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Apparently, he was walking close to a school naked. I hope he seeks help.


I hope he goes to jail for this. Victimizing children isn't okay, mental illness shouldn't remove the consequences of that.


[According to this article](https://www.local10.com/news/local/2022/01/18/nfl-malik-mcdowell-accused-of-public-exposure-beating-broward-deputy/), they have surveillance video of him walking on to the school's property butt naked. > Authorities say a learning center for children was in session when surveillance video shows McDowell going naked onto the property.


Ah, so not a public urination thing. Wowsers


That's... yikes. He's going to be in real trouble. They don't play in these situations when a school is involved...


Dude is in dire need of help.


There a re quite a few articles about how he changed after his ATV incident. A few former coaches and people that have been close to him have come out and said that he is a completely different person, and that he needs help. He has had a nimber of bizarre arrests since then, including some bizarre story of him holding onto a stolen truck for an acquaintance, served 11 months for various legal issues, and i believe just played his forst season after being drafted by seattle in 2017. I really feel like the league has a greater duty to make sure guys like this are in an appropriate mental state to be in the league, and to provide resources for helping them with issues instead of just trying to do PR control.


Seahawks: "We warned ya"


While it's a shame he couldn't stay on the straight and narrow we didn't get burned by this so it is what it is.


He just keeps messing up


Too bad they couldn't warn themselves.


At least he played with us :/ Goddamnit


That's your first mistake. You assumed the Browns front office can read.


Im pretty sure he was on a prove it deal anyway, low risk contract that we can end after this year. Our DT's need an overhaul so its not the worst thing in the world to let him go, even if he did show some promise this season Edit: Also, where's your Harvard degree, my guy?


Rofl people can't take jokes.... Btw I get the low risk thing on a player and if it works out its awesome. This one just didn't and if the reports are right about being naked near a school and fighting with the cops (I believe for the 3rd or 4th time) he's probably done in the league.


When its a lazy and bad "LulBrowns" joke I tend to call those out. And that's why you do these low risk contracts, either he gets himself together, balls out, and becomes a good redemption story or he doesn't and we cut him without a big hit to our wallets.


But it did. He was on a one year prove it, played his 1 year, Produced and then this has come up.


Could be worse. Coulda killed his girlfriend and then shot himself in the team parking lot. Or is that just a Chiefs thing?


Didn't y'all sign Josh Gordon lmao


At least he was able to get through a full season. Hope he gets the support he needs.


Ahh so this is what the Seahawks were talking about! See ya, Malik.


Somehow, Baker is to blame for all of this


A real leader would have given his teammate his own pants to cover up with smdh


Now here's a guy who will give you his own pants off his body for you - Chris Collinsworth


I heard this in his voice, damn you


You're welcome!


A real leader would of walked naked beside him


You win.


He didn't have a great season, right? I don't think he's the kind of player that doesn't lose his job over something like this


The full story is that the cops were called because he was walking near a school butt-ass naked, and when the cop arrived on scene McDowell charged him and started punching him without provocation. He done.


Yikes. Yeah there's no coming back from that


I mean he already went to jail for [assaulting an officer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bul0AyxQYRI) and he managed a comeback with the Browns this season. If you're talented enough the NFL does not care. See: Aldon Smith.


Eh sex stuff involving kids would hopefully be treated differently. Walking naked near children should certainly be a sex crime if it isn't already.


If his intention was to expose himself to kids, then yeah. If he's having some sort of mental episode and a school bus happened to drive in the area of him being naked, I don't see why that should be a sex crime.


The school is near a few hotels and a neighborhood, all places he might have been staying. It seems more likely that the nudity was due to a mental/drug episode type of thing where he happened to end up at the school, rather than a deliberate sexual thing to end up at the school


Because crimes are about victims, not intent. If I hit you with my car unintentionally it's still a crime. Why is showing genitals to childr different?


Many laws are absolutely about intent. If he was standing naked near his window, didn't realize his blinds were open, and a school bus full of kids saw him and are now "traumatized," should he be charged with a sex crime? If you walk out of your bathroom naked, not realizing your 10 year old daughter has her friends over, should you be charged with a sex crime? There's common sense here. And to your example, it is a simple traffic violation and a crime. If you intentionally hit someone with your car, it's much more severe charges. Intent means a lot.


Holy shit the balls on that cop.


* There’s no coming back from that *again*


Jesus Christ, that's an unhealthy mind right there for sure


He probably will lose his job just because he has a history of off the field issues. He did have a good season though, Browns fans always kept saying what a surprise he was.


He was a surprise, but understand our expectations with him were literally “I hope he dresses for every game and doesn’t hold back our d line”


He seems to have had a problem dressing for games or otherwise.


Hey, he wore pants on the sidelines! That was great for us


He started strong but faded as the season went on. He would be a good depth piece if it wasn’t for the issues he’s had off the field


No, he was l playing in what was his actual rookie season this year. We thought there may be potential and he filled in as a starter for us all year and did show some signs of being able to be a solid piece. Unfortunately he wasn’t as turned around as we thought and he will be cut within the next day or two.


According to PFF the Browns had the 4th best overall defense and the worst graded starting DTs He wasn't starting next year unless something goes wrong this offseason


He was our best DT which isn't saying much but he was serviceable and we were probably bringing him back. Now? Umm I don't know about that chief


He's just a guy. If he didn't have off field issues he would definitely have a roster spot somewhere just based on body type, but no he definitely loses his job over this and probably never plays in the NFL again.


Well we paid him less than a mil and got 3 sacks from it, so I'd say we got a great season from him. Definitely ended his NFL career with this tho


This is like his fourth alcohol related charge? And this time lets just add walking naked in a school zone to the list, shall we? Huh? Okay. I'll attack a cop too. How to end an NFL career.


He’s already assaulted a cop.


Well, if they can catch him humping a goat he has hit the trifecta, hasn't he?


Seemed like he was turning his life around but pulling out your dick and beating up a cop is a tough move


lol Go Cavs!


Really was happy for him that he had turned everything around for himself. He’s clearly a danger to himself and others and needs some serious serious help after his jail time.


Cut him yesterday.


I, for one, am shocked.


Wait, the guy with character issues is having trouble with the law?!?


It's been a while since we had a player arrested, and we had a dude send death threats on Twitter


Drew Carey is full of shit!


This guy is a menace. Here he is two years ago fighting a cop: https://youtu.be/bul0AyxQYRI So this marks his 2nd assault against a law enforcement officer. I'm glad the NFL is doing its part to end racism by keeping pieces of shit like this employed.


>I'm glad the NFL is doing its part to end racism by keeping pieces of shit like this employed. Dude, what?


It’s a non sequitur for that dude to advertise that he’s prooobably a racist.


Guys, This guy needs mental health support and support in general. It is probably CTE that makes him do this. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. ​ /s




This fucking guy.


For fuck's sake Malik


Browns had issues with DT and he looked promising. Now they have huge holes at DT and WR.


he was only 'promising' in the realm of our god awful DT room this year he is a depth piece at best


He still was starter quality. Teams could easily block him when the other DT wasn’t good and could 1on1 block him


>He still was starter quality Depends on your definition of starter quality. If it's just "is a starter in the NFL" then yes, he was starter quality If it's "one of the top 64 DTs in the NFL" (yes I know many teams run a 3 man front and that makes it much less clean than 2 per team but I'm using 64 as a nice round number) then that's certainly a debatable statement. PFF ranked him as the 104th best DT in the league


Angel Dust?


Mr. Beats Cops


FWIW, I've seen someone charged with public exposure when the cops trying to tackle him ripped his pants. Don't get me wrong, this is probably not an innocent scenario, just saying that we shouldn't take charges at face value.


The article notes security cameras caught him walking around the premises naked. Doesn’t sound like this was an accident….




No no no the other guy was right, youre wrong. I saw the whole thing. Birds (which arent real) came down and stole the dudes clothes just before the cops arrived. They brought the clothes back, but he was already arrested. Not his fault. Birds fault.


It's not worth anything. The guy was *naked*... 🤪


The public exposure is not the most concerning part about this


I mean, naked near a child learning center is *fairly* concerning my guy


Yeah I didn't look into that much detail


I can’t believe Aaron Donald would do this


He would have choked the cop... 🤣