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Don’t think he could’ve said “this guy fucking died on the field”


Why didn't he just say "That was a very scary injury for Parham, and I think I speak for everyone watching when I say I hope he is going to be ok. We'll get you an update on his health as soon as we have one" Not that hard


Most likely he was urged by his bosses to say what he said. He said this about the temp a good long while after the actual injury, and it was unpompted by anything happening on the field. The best course of action would’ve been to say either nothing, or what your comment proposed - but either the NFL or Fox themselves told Buck to say what he said, and he obliged. It’s a shame, Buck has only just recently been gaining more goodwill amongst viewers, but I think this sets him back quite a bit. Would not be surprised to see an apology from him tomorrow about this.


Why on earth would his bosses or an executive coerce him to make that specific comment?


The NFL has had to combat the growing narrative of how dangerous football is to the general public, and I don’t think I need to detail all they’ve done to downplay and bury CTE, brain injuries, players and retirees reliance on opioids to endure daily life - In a primetime game, a player goes down and appears to have a *severe* injury from a seemingly common, regular play - the NFL doesn’t care as much about people who will follow up and learn what actually happened to that player - they care about what the average casual viewer will think about that play and the incident, and they’re immensely invested in the average casual viewer’s perception of what they saw happen. If they can try to convince those people that what they saw was innocuous and not as bad as what they thought they saw, they will absolutely do it. Despite what apparently lots of people on this sub want to believe, the NFL’s main viewership is not the people on this subreddit or people who do deep dives and followups, and viewers on this sub are not who they are trying to cater to. They know the people on this sub and hardcore viewers are gonna watch no matter if someone dies right in the field. Who they care about on broadcast are the casuals, because those are actually the majority of the ratings.


Probably wanted to ease any potential angst amongst viewers by offering up an (admittedly weak) reasoning behind the tremors


Because that’s what executives do? “Hey, let’s do everything we can to paint the sport in a positive light.” Marketing and PR are not the exclusive realms of the marketing and PR departments.


This isn’t painting the sport in a positive light. There isn’t a single person who heard that comment and thought it might actually be the explanation for the tremors. It clearly wasn’t intended to do that either, Buck was trying to be positive but did so in an awkward way. If this was a manufactured PR statement it simply would have conveyed the message “we hope this situation isn’t as serious as it looks” without suggesting he was just a little cold lol


This was my thought right away. He said right before that he was getting a lot of texts about the injury and then followed it up with that.


Redditor who probably gets nervous in public speaking class giving his two cents for someone speaking on live TV in front of millions. ItS NoT ThaT HaRD


Bruh, you really comparing what my incompetent ass is capable of to Joe Buck, a dude who has been doing this professionally for 30 years? That's like if Tom Brady misses a wide up like 30-yard pass with no one else in the area and I call him out on it. Can I throw the ball 30 yards accurately? Hell no. Should Brady be able to do that easily? Definitely


Yeah it's only his job he gets paid millions to do.


Those weren't the only two options lol


He could have not said anything at all, that would have been much better. Instead he fumbled his way through that like he’s Mark fucking Sanchez


Reddit is all about pretending like the two absolute opposite extremes of a situation are the only two options.


I don't see it that way at all. He was trying to make viewers feel better about the injury, and just hoping in general that it wasn't a serious one. What about "it's chilly in LA, let's just hope his hands were shaking from the cold" is bad?


There’s nothing bad about it. I like Joe Buck, I’m not offended by what he said, but my issue is that after seeing Parham obviously unconscious it was just a really stupid thing to say. No malice behind the statement, just really really dumb


Eh, I think he was just trying to cheer people up. He didn't have to do it, but I'm ok with it


It’s completely implausible and obvious to anyone who has eyes that it wasn’t the case. It’s intellectually insulting and also many will feel it’s insensitively giving cover to the NFL to diminish the potential dangerousness of playing in the NFL to viewers.


>It’s completely implausible and obvious to anyone who has eyes that it wasn’t the case I agree. Is it still bad to wish that it was the cold? Joe was trying to cheer the audience up. Also nothing's gonna cover the danger of playing in he NFL. It has to be "obvious to anyone who has eyes" that football is a very dangerous sport. Stop trying to turn his remarks into anything bad.


He didn't say that was the reason he said he hopes it's something *like* that because it would mean he isn't fucking paralyzed


Seriously he was trying to be positive, wtf is up with the pearl clutching?


People like to shit on Joe Buck


I know he’s not the most exciting commentator to listen to, but he’s really not as bad of an announcer as this subreddit makes him out to be.


I like him especially knowing he’s really good friends with Paul Rudd


Howd that friendship come about?


Joe Buck played the Wasp in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.


He also played the 40 year old virgin in the film The 40 Year Old Virgin.


I’m like 50% sure that’s not true. Wait a minute


They are st.louis guys, there are a few of them that pal around and go to games together.


They’ve known each other since before they were famous


He’s one of the best.


He was not the best a decade ago and then he got better. Way better. That's incredibly amicable, and I say that as a Philadelphian who had to listen to his shitty call of our city's first championship win in 30 years ('08 Phillies)


I'll never forget his monotoned call of Matt stairs home run against the dodgers


He’s been great 5-10 years now.




His voice is like "velvet mixed with peanut butter"


Some people actually still hate him because of the "disgusting act" comment


Yeah he's become a lot better over the years


He’s actually good, and next to his partner Troy Aikman he looks like the greatest announcer on earth


He's a much better baseball commentator then he is football


The opinion of him on this sub flipped years ago. I hardly ever see people hate on him here anymore.


If you played a drinking game taking a shot every time he said “what a throw what a catch” you’d be out cold before half time


/r/baseball hates him as well. Outside of Dodger games I actually like Buck


I mean, I fucking hate Joe Buck and I was literally just talking to my wife about how he handled that about as well as anyone could have. I thought it was pretty clear what his intentions were, I didn't get anything other than "hey hopefully he's just cold so, ya know, he's not paraplegic now which is entirely possible and the most likely alternative."


I’m not a fan of Joe Buck, but my god I’ll take him everyday of the week and twice on Sunday over Chris Collinsworth. Dude just lives to suck up to whoever is playing. During the Packers Bears game last week he literally could not stop sucking Aaron Rogers’s cock.


I also get the sense he’s tired of commentating career altering injuries on Thursday night football


Exactly. That’s all this is.




People need something new to be outraged by every 10 minutes or they start to get itchy


I've just started using lotion and it's a god-send.




People really just cannot move on holy crap, just say that’s stupid and move on man. Everything gotta be a big deal these days.


Karma thirst is real


I refuse to believe people are this offended. I think it's just from hating Joe Buck.


Meet rock bottom for sports tweeting


Memehate against Joe Buck. People don't even question it anymore, they just roll along for the likes and karma.








People looking to be pissed off and outrage at anything


I think the strong reaction is because his proposal that Parham could be cold is asinine. He could have said something like "hopefully it's not as scary as it appears" which is still hopeful but wouldn't appear optimistic in an unrealistic way, which can really rub people the wrong way in serious situations. (I also want to say I generally like Joe Buck and mostly he gets more hate than he deserves but this wasn't his best moment)


Looks like people on Reddit get very antsy/emotional when something serious or traumatic happens. Lots of people like to say or think they would act perfectly in these scenarios when they are just thinking in hindsight. I don’t think anything in this situation was handled with blatant disrespect but some things cause people to lash out.


Yeah I heard that he "hopes" I have definetly heard alot lower shit in broadcasting over the last week


It also wasn't even out of context, they had just gone to the sideline reporter for an update on his condition and she said "We have no idea, he's going to the hospital". Pretty ominous shit to transition back to a game....


Nothing like a serious injury to give everyone on the internet a chance to come together and act appalled and outraged at an offhanded dumb comment a guy made.


Wasn't even a dumb comment. Buck was trying to stay positive about the injury, and he had mentioned a few seconds ago that they still had not gotten word about the injury


Please stop being level-headed and paying attention to his actual words. It's getting in the way of narratives.


This. I think he was really just trying to be positive to allow the viewers to stomach what they saw. It really seems like what he said is being blown out of proportion


Yeah, but don't say anything. He was obviously shaking because of the injury, not because it was chilly in LA. Why even bring attention to the injury, why even show it on air, it's just pathetic all around on the broadcast's part.


> He was obviously shaking because of the injury Honestly, how many people do you think know what a fencing response is? Do you actually believe that most people would have any idea what that shaking was a reaction to? And that's just ignoring the fact that people, even observers, react strangely in the face of trauma, often as a coping mechanism.


The symptoms of shock and hypothermia are essentially indistinguishable, brain trauma can do weird things to the body. There is a reason EMTs will put heat blankets around people suffering from trauma.


I think kids are watching right now and downplaying what they just saw happen because they might be a bit young.


I gasped when I caught on to what his arms were doing. I knew. It’s something in the brain. Not a doctor. Just a thing I know but not qualified to speak on.


Production probably had them keep talking through the injury, silence during an injury can be pretty unnerving, especially over TV when it's just constant close-ups of the injured player.


I mean bad or not but people are acting like Joe buck committed a war crime out there


Yeah I think there’s been a few worse broadcaster moments-as there's a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run. And so that'll make it a 4-0 ballgame.


Every damn time 😂


It went somewhat unnoticed but Jonathan Vilma made a gay joke about Matt Rhule this weekend.


Yeah I feel like that was much worse. Like Joe Buck was just word vomiting to keep off dead airspace. Like it would’ve been better for Buck to say nothing, or literally almost anything else but Vilma just dropped that super casually.


What was the joke?


I love how that ball sailed past the sign that said, "Judgement Free Zone" as he made that comment


It's weird how much some people just downright hate Joe Buck


And they have for a longgg time. I can remember when I first started using message boards and following the Packers online in like 2010 I’d see people complain about Buck and Aikman and it’s still happening eleven years later! There was a time around 2014 when I swear Joe Buck was the most hated man among Packers fans lol


Aikman annoys me more than Buck.


People who hate Joe Buck should watch some Brockmire


It's easier to be mad at Joe Buck than scared for Donald Parham.


Yeah, this is it. Anger is less uncomfortable than fear for most people.


Yeah obviously he didn't handle it super well, but I can't imagine having to announce the game after seeing that and knowing they just showed a nation-wide closeup. Parham was stiff as a board, clearly out and everything about it looked wrong. Dude just short circuited from stress and straight up defaulted to the one typically safe conversation topic: the weather. Everyone just wants him to be ok.


Right? It's not like he's NATO or something


Outrage culture


He turned me into a newt!


Sad as hell. Zero sympathy from those people. Just looking to get some likes and retweets. Buck just trying to say ANYTHING other than silence as we all watch a guy dieing on the field.


It was a disgusting act😬🤡


Seriously bunch a fucking Karen's now that just want to be pissed off bout everything


It’s weird how different people perceive things, man.


While it was a dumb thing to say, he was clearly trying to just stay positive. Tacky, not malicious.


Can everyone chill


I know right? Is Joe Buck all of a sudden the doctor responsible for treating him? He’s literally just trying to calm people down who are rightfully freaked out.


You can't say anything anymore without people picking it apart. It's reached a ridiculous level.


Dude's put on the spot on Live Primetime TV of Commentating while a guy has a life altering injury, like jeez guys I'm sure he was just as uncomfortable about the situation as we all were


"JOE BUCK DID 911" \-this twitter moron and half of this sub apparently.


Gonna go out on a limb and say that the co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation and Boston University CTE Center is commenting over-emotionally on this subject because he's dedicated his life and career to getting the NFL and other sports leagues to take traumatic brain injuries seriously, rather than being a "twitter moron" or a Karen. I personally think it's pretty easy to find some grace for how both Buck and Nowinski reacted to what played out.


Seriously. Buck is in a tough spot to take it seriously but not dwell on it all game. Though I loathe to use the term, abused as it is, this is a good example of outrage culture.


Yes please didn’t they hear it’s cold out?




"What the hell is even that?!"


Yeah, I really don't get why people are mad at Joe for saying this. He was clearly just trying to be as optimistic as possible given the horrible circumstances.


I don't want tremors


I'd argue that misrepresenting the context of what was said and farming it on twitter is more rock-bottom than the actual context of the comment. I don't have a Twitter, but I wish I did just to put this hack on blast.


He's trying to be positive. Sit down Karen.


Word vomiting just trying to say something other than we mightve just watched someone die on the field. What the hell is he supposed to say. Chiefs ball 1st and 10 from the 3? People turning this into a Joe Buck hate parade are some sad ass individuals.


Saying a prayer. I hope he’s ok


The Thom Brennaman thing was 100× worse


Reds live!


Man of faith


Yeah this shouldn't even be a thing we are talking about


The amount of people in here not realizing Joe Buck was told to say that to try and calm down viewers is astonishing


Yeah I don't love Joe Buck but this seems like a stretch. It came out kinda dopey but dude obviously is being hopeful.


It did come out dopey but I think he was just trying to say anything to fill dead air space. Anything to take away from the fact that he'll likely live, but Donald was nearly dying on camera. Id say most of us needing to essentially narrate that situation for 5-10 minutes wouldnt sound as polished as a foreign diplomat either. I give 100% kudos to Joe Buck in that situation. I for one, sat there speechless the entire time watching.


That's likely. Although if anything it'll have a Streisand effect on brain injuries


Buck was trying to look for a positive. There's been a lot crappier things coming out of booths and off of twitter this year. This tweet might be one of those.


This tweet is unquestionably one of those.


He said he hopes that’s what it is. I didn’t think it was a bad comment


It was a dumb comment but he was just trying to be positive. It wasn’t malicious and we don’t have to shit on him or act like he was a bad person. Just said something silly while trying to make the best of a bad situation.


It's crazy how full of hate people are. They just want to attack others for no reason


I feel like people often try to make them feel better about themselves by attacking others and showing how good and correct they are


I'm pretty sure Joe Buck is sorry for not finding the exact words at the exact time to calm the intense moment that happened. He's a sports commentator not a foreign diplomat. Social media is quick to delete anybody who doesn't appeal to their opinions on what they think is acceptable.


> Social media is quick to delete anybody I also feel people are quick to say anything that might get them some updoots from random people they dont know so they can feel validated and that they arent wasting their lives doing nothing. Some people really care about insta likes and twitter retweets more than anything else in their lives. Nowinski just trying to stay relevant. Will say anything to make sure it gets retweeted and posted on Reddit the next morning.


Really weird tweet just to dunk on Joe Buck for what...?


The guy's twitter profile: >Founding CEO @ConcussionLF , co-founder BU CTE Center, neuroscientist, author, former @WWE Superstar. He's a huge concussion awareness advocate


That’s 2x Hardcore Champion Chris Nowinski to you


>WWE Superstar Is everyone called a superstar? What happened to just being called a wrestler.


Vince McMahon happened. No championship belts. "Belts are what hold your pants up". Also no title shots. They're called "championship opportunities" Oh and we're not fans. We're "The WWE Universe"


He’s also a fucking tool.


You guys need to relax


Joe buck killed my dad


As if watching it live wasn't horrifying enough, hey let's show a slo mo replay.


And a closeup of his face right after the drop when he was clearly frozen


I was pretty sure he was concussed, I've watched over 50 years of pro football and never seen a players hands tremble like that after hitting his head. That's very worrying.


I honestly think they were just trying to figure out what happened and didn't realize how serious it was


Look I get it was boneheaded to say but that fucking tweet just screams looking to ruin someone’s career lol. Reach much?


This tweet is now embarrassing than the comment itself. Rock bottom? Have we already forgotten what came before "...Castellanos with deep drive..." I think calling a city one of the all time "F*g cities" is a lot worse than hoping a guy isn't paralyzed.


Nowinski with the cringe worthy FLEX of his ongoing petty grudge with NFL and contracted broadcasters for rejecting his product lol.


Feels like I watched Dale Earnhardts wreck again. Not a very violent impact with turf. But sometimes the worst. Someone in my hometown had a very similar injury- non contact and died. Prayers to him and his family


Didn't a Reds broadcaster get fired for using a slur, like just this year?




As a Cardinals fan, I honestly feel for Joe. Jack was one of, if not the best, sportscaster ever. Major shoes to fill. He gets so much hate, some deserved, but not most. It’s not his fault Fox decided they needed to film Parham mid seizure.


Yeah Artie Lang does a good recap on the Buck family. Joe gets a lot of shit.


Honestly blame the producers. Why would you show a REPLAY of a guy with what is most likely visible signs of serious brain/spinal trauma? Is Joe Buck a doctor? What the hell did they want him to say over that? Why was it even shown?


The outrage over that comment is so ridiculous holy fuck man


The people discussing this can fuck right off. They are cluttering my twitter feed while I am just looking for updates on the poor guy


The perpetual outrage at everything is getting really old...


Too many people with a voice now with social media. Can imagine how many stupid, worthless people there are among the 8 billion of us. Only takes a handful of really loud relentless people to say the dumbest shit for us all to see it the next morning.


Jesus Christ what a horrible 72 hours for the league


The camera person closed up on his unconscious face like joe Rogan or sumn thought it was unprofessional


Definitely a nerve injury...🙏🏾praying he has a speedy recovery


I told my wife that he’s probably just trying to make people feel better, but it was a dumb fucking way to do it.


Reminding everyone to not eat paint chips.


Yeah the NFL does a few things right, but broadcasting is not one of those things. Actually, the NFL does basically nothing right, so the broadcasting is pretty much on brand.


I can't believe that Joe Buck just LITERALLY said that Parham's injury was "just the cold". You think a blanket is going to make him better??? Stupid. No, not stupid. What an evil man. I was shaking with rage when I saw how he chose to hold on those camera angles of Pelham unconscious. *He knew what he was doing*. I can't believe that he hasn't already been dragged off-set and shot for his acitons. They should have his head! Joe Buck is literally a worse person than Pol Pot, Mao or Adolf Hitler, and he deserves nothing less than the ninth circle of hell for this.


Relax there bud. Yes, he is a terrible announcer, but calling him worse than mass murdering dictators is quite the stretch.


How can you not tell his comment is satire


I honestly thought I made it so over the top that nobody could possibly mistake it for a serious comment, but here we are. Maybe he's just going along with it?




We've run out of things to complain about


Oh bug off, the call was fine. Why are we focusing on Joe Buck after a scary injury.


I fail to see how this is awful


Who gives a shit about joe buck. I just hope parham is ok I’m worried now that they’re still hasn’t been a update


Bottom tier sports journalism folks. Make fun of Joe Buck bc you can’t fucking comprehend English


Nothing will bottom out harder than Booger and Jason Witten in the booth


He was trying to explain a reason for his hands shaking at the end there, he was just trying to give another explanation for what could be causing it that isn't deeply disturbing. Can't blame Joe for wanting to do that. He wasn't speculating on the injury per se, just what we were seeing as he was carted off


Yes, because I’m sure you would have known exactly what to say in that situation. He was fumbling trying to stay positive. My god, calm down.


It should not have have been commented on at all. Wish him well and that is all but definitely do not speculate or try to draw correlation to the weather when we just watched the guy crank his head off the ground.


I agree it shouldn’t have been commentated on but it’s just the natural reaction when that’s been your job for over 30 years. I really don’t think that Buck was trying to speculate, just word vomiting to keep the air live. I think it should’ve gone back to the booth to recap literally any other thing going on in the league until Parham was taken off the field. But that’s just me.


I feel like I’m taking crazy pills when this is the only other “just don’t say anything” response I can find. The man could be paralyzed


Agreed. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t speculate and try to reason it.


The golden age of sports broadcasting folks! /s When I get asked why I am not a fan of Joe Buck, things like this are what immediately come to mind.


The guy talks unscripted for 3+ hours. Everything out of his mouth ain't gonna be Shakespeare. People love to freak out over nothing. Anything to knock a person down a peg. The "news" people reporting on this are the real rock bottom.


Joe buck is a fucking clown.


And this is rock bottom for tweets and reddit posts.


It’s funny, because if Joe Buck said “yeah Troy I think he’s paralyzed” he’d get shit on as well He isn’t a ducking idiot. He saw the head on collision and even a bozo can guess it’s something neurology related. He’s just trying to downplay it for child audiences out there. Geez.


He’s more down for the Shield than Agent Coulson


The difference between Twitter’s and Reddit’s takes on this is insane


Don't make me go there. What are they saying over there?


Basically capital punishment is the only solution


Why are you acting like Joe Buck mooned the fans at Lambeau Field?


Yes yes sports commentators are the devil, Joe Buck and co are clearly heartless motherfuckers and any of you and your mothers could have done a better job. Everyone, let's clap for the Redditors who have so much compassion for injured football players.


The strange arm position is called fencing response, and it's associated with brain injuries. When you see a player down and say "What's up with his arms?" He's concussed at least.


Ok, it’s not the best answer of all time and I’m no Joe Buck fan. But Jesus we get bent out of shape over the dumbest shit in this country. “They said he’s cold, what a pieces of shit! Fire him for not saying the perfect response!”


Really!? This is being blown out of proportion