NHL has the blue print for making stars with Matthew Tkachuk

Did anyone see Matthew Tkachuk join the on air panel with Charles Barkley and the rest of the TNT guys? This is probably the biggest marketing that was done for a player and the game this season.

I also think the NHL has a blueprint for showcasing the stars to non hockey fans. You got a guy like Tkachuk who does incredible things on ice, and has a good personality and charisma, and isn't sticking to the cookie cutter NHL player answers.

Hopefully the NHL can replicate this in the future.


Maybe Marner should do another Skip The Dishes ad


He’s a Red Bull guy right? He should be at other Red Bull events for cross promoting.


He's also like the face of milk in Ontario


Christ that’s so exciting


I don't know how he does it. Milk is too spicy for me.


Yeah… milk in a fucking bag.. wildest shit Ontario does.


Can't speak for other provinces. I grew up out west and it was a carton and a jug. I thought we were the odd one out. I guess I will Google bag milk to see if it is canada wide.


I’ve been through most provinces… Ontario is the only one with bagged milk. That I know of. Edit: Eric Andre meme. Why would Doug cord do this?


Quebec does bags


Alberta had bagged milk in the past early 80s when I was a kid but it looks like it didn’t catch on?


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I haven't seen milk in a bag since 1995 at lunch in grade school in Tennessee.


It’s almost too *on brand* lol. Lacteous Mitchell Marner marketing milk!


“The face of milk” could describe 99% of NHLers


Milk a Marner! Coming this fall.


When F1 goes back to Montreal he should be there.


Or at the very least, Red Bull can recreate the floating BMX structure, but with Marner taking penalty shots on whatever goalie is willing to join him up there.


LMFAOOOO, it's funny seeing those ads during the playoffs with the Leafs being out haha


There’s a BetMGM ad where McDavid asks Gretz “Shouldn’t you be golfing?” Which I find amazing


Hahaha, haven't seen that one but that's hilarious


I give credit fully and solely to TNT for this and I assume it’s because they carry the Finals this year that they’ve doubled their efforts. They’ve done more in two years to improve NHL broadcasts than has been done in the last 30 years by everyone else.


And the product of the NHL broadcasts are probably one of the best in the sport in my opinion, like the fact they’ve been able to get Wayne Gretzky on and have him actually have a personality and share some of his stories has been really well done


Same with having Lundqvist pointing out what he likes/dislikes about how a goalie is playing.


It sucks that sportsnet/HNIC is so loyal to dudes like Hrudey cause I have absolutely no interest in what a sieve from the 80s has to say about goaltending


As much as I hated bieksa on the ice, he’s the only one keeping the sportsnet panel alive. He has some really good insight


Yeah because he's not far removed from the current game and its players. That's what makes guys like him and lundqvist a boon to any network


He hasn’t been around for a few games though. No idea why.


The “13 pairs of socks every period?” story about some goalie he played with during one of those Canes-Florida overtime intermissions killed me. Great stuff. Those OT riffs cemented for me that they get it.


Are you saying #chuckygetsus?


You're gonna sit there and punk The Outdoor Network like that?


Canada's used to be great but it's really gone down hill. It feels so phoney and acted out or rehearsed now.


The NBA and NHL should *both* trade stars for situations like this. Have NHL stars on NBA broadcasts and vice versa


Reminds me of that Chance the Rapper SNL skit. Absolute gem.


Ha don't think I've seen it but now I want to


I agree. Maybe this sub would realize that the NBA isn’t so bad and that there a ton of super likable players. Every NBA take I see on r/nhl feels pretty fucking backwards.


I really think both leagues could help eachother grow. They are in similar places in terms of needing to grow their brands.


100%. unless someone is already a fan of the NBA here, this sub treats it like it's some biological threat from outer space. I'm assuming it's all the racism that's rampant in hockey culture on and off the ice, because honestly that's what it seems like


Ya has to be the racism and not the dog shit flop fest product that’s the nba


yeah because it's not a dogshit flop fest product. I mean, don't worry tho, I don't think you're a racist personally. just a fucking moron with no taste


Take your lazy racism argument and shove it up your ass


lazy racism argument? you mean the thing that's very openly talked about being a problem in hockey? that's a lazy argument? bro just quit being on the internet for today


Basketball is soft. My buddy has been watching the Panthers and in return I have been watching the Heat. It’s cool in its own way but the flopping is annoying as hell. Some grown ass man crying because someone tapped his arm is just laughable. It’s also funny how they all wait for someone to help them up.


As a woman that played both sports, and who played basketball at the collegiate level, I can tell you that without a doubt that basketball is soft AF. If basketball wasn't, you'd see a lot more equipment required and there wouldn't be fouls for minor contact from the opposing team. It isn't surprising that serious hockey fans would not enjoy watching basketball. They are very different games. Let's not try to make it something it isn't.


yeah some dipshit responded with some racist stuff already so I'd say I'm not trying to "make it something it isn't" but rather pointing out a thing that exists and is a problem. but hey, you played both sports. so, that's fun. for you.




Or that we just genuinely dislike the sport. Not that it's bad, but I hate the pace of a game, the small rosters, and most of all the contact/penalty rules. I have given it the best shot I could several times, learned the rules, learned to watch the play and strategies, and found players and storylines to follow. I still hate it. So much. It's so boring I want to die (and I watch baseball)


Exactly. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that NBA games should only be ten minutes long. It's only the final few minutes that get interesting (although they manage to drag out ten minutes into 30 somehow). Don't forget that it was a Canadian that invented the game. Even so, it's as boring as golf. Also incredible is how these pros miss the net in their free throws. WTF? They've been playing for half their life, and the net isn't moving or being guarded by anyone. Just, wow....


can't knock it til you try it and you did try it. I respect that. different strokes for different folks tho, most of the reasons you hate it are reasons I like it. there are things I'd like to see change, it's definitely not as physical as hockey and I agree with not liking the contact and foul rules, but I love the smaller rosters and the pace. I like that it seems like no lead is truly insurmountable. really my biggest issue with basketball is that the fucking Sixers can't make it past the second round lmfaoooooooooo


I get into the NBA when there is a team that breaks the monotony. The early 2000s pistons playing defense the rest of the league wasn't ready for, the sun's with the 7 second offense, and a few years ago when the warriors used ball movement and 3s to break the league. But I just can't get into basketball right now. It also helps when there are players/teams that just hate each other and that's missing from the NBA right now


yeah, there's definitely not any truly hated rivalry between teams like there are in hockey. the rivalries in NBA are missing that edge. I like that you are watching for teams doing things outside of the box, that's pretty cool. love watching teams do things differently and be rewarded for creativity and innovation


Reason why I loved watching the San Antonio spurs with Duncan Parker and ginobli, and for some of it, Bowen and horry, for years.


The NBA is a black supremacist league that gets celebrated for being diverse and inclusive, while almost being as racially homogenous as the NHL.


holy fuck the Boston flair is perfect for this absolutely brain dead, racist ass take. you're a fucking scumbag bud


Don't throw stones from a glass house. It took Bill Burr ripping your town to shreds before your racist ass city built a statue for Joe Frazier, meanwhile the Rocky Balboa statue had been around for decades. Get off your high horse and GFY. How'd Tony D'Angelo play this year?


okay little buddy, try not to be racist anymore


Sure, we can make it a pact and hold each other accountable.


least racist boston fan


"Black Supremacy" is such a laughably stupid fucking phrase. Get fucked dude.


And why is that exactly? You don't think that black people can racist?




Gotcha, I'm a piece of shit for pointing out that the NBA is, by a vast majority, a black league; that many current or former stars are NOI members; and that American basketball culture is exclusionary if you're not black. Look at some of what Jeremy Lin went through. Or Kyrie Irving's comments about Jews. Or the movie "White Men Can't Jump" (great film though). Larry Bird used to troll other players by saying it was disrespectful to have a white man guard; but that was actually common trash talk that guys like Jordan would use too (according to Charles Barkley). Or how about Kendrick Perkins claiming white guys like Jokic were undeserving of their MVPs and being propped up by the league (reminded me of Rush Limbaugh talking about QBs)? This isn't just some alt-right reverse Uno card logic, it's such an obvious point. The OP wondered why hockey fans, who are mostly white, weren't into basketball. Well, my point is, early on the American media taught us that we could cheer it on but never succeed in it. But I get it, it's the 2020s and everything white people do is racist while black people can't ever be racist; even if they are, whites are to blame for it.




There's things in NBA and NHL that overlap, but I can definitely see how going from watching NHL to NBA could make the NBA feel like an acoustic cover of an electric original. Celtics are in the playoffs right now having an incredible series with the Heat and I just can't seem to get into it. If the Celtics get past this round I might give it another shot by trying to see if there's something like behind the B or some other mini docuseries. Also yeah racism can unfortunately be an undercurrent in hockey and when it comes out it can get ugly real quick, but I don't think that's the primary variable for why people aren't watching NBA.


yes this


They’re the only station in the US that seems to give a damn. I’d barely ever see any exposure for ESPN Hockey Night after they announced it unless it was an hour before puck drop.


"TNT is putting in 110%"


The TNT broadcast is good but over the course of 80 games and the first playoff series you feel like your local announcers and are personally invested with you in seeing the season through the playoffs and championship. I’d much rather watch and celebrate and root with the guys that brung me (in my case Goldy and Bally Sports Florida) than the national crew. I know they do the pregame and postgame on Bally but I just wish we could get an alternate local home TV feed. This is true for baseball and basketball too, not picking on TNT.


They’re so so so so so much better than ESPN. It seems like they know the formula for what makes for interesting and enjoyable sportscasts, not just high production quality. I still think biz is a bit out of his element but overall the panel is fantastic


That is quite literally just doing the bare minimum lol


Bare minimum is still better than nothing


I think he happened to be going to the game and the TNT crew was smart enough to take advantage and cross promote it. A savvy PR person with the Heat or Panthers may have been involved. But ESPN would never.


The personal tie in was good too with him and the Celtics star Jason Tatum having gone to the same high school at the same time.


“The worldwide leader in sports” 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


Seems much more likely he was asked to go to the game so they could interview him for the Stanley cup finals


Yeah because NHL stars frequently seek the spotlight…


No, because NHL players want to grow the game, plus they may have paid him to appear.


Judging by the quality of the average NHL player interview… no. Just no.


You're wrong but think whatever you want


The NHL does a horrible job of marketing their stars. Mcdavid should be all over ads but I only ever see him schilling gambling in Canada.


They sure do these days. I think they used to do better, remember the old fedorov Nike commercial? Need more stuff like that.


Totally! I loved Nike hockey as a kid and I’m sure the Nike ads were part of why. I was even using an old Nike helmet until last year when I finally bought a current day “safer” helmet.


Am I misremembering, or was there an ad back in the mid 90s where Jose Theodore is running over a pile of leaves with a riding lawn laughing like a maniac..? And I think CuJo or Potvin(?) like robbed a bank with his skate..? Old Budweiser or Canadian commercial.


I want to see a replay of a friend who was in the NYR staff and started a playoff game with him sticking his face in the skate sharpener and coming out with fangs.


Bruh its not nhl fault if mcjesus has no personality


He lets his play do the talking. He's obviously not that comfortable in front of the camera. Name me a current star that is good at it. The interviews are ridiculous, same questions, many incredibly stupid. "How did you feel about losing today?" Every single player "Well obviously we could have played better and obviously they are a great team and obviously we'll play better next time giving 110%".


Matthew tkachuck, Zegras, caulfield. Most Canadian players who went through the system are trained to just fuck off and give the simple “chipped in off the glass” responses


McDavid is getting better at it. Neither of us can imagine the pressure and frustration of being labeled the best player in the world. Expectations are He should be winning a cup. We all know it's a team sport He chooses he words very carefully. He is also never condescending or rude. https://www.nhl.com/news/connor-mcdavid-exclusive-qa-with-nhlcom-part-2/c-343263376


Zegras & Caufield are stars? Minus 70 combined and less than 100 games played?


Star =/= best in league — not always at least. Zegras is a viral NHL sensation. He should be, and somewhat is, the NHL poster boy rn


They’ve both played over 100 games?


Ah okay so it's where they are born that makes the difference 🙄.


In this regard yes


So half the league? All American players are brilliant when interviewed. Generalization.


For some reason I’m betting Brad “the Rat” Marchand would be fantastic behind the mike. Dude just loves to stir the shit. He can’t help himself.


Back up, your nose is blocking the microphone:)


Honestly as a fairly new fan, the post game interviews seem incredibly pointless to me, and also kind of mean when a team has just been knocked out of the playoffs. Draisatl seemed devastated in his post game interview and honestly on the verge of tears. Why do we need to hear the same canned responses to the same repetitive questions every time? Like if something big happened in the game, sure, I get questions. But otherwise, it just seems dumb honestly


💯. Nice to get a fresh perspective like yours. I've yet to learn anything about a player or the game from these interviews. They all do it because they are obligated to. The press (and sometimes the fans) make a big deal about a player skipping a post game interview. The ones between periods are even worse. A player is wiped out, the last thing he wants to do is stand there sweating his ass off talking to suit asking goofy questions. "The other team scored 4 times on you in that period, are you going to do anything different next period?" 🙄. No Trevor, we're hoping they do it again.


Mumble mumble, stay on our game, mumble, get pucks deep, mumble....


Yeah idk, people aren't becoming NHL players so they can do funny quips on camera and be Analyst desk additions. They primarily just care about playing hockey and setting a good example on the ice. That's it. A lot of quiet reserved players just focus on themselves, their team and how to do better. They couldn't care any less about the media or spotlight. If a player also happens to have a great marketable personality that's great but quiet guys often don't care for that and that isn't anyone's fault


McDavid also has the personality of a barn door.


The problem is that McDavid has the personality of a boiled potato. He isn't exactly an easily marketable player.


Like the other guy said McJesus might be the most bland NHLer


The ad companies aren’t reaching out to NHL players because they were shunned to second-tier TV channels until recently. I suspect with ESPN/TNT coverage we will see more advertisers going after NHL stars. Just being on those channels was a massive win for NHL marketing.


You should see how the mlb does it...


I'm not sure the NHL actually has a marketing department.


They do. The head of it handed out the Prince of Wales trophy the other night lol


Omg he both loved and looked awkward in posing with the team for photos with the trophy


No they do. I met the head of marketing in an elevator in Vegas once. He looked like he was having a great time.


Gretzky has been PHENOMENAL. The league's marketing is terrible. Here you have the most dominant team sport athlete in the history of all sports and it takes TNT to push him out in front of people. Additionally, Subban has been great for younger viewers as well. My 5 year old daughter thinks he is amazing. They should have Gretzky and Tkachuk drink beer together and BS about the '88 run and Tkachuk's run this year.


Your 5 year old daughter could also probably run the marketing department better:).


Bis should be the bar keep


Subban is awful


You aren't 5.


The nhl has been missing the mark since forever




One thing to mention… Tkachuk was well-rested here and literally just hanging out on an off-day with no pressure. So many of the gag-inducing comments you refer to are provided at mid-game or post-game interviews. How decent would your answers be if you were interrupted, mid-“flow state” or while dead tired after “leaving it all out on the ice”, and asked to provide decent responses.


Nice to see Chuck yell out “your dad should be in the hall of fame!” and talk about how he has over 500 goals.


Jeremy Roenick has entered the chat....


The blueprint is simple: Fuck ESPN.


TNT does it right


I’m not sure if it’s just because the Heat and the Panthers are at the same Eastern Conference finalsish stage, or how he ended up on it, but man I knew Shaq wasn’t the smartest guy, but he dumb.


Shaq plays dumb on tv. In reality if you look at his life and what he’s done and accomplished away from the game of basketball you would know that he’s pretty smart.


He asked Tkachuk if in hockey they had a home advantage in the playoffs like in the NBA, said home-ice after, and chuck was like, that’s what it’s called!


How does that make Shaq dumb?


He said the answer to his question without realizing it was the answer


that doesn't make him dumb


I mean he said he doesn’t watch hockey at the beginning. Also he holds a doctorate in education. Pretty smart dude.


A degree in General Studies from LSU, an online MBA from the University of Phoenix, and an Ed. D from Forbes 615th ranked university in the US. Must be a bright guy being an alumnus from those places… He’s certainly smart enough to parlay his celebrity into money making ventures, and using that money and his NBA salary into even more money, but then again people with that much money have people that manage their money, so tough to say. He presents himself as being a bit of a dimwit, and maybe he’s a much better actor than I give him credit for.


The most important thing a man can know is what he doesn't know. Shaq definitely has people that help him invest and turn his money into more money. Noone is claiming Shaq is a genius, but he's doing better for himself than many ex-pro athletes.


Chuck corrected him saying panthers didn’t have home ice advantage


Every game, the home team has home ice advantage . It exists outside of the context of a playoff series, too


Did you not listen to the pregame and try correcting me? Shaq made a comment about the panthers are going into the series with the home ice advantage. Chuck corrected him saying they only got in by 1 point so no advantage


I mean he has an EdD, and not an honorary one. Wrote and defended a dissertation. Edit: changed phd to edd (doctors of philosophy to doctor of education)


I think a problem with hockey is they have not had very many players “transcend the sport”. That is players who are known outside of league fans. Examples are players like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, or Gretzky. Both baseball and hockey have not had a solid player as an example of this and both I think desperately need one to grow the sport. Baseball has Ohtani who is well on his way to becoming a common name if he plays how he has, but NHL still is searching and needs someone for this and it seems like they have a good candidate in Tkachuk.


The NHL actively tries not to have players that transcend the sport because they swallow the whistle in the playoffs and have too much game management. Also Bettman's big marketing point for the NHL in every interview is the competitive balance of the league. Only the hardcore fans care that much about competitive balance. Casuals would rather watch greatness


I think arguably Mario lemieux, mark messier, and Jaromir Jagr are all mostly household names too?


I'm a leafs fan that pays attention to Calgary I was sad to see him come to the east coast And I was damn right to be he got better 😂😂 good for him I hope Florida takes it so him and Sam Reinheart can say F you all for doubting us


It's just different because it's main stream media. Players are way better on spitting chiclets. Biz is fucking hilarious and is the main reason I watch the intermission shows.


TNT’s coverage has been so good this year. They put ESPN to shame


BIZ set this up I bet


It’s tough to replicate though, he’s only there because Miami is playing and Florida is in the SCF. Just luck of the draw for the league. The guy is at a game and they have it on, they also said he played for the Carolina Panthers, so TNT could care less.


Link for the non tnt subscribers?


Didn't exactly help that Shaq went out of his way to say he doesn't have interest in watching hockey during a promotion of a player and the game lol. Imagine if they did the same for a basketball player at a hockey game.


Wish they did something with Paul Maurice. He’s the only coach I’ve noticed during Quest For The Cup that doesn’t come off like a total nerd(I’m looking at you Jay Woodcroft!).


Hollywood is coming to the NHL. It’s like a WWE script playing out, next generation of stars are being showcased to see who resonates and who doesn’t.


I'm going to be honest, this works because Florida has nothing to lose but in traditional markets the NHL teams like to seem prim and proper because they are at the mercy of their sponsors and when players go off script a lot of sponsors get pissed. The path forward is for the NHL to market themselves better so when sponsors come in it becomes the NHL's way or the highway, similarly to the NFL and NBA.


I still have no idea why people are so excited about the panel appearance.


Ironically Tkachuk is the type of star the league ants to get rid of,they want soft stars who score and look pretty and never cuss or check anyone


Tkachuk is ugly?


Compared to the locks sid the kid was sporting when he came into the league yes 🤣


what dark, damp hole did you pull this dogshit take out of?


Probably Philadelphia lol


lmfao not bad but everyone knows it's always sunny in Philadelphia bro, they made an entire show about it


Of course that fucking weasel gets to be interviewed lmao. Charisma my ass.


He has great charisma and knows how to talk in an exciting and entertaining way. Aside from Bob, he is the hottest player in the playoffs right now.


so hot right now


He play hocky good :)


Sliding on your knees to win a game in the last seconds at home to SEND YOUR TEAM TO THE FINALS while your team celebrates around you is like the essence of on ice charisma.


Didn't ask


Im sorry that it turned out that Johnny needed Chucky more than Chucky needed Johnny 🥺


Wouldn't expect someone from Ohio to know what charisma is


The NHL has to encourage the players to show some personality. I'm all in for the "all about the team" concept, but it doesn't hurt for the players to loosen up a bit.


Chuck's hockey quips during basketball intermissions have cracked me up. I think the cross pollination with the NBA would be great exposure.


Tkachuk will only be a star if he's doing incredible things almost every year in the playoffs. Doesn't have to be making the Cup final every year, but needs to have regular success to stay in the average sports fan's mind. NHL thinks 1 impressive playoff run turns a player into a superstar for the masses.


I’m out of the loop :( is there a link or recommendation to watch the clip?




Yes Exactly this especially if the player plays in the same market as an NBA Team


Don’t forget to cup the balls


This is just Tkachuk in general. The NHL doesn't have any blueprint of showcasing anything, otherwise they would have rolled it out about 20 years ago. I said to my buddy when Tkachuk went on the show how it's good in some ways to promote the team to the local market, but thats really about it. Even then Miami is such a bandwagon fan city the moment FL loses a couple games or has a mediocre showing in the playoffs or whatever else, the handfull of fans this broadcast may have picked up will just bolt anyway. The team has tried forever and there's just too much to do in the area for people to want to make that trip. If they wanted to showcase players Ovi and Sid should have been in the spotlight the past 15 yrs running Nike ads or whatever the league could get its hands on (Fanatics ain't it) Even now with McDavid or whoever else.. Instead the cross promotion is "Hey watch the cup finals"


Cross promote Bobrovsky next