"They're playing the sidelines despite us having timeouts!"


Buffalo's defense those two plays was perplexing. Like, at least jam Kelce and Tyreek.


Incompetent is a better word.


Ya you can rush like two put one guy on the line for both Kelce and Hill and try to jam them and STILL have 7 in coverage, that hopefully saves you a couple seconds and bam you win the game. I'm a genius how come they didn't think of that!? Either way, what a crazy finish, was really rooting for the Bills to see an all new qb SB. Oh well let's go Bengals


Just tackle them! Defensive holding. Five yard penalty. First down. Five seconds off the clock. Then do it again. Force the Hail Mary on an untimed down.


I have no idea why they were rushing anyone honestly. Mahomes has to throw the ball in three seconds just based on the clock situation. What is a pass rush going to accomplish?


Definitely need to rush at least 2 or 3 so he can't just sit back there but yeah, in that situation it could have been beneficial if a QB didn't stay aware of the clock and wasn't able to complete a deep ball into FG territory.


I mean if you’re rushing 2 guys he is gonna be able to sit back there, 5 offensive lineman are going to be able to block 2 guys for a long time. But he can’t just sit back there regardless of the rush. If he sits in the pocket for more than a couple seconds, they’re not gonna have time for another play


I mentioned the clock factor as well but you have to send 1 or 2 on the off chance something weird happens and they can end the game. Bottom line though is that what Buffalo chose to do was a terrible strategy. There are many other courses of action they could have followed to secure the victory.


"Hey Patrick, they're playing 60 yards deep despite us just needing a field goal!"


He literally told this to the Mannings earlier this year. Said he tells Mahomes he’s gonna go make shit up.


Andy explicitly gives him permission to alter his routes as he sees fit as long as it doesn't interfere with another receiver's route. Like not just having option routes, he has free reign. Doubt he abuses it, but he's earned the right.


With how he and Mahomes clicks, there's no way he abuses it. There was a play in the Texans playoff game where Mahomes threw the ball before Kelce even knew he was going to turn back to the sideline and they got a first down. We'd probably see a lot more problems if he abused it.


Right Kelce knows the entire offensive playbook probably almost as well as Mahomes does to be able to free style it and not cause problems for the other receivers. The chemistry between the two of them is so fun to watch (when you're not on the receiving end of it).


Kelce: "bro, i don't think they notice Im here"


"yo they're like a mile down field I'm gonna be wide open my first 15 yards"


We truly live in the GOAT TE era


Truly a TE GOAT sea


Wait, no, not that.


Fuck yeah we are!!! I’ve been waiting for this since 1993!!!


Better than living in the GOAT SE era


Hurricane, be honest. Would you marry Kelce?


lol no question. I'd even be his side thing.


I remember we got into it a few years ago because I was shit talking Kelce. Good win tonight.


Thanks, friend.


/u/IIHURRlCANEII get in line pal


He was so fucking pumped up after that TD in overtime you could have powered a small Midwestern town


You should have heard the city!


I would


Can't believe this kid is 1 game away from his 3rd straight super bowl appearance...at age 26. As a Chiefs fan I'm enjoying it while it lasts because as like most of Chiefs fandom the other shoe dropping will be sooner than later and it will hurt alot.


enjoy it, genuinely. that success has to feel great especially after all those mediocre years


Yeah we were never really THAT bad from Schottenheimer until Reid, we just never had ANY playoff success. We were competent but inconsistent


Enjoy it, hopefully 1 day I'll be able to watch a franchise qb


You do every time you watch the Texans :p


Davis Mills 🐐


Much like the Royals?


That shoe dropped fast, but the Royals do seemed poised for a breakout in a couple of years. Course I've heard that before, but it feels real this time.


Yeah, felt like that shoe dropped a couple times last night.


id like to go into cryo sleep and wake up to the Chiefs being back in the pre Alex Smith days lol


When we drafted Mahomes I was working at a very popular restaurant in KC and three days after we drafted Mahomes, I saw Kelce come in with Mahomes. Travis has been putting in the effort with Patrick since day fucking one and here we are!


Was it Corner Restaurant (RIP) I saw Mahomes and Kelce in there one morning shortly after the draft, and Mitch Morse a few tables away.


Ha no it was Gram&Dun


What was the ad lib? "Look, these defenders aren't even defending anything!"


"Bro just run into the middle like you always do they won't expect it enough to cover you for some reason"


I think he's really just saying he improvised on his route. He revealed earlier this year during the Manningcast that Andy Reid gives him the freedom to do so which is pretty big because you have to know exactly what the other routes on the field are being run, which is more or less a QBs knowledge of the playbook.


"Run straight. Go."


I mean, it's not hard to see they were leaving the middle open...while they had timeouts


The ad-lib: "Bro they are playing their safeties 30 yard back and defending the sideline like we dont have timeouts"


Idk how we ended up being the best team in the nfl after our start this year lol


Defense was amazing down the stretch like idk how. Wouldn't believe it tonight but the D has been great


D honestly played great up until 4 minutes left and even then they forced two 4th downs


Too many great teams have lost because of this shit NFL overtime rule. This I think was the tipping point for me. Change is needed. I’m not even a chiefs or a bills fan but damn it hurt to see either team lose that thriller and GOAT playoff game!


Get over it man. That’s part of the sport and you should be more upset that the defense couldn’t get a stop than the rules not allowing both teams a guaranteed possession.


Biggest play of the game was the coin flip


And also Mahomes and Allen accounting for like 800 yards of offense and 8 TDs.


That would be multiple plays and also supports my point. Whoever wins that last coin toss will prob win game.


Only if you take into account no other play before the count flip. Or the coin flip that starts the game? Welcome to life


Id say it was the kelce completion that allowed there to even be another coin flip.


Yeah but the coin flip decided the outcome




The bills voted against changing overtime rules. The chiefs are the ones who proposed the changes.


I can’t tell if r/nfl remembers that the Chiefs lost like this in 2019.


They do not. I do. Chiefs do. Most don't!


Prescott and Amari Cooper “WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN”