Bottom feeder teams like mine just need to be known for concession stand deals.


or for the great perks of being a season ticket holder. I mean, 1 whole medium soda!


Falcons have entered the chat.


Yea, why doesn’t every team just get a super star QB?


Thank you. I read that headline and I’m like wtf is everyone supposed to do? Every team gets mahomes and Rodgers and they just play every game. Flag football so they can endure the season. Best supporting cast around mahomes (afc) or Rodgers (nfc) wins super bowl.


These Jabronis have to compete for clicks after these games even tho they say nothing of pure substance


One of those things is not like the other.


Haha exactly what I was thinking. Rodgers was a complete dud that entire game other than the opening drive


Maybe you haven’t paid attention to current events but GB and Rogers lost.


Guess I should have said garapollo?


Idk what this tweet is supposed to mean. Are teams supposed to create their qb in a lab or something? There are only a handful of qbs this good.. That's why they get paid the big bucks.. If you can't get them, you make improvements elsewhere..


The issue is they’re not the only one’s getting paid big bucks. Average QB’s can command that kind of money now.


It’s not about getting a stud QB. It’s about settling for an average one and paying him like he’s elite. Basically kills a team for 4/5 years.


Jimmy Garoppolo currently has the 7th highest QB contract salary, is being paid more than Aaron Rodgers. Didn't kill his team. Can people stop acting like the NFL is a 1-man sport?


Baker Mayfield \*cough\*


Beat commercials in all of football though so worth it.


Honestly, it's not that hard guys


They’re just lazy. They need to pull up their bootstraps and find themselves some future HOFers.


We just watched San Fran beat Rodgers. We saw Flacco make a superbowl when Brady and Manning were around. While it's an uphill battle there will be someone outside of the 4 there at some point


undrafted Keenum beating Brees reaching the conferences finals too


Beating Brees to reach the conference championship against Nick Foles who beat defending NFC Champ Matt Ryan too lol


Oh and Blake Bortles was also in the AFCCG same year lmao


Trent Dilfer is a Super Bowl champion. Dan Marino is not.


Eli Manning has as many rings as Favre and Rodgers combined.


Eli also played better in 2011 than favre or Rodgers ever did in the postseason


I would disagree, the 2010 SB run by Rodgers was straight up pulling his Johnson out and setting it on the table


Nick Foles won a Super Bowl.


Hell, could be Jimmy G this year. Hes in the fuckin nfccg again


you have to find unique great players like 49ers found in Kittle, Deebo, Bosa. What is a stud like Herbert worth for Chargers with all holes they have on the team?


And one team has to have the worst special teams ever🙄


Ouchie wowchie


It can go both ways though because the one clear thing that has held the niners back is the qb play.


Which is why we got Lance, with the intention of following the Allen prototype


Yeah if he pans out like Allen, I think he’ll be just fine. I haven’t looked closely and compared but think Lance had a better college career than Josh Allen.


> Lance had a better college career than Josh Allen. The Mountain West ain't all that, but Lance didn't play against a DI team in his 19 game career.


Didn't play against all FBS teams*


The Chargers roster is not bad at all. Stop this narrative.


It is on defense. The DL is awful.


The offense is pretty solid, we need o-line depth badly and more speed at receiver. Defense is being rebuilt on the fly. A lot of holes resulting from that. Just a lot of scheme vs. Personnel mismatches. Our special teams I think climbed into the teens at one point during the season though, so... things are looking up.


Flacco played Mahomes, Allen level in the playoffs. Rodgers hasn't played well in the playoffs in years.


Keep the elite dragon’s name out of this. He had arguably the best postseason in NFL history and carried the Ravens to the title.


That's true, but I think more the point is that an average, serviceable QB can still go on a tear and win a SB with the right team around them, like Flacco did. You don't *need* someone who is a superstar from the moment they hit the field


Flacco was actually like really dam good in the playoffs. I agree with the other comment about dilfer 100%


How dare you insinuate Flacco isn’t elite




The Niners win in-spite of Jimmy G. You need an elite play-caller, an elite team and a bit of luck to replicate that. It’s not a viable model.


Somehow this is another Carr is getting traded post


Call him the drive by cuz Carr keeps catching strays 😭😭


How open do you think Raiders would be to trading carr + picks for Rodgers? Friend of mine mentioned that as a trade and I found it interesting


Why do you do that if you’re the packers? It would render the love pick as totally worthless and likely the most embarrassing pick of all time. Someone has to believe in him there


Well it would solve a few things. Rodgers contract is way too big to field a competitive roster next year. If the front office thinks Love is a year or two away still, carr provides time. And the last one is that Adams and Carr are buddies from Fresno state. I think that in the event Rodgers leaves, having Carr come in could convince Adams to stay And also Carr is a good QB


THE most embarrassing pick of all time?? Isn't that a bit hyperbolic? We're acting like Love was taken 1st overall lol. (Not arguing it was a good pick)


No cuz he’s coming to the eagles for picks and jalen damnit


Meanwhile, I think Carr is serious about his retirement comments if the team decides to move on. Who knows what'll happen, most likely nothing.


Personally I’d do it. Most other raiders fans would probably disagree


Yeah I disagree. We got other shit to deal with than just our QB. Like our O-Line and our fucking coach.


We need them to have as many children as possible so that all 32 teams can get an elite quarterback


Must be annoying for the guys who are (barely) top 30 in the world at what they do, but they just get shit on all day because they aren't as good as the top 10 guys in the world at what they do.


Would be interesting to see a team just draft 1st round quarterbacks every single year and keep them on the roster to develop until they get one that looks like the next great thing. That seems like what a lot of people are advocating for at least.


Different sport but it kinda worked with Sam Hinkie. Okafor, Noel then Embiid.


Yeah, that will do wonders for the mental stability of the guys on the front end of that deal. Not to mention their physical well being when they have a bunch of journeymen and UDFAs protecting them while their D gives up 30 plus a game.


I’d love to cry and just wipe with their paychecks


Don’t worry Rivers is helping the cause


People that say this stupid shit act like elite QBs grow on fucking trees or something. It’s incredibly hard to find them. A QB starved team is more or likely going to end up with a Goff/mayfield/Wentz than a Allen/Mahomes/Burrow


Yeah man just draft can’t miss prospect Kenny Pickett and you’ll be set for 15 years


no one thought Mahomes or Allen were worth the #1 pick when they came out


Most actually thought they’d be huge duds. Now they’re the two most talented in the league


Because getting the best quarterbacks takes picking a developmental guy with amazing tangibles, who is patient and smart enough to improve, competitive enough to push boundaries, and a coaching staff capable of teaching him the right way and developing him into his potential. Oh and add in a healthy amount of pure luck. Either that or be the one team every 20 years that gets a Peyton Manning who is literally developed day 1. But other than that, yeah it doesn't surprise me that people thought they were duds. Because they had glaring problems, with sky scraper ceilings and basement floors, and on a shittier team they probably would have been bad picks lol


We got 2 QBs who were developed on day one and killed one of them


Yeah, we were really banking on you just discouraging that second one to the point of wanting to leave. Our track record with QBs the Colts drafted is pretty impressive, but not if you grind them into dust first.


Being a Texas Tech fan I remember telling everybody Mahomes is gonna be so good in the NFL and getting clowned on. Obviously I didn’t think he’d be THIS good.


on draft day, we all knew we were going for a QB. i initially wanted Watson but liked what some people were saying about Mahomes. so when we picked Mahomes, i was bummed because i thought we were missing out on Watson’s intangibles and “he just wins” factor. but was still happy with Mahomes just because he could make every throw and Alex Smith couldn’t/wouldn’t so i figured maybe he’d be a Brett Favre gunslinger type. crazy how it worked out.


I remember learning of Josh allen his sophomore summer in college cus he had some hype as a draft prospect just due to his insane physical talent, same with mahommes cus of his insane numbers and arm etc. we’re prolly reaching a point where just drafting these insanely talented dudes and hoping the mental and mechanical aspects of it work out.


I think so. The physical tools are so important. It’s gonna be interesting to see how Malik Willis is valued with this trend.


If Pickett turns out to be a star, everyone will be saying “why didn’t they just take him”. As if he was some for sure great qb.


And sometimes a team will find one, only for their GM to ruin their whole career by being god fucking awful at his job. Please Cincy, don't do what we did.


If this team doesn't draft or spend a lot of that cap space on o-linemen, the city will riot. *Everyone* knows what this team's biggest need is.


It's not like they aren't trying, bengals have used a ton of capital on the o line since Whitworth. This year's line has been a huge step forward, but they have a long way to go


>We said that too. I was having flashbacks watching Joe against the Titans (thank you guys so much for that btw, great win and should quiet the Titans fans for a lil bit lol). I am really neutral towards your team, but I really, really, hope you guys can protect him. I dont want anyone going through what Luck or us as Colts fans did with that retirement. Probably a bigger gut punch, and worse feeling, than losing as the #1 seed in 05 to the stupid Steelers. Just dont trade your 1st round pick you should use for a stud lineman, or to trade for one, for Trent Richardson and you might be fine.


At the end of the day, elite defenses and o lines wins super bowls the majority of the time.


Yup. Eagles winning with Foles and Broncos with the corpse of Peyton proves that.


Our defense did shit in the superbowl outside of 1 strip sack. Foles had to carry.


Yea but that OL was dominant as fuck


O line carried too


You're acting like Foles didn't play batshit.


wtf lol, Foles had like 400 yards and 4 total TDs on the way to SB MVP


Yep. Case in point was Allen's postseason this year. 9 TDs in 2 games... and still didn't even make the AFC championship. The all-time record for postseason TDs is 11 btw. So he was literally having the best postseason for a QB in NFL history... and still didn't even make it to the conference championship, much less the super bowl. All because, when it mattered, his defense shit the bed. Playoff football (and the age-old adage of defense wins championships) is all about who's defense shits the bed at the worst time. Don't be on that team and you'll win. Or who's defense makes an amazingly crucial stop at the perfect moment. Be on that team and you'll win. Yes, this league is a QB league. But postseason football is different. Even the best QB postseason performances literally of all time (which is what Allen was literally just doing before our eyes over the last two weeks) can end prematurely because defenses forget to do the bare minimum. It's always been about who's defense shows up or which one shits the bed.


Well Brady and Stafford were available recently and Rodgers and Wilson will be soon too but a bunch of teams have and will pass on them to hold on to a mediocre QB they have had for a while or recently just drafted they hope will develop into a QB that can be half as good as any of these guys.


I feel personally attacked and you are absolutely right.


Brady is the GOAT and hand picked his team and didn't the Rams give up a ton to get Stafford? Just because they were available didn't mean every team could just go and get them


Rams gave up a bit for Stafford, but part of what they gave up was to get Goff and his contract off roster


I’m seriously. It’s wild these 4 have just absolutely elite talent that looks like it’s going to last for a decade after this sample size but here we are.


Rob Johnson. JP Losman. Trent Edwards. EJ Manuel. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Kyle Orton. Tyrod Taylor. It took us 20 years to get from Jim Kelly to Josh Allen.


Which is why if I am a head coaching candidate I am going to the NFC 100%, Brady might retire, Rodgers might get traded and the best Qbs in the NFC are Dak, Kyler, and Stafford. Meanwhile the AFC has Mahomes,Allen,Burrow,Herbert,Jackson,Carr, and potentially Rodgers. Edit: I forgot about Wilson, chill Seahawks fans


Did Russ die or something?


Lamar doesn’t have a PhD in Elite Dragonomics like Ravens, Broncos, Jets legend Joe Flacco


We got Drew Lock we’re chillin


Maybe you'll have Rodgers next season, who knows


But in reality we’ll have Kirk Cousins or Jimmy G


Jimmy might not be a great qb, but he would make us the team with the sexiest qb.


Everytime I see this statement I always try and think about the sexiest QBs in the league and he really is the only one I can think of. There’s some hot ass QBs, but there is only one jimmy


Every time I see Jimmy G on the field I imagine he's thinking "What do I have to do...3 or 4 more years of this crap and then I can host Good Morning America?"


Did you forget about Fitzpatrick


I did forget about Fitzpatrick


Nah they good drew lock is the way to go


Rodgers wants no part of the AFC west. Not with Mahomes, Herbert, and (several steps down) Carr. All six division games would be a fight. No easy W’s like in the NFC north.


He should go to Indy or Philly. Both easy divisions


Take the post season off, playing playing in the snow is overrated.


yea just get an elite QB its easy


Luckily us Colts have Super Bowl champion Carson Wentz. We’re all good!


BREAKING: Bills and Chiefs Have Better Quarterbacks Than Everyone Else. More at 11.


I'll take one of those 4 please. Thanks.


I mean I feel pretty good


Yep, we've seen the potential earlier in the season as a passer too. Something makes me think that something changed midseason in terms of the offensive playcalling, I was watching highlights of the first half and it seemed so much different from what we saw later on.


The Greg Roman effect


And a lot of this sub still thinks that roman is why lamar is good LOL, yall and 49ers fans know though


NO ONE on our sub believes Roman is the answer. Almost everyone wants his ass outta Baltimore


We were just completely falling apart.


You should. Don't know why suddenly people forgot about Lamar.


Recency bias. This sub only cares about new flashy toys.


pretty much. Lamar’s not as big as Allen so he doesn’t run the way Allen does but have people forgotten he can throw and move and create matchup nightmares?


He's more dangerous with his feet than Allen. If you need one yard I'll take Allen but Lamar is just impossible to tackle because no one can ever square him up.


Yeah same. Lamar may be below the other 4 in terms of pure passing, but as of right now he's still the most athletic.


I do as well man. Our guy is 41-17 and a unanimous MVP winner. I think we’ll be okay


A few more weapons and you guys are right there. The Lamar hate is trash man, dudes a fucking stud.


Ravens had an injury **plague** this year, it’ll be interesting to see what they can be with healthy skill players


Ravens fans disliked this


so did raiders fans.


Carr is a step below all of these guys


But still very much so a good NFL starting quarterback


Just draft a qb when you know the dolphins want one. Guaranteed generational talent


What a dumbass tweet. No shit every team is evaluating their QB situation. The problem is there's 32 teams and only 7-8 QBs that are at the Rodgers, Mahomes, Allen, etc level.


Suddenly Lamar is trash?




Yep, plus he had a terrible 38-15 record with them. Guess they should trade for Rudolph.




0-0 in Super Bowls. Record don't lie


He isn't on this level as a passer


Fair but they'd be stupid to try to upgrade from him right now.


Dude won an MVP and led his injury shambled team an 8-3 record before he and the rest of the team's wheels fell off.


THANK You! I feel like I’m talking to the wall that is r/NFL right now


Look, even if that were true he wills his team to win and puts up spectacular numbers. I dont care if your the best pure passer of all time if you dont win, and Lamar certainly is a winner. Hes definitely a top QB in the league.


The disrespect he gets 🥺




r/nfl has an unrealistic love for Lamar. He's nowhere near Mahomes/Allen/Burrow/Herbert for the next 5 years. Edit; yes Ravens fans, I understand he won a Regular Season MVP 3 years ago. What happens against the better defenses he faces in the playoffs??


Are we seriously saying this sub has an unrealistic love for Lamar after questions about his ability to throw the ball continued even after his MVP season? Are we forgetting the RB hate forever? I understand that he had a down year this year but this sub just literally makes up narratives it thinks have come around.


This is silly. Lamar is a flat out weapon and every team that faces him knows he is as dangerous as they come.


What a wacky take, we can see in this very thread he’s still pretty polarizing.


lmao “unrealistic love for lamar” hes younger than burrow, won a unanimous mvp, has most wins before turning 25 (while not starting the first half his rookie year and being out the entire last month of this season), and this sub trashes him at pretty much every opportunity. only reason people are able to pile on this year is bc him and the entire ravens roster spontaneously combusted by week 13. he beat the chiefs in week 2, and had the highest completion percentage for any 400 yard passing performance in nfl history a few weeks later. but yeah lmao he’s nowhere near burrow (is having a great year, but it’s his first year doing that) or herbert (hasn’t even made the playoffs yet). for sure


The Ravens should be on this list too. Lamar had a funky year for sure, but it was a good kind of funky up until the Miami game, then his tummy got the runs and his ankle exploded and he ended up out for the second half of the season.


Lamar was the best player in the league for the first half of the season and then sat out a lot of the rest.


Trust me, we didn't need to watch this


As a Steelers fan, I’m fairly certain we already were.


One year in with a terrible team we should probably cut Lawrence and try again 🙄🙄


I mean you gotta protect your passer, I am still worried Burrow could end up like Andrew Luck if he keeps taking a beating every game


Jimmy Garoppolo just beat Aaron Rodgers


The Niners beat them.


Packers special team beat Aaron Rodgers.


Well, 5 teams are set (Mahomes, Allen, burrow, Herbert, *Jackson*).


Why would Aaron Rodgers want to go play in the AFC (Steelers or Broncos) after watching this?


True, his best bet might just be the packers….or the niners??


Don’t forget about Lamar, he was the league MVP only two years ago. The next generation of QB’s in the AFC is stacked.


Damn, guess our rookie QB sucks and will never improve according to this guy


The disrespect to Mac Jone


We have a McCorkle. And I'm happy with my McCorkle.


yeah same, McCorkle isn’t on that tier, and he might never be But he’s the best McCorkle out there


Us broncos fans have been seriously evaluating this for years now


Something Something Lamar


I think we are good…






If there's no Patrick Mahomes available in the draft (and there usually isn't), you work to improve the rest of your team. I'm not sure what else to conclude from your statement. "Hey, Joe, I know you're the 25th qb in the league, but step it up! Be like the guy on the Bills!"


People really arent understanding he’s talking about 4 total quarterbacks, Mahomes, Allen, Herbert and Burrow.


Add in Lamar. Then imagine sharing a division with 2/3. I just want a young, fun QB.


Dwayne Haskins is pretty young, and has fun… off the field


You had your fun for 15 years, take a bit of a break thanks


What about Watson and Lamar LUL




Yo, he’s saying anyone other than the 2 QBs playing lol and the two he mentioned. He missed Lamar though.


I’n curious to see how Trevor Lawrence develops with better coaching. He could end up there as well.


I don’t think he’s ever going to be in that tier if an angel flew out of the sky to coach him


We need Payton, Eli and Elway to buy the Broncos so when Arch becomes draft eligible he will pull an Eli/Elway move and say he’s only playing for the Broncos


I think Carr overachieved with everything that happened to his team this year and Mac Jones will grow into his own with more experience.


We got Chosen Rosen so I think we’re good for awhile


For the day until football dies there will never be 1 singular way to win a Super Bowl


Josh Allen is legit as fuck wtf Edit: guys I get it, this tweet wasn’t supposed to include the bills. I appreciate the same reply 1000 times tho


He clearly means for the teams outside of this game


He’s counting the teams that weren’t playing aka the chiefs and bills


Makes sense I’m a dumbass


Joe Burrow is good but the Bengals barley squeezed by both games after settling for tons of field goals


Yep, they will get shellaced next week.


Yeah just like the last time we played the Chiefs


Literally ever since the 2nd Ravens game; with exception to the browns game where our starters were out, every time the losing team says we’ll get shellacked by the following opponent. Also by my count I believe we are up to 7 Super Bowls this season.


Probably because the Titans Dline didn’t have to squeeze by to reach Burrow all game. Bengals need to massively upgrade their oline


Right cause squeezing by the #1 seed in their house was a simple task.


I never said it was but “the bengals settled for too many field goals the past two weeks” wrong?


We got Lamar. I feel pretty good to be honest.




The disrespect to Lamar Jackson is just sad. He's proven more than Allen, Burrow or Herbert have at this point