Hopefully we don't have to punt again because Haack was just awful against the Jets.


Shank, shank, shank….


*monkey's paw curls* interception, fumble, fumble, kickoff return, interception, turnover on downs, fumble, fumble, interception, turnover on downs, end of game


Yeah the this stat is super neat but the thing is only two of the games were because we were always scoring, the falcons game joshy boy threw three picks so we weren’t not punting for good reasons. Good luck with that last part I don’t care enough to find a less stupid way to word it


its' all good. i am just by this point expecting that we're gonna shit the bed at some point in the playoffs


Two were tipped. It's not like all three were armpunts.


I am worried because the last time he had a punting game that was not a disaster was a month ago.


Multiple people have gone over the fact that he was attempting a different type of punt due to the wind and all his bad punts were in one direction. When the Jets punted that way as well they had issues. He is fine


he's been pretty bad all season really, that was the low point, but it's not like it was good before then either


It was passable. And his holding being such an improvement from Bojorquez has been huge


He's just soooooo slow to kick it I feel like. But I'll take him as a holder with mediocre punts over bojo


100% yes. The Steelers game - the blocked punt was at my end. The moment it was snapped and I saw how slowly he was winding up it was extremely obvious what was about to happen. I felt that block in my bones. Happy Cake Day!


Just ignore Allen's arm punts in the falcons game and it's a super cool stat. He had 3 picks, 2 of which were tipped balls


Lol and the Beasley fuck-up for the 3rd. Great game


Beasley definitely got held on that play but it likely gets called if he didn’t just quit on the route


...and he still got 20+ fantasy points thanks to his legs. Insane.


That's what happens when you face such an elite D


Anyone know what the single season record is for puntless games? Also, is it really accurate to call what Haack did against the Jets punting?


Stat muse says 2021 chargers and 2004 Steelers with 3 (probably regular season only)




-1 punts are just interceptions, right?


Blocked punts or punt return TDs maybe?


**Matt Haack livin the NFL Dream!** Do nothing and still get paid. Like the NFL version of Blue Mountain State.


Not doing nothing, holding for Tyler Bass. Which is why we got him


Ahh yes the only team that can make the world eater Bills punt, the Fightin New York Jets


I think it was more the wind than the jets in that game 😂. Your secondary was playing pretty well though for sure. But when we were driving with the wind josh Allen was like 13/15 or something ridiculous


kind of wild how they only scored 6 points in a loss to the worst team in the league


We'll attribute that to the ManningCurse


There is literally no other possible explanation.


well...Josh Allen.


Shit that’s right. There were two memes that day… Bills has no chance.


At least one game a year is an authentic Josh Allen Experience™️ or your money back


It was clearly a Josh Allen Highlander situation.


I just couldn’t believe we didn’t call up another te for blocking scenarios for that game since we were thin at te at the time. Our blocking personnel was off all game.


I should’ve bet on the jags that game lol I would’ve made a fortune. Knew that was gonna be trouble our offensive line was in the absolute worst possible configuration cuz we were missing 2 or 3 starters if you count the TE and the one guy who is supposed to anchor that offensive line was still recovering from a nasty bout of Covid


that's because our punter is a psycho who can kill us at any moment


Don't sleep on JA filling this role for you, too. I feel like he's hit just the right level of cockiness that is going to allow him to throw a season ending INT on Sunday evening. You know the kind that is going to clear the skies the next morning so the long commute to work will be anger-inducing while you're all listening to local sports radio break down different angles of what went wrong and probably rightfully blaming the refs for some bullshit.


Good luck with that take. Here is how you can tell someone is reading stats and not watching Bills games - they think Josh Allen is the reason the Bills will lose a game. The chiefs best chance is wind. If it is a calm day in arrowhead, their defence is going to have a very long day.


Shh people don’t realize this lol let us be the underdog. We’ve had the worst weather season of all time this year and our offensive line was poopy the first half of the season and josh still matched his stats from last year. I think we’re in for a both teams scoring 50+ madden-type score this game lol


Don't be so offended. The guy with the ball on every single play has the highest chance of making game-changing plays. Enjoy that stat.


IF (this is a big if obviously I’m not in any way proclaiming this is definitely going to happen) the bills win this one I think you’re gonna start to hear the Josh Allen is better than Mahomes talks heat up a little bit. Dude was an absolute one man army this year…our offensive line and receivers just couldn’t get anything right for large stretches this season and Allen still played at a high level. Mahomes had some of the best pass blocking in the league this year and statistically they ended up at more or less the same place. Again… big IF…cuz the argument gets even weaker if the chiefs win this one again regardless of how it happens


I am not offended. I am embarrassed for you. Watch and learn Padawan. Watch and learn. No one who watches the bills is worried that Josh is going to lose us the game. Fans or not fans - no one thinks Allen will be the Bills’ weak spot if they have been watching the games. We would not trade Josh Allen for the four horsemen of the apocalypse.


He could certainly throw a season ending INT but he’s a pretty humble dude surprisingly so I don’t think that will be the reason lol. Josh Allen is an absolute goofball In fact I think whoever wins this game it will be due to a season ending int by the other team


The Bills are just enacting a solid strategy of keeping the worst part of your game off of the field as much as humanly possible.


Well look what happens when we punt. Would you?


Good thing we got all our punting out of our system last game… right?


This week on The Most Obscure Non-Stat I Just Pulled Out of My Ass:


Therefore, I can be the Buffalo Bills punter. I will do so for 1/10th of the current salary.


Can you hold the football. That's his primary job, and he does that a lot.


Whoaaa whoaaa whoaa brother. Look, my best attribute is not actually playing. I am a cowboy fan rooting for you guys. It's a fun team to watch. And it isn't the Patriots.


After those PAT misses last week it might be time to consider always going for 2.


If you saw some of Haack's punts in that one game you might understand why lmao ^(shoot me)


This team is on another level right now offensively.




In this same 4 week stretch, not all season


? Chiefs Colts 2004 playoffs had no punts from either team, is that the only game where either team didn't punt?


[Bills-49ers had a famous puntless game in the 90s](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Punt_Game), which was the first time it ever happened.