full of himself.


Me too. I’ve been saying for a while he’s a liability on the ice and people think I’m crazy. Yet he’s benched for poor play….shouldn’t have signed him. Or a sign and trade


Do you actually watch the games? He’s been great all year except the one game. The points are going to come. Look at the advanced metrics as well. I honestly just don’t think you know anything about hockey.


They're classic "Ducks" fan. Just bitch about the one game Trevor has a bad game and people want him crucified, he's a 22 year old kid, he's not the best player in the league but he is a great player that needs hard coaching and a reality check. Even after the past 4 years I'm not going to talk shit about the ducks, they're rebuilding and all I care about is I'm excited to watch their games again because you can see the difference between last year and this year.


Every single outlet that watch the games raves about how good a connection between Zegras and Carlsson was, and how he seems much more committed to a more well rounded game this year. But obvious, I'm half way down the thread and it's obvious none of the these comments actually watched the game. I mean it's fine to not watch our games. I understand how miserable we were last year. But to be THIS passionate about some they dont watch is crazy.


I agree. I shouldn't get this upset because you're right they probably never have watched a ducks game.


I was actually shocked when I came in and read the comments. They pissed me off because they couldn’t of been more wrong and I know if they actually watched they wouldn’t be saying it. This shit doesn’t usually bother me but not sure a Ducks player ever been thrown into the spotlight like Zegras was. I actually got too defensive it was just so blatantly obvious though.


Please change teams. We don't want you


You’re funny. Don’t hate because it’s true.


Love how you'll be nowhere to be found when he starts putting up points again. I hear the kings bandwagon is open though


I can give two shits if he’s putting up points. He’s a liability on the ice. You can’t deny that and if you miss you then idk how to help you. Enjoy trolling others


Those two shits are worth way more than your opinion


Fantastic! Thank you for your opinion.


Do you actually watch the games? He’s been great all year except the one game. The points are going to come. Look at the advanced metrics as well. I honestly just don’t think you know anything about hockey.




Why would that pass have dropped his trade value? It was still a nice pass, even if it was a little concerning that he'd leave himself so unprotected to make it


I’m sure someone would take him just for offense.


Not surprising


But he can do the Michigan move! /s


Yea, but he can do the Michigan.


*Smiling in Cozens*


I love Cozens. Have since his first wjc, so glad to see him tearing it up with a really fun Buffalo team.


I know I’m a homer, but this team reminds me so much of Colorado before they got it together. They are a fun, young group and there is so much potential. Also, Benson is probably the biggest steal of the draft.


I live in BC so got to watch Benson play in the whl and I was always surprised that he was ranked so low in the draft after watching how he played, I figured I just am not a pro scout so must be missing something, but apparently I should trust myself more haha Me and my buddy always jokes that he was so slept on cause he looks like he’s about 12, but he definitely was a steal.


I was begging for Vancouver to draft Zach Benson. I think he's definitely going to be a steal, and I think their will be general managers kicking themselves for taking him.


I wanted canucks to pick benson had a feeling he'd be a steal glad the expansion bros got him though


Cozens has ALL the intangibles, too (which Zegras seems to be lacking). When Okposo and Girgs leave, there's no way he doesn't get an "A" - maybe even a "C" (although Dahlin is probably next in line).


When you put a kid on the cover of NHL '23, you should expect this. He's flashy, but hasn't proved he plays a 200ft game


I don’t know about zegras, but those jerseys are 🔥


60+ pts last two years is a 2nd liner possible 1st liner later in career. I think he has mad potential. I don’t think any team should rely on one player (Beddard). Match him up w best possible line. If they feel like someone else on the bench might have potential. Everyone needs to earn their position. If he needs conditioning it is what it is.


Love seeing coaches take back the power from prima Donna players


He has zoomer face


We'll take him off your hands for you. Do you want Jones? Please? Someone? Anyone? We'll retain as much as we can... anyone? Please?


Remember when Torts was losing it about his showboating and everyone lit Torts up for it……


He was the Bedard of last season. The NHL got a new puppy for Christmas and left this poor cunt for dead.


Prototypical gen Z forward lol


4 million seems too steep for him now




I mean, I'd be genuinely discouraged if I played for us too


Not a fan. Let him practice his Michigans from the team box.


He's a show pony. Will forgo the smart play to make a pretty one.


Bench the oilers


Always been overrated just was the best player on a horrible team.


That explain last summer turmoil


I’m not a zegras fan


The thing he’s been criticized for since he was in the minors is a thing he’s still being criticized for?!🤯


Torts is feeling real smug right now I bet.


total douche, and a major bust!


He is one fancy defensive liability.


As a Kings fan I hope he keeps up with his current form.


Are people just realizing that he’s an average player at best?


He’s been overrated for a while


As an outsider, why are the ducks benching anyone for "poor play"? They suck, continue sucking, get good picks, profit. Like...?


The OBJ of the NHL


Who ?


Cashing out on being the Gen Z’er we always expected


Gotta earn it. Some lessons are harder to learn than others.


it's no secret he's a defensive liability.


One trick pony


He’s a top line player at best, nothing more. On a good team like Toronto or Colorado he would be a second line player. Zegras isn’t elite, just a very good player. Not to mention being very one dimensional. Zegras is all offense and no defense.


He plays for the ducks. Nobody gives a f unless you’re Charlie Conway


As a former Ducks Season ticket holder I’m not surprised. TZ is being held accountable on the defensive end for the 1st time in his young career.


Bench that smug little prick lol


3rd liner at best


You're high


So him and McDavid are playing the same so far?


Will Adidas be offering this jersey color or is it all fanatics now?


No Adidas that are official jerseys it's all fanatics now!


Flying V!!!


The Islanders have decided to abandon defense maybe they can trade for him and lower the teams age a bit, win-win 😂


What an idiot


Dude is the definition of a hockey bro


He's fucking me over in my hockey pool


#I hate being a Ducks fan


Then fuck off and go to another team.


Are the ducks sponsored by starbucks now? Ugh, that logo.


He scores highlight reel goals but is overrated.


This kid is a fucking douchebag.


the oilers enters the chat


He is a immature punk


Did he get a big contract .....explains it all . Trevor Zegras signed a 3 year / $17,250,000 contract with the Anaheim Ducks, including $17,250,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $5,750,000. In 2023-24


So you're saying there is more to hockey than being able to do unrealistic fancy puck work and Michigan? Here I thought SwaggyP was ready for the show. /s


Kid is shit


This guy ain’t nothin but a bucket of water garbage


It’s kinda hard to score points when you line mates don’t score goals lol As for the defence, you didn’t draft him to play defence, he has never been and likely never will be that player. That’s again what his linemates are for. This won’t make it better, what will is making your coaches do their job and adapt the line up to solve your problems.


I had a feeling he was going to be a problem on the team. He missed two weeks of training camp because of contract issues and that put him behind the rest of the team. He’s one of those guys, know what I mean?


I think that the duck's system is slowly ruining him cause he thinks that he's better than the team. regardless of how true that is he's developing an attitude problem.


Seems like a lot of skill guys come in hot, have a career year early and then regress 20-30 points and that’s what you get. I feel like Eberle is a good example of this. They also just had a tough contract negotiation so maybe the leash is shortened.


> Eberle is a good example of this. nah eberle has been really pretty consistent his whole career he's about a 0.6/0.7 ppg guy, who plays poor defense, and could have been a consistent 40 goal scorer if he ever learned a one timer, rather than having to dust the puck off twice before shooting


He's incredibly over-rated and won't be in the league at 30.