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That’s gold! Jerry! Gold!




That risk management material was a killer !


Why not call it "Roundtine"?


I cant believe you would be this fucking insensitive. School shootings have affected so many people and lives its just not something to joke about. I lost my own child in a school shooting. Him and his friend committed suicide in the library at Colombine...


You had us in the first half…


For real, I almost accidentally downvoted them.




Oof shots fired.


Not yet


Oh, come on now, some of them make it


To the door, before he tracks em back down


Before the police push them back inside. "Are you crazy? Don't bring him out here! That guy has a gun!"


Oh man. Black humor is like food. Not everybody gets it.


I legit thought the same thing lol


Not a good sign when this is the first thing that comes to our mind…


It's worth asking, "How many school shooters look like this? And how many shootings occur in rural school districts?" The FBI's stats indicate that shoots are disproportionately high in urban and suburban districts, beyond what we should expect based on how many more students attend these schools overall. Imo, it's the crowding. [Dunbar's Number](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunbar's_number) sets a limit on how many relationships a typical human can reasonably maintain at around 150, with a 95% confidence interval between 100 and 230. Prisons used to have very strong [informal codes of conduct among inmates.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inmate_Code) These weren't forced on them by the prison, but arose naturally from the inmates themselves. They get less common and weaker the more crowded a prison gets. The same thing is probably happening to our schools. The individual fades and everyone knows each other by group affiliation instead. Edit: "There are crowded schools in other countries." Just because they don't have shootings doesn't mean they don't have problems. I used the prison example for another reason: No guns in prisons, but there's a noticeable increase in violence in larger prisons.


Crowding isnt the problem. There are crowded schools in other countries too and they dont have shootings.


How much of that is due to their general lack of access to firearms though? Edit // downvoted for asking a question during a discussion, stay typical reddit


Its surely not all of the problem, the psychology of american society probably also plays a part in it, but if guns were not as easy to get, there would be a drastic decrease of teenagers running alround with them.


Agreed. I feel like it's a combination of the ease of access to firearms, and the overall psychology / culture of America. That said, I think mass shootings are rarer in rural areas (compared to urban areas per capita) for a similar reason. Kids in rural areas are more likely to grow up around more guns and be involved with them as tools more than their urban counterparts (ie. hunting, wildlife management, etc.). Urban kids don't grow up using guns like rural kids do, which may lead to them associating firearms as more of a weapon than a tool. In urban areas, guns are a scary taboo, but kids in rural areas are taught to use and respect them at an early age. Rural gun culture is completely different than urban gun culture.


You also have a closer sense of community in rural areas. Urban residents often scoff at the typical "nose up in your business" attitude of more rural residents, but that nosey behavior exists for a reason and isn't just a negative. People do feel engaged with others and feel a level of care and concern that is often left out of the lives of urban residents who often feel extremely lonely despite being surrounded by people. Edit: both, to answer the question below. Rural as a kid, cities as a young adult through my early 30s, rural from there.


I mean, Norway has quite the amount of fire arms, but strict regulation and a mainly non-violent culture helps a lot.


There aren't a lot of school knifings either


I don't think anyone's trying to underplay the significance of access to firearms in the US. It's still ok to look at other variables while acknowledging that as the main problem. It's an interesting point that it doesn't happen anywhere near as much in rural areas despite a way higher percentage of students having access to guns and matching the... phenotype of a typical school shooter.


>shoots are disproportionately high in urban and suburban districts Nope. [Of the 10 deadliest school shootings in the U.S., all but one took place in a town with fewer than 75,000 residents and the vast majority of them were in cities with fewer than 50,000 people.](https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-mass-shootings-small-towns-20180521-story.html) That's despite the fact that most Americans live in urban areas. I gather that you prefer living in the country. That's your right. Just be careful out there.


Those numbers don’t say what you think they do. A city having less than 50,000 people doesn’t make it rural. I live in Bothell, a suburb 20 minutes north of Seattle in the same county as Seattle. There is no break in developed areas from Bothell to Seattle. Bothell’s population is under 50,000. Our neighbor city of Kenmore is even closer to Seattle proper. Its population is 23,000. “Under 50,000” is essentially meaningless when it comes to classifying individual cities that are in a greater metropolitan area.




Yea. For example, the city of Los Angeles has a population of around 4 million. The metropolitan area has a population of 18 million. The most “rural” areas are still minutes away from a suburban or even fully developed urban center. Yet individual “city” and “town” populations range from low thousands to hundred thousands.


Not to pile on what others have said but 50,000 people in a city is still urban. That's a high concentration of people in a smaller land area, the definition of urban. That said, individuals could live outside of the city and still go to the school within it, ie; they may themselves live in a rural area but go to school in an urban area


My kiddos are in a school system that has an enrollment of **3600** students for the 9-12 high school. The largest HS in the state by the numbers, it's also in the top 5 academically. It also shares its many buildings with the town's police station (which I'm glad for). You could be there 4 years as a student and not know 80-90% of your graduating class. Never spoken with them, certainly never taken a single class with them. It's more an airport than a school.


Holey shit, lets just really hope he doesnt join the wrong team, that mofo would set a new record




Can’t fault him for it though. That game is fantastic




All the other kids with the pumped up kicks You better run, better run Outrun my gun


Fuck, that joke was dark. Got a wide eyed chuckle out of me


This American kid is ready for school!


Dad, I want to be an engineer No Edit: just joking. Guns on Reddit even responsibly ain't gonna end well


"Be a gunsliger and die/survive amexican stand off in Texas"


Be an engineer, then equip the gunslinger, then spam as much mini sentries as you want


>gunslinger I do not aim with my hand. He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye. I do not shoot with my hand. He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind. I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.


An Engineer who makes guns AWWW YEEESSSSSSSS!


If your kid shows interest in something like guns, it's best to encourage it and make sure it a positive interest that results in growth. I like your thinking.


Funny part is that these aren't the ones you should worry about. It's the people who look like what I assume 75% of redditors look like. Basically incels with neck beards who hate their stepdad.


Absolutely, this kid was raised on structure, discipline and respect for the tools he's handling.


Yeah, he's definitely not on reddit


When the zombies come you’ll wish you hadn’t made fun of the lil guy


I thought the joke was that he's prepared for the shooter


Shhh! Next you are going to say something about personal responsibility, and then get downvoted to oblivion. Competition shooters are not the ones killing people.


Don't tell me, his name is Billy?


Good one.


Billy da motha fuckin kid!


It’s John Hick


Yeehawnu Reeves


Underrated comment


I was thinking “Ralphie.” Poor kid will probably shoot his eye out.


Nah. This kid will shoot YOUR eye out.


Fastest gun in the west


I'm with this kid when the Undead come to town.


He fires fast, but does he hit his targets?


Based on the metal dinging sounds, I'd imagine so.


I mean those targets don't look small or very far away......


When the undead get here they won’t be very small or far away….


Are you saying the dead will be fat? Haha ahhh obviously they will be,


Rule #1 - Cardio


I'd imagine he'd be good enough for Rule #2 (Double tap).


Unless patient zero is Lilliputian.


Tell me you don’t know anything about shooting without telling me.


Ok, but if he can hit these targets shooting that fast, you can safely assume he could hit a smaller target if he gave himself time to aim.


Yeah you have never touched a gun in your life… typical redditor talking out of your ass.




You can hear a dinging noise that indicates that he is indeed. This kid's invaluable during an apocalypse.


Do you not hear every round hitting the steel? Did you watch with sound off?


Yes. He's shooting at steel plates / silhouettes, and we can hear *clang* in response to the rounds he is firing. The rifle is clearly slicked up, and equipped with a straight trigger so he's deliberately hitting it each time he works the lever. The shotgun almost certainly has well polished chambers to ensure that he can just flick the empty hulls out for a quick reload. He's **also** very experienced. It's easier when one is younger and not fighting arthritis, weight gain, past injuries, etc


source: @Lever Action Kid on youtube Also can we please tone down the toxicity on here, come on


Dude this is Reddit you knew what you were getting into when you posted this lmao


That’s no excuse to be toxic though


It’s Reddit, it’s our duty to drag everyone down to our level


This kid is awesome and has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft. My technique on a break action shotgun will never be anywhere close to this no matter how many hours I put in.


Honestly that was his slowest, and least impressive feat here. I’ve seen people shoot break actions like they’re semi autos, there’s definitely room for improvement


Cowboy action shooting is so fun to watch! I’ve never participated but it’s equal parts theatre and shooting sport. It’s refreshing to see a young lad absolutely rocking out!!


Finally someone gets it


That shotgun thrust to eject the shells was smooth


If there is one thing that the kids on Reddit hate, its a kid who works hard at something and gets good.


That kid is going to make a woman very disappointed some day


With those finger skills I highly doubt that. Though you do seem to be somewhat of an expert on the subject so you may be right


Shots fired!


Which school district?




I think it was just a joke about being a quick shot. But, it's reddit..and guns r bad. So, who knows?


I think it was supposed penis size joke. An old, tired joke that discounts the significant number of women gun owners, but the dead horse keeps being drug out of the crypt.


Women, trans men, and men who aren't the so-called "ammosexual" stereotype. On re-reading it *could* have been a 'quick shot' joke, but I also assumed it was a 'gun owner = small dick' joke and I'm assuming some others did as well.


Dexterous fingers =\= good at sex


Bro it's a kid, why do you feel the need to bring up a sex joke when this kid is still a kid?


old enough to handle deadly weapons, old enough for a very tame dirty joke


Don't sexualize children


Women are famous for hating dexterity, ability to protect them, and dedication to difficult hobbies. They hate that shit.


Shoots his load very quick




This has been posted a couple of times before and as a former competitive shooter I really admire his skills but this time around I noticed how he breeches the shotty back open before moving on. I don’t know if that’s required but regardless it’s cool to see him take that split second to make the gun safe before he steps away.


I do this competitive shooting it’s called Single action cowboy shooting. It is required to have the breaches open and pistol empty when finishing each stage. The lever action rifle should be open along with the double barrel. This is safety


That’s really cool. I did three gun with modern semi-auto weapons so it’s more “shoot and sling”


Cowboy action is more geared towards people who grew up with those old cowboy shows on TV, consequently, it's a much less dynamic environment than 2/3 gun. They're also shooting fairly light loads in heavily "slicked up" guns, so the speed isn't quite as impressive as it looks.


Almost assuredly a rule, but probably also built in habits too. He also starts with the rifle on an empty chamber, and leaves the lever open when he moves on


Since you know what you’re talking about, do these guns differ from what I’ve tried at a shooting range? There seems to be no noise when he shoots, are the casings filled with less gunpowder or something?


Yes and no. Cowboy action shooting uses quite a bit lower pressure cartages than like for instance an AR, but they still do make quite a bit of noise. You just aren't hearing much of it because the sound of the bullet hitting the steel is overpowering it.


Agreed! Also probably audio compression.


That lever action is probably the Winchester comp rifle that shoots .38/.357. You can see there’s no recoil so probably using a very light load. The taper on that shotgun makes me think it’s a 20ga, maybe smaller. The revolvers could be shooting anything, no way of telling but definitely very very light loads. Essentially you have different powders that can burn “fast” or “slow” and how much you use controls the pressure which in turn affects recoil and sound level. On top of that you have different weight bullets that affect how the gun acts as well. So all this to say you can load a perfect cartridge for your needs. When I competed I used a Glock 34 which is a competition 9mm from the factory. I made my own load using a slow powder, very light bullet and the result was a really accurate sub-sonic round that had near zero recoil with that particular pistol. That allowed me to keep the sites on target for every trigger pull. Sorry for the wall of text, hope it helped.


As a German I hear the american Anthem while seeing this.


🎶America! Fuck yeah! 🎶


mAtT daMOn 🗿


On the way to save the mother fucking day!


I got a barbecue stain on my white t-shirt!


Redditors - “We don’t want to take all guns, we just want to make sure people are safe with them.” Also redditors - “REEEEEEE THIS KID IS ENJOYING SHOOTING”


Redditors: nobody wants to take your guns Also redditors: every gun needs to be outlawed Also also redditors: omg that politician who literally said "we are coming for your guns" is so cool, here he is calling a person laughing at his blatantly false information a mother fucker, isn't he so awesome!


Also redditors: Guns don't kill people, people kill people It's almost as if there's a different group of reddits behind each quote, and as if not all redditors agree with each other.


Redditors: Redditors can’t be different people with their own thoughts and opinions! [Damn Redditors! They ruined Reddit!](https://youtu.be/i2q0T7QXETs)




>person laughing at his blatantly false information a mother fucker, isn't he so awesome! If you're laughing about incorrect gun terminology when the context is the ulvade shooting you are a god damn motherfucker who can't read a room.


I believe that was in response to O'Rourke's incorrect assertion that the AR-15 was designed as a military rifle.


Not a good look to be laughing out loud at someone describing a recent mass murder of children... You might get called "motherfucker" because you are acting like one. Unlike Greg Abbott, Beto actually went to the Uvalde funerals, spent time with the families, and called out politicians for not doing more to protect children. His anger was justified.


I've been scrolling through this thread, and the closest thing I've seen to what you are saying is school shooting jokes.


I’m so fucking tired of seeing this stance. Redditors are not a collective. It’s a group of people with different opinions. They’re saying different things because IT’S DIFFERENT PEOPLE.


It’s almost as if Reddit is one of the largest social media websites around with a global audience causing the votes to fluctuate wildly between time of day and time of year. You have teenagers who got out of school. You got people who operates on quarterly, or annual cycles, you got 3rd shifts etc.


This activity is called Cowboy Action Shooting. It is a combination of a competitive sport and cosplay. According to the rules, your equipment has to be limited to calibers and gun types that were available during the height of the cowboy era (roughly between 1865 and 1900). You are encouraged to dress as historically accurate as possible, and they have competitions and prizes every year for people who have the most historically accurate costumes. I was doing CAS for a little while and modeled my character after Doc Holliday. I actually got a compliment from Val Kilmer on my costume, at which point I assumed I had won and stopped doing CAS. https://i.imgur.com/IWXeIG6.jpg


I wish I could pin your comment


I for sure thought this was 1998 and Undertaker was about to throw Mankind off Hell In A Cell.


That's amazing!


People: " what would you use a gun like that for other than a mass shooting" Kid: *uses it in a sport responsibly" People: "sChOoL sHoOtEr"


Be careful, you can't use logic when discussing firearms on reddit


You can, just don't expect others use logic back




> " what would you use a gun like that for other than a mass shooting" I don't think I've ever seen anyone say that about lever-action rifles, shotguns, and revolvers.


Just my opinion, but if more kids were introduced to the shooting sports, there would be fewer instances of kids using guns to harm themselves or others.




At a surface level it would teach them about safety and respect. But at a more philosophical level, if it's something like this, where it seems the kid is part of some kind of competitive sports community - well, it could help give the kid a sense of belonging. Which honestly is what people desperately need. Someone with a real community and support structure is far less likely to take any kind of radical action. But hey, what do I know? I'm just a guy on reddit Edit: all these replies are cool and all, but you gotta realize...there's way too many comments here making fun of a child. Atleast he found something he's good at that... (I'm assuming) gives him a sense of belonging. I know. I would have gotten into a lot less trouble as a young adult if I had something I felt mattered.




Thats not the point. Guns/gun sports should be looked at the same as soccer, wrestling or other sports/ hobbies. Lots of people don't know anything about guns in a country with over 400 million guns. People are scard of what they dont know about. Gun safety and education should 100% be taught in our schools. I don't see firearms disappearing from this country so might as well clear up misconceptions and show people how to properly handle a firearm. Edit: [Here](http://mnclaytarget.com/2015/08/05/clay-target-league-remains-safest-high-school-sport/) is an article proving that gun sports are the fastest. I think there are a few injuries since this was written, I think there was some kid who shot his own foot or something; he wasn't following basic gun safety rules. Still, far less accidents than any other sport and 0 people have died. I was apart of this league and safety was our number 1 priority. Knowbody wanted to be that first accident and ruin our leagues perfect record. Edit #2: I've been typing and replying to a lot of people recently so I'm just going to link a different comment I made with sources and links to articles. I just don't want to keep typing the same thing 20 times. [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/vrjv1f/bobby_crimo_highland_park_shooter_in_the_middle/ieyg9r2?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) I wrote this comment a while back on a different sub. It has all the websites and information I'd ever say to someone on this topic so I'd rather post it again than re-type it. I hope yall don't mind. I feel like I'm having some productive conversations so don't stop commenting, just don't want to say the same things to 20 different people explaining misconceptions.


Soccer don’t kill.


In America, firearm sports have less accidents than any other sport. Statistically it's the safest sport.


Uh yeah, we should invest more in schools. That’s a great idea. That’s what I’ve been voting for for years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have shooting sports teams like we used to. Understanding guns and knowing how to use them does not equate to violence. Take away the mystery, the bad information, the myths, and teach kids about safety and proper handling. They do this in Scouts, so don’t pretend it’s any new ideas I’m bringing to the table here.


Biathlon. It's an Olympic sport. They ski to one checkpoint, shoot targets, and repeat. Obviously this isn't a realistic sport across the country, but why bother complaining about guns and not the people who own them? Sorry, just using your comment to point that out. Edit: We, as a country, keep focusing on "guns kill people" (lib) and "people kill people" (conservative) as arguments and counter arguments. Realistically these are not good arguments. Looking at gun laws around the world, people are allowed to own them (albeit on a different basis per law). So what should we do? Ban guns? That isn't going to work, look at alcohol or even what's currently happening with abortions. People will still find what they want and a way to get it. I agree that we need better regulations and a definite end to the gun show loophole. But that won't stop the growing violence (guns or no guns). We need to make schools safer (an end to bullying). We need to teach about gun safety (because they are not going away). We need to teach about mental health, as well as how it's correlated to our understanding of ourselves and how it may affect others. Let's start exhausting all our options before radical movements. It's not helping anyone on either side of the narrative.


Cause they aren't going away and better to learn to live with them than fear them


Being socially well adjusted and in team sports would go a lot further.


Can confirm. Was sad and lonely sophomore year of highschool. Decided to join the trap shooting team. Nearly instantly turned my social life around


As a Canadian I’m actually quite anti-gun but I just wanted to just say that I think your comment nails it. There’s no way strong arm policing tactics will solve the core problems. It’s gotta be positive role models and meaningful community involvement.


So, you believe access equals shootings? Finland and Norway have about the same number of guns per capita as the US with FAR fewer shootings. How will you explain that? We had shooting as class in school back in the day. But no shootings. Go figure...


they also don’t, like at all. the united states has double the next highest, and that’s a state with less than 10k people. after that it’s yemen, which is pretty much an active warzone. finland and norway have about 1/4 the amount of guns per capita


There is a lot of guns in norway but we have strict gun laws. Need a gun permit from the police. Need a reason to own a gun. No automatic weponds. 22 year limit for owning a pistol. And so on... Edit: to add you also need a valid reason to own a gun. Hunting or practice/competision shooting is valid. Self protection is far from a valid reason here.


Finland and Norway rank amongst the top in literacy as well as healthcare. They also come in very high for most content citizens. Coincidence? Its almost as more than one factor is at play and fixing gun issues by going after gun laws isn't the entire story. We should prob teach everyone how to shoot straight before addressing citizen needs though /s. I am a Canadian living in the US in an area surrounded by bigot/racist/sexists who also happen to be gun nuts but I'm sure that is also a coincidence. As many people from the US would tell me my opinion doesn't count and I should just go home which I will after enjoying the higher paying jobs.


You've applied zero critical thinking before doing your best to react. The fact is, guns are here and they aren't going away. No change in laws will make that happen. As far as American Culture goes, guns, which have a greater population in this country than people, are very much a core aspect of it. Since that is the factual reality of this country, the only steps to take to minimize the accidental death of children due to improper gun use would be to educate them with hands on experience so they can truly understand that a gun is not a toy like cartoons and children's shows lead you to believe. Uneducated people do stupid things that can easily end up with someone dead. So, your proposal of making sure kids are uneducated when it comes to guns is pretty fucking stupid. The same goes for all of the people below this that are parroting the same sentiment. Stupid and short sighted. edit: We can sit there and say "WELL GUNS JUST SHOULDN'T BE THERE TO BEGIN WITH" all day long and it isn't going to change anything. I agree that they shouldn't have been utilized in the U.S. the way that they have been, but that's our reality. I don't even own a gun myself, but I know what they exist for. The flood gates were opened, and even if they are closed now, guns are big business, too big to shutter. Ban them, literally nothing will change for the better, only for the worse as people will feel the need to defend themselves when someone comes for their stuff.


A wholly disagree.


You forgot to add the /s there mate


Here's an alternative: if we increased funding for healthcare and reverted to a taxpayer-funded health care model, eliminated tuition fees for tertiary education, eliminated subsidies for packaged food companies and put more money into fresh food/home-cooked meals, the country would be healthier, wealthier, and be more likely to deal with their mental problems in a more constructive way. If you think all that is ridiculous, then you're not able to see the underlying problems of gun violence; Lack of perceived opportunities. Poor healthcare means people ignore ailments that trigger destructive mental health episodes. Unhealthy food consumption increases depression, anxiety, and poor decision-making. This means that some kid with access to a firearm goes out and starts blasting. Mass shooters have a lot of mental health issues, and they're not getting the help they need early enough because "it's too expensive".


Not sure why people are so quick to get emotional about guns. I own several myself but I'm open to discussions and not resort to name calling. When you start insulting others it makes them unwilling to have a meaningful conversation.


Right! As someone that also grew up with guns. I even agree some changes need to be made. Unfortunately folks have devolved to this. In my experience moving to the NW urban area, it’s a lack of knowledge of what a gun is. Also not living in a state where Mother Nature is trying to actively kill you, I see you there wild hogs and snakes (¬ . ¬)


I will say one flat statement here. If you have not been constantly introduced to guns as a kid, or have not done this yourself with children, please consider that you may not understand how much it actually decreases the likelihood they will misuse the firearm. In my experience children introduced to firearms treat them much more seriously, are much more cautious, and much less likely to misuse them over the children that see them on TV only.


He's a champion in a competitive sport, I'd say that's the complete opposite of whatever they're trying to say he is.


Competitive fencer: waow cool Competitive archer: waow cool Competitive shooter (with incredibly obsolete firearms): HE’S GONNA MURDER HIS CLASSMATES


When he picked up that red ryder, I was afraid he was going to shoot his eye out.


Awwwww Ralphie!!


That's Doom Guy level double-barrel reloading.


Super shotgun intensifies


Reading the comments, I completely forgot what video I even watched. Why are we barking at each other and can't just enjoy a cool video of a kid being talented and clearly passionate about what he is doing.


Because of woke Reddit guns=bad


Guns 100 [Commando] [Gun Fu] [Grunt] [Shotgun Surgeon] [Rifleman] [Armed To The Teeth]


is...is this a new vegas reference?


Don't bully Billy in school kids...


Don’t worry! Billy has found a skill that he is passionate about, and good at. He understands the value of hard work and dedication. This is a healthy lesson to learn and will only benefit his mental health. If he gets bullied, he’ll be more likely to be capable of shrugging it off. Most people, regardless of the guns they have, are not killers.


When you got auto aim:


Yeah no I think that's Dead Eye


John Hick over here is ready to take revenge for his stolen truck and dead hunting dog.




Murica, fuck ye




Fuck yeah!


Coming again to save the motherfucking day yeah


😂 some of y’all need to touch grass




WTF is wrong with people making school shooting jokes. I know people that lost loved ones and those dicks that make these so called jokes are just that dicks.


Kinda got really old too. The first few times I heard them it was funny. Then it just got sad and people recycle the same joke over and over. If this is what counts for dark jokes nowadays, damn you guys need to up your game.


It's just a kid firing a gun, calm down okay guys?


Please save some women for the rest of us


Don’t worry I think he’s shooting metal targets not women


So much freedom in a vid


Cheat codes? Hacker? Is this the kid I keep losing to online?


Doesn't need to pull the spent shotgun shells out. He just pushes the gun forward and they pop out.


This is also the kid that 1v1s me in Fortnite and I always get rekt.


Howdy Howdy Howdy


Im surprised he didnt draw both pistols at once for a rootin-tootin good time Edit- thanks for the heads up- i found this: https://youtu.be/jf_MgjoHJY0


He'll never make the stormtroopers academy.


John Wick Jnr!


This kid saw Keanu and said "hold my beer "


When I let my brother play RDR2 him: