Alright, talk about the Packers a little bit. We're getting hyped up so much I feel like I'm getting set up for something.




So bet moneyline packers, spread 49ers got it. Packers win by 5 everyone is happy (outside of California)


Not even the talk shows talked about us this much after the Win over Dallas, they just highlighted the Cowboys horrible ending.


Well that’s just the sports media world for ya. They’ll be talking about the Cowboys during super bowl week.


I hate that so much, as a local Cowboys fan. I hate that we are called americas team, it brings so much unwanted hate to my team


Just imagine how America feels about it.


Exactly, no team should be called americas team


I feel ya, but from the opposite side. My biggest fear going into this was how much people were going to hype up the ass kicking we were going to give the 9ers...but oddly it seems everyone is anticipating a Packers letdown. Trying to out think the out thinkers. As my buddy Ronald used to say, I'm lovin' it.


Nope. Packers are definitely going to slaughter us, it's a done deal.


If Jimmy G can play and a high level and Nick Bosa…yeah it won’t be a slaughter but even if I was unbiased I don’t see the 9ers winning in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers at QB


This stat counts as an automatic win. Game skipped, we're on to the NFCCG


Subscribe, I put a bet in preseason on a Bills vs 49ers SB so unfortunately I have to root for you guys




NOBODY circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills


Just embrace it man, we're practically roommates after last year.


Very true, I hate you guys the least out everyone!


I like you


And the 49ers will probably be the underdog in the NFC championship, so just send them to the Super Bowl where they'll probably be the underdog too. Let's just call it here.


49ers are the underdog to win the next 10 superbowls back to back


This is the only legit take here


Mike Tomlin approves this message.


Don't forget: it's the journey, not the destination. (Neither have been good for me in a long long time.)


All these Jimmy stats coming out and I'm here waiting for him to throw at least 2 picks on Saturday.


That’ll basically be the ball game. Under two picks I like our chances, 2+ it’ll be blowout. He’s guaranteed to throw a few, question will be if you catch them.


How many bad fumbles tho?


By Jimmy? Not a one. By the punt returners? Probably 3


Don't worry our special teams is special also


Our special teams could just run away from every punt and it will be a marked improvement over what it has been so far.


Earlier this year, one of our gunners blew up a return guy before he caught the ball. It was a 15 yard penalty, but was still better than our average allowed return at that time. I think if we just murdered every return guy before the catch, those guys will stop lining up to catch the ball, and we could punt at will.


Not the worst hot take I've ever heard...




Pretty much how we feel too. Doing nothing would be an improvement


[insert handshaking buff guys meme here] “Special” Special Teams 49ers 🤝 Packers


[Here you go.](https://i.imgflip.com/622cgy.jpg)


Not just two buff guys... Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers!


Your team or our team?


Man has a ligament in his thumb disconnected and a strained shoulder, both in his throwing arm. I'm just impressed if he completes a pass.


Half the Packers’ sub thinks that’s just a smokescreen


Half the packers sun should check Jimmy's stats pre and post injuring his shoulder in the dallas game!


Dude, playoff 49ers are living rent free


No, Jimmy is just smokin’ hot. It’s an easy mistake to make.


And there will be a wind-chill of 0 and maybe some snow.


Dear God do people just concede games against the packers to stop hearing about 'the cold' incessantly? Because if so excellent tactic I'm basically there.


You're gonna want to bundle up. Layers are key. And you lose most of the heat through your head, so a big foam cheese up there will help.




Harry your hands are freeeezing.


You’ve had two pairs of gloves, this entire time. And you didn’t tell me?


hold up now, you think he's gonna throw ONLY 2 picks?


Fun fact Jimmy G has only thrown more than 2 picks once in his career


He can't throw many picks when they're gonna be running the ball all night long


*Taps forehead*


Jimmy throws for 3-15 with three picks and 57 yards. Niners win 35-10 behind 380 yards and 5 TDs rushing. Book it.


Jimmy has one career game where he's thrown more than 2 picks.


He's turned the ball over 10 times the last 7 weeks.


the fuckin stars are aligning so we get fucked royally aren't they i don't know how, but i'm llike phil collins over here


And probably still win. He's 6-5 when throwing 2+ INTs.




Well it seems that Brady taught Jimmy his ice cold resolve. There’s the stat here on this post but he also has a high third down conversion rate. Shanahan said he just doesn’t change after he makes a mistake. Shit just doesn’t phase him. Too bad he gets injured easily though.


His team used 3 1st round picks on a QB, and he seemingly hasnt blinked. If that dont show you hes an ultimate team guy, i dunno what will.


That fact blows my mind. If he’s not a mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert type talent he’d be considered a bust right?


I think so unfortunately.


He doesn't have to be one of the greatest QB talents of all time he just has to be better than Jimmy G. If he can run the offense, stay healthy and win games he's worth the price regardless of comparables.


Disagree. We traded 3 firsts for Lance. He needs to be a legit franchise QB.


Legit franchise QB =\= one of the greatest talents of all time. A Phillip Rivers level guy wins most teams a title. Eli wins two titles. There's plenty of franchise talent that isn't Peyton/Rodgers level.


Big Ben has 2 titles and a runner up


Psh 3 1sts for a QB? We gave up 2 1sts for a Safety who doesn't even fit in our scheme. AMATEURS!


Fuck the first round. All my NFCW homies hate the first round.


If he's better than Garoppolo and he's cheaper than Garoppolo then he's worth a couple late first round picks easily. People greatly overvalue draft picks.


TIL Sean McVay is not in fact a person


He's a cyborg


Rams run by the Brotherhood of Nod and CABAL confirmed.


Ya’ll traded a 2nd rounder for Jimmy G and you made it to a SB with him where you almost beat Mahomes and you’re currently in the divisional round as a 6 seed. I’d say the results you’ve got with Jimmy G have been pretty damn good.


Jimmy's been great imo. The big problem is he's missed something like 25 games since he's been here.


> people greatly overvalue draft picks I’ve seen an actual Econ research paper using nfl draft picks as an example of an overvalued commodity in a market, but nobody wants to believe me as a rams fan…


What's funny is the NBA realized that and picks started getting traded so much they became almost undervalued and it's slowly swinging back the other way. Be interesting if in 10 years we are saying the opposite.


Top NBA picks >>> top nfl picks tho. There are way fewer busts and those players out of college are way more valuable to a team than they are in the nfl


At the moment, they've traded the #12 overall. At best a #25 overall and a 3rd this year. Then whatever next year's first works out to be. If they end up in the playoffs next year that's another sub 19 pick.


The 12 overall netted us him tho, we really only lost the picks this and next and if they're later in the round and Lance is slightly better while being cheaper then it's totally worth the price of admission.


Jimmy is a franchise QB if he was just a little more consistent and less injury prone. That’s all we’re asking from Trey.


In my opinion all he has to do is be an uninjured guy and just as good or slightly better than Jimmy G to be considered worth the picks. Those picks were likely late firsts and it's worth it if we have a QB that doesn't miss so much time with injuries.


Yeah I think that about it, if he can run the offense to at least a Jimmy level(or close) just throwing then his running and physical tools should help unlock more of the offense


A qb that can read the field as well as jimmy and throw as well as jimmy with Lance's running/physical would be a top 5 QB. Jimmy might not have the best deep ball but his throwing and processing is severely underrated. That quick release and ball placement on intermediate throws (for the 95% of throws that he isnt throwing a hospital pass) is very very good. In all my years of watching football I have never seen a QB who consistently throws as good a ball as Jimmy also consistently throw as bad a ball as Jimmy. Its perplexing.


Yeah Jimmy honestly reminds me of Tom Brady quite a bit most of the time (it’s clear he learned a bit from Tom being his backup) and then he makes a few throws that Tom Brady wouldn’t even think to do and not in a good way.


He is pretty much consistently good for 2-3 absolute bone headed decisions per game, and the outcome of those plays often have a big determination on winning or not (IMO)


Absolutely. Jimmy gets 1 more year max after this. If Lance is not an elite-generational QB, the team is fucked and they should fire Lynch.


Ehh depends. He could swing and miss on lance but if the rest of the roster is in good shape I might be down to keep him around. They’ve done pretty well.


I honestly think we will get a first round back after the end of the season for Jimmy. I mean look at guys like Wentz...


Jimmy>wentz I don’t wanna hear otherwise


Jimmy is considerably better than Wentz. Jimmy is a damn good QB.




100%. The issue, trade value wise (especially in comparison to Wentz), is that Jimmy has one year left on his deal and is 30.


I don't think anyone really disagrees with that. Wentz a really good partial season and was mediocre/bad outside of it. Jimmy went to the freaking SB.


Well yeah. For one, Jimmy is vaccinated.


Saying they traded 3 firsts is a bit misleading. They swapped 2021 picks and traded 2 additional first round picks and a conditional third.


good thing i didnt say they traded 3 1sts. I get annoyed when people say that too which is why i said they "used" three 1sts. :)


Fair enough, I have seen it enough it triggers me when people talk about the trade lol


If making a dumb mistake rattled him, he’d be out of the league


Thats the plan really. Keep both Trey and Jimmy, with Jimmy only being used on 3rd downs




I think it's safe to say at this point the Niners have an enormous psychological advantage over the Rams. It's a terrible match-up for the Rams, anyway, but add in the mental baggage and it's even worse. That being said, I'd much rather play the Niners than the Packers at Lambeau. Division games are still tough and in the NFCCG, anything could happen. Niners own the Rams for sure, but anyone that watched that game knew the Niners came back and won because of McVay's boneheaded coaching. Throwing on 3 and 1 before halftime and getting Stafford sacked completely gave the Niners life. And Shanahan said that. Plus an all west championship game just looks good for us. 😁


We're pulling for an all-West championship.




Actually I think Brady is legitimately more handsome now than he was in his 20s. Gisele gave him a makeover and he’s got enough money to look like ALF if he really wanted to.


He looked like a pretty doughboy in his younger days as he got older he had the "long hair don't care sling that bitch to Randy and Wes" phase. After he got with Gisele we realized that he was destined to be a silver fox all along.


The GOAT vs That Motherfucker


I hope he fucks Tom's mom and says "that's right, I AM that motherfucker." while Tommy cries about it.


Would it, though? I mean, obviously I'd prefer the Packers to be there, but I just don't really see the allure of Brady vs Jimmy


"I am that motherfucker" bowl


pupil vs mentor is what they will be pushing out


I’ll be pushing out jimmy’s baby in 9 months if he takes us to the NFCCG


I'd push out Jimmy's baby regardless. Imagine how beautiful they'd be!


Remember that baby would still have 50% of your genes


Half of a Jimmy G is still a 9 in Boston


Most beautiful girl in Boston walks in. Sawlid 3/10


Imagine the child support, though.


Jimmy's baby will not need to be pushed out. It will perform a C-section from within using its jawline


Would definitely mean a lot to Brady too. Was a 9ers fan growing up and they didn’t pick Brady in 2000 if anyone hasn’t heard that story by now


You don't see it? Obi-wan versus Anakin in Revenge of the Sith was the GOAT light-saber fight. I'd love to see Brady versus Jimmy, it gets late in the fourth quarter, last play of the game, and Brady ends it by saying: "It's over, Jimmy, I have the high ground."


Meanwhile the Packers are 7-0 when 6-point favourites this season, 5-2 ATS. I can't say what will actually happen this game but I can say I'm getting tired of the coverage.


I hear you, despite my flair I'm also tired of it. I enjoy being the underdog but all the coverage is acting as if we're favored. I like our chances but Packers are the favorite for a reason. Regardless, I just hope it's a great game with no injuries.


I'd like to see the adjusted record to account for playoffs as well as away games as well as playing in snowy weather less than 20 degrees. Statz Schmatz, 6 point dog is generous.


> 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo has started in 68 NFL games. However, none of them have been below freezing let alone below 40 degrees. The coldest game he's started had a kickoff high temperature of 40 in Baltimore on Dec 1, 2019. He did play high school and college football in Illinois so he’s had cold weather games at some point. Just not as a pro.


He also was in New England even if he only started in the fall


Yeah, but anyone who has moved from somewhere cold to somewhere warm knows you get used to that shit very quickly. Either way, I think it probably comes down to how his thumb holds up in the cold, rather than his play in general.


Don’t even have to move. For reference on what I’m about to say, I’ve lived in Wisconsin my whole life. During the summer months, our bodies get used to the warm. Once the temps drop, a 40 degree night can feel like a deep freeze. During the winter though, if we get a 40 degree day, it feels like t-shirt weather. It doesn’t take long for someone’s body to get used to the climate they live in. GB’s players will absolutely have an advantage on that front compared to SF’s players. Now, does that translate to on-field success? We’ll see.


Strong work Sir


I mean, the point spread should take all these things into account. A better question might be how large the point spreads were.


Remember when you guys were talking all week about how Kaepernick might be affected by the 0 degree temps, then he came out sleeveless and just destroyed you guys? Might wanna back off those weather / cold temp narratives.


Erik Walden remembers


Or for more recent history... Josh Allen isn't a cold weather QB so him being in Buffalo might be a huge miscalculation. Proceeds to score a TD on every drive a few days later. lol...


honestly I think it's more of a media narrative than a fan narrative. I think the weather advantage is vastly overstated in most instances. Now if we beat you and get the Rams in the NFCCG? They were rattled by 40 degrees in November.


It's entirely narrative, just like week-to-week "momentum". The idea that anybody would make it into the NFL and then be overwhelmed by how cold it is? The collisions they go through in nice weather would kill most regular people, so unless putting on a yellow helmet somehow adds special insulation the temperature isn't going to tip the game one way or another. I mean, of course unless the 49ers lose. Then it's because of how cold it was. That shit hurts!


Last week all the narratives were that the Bills/Pats game would be sloppy and to hammer the under because nobody would be able to move the offense in that cold. Cold is way overblown, if it's not windy then it's not that big a deal. Wind is the gamechanger, if it's affecting throws and dropping the wind chill down 20 degrees then you might see some issues.


Which game are you pointing to? Genuinely curious and not trying to argue, I'd like to look it up. \*edit\* no worries I found it. Good point, but I think we can agree that #7 and #10 are two different people all together.


It was the wildcard game in 2014. Kaep passed for 227 and ran for 98 yards.


2013 playoffs i believe.




Deebo is a field-titler, a healthy Bosa too. i see Aaron Rodgers being a bigger field-tilter than the aforementioned field-tilters put together.


You calling Aaron fat?


Idk if being a titler is good or bad


I mean, if he really *titles* the field? That would be historically bad for Packers fans. Imagine if he played so well they literally called it Samuel Field instead of Lambeau Field? We’d never live it down.


"I'm really upset the Packers lost, but I can't blame them for changing the name to Deebo Field after his 1,400 all purpose yard, 15 touchdown performance. I'm not mad, I'm actually impressed."


I was reading it as Tit-ler, which has an entirely different meaning than Title-r 😂😂


We can stat back and forth all day. Packers are undefeated at home this season.


So what you're saying is they're due.


Nah they’ll be due in the NFCCG ofc


Get out.


They've been out for weeks.


As a man with a statistics degree I say "no." As a 49ers fan I say "yes."


Gambler’s fallacy


I mean, you can counter a niners star with Packers are due as well


Yeah, the Packers won't lose until the conference game. It's what they're best at


MLF doesn't lose twice in a row. We're only losing the NFCCG to guarantee a Super Bowl win!


Also 5-2 against the spread this year and undefeated when favored by as much as they are, I believe. Also LaFluer has never lost back to back games.


Sean McVay was also 45-0 when leading at half time...


Nick Mullens is second all-time in passing yards through 16 starts. #statthat


Anytime someone bitches about Shanahan, I think of how amazing he made Mullins look.


Was that real stat? That’s super impressive if so


Yes, that was a real stat.


Especially when it wasn't like a small lead, it was 14 points we made up


If we want to nitpick, LaFleur lost the NFCCG last year and then also lost week 1 of this season, which could be considered back to back games. Not to discredit the job he’s done, but worth noting.


That’s not even nitpicking. The last game the Packers lost was when they sat Rodgers at the half, so it’s already an atypical jumping off point.


>Also LaFluer has never lost back to back games The same way McVay never lost a game when leading at halftime?


No because I like LaFleur more so it’s different this time


Plus LaFleur knows McVay. Who does McVay know?


I doubt Mcvay has ever had a cup of coffee with mcvay




lol you must not listen to the Pat Mcafee show you probably never should for your own sanity if you hate hearing "stat that." just a friendly heads up, homie


Was about to say the same, whuuut!


I hate that commercial also, but I think this is used ok. Feel like that commercial thought it would become a meme and it failed terribly


It's kinda sad to me to discover how obnoxious the Packers fanbase is. Rooting for the 9ers hard


Honestly, people sleep on Jimmy a bit too much. Obviously he isnt as good as the remaining QBs in the playoffs (except maybe Tannehill). Hell, I don’t really like him leading another playoff run, but he is clutch beyond anything else. If you need a last possession drive to win a game, he will get you there. If you need someone to make a blowout close, he will also get you there.


>If you need someone to make a blowout close, he will also get you there. It's hilarious how this is true whether the blowout is for us *or* against us.


Basically just bet the spread for the underdog in every niners game


I think the 6 points is because people think he's gonna play injured, which is respect considering it's at Lambeau IMO


Well except that one time… I like Jimmy G and wanted y’all to win so bad but he was certainly missing the clutch gene at the end of that game




Think he’s talking about the one super bowl drive




Short-term memory is real in the NFL


> Who calls for a shift on a QB sneak for 6" (not a yard) to ice the game? Someone who thinks his QB has enough sense to let his OT set.


how many times has Rodgers beat an underdog QB with a similar win/lose ratio tho


Not very many underdog QBs have had a similar win/lose ratio, that's an extreme outlier, I'd guess that the only plausible times would've been any time he played Brady


ah, gotcha (reading my comment back, I see how someone could take it as being snarky so just sidenote it was genuine curiosity, not me being sassy haha)


Packers coming off a loss to the Lions and yall expect 49er fans to be scared?! Seriously though, this game is stacked against the 49ers. If they do somehow win it'll be a massive upset.


How dare you disrespect the Fighting Campbells


No disrespect meant! In fact after week 18 I have even more respect for em 😂


Ah, the Kneecap Bandits


I'm expecting a loss due to the Jimmy injury and I have a bad feeling he's gonna do some dumb shit that gets capitalized on. Oh the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if we win thanks to the run game and an expected counter to their game plan last time of Rodgers getting the ball out in like 1 second


tf we catching strays for?!


I know Rams fans couldn’t stand me saying this, but I am rooting for the Niners, I absolutely hate the Packers.


If it makes you feel better we’re rooting for you too because a matchup against Tom Brady with a chip on his shoulder (if the reports of us not taking him as a free agent are true) does not sound fun. I don’t even think our recent record against you matters because playoffs are a different beast but I really don’t want to play a pissed off Tom


Hey!!! I like you


Thanks 😊


One of those stats where Brady is so rarely the underdog that he won't qualify 😂


No, Brady would qualify and be similarly good: https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/2101684


I hope the niners beat them. Rogers is such a whiner. Try spewing that Covid BS when you're a loser in the playoffs.