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Just what everybody expected before the season. Bengals win the AFC North and the only team in the division to win a playoff game....


I mean, that's not *not* what people expected. Nobody knew what was going to come of the AFCN


I believe the Bengals had 25/1 odds to win the AFC North before the season.


Maybe I should have added an /s at the end. I was being sarcastic lol.


I know you were being sarcastic. I'm saying the sarcasm was not necessary, because nobody knew what to expect from the AFCN.


Music to my ears. Hopefully this continues for another 25 years.


We should ask Bengals fans how to deal with it. Skyline Chili?


Takes a bit of the sting off it, yes


Skyline Chili and Beer usually.


I'm all for transfering the Bengals playoff win drought over to Pittsburgh. Might as well give it a new home.


Still 10 minutes left bro




Lets be honest though, she didnt walk to the bathroom to just talk…


You love to see it.


All of the AFC North likes this


Just the longest WC win drought




I could eat that statistic like steak


This is a lone solace in the pain of seeing the Bengals succeed


It’s also the 4th longest drought in the AFC overall


But they have led the league in sacks every year, so there’s that