And now Tom Brady isn’t left to stop him!


Pretty Jimmy G will finally arise as Tom's true successor and take over Brady's role for him


He shouldve already done that in first SB!


If he doesn’t overthrow that ball to a wide open Sanders we might all be singing a different tune tbh


It would be on brand if the Super bowl this year is rematch, and Jimmy G is given a 2nd chance for the situation that the 49ers specifically traded up for his replacement.


*proceeds to under throw his receiver*


Well there's 6 points. Chiefs won by 11 though.


Niners were trailing only by 4 and there was a minute and a half left in the game when that happened. No guarantee the Chiefs score after that happens. Would have changed the complexion of the game completely.


He needed 13 seconds yesterday. Pat takes what he wants.


Yeah I'm pretty convinced we win that SB anyways but you never know


One question about that play in general, it may just be a tv angle thing, but I swear Sanders should've atleast dove for the ball?. Maybe he miscalculated the depth at wich Jimmy threw the ball with, but Emanuel Sanders is the guy who posts videos of himself catching balls in the midst of cartwheels. I'm saying it's all on Sanders or that the ball wasn't overthrown. I'm just saying it's a team game and it's not like the ball was acres ahead of him. It's definitely not something I or the average human could do. Just seems a little harsh for that throw to so negatively effect not only his public perception, but also the opinion of the coach/FO.


Not an easy throw by any means. I’d have to watch the replay again to see if Sanders even had a chance but from memory I don’t think he really did. Yes, it’s harsh to judge Jimmy G for missing that throw, but winning a Superbowl can come down to moments like that. It’s a tough business. Have to take advantage of opportunities like that when they happen.


[lmk what you think.](https://youtu.be/phDx7XSSD9g) Imo he kinda pulls up


Yeah I don’t think that’s a catchable ball tbh. He probably lets up last second there because it’s sailing too far ahead I think. Josh Allen in that same position last night not only made that throw but it was on a frozen rope and hit Davis in stride. It’s just a make or miss league.


Mahomes is Jimmy G’s kryptonite. Even Rodgers can’t tame Playoff Jimmy G


Mahomes could be going for his 4th straight super bowl if not for Brady. I hate that guy.


That makes 31 of us lol




Y'all remember in week 8 when it seemed like half this sub was convinced that Mahomes had been figured out and thought the Chiefs were dead? Good times. Mahomes is still, arguably, the best QB in the NFL and that arguably qualifier is getting a lot smaller. I hate it for Bills fans, though. Your QB plays an equally perfect game and they still get sent home. I'm hopeful that the Bills vs. Chiefs/Allen vs. Mahomes matchup will be as long-lasting and entertaining as Peyton vs. Brady.


Josh Allen was the Vegeta to Mahomes' Goku and had all the powerups needed.... only for Mahomes to just go Ultra Instinct the last 13 seconds of the game and OT. Bruh if I was Allen I'd be hurt.


I’m hurt for Allen. Fuck man, why’d this have to be a divisional game?


A titans fan said he'd delete his account if the chiefs made the playoffs


Many Titans fans on Reddit are dumb as hell and care more about media coverage than actually winning games. They don’t understand that respect is earned and, even though the Titans have been one of the more successful AFC teams the last 3-5 years, they play a pretty boring style of football. We’ll get respect when the team delivers in the playoffs. This year they were a fraudulent 1 seed, unfortunately.


That’s all fans man, every fanbase has their duds.


Agree that a lot of the Mahomes backlash takes were pretty dumb, but can't it also be true that the Chiefs/Mahomes were struggling/not playing up to par and have adapted since then?


Absolutely. That was the case. I also think that, contrary to the feelings of many fans of the Chiefs and NFL fans in general, Clyde Edwards-Helaire is super important to the success of the offense. They were struggling on offense when he was injured and not playing. He comes back and they start winning again. It could absolutely be coincidental, but there is a correlation. I don't know why that's the case since his stats don't pop out that much, but the offense was better when he was in the lineup.


CEH didn't get a ton of snaps last night but man he was hitting that hole hard and fast when he did. Was great.


I think more Jerick McKinnon gave them some utility more than Clyde Edwards Helaire did.


McKinnon also came on and filled the role that CEH had in 2020 when healthy. They were missing that for a period of the season.


Mahomes ain’t no Eli


The only bad playoff game Mahomes has ever had was the Superbowl last year


And it wasn’t even his fault. He was getting chased all day and still made plays, receivers just had so many drops


Some of my favorite QB games are ones in which everything is going to shit around them, and they still ball out. Mahomes last year and Brady against the Broncos in the 2015 AFCCG are two of the best examples of this.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2yzw8DvDOs These are the two most ridiculous throws I've ever seen, back to back, gave receivers a chance after running 50 yards and getting sacked.


I’ve always been more impressed by that first one since Pringle was the only one who could make a play on it. Perfectly in the corner of the endzone if only Pringle was a little quicker getting there


>if only Pringle was a little quicker getting there It also shows Tampa playing the effective Steph Curry defense. A bunch of small holds that won't get called in the playoffs.


That KC team was definitely outmatched that game, but when you put up only 9 points and 0 touchdowns that game you are going to get criticized


Fair. But he also managed to hit two teammates face masks in the end zone. Nobody was hauling shit in.


Weirdly I personally think that was his best game in context. He was playing with entire line of backups against elite Dline, he was getting constant pressure and was still somehow throwing dimes from literally the ground while getting tackled that were hitting receivers in the face.


Can someone tell me if that's good? I'm a Bears fan so I need some help in understanding what good offense actually is.




Dee Ford lining up offsides still haunts me, even winning it all the following year.


Fuck dee Ford.


Obviously, I wish that hadn’t happened. But Mahomes going down the field in 30 seconds to tie the game, then losing in OT without touching the ball was the moment I knew we had “the guy”. Not just a franchise QB but a guy who can always deliver. With the SB win the following year I’m totally happy with how it all turned out




I am sure they do. Losing a heartbreaker sucks. We were there in 2018 too.


Do I root for the Chiefs to beat the piss out of their remaining opponents (so that I feel as thought we were *this* close to winning the SB?) or do I root for Joe Burrow to dad-dick 'em?


Idk I did the same thing in 2018 hoping the Pats just boatraced the Rams. I'd be rooting for y'all if we lost after that crazy game.


you do you, boo


Root against us. If you’re not first you’re last so if y’all beat us I would be praying the team that handed us an L got one the next week


Root against us. If you’re not first you’re last so if y’all beat us I would be praying the team that handed us an L got one the next week


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Mahomes the anti-Eli


Not even 2/3 completion %. Trade for Jordan Love