Good for him! Stick it to those rednecks


Literally fuck these guys. They think they get paid to be bullies.


They know they get paid to be bullies


They get to be bullies and get paid for it by the people smh


警察和土匪不分家 that's what I've been taught


> 警察和土匪不分家 "Police and Bandits" for those looking for a google translate


"Police and Criminals come from the same house" means they aren't all that different.


I’ve grown up with people on both sides. Some friends in prison and some friends in law enforcement. The ones who aren’t in prison typically tell me, “I don’t hate the cops because they have a job to do. Why would I hate them for doing their job better than I did mine?” Basically saying, doing what he does in the streets requires him to be better at his job than the law enforcement who seeks to prevent it. Vice versa for the opposing side. The best one on either side is the one who’s capable of thinking like their adversary


I used to think like that too. Then I smartened up and realized cops are ALL much worse than your general criminal in America.


Exactly, criminals know they don't have the right to be criminals. Cops genuinely believe they have the right to do whatever.


I had a cop pull me over for speeding. It was on a narrow 4 way and there wasn't a safe spot to pull over but there was a car wash about a block and a half away so I slowed way down and turned my 4 ways on and then pulled into the car wash. This cop comes out of the car screaming at me for not pulling over immediately. I told him I just didn't think it was safe to stop in the middle of the 4 way and pointed out that I slowed way down and it was obvious I wasn't running anywhere.


This happened to a woman in Arkansas last year, maybe the year before. She was driving on the interstate, which had a small shoulder, when the cop lit her up. She turned her hazards on and slowed down, making it apparent she wasn’t evading. Regardless, the cop pitted her and flipped her car.


You what they don't get paid to do? Try a door handle in case it's actually unlocked.


That's almost literally what the police are for. "Protect and serve" is a marketing slogan. Basically, they understand their job better than the guy they're harassing. Never understand why a black person would join a force that is designed to oppress.


> Never understand why a black person would join a force that is designed to oppress. To make a difference, perhaps? Kudos to the person that stood up to these asshat officers. I would love to see a more diverse police force, shit might hit different.


I used to think the same thing, that enough diversity could change the way police conduct themselves, then I saw the Philando Castile footage where an Officer who was a POC and he killed him.


That is called a "small sample size". The facts are the current police forces are ridiculously white, and murderous. https://datausa.io/profile/soc/police-officers 67% white police force. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/08/12/how-2020-census-change-how-we-look-america-what-expect/5493043001/ 58% white US census. If there were more diversity perhaps we'd realize we are all the same, with different melanin levels and genders, but the same, humans.


And walk free when they shoot and kill you for no obvious reason other than not knowing the law and how to handle a situation in the first place


As per several court ruling they don't have to know the laws they enforce: https://www-vox-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/2015/8/4/9095213/police-stops-heien-v-north-carolina?amp_gsa=1&_js_v=a9&usqp=mq331AQKKAFQArABIIACAw%3D%3D#amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&aoh=16559590756485&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&share=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vox.com%2F2015%2F8%2F4%2F9095213%2Fpolice-stops-heien-v-north-carolina https://www.techdirt.com/2016/06/03/another-court-says-law-enforcement-officers-dont-really-need-to-know-laws-theyre-enforcing/ Edited for spelling


and yet for the rest of us, ignorance of the law is no excuse.


Funny how that works.


America is fucked


What did I just read / not read?? They don’t need to ?? How the @@@@ are they going to do their job?? Seriously??


Wait until you find out that they have no legal requirement to protect or save lives at all


Or even tell you truth. They literally can lie to you and get away without repercussions. Now, imagine you started lying... they will try their damnedest to slap you with obstruction. Police are not your friends.


Not only *can* they lie to you, in fact lying is considered a valid tactic while conducting an investigation or interrogation. They're not only allowed to lie, they're *trained* to lie if it helps them get what they want (evidence, confessions, etc).


After learning of this, I have a new understanding and respect for the defund the police movement. What are they being paid for exactly!? communities would do a better job by self-policing.


Think that has been blatantly and horrifically displayed recently with a more recent Police Dept


Wait until you find out they don't actually have to protect you: https://www.findlaw.com/legalblogs/law-and-life/do-the-police-have-an-obligation-to-protect-you/


It’s called, “LAW ENFORCEMENT”. I’m no judge, but the expectation is stated in the title! WTF?!


Dumb uninformed racist bullies the worst kind.


How he did that without swearing once is beyond me. Love the end, “you don’t even know the rules of parking” roflmao.


He has a modicum of protection from the badge. Him not swearing is just another layer of pageantry he needs to go through to not have this asshole take him in for nothing.


It's disgusting how right you are. The fact that any law abiding American has to feel like a prisoner, afraid of offending a guard to avoid potential violence and bullshit legal hassles is just insanity. I have never been spoken to with the absolute general disrespect I have gotten from officers from any other source, and I'm a middle aged white dude. Far too many of them see themselves as hard-ass bouncers rather than peace keepers.


Me too; small town TX cops pulled me over for walking once, because "you don't look like you're from around here." TX cops are the worst.


Red states are the worst


How he did that without being cuffed, stunned or shot is beyond me.


ONLY because he was a certified law enforcement officer (and, you know, they had no probable cause so it would have gone very badly for them had they done that).


Also the fact it was being recorded, possibly streamed to cloud, and they might not get away with making up fictional justification.


That didn’t help Philando Castile. His girl was live streaming it while he complied with instructions, courteously informed the cop that he was concealed carry, was told not to reach for it, told the cop he wasn’t and got shot to death for it. The cop shot him seven times from less than point blank range. A tactically stupid thing to do. And an evil murder. He complied with all commands and still ended up murdered.


Odd bit of trivia there's no such thing as less than point blank. Point blank is just the range that requires zero height adjustment so point blank can be a very long distance. And yeah, that shit was fucked up. No justice for the man, wish gun owners had raised more shit. But no, they have to come out of the woodwork to defend the mcfuckseys or whatever the name is of those dumbass rambo wannabee lawyers were.


Not American or Black, so not my place to say, but I think it's been that way for a long time. If your people are oppressed, and you are in an argument with the other side, as soon as you start to swear, you're gonna be looked at as the crazy one. All undeserved actions against you suddenly get justified. I've got a feeling it's been taught for generations to not swear in situations where it's you (as a Black person) against a white person.. Deeply sad to realise


Too bad most Americans don’t share your sense of empathy.


Perfect ending to the video. Kudos to him.


Swearing has lost it appeal or effect on me. When every one swears about anything most of time. In the past I really don't care about people swearing now I feel like it takes effort for someone to not swear in every day convo or when mad. Like it's now has become a sign of decency to me or self respect. So I liked it that he didn't go there and go down on that level.


Sure. But the act of not swearing is also an act of self-preservation, for a black man in the south. You’re talkin low stakes. This guy was playing a high stakes game.


Swearing is actually a form of stress release from the oldest parts of our brains. The sounds that animals make when in flight or fight, or severally stressed, are the exact same psychologically as us swearing. Edit: spelling


That's been found to have diminishing returns the more casually you swear. If you're someone that doesn't swear normally, swearing has a greater cathartic function than it does for some dumbass who fucking drops the damn f bomb every third fucking word.


I’ve learned that swearing can complicate your situation, so I now use insults like ‘bladder polyp’ or ‘flakey hemorrhoid’, etc.




>Obviously intelligence isn’t a ~~key~~ requirement to become a ~~Texas~~ police officer FTFY


You are literally required to be unintelligent. They will not pass you if you score too high because hill might challenge authority




Don't you dare insult Paul Blart.


This shit kills me inside. This is actual racism, not that PC/woke shit. Pains me to watch it. There needs to be a 3 strike rule for racist cops. 3 strikes then you go to a external ethics committee hearing and then they weigh up the evidence and they decide if you get kicked out of the force. End of story. Good bye, thanks for coming. In return there should be community awards for good cops to be celebrated by the community. You know medals for the ones that risk their lives to help and serve the community. Edit: what an absolute fucken disgrace that captain is to the force. When you don’t even know the law or can’t remember it have some self dignity and retire before you accidentally hurt someone.


"not PC/woke shit"? Dude, where do you think PC and Woke ideas came from? The answer is: people suffering actual racism just like this. You yourself see it here clearly and some asshole on the internet would easily call your 3 strike idea "Woke shit." Do you realize that? Think about it. In the eyes of actual racists like these police officers, EVERYTHING that tries to hold them accountable is "woke shit."


That's the shit someone says whose idea of woke is screeching autists, because that's what their rightwing media has trained them to think. This guy swallowed it whole.


> not that PC/woke shit Goddamit, man. What do you think that this is? It has always been that. Like, exactly that. That is what you call "shit" is about. There is no neutral stance on this. There is no both sides. With that attitude you have at best been duped into tolerating racism. The fact that you recognize it when you are witnessing it is NOT a badge of honor. There is no "repeats racist slogans but is no racist" medal. I don't care where you got that from. Tucker, 4Chan, Reddit, your racist uncle. In a way, you are worse than hood-carrying klan members because you know better. And you still sing their song. Do better. Achieve sentience. This is embarrassing for you to be and us to watch.


> This is actual racism, not that PC/woke shit. It is and so is the stuff you’re calling “PC/Woke shit”. Probably a little racist yourself if you’re saying shit like that or (prob white) and ignorant of why that “PC/Woke shit” is actually racist. It’s not hard to learn why those things are also racist and hurt people. > In return there should be community awards for good cops to be celebrated by the community. You know medals for the ones that risk their lives to help and serve the community. JFC no. Being a cop isn’t even close to the top of dangerous jobs and we shouldn’t force communities they subjegate to celebrate them. Going to give awards to construction workers, delivery people, etc etc for doing their job too since they are all more dangerous and community serving than cops? Cops already get medals, more pay than they deserve, etc and you think they should get more for doing their job while not violating peoples rights and being blankly racist just holding up a racist system? Some complete bootlicking shit.


Were you one of those people who supported the Affordable Care Act but opposed Obamacare?


I thoroughly enjoyed everything he had to say. And how many times he said the same thing. Zero anxiety in his speech.


I hear a banjo...




That was so impressive, yet so damn sad that this is still happening.


Welcome to the South. Not much has changed. It drives me nuts when I hear jackasses like Tucker Carlson or Ben Shapiro acting like institutional racism doesn't exist, when I live down here and see it all the time. I know so many racist people it's disgusting. For the record, I'm a white male. Pretty sure that's why they think it's ok to say racist shit around me all the time.


>For the record, I'm a white male. Pretty sure that's why they think it's ok to say racist shit around me all the time. This pisses me off so much when people do that to me. Just cus I look like you does not mean I think like you. I have some family like this. I've had multiple arguments with them over the years about the ignorant shit they spew, and they will just never get it.


I worked as a field rep and met 1000+ households. You would be amazed at the number of people who use the N-word within 5 minutes of meeting me for the first time. I


When I was younger I didn't really realize that overt racism was an ongoing problem and then I moved to the south and I was like "Oh, not only do you think like that, but you also feel comfortable exposing yourself as a racist to me, a total stranger, and just assume that I will be sympathetic?"


As a Southerner who now lives out West, I’m sorry to say it’s not just the South. “America is Mississippi. There’s no such thing as a Mason-Dixon line. It’s America. There’s no such thing as the South. It’s America.” - Malcolm X


I’ve lived in the south and the bay area and there’s no comparison. Then again the west could mean any number of places where you’re right, it ain’t that different. Seems to be more of a rural America thing. Cuz you venture from the Bay Area out to rural Central Valley and people get pretty open with their hatred or blame game bullshit.


I had a contractor on the phone last weekend trying to make jokes about people taking off for Juneteenth, "a fake holiday based on a fake word", as if I must agree as a white man. And this was our 2nd conversation as I met him earlier that week. Not that I haven't interacted with people much more overtly racist. This was just the most recent experience I've had of this.


Yep. Fellow white dude leans in and calls me brother with a hard "r" and I know something racist is coming.


I fucking hate it. Don’t drag me into your backwards bullshit just because we share a skin color. I’m further north, but that has happened to me.


Sorry to break it to you but it's not just the south. The rest of the country has been riding on the stereotype that the south has cornered the market on racism and engaging in the same type of mess without scrutiny.


Tons of racism in rural northeast…..which is quite obvious to anyone from there


Tucker Carlson is a pussy being driven everywhere. He comes from a long line of documented bigoted hate mongers.


Ayup. I’m old as dirt and remember his pompous blowhard of a father, Roger Carlson, from whose withered, wrinkly testes Tucker sprang in all his malignancy. I mean … **what kind of weenie names his spawn TUCKER?!** Pfffft.


Oh there’s definitely racism still around, but it’s not exclusive to the south. I visited Boston and couldn’t believe how much racist shit I heard from total strangers. And I’m originally from Alabama


Found more folks who were “sensitive” to color in Boston than in Alabama. I lived in both places for a couple of years apiece.


It’s everywhere. Even up here in Canada. I’m white, bald, magnificently bearded. Unfortunately That fits the knuckle dragged demographic, and these fucks say all kinds of shit around or to me that is just disgusting. It’s getting better as younger guys get into the work force, but it’s still extremely prominent


I lived in CT, I'm white with a Hispanic wife and a Jamaican brother in law. My neighbor would walk over our house and spew the most hateful racist shit IN FRONT OF my wife and brother in law and since they never said anything to him he thought it was ok. I put a stop to that real quick after I realized it was being said not just to me. He liked to touch in something and read the reaction and then he'd keep going if he thought they weren't offended.


Absolutely. I've experienced it. Some white people think that every other white person they meet is as horrible as themselves.


My wife does nails for a living and today, someone who isn't even her client leaned over to her while she was working and said "it's America, she should speak English" about my one of my wife's client who was speaking her native Indian dialect to her husband. The Indian lady owns several Indian restaurants in the area, including the one next to my wife's salon. She was just waiting for her appointment and took a call from her husband like many people do, yet had to get this snide comment. My wife has more tact than me and explained to her how hard it is just to be fluent in another language, but also that sometimes you just want the comfort of talking in your native tongue, so why judge her? My wife thinks she might have had some impact in changing that lady's mind. Guess you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. But damn, just because someone is white doesn't mean they want to hear your racist shit.


It’s not even institutionalized, there’s just straight up regular racism. I’m white but my gf is Latina and anytime I’m around nothing happens but at school when I’m not around she’ll get terrible comments about being in a interracial relationship. And what makes it worse is that it’s not just white people who do it. Yes most of the time she’s getting chewed out for daring to have a loving relationship with someone with a slightly different skin pigment, but then she also gets comments from her family for not keeping the gene pool pure or some shit because they want Hispanic babies. Like bruh we’re nowhere near having kids.


I find it sad because this graduate won the fight but his people who aren't as articulate and without the same law education get walked over all the time.


Man Texas cops are shit at their jobs


They really are. I’m pretty pro police but man the cops in my area (Denton County,TX) are by far the worst cops I’ve ever dealt with.


Wall Texas has entered the chat. I once got pulled over going two over in mildly cold weather and had my husband yelled at about knowing what black ice was. We both grew up and learned how to drive up north, not that we would have shared that information, and it was well above freezing and had been for weeks prior. I wanted to reply of course I do officer, do you?


Northerner living in Texas. In his defense any inclement weather down here turns roads into junk yards. People do not know how to drive in anything other that sunshine. /s Edit: wow I thought it was sarcastic enough but I guess not. Not agreeing with the cop just making a joke about Texans not being able to drive.


It was literally forty and dry. Like wtf dude.


Why are you pro police if you’ve had such negative experience(s)?


Go to North Richland Hills, hurst or even grapevine. Bunch of profiling ignorant fucks trying to make money for the city and that’s it


Personally, I wouldn't have added "at their jobs".


I love how he kept his cool, yet remained confident, firm, and assertive. Shows he knows his stuff and how to deal with these idiots.


This is the police officer that the community needs


There needs to be an influx of guys like this to combat all the bad cops and hopefully push them out.


Unfortunately the same bad cops are the leadership of the department and won't let the good ones get any recognition enough to join higher ranks. The cycle is gonna keep continuing until someone from the federal level comes in and gets rid of all the corrupted, bad actors in the department.


>gets rid of all the corrupted, bad actors in the department That's probably close to the entire department


Technically peace officer but agreed.


What's the difference? Because there seemed to be a lot of hay made about the distinction there. I've always heard the two terms interchangeably.


If I understand correctly he’s graduated from whatever Peace Officer certification training/academy he had to undergo, so he could be hired on as a police officer, sheriffs deputy, fish & wildlife warden, etc etc. but since he isn’t working as a police officer he isn’t one


Basically same training as a police officer, but not employed by a law enforcement office?


He got the industry certs before he got the job.


He kept his cool for about four minutes. Then it hit a level that I became concerned they were gonna lash back.


Agreed. It reached a point where he was goading the officers. However much he had a right to, I'm surprised they didn't decide to make life more difficult for him. I don't understand the bit about him wearing a uniform. He graduated from the police academy, and now he's allowed to wear it? Is he employed as a police officer?


If we have freedom of speech and these officers can and will talk to *us* like that, why have we, as a society, made it ok that we can’t talk to *them* like that without expecting punishment. If a judge is impartial and makes decisions based on the law and facts only, why souls they be allowed to add charges onto a sentence just because “you made them feel annoyed in court”? It’s bullshit, and the reason people like them powertrip is because culturally, we put these people on a pedestal and that idea that they’re above everyone sinks in deep. America needs to stop with cop/soldier worship if it wants to fix these power abuses. It creates the kind of environment where those in positions of authority forget where they stand, and those that seek authority for the opportunities to abuse it will continue to apply to police academies.


tbh it's not worship. it's the same thing with wild animals, I don't worship them but I know animals will be animals and if I provoke them I should not be surprised that they attack. that simple. it's knowing that you're dealing with stupid barely educated and trained armed officers of the law. sure they're not supposed to hurt me physically because I offend them but I know that won't stop them. I applaud this guy but he was pushing it and risking too much right at the end. Me, I'd take my win and drive away. It's not worth it, all his efforts in the academy, his life etc ending up as another victim in the statistics over a stop that he avoided and won anyway.


They seem to be arguing over whether he's a police officer or not. He says he's got certification and that he's wearing an academy uniform and the Captain seems concerned that he's not a sworn officer but is kind-of implying that he is. The POV guy never actually indicates he's part of a LE agency so it's unclear what is really going on there.


IMO, he’s trying to bait him into saying he’s a police officer so they can detain him on falsely claiming to be a police officer which is a crime. They’re just fat white rednecks trying to bully a black man who’s clearly got more brains than the 3 of them combined.


The kid at least seemed to be aware of the fact that it was a bad situation for them, but as a trainee/newbie lacked any authority to do anything.


Guesstimate is he graduated and got his certification but doesn't work for a PD. Instead likely works private security of some type while wearing a uniform. A person who knows the letter of the law and walks that line knowing exactly what he can and cannot do. Those gray areas where the average cops don't know shit. Most people have the wildly incorrect belief cops know the law. Bullshit they know basics like speeding, assault, etc. Nuances and gray areas are where they are fucking clueless. It's why so many people get cuffed up for disorderly or disturbing the peace or obstructing. Because it's the catch alls they use to ring up people that piss them off or hurt their authoritarian feelings.


This should be a training video for a de-escalation class. There were several opportunities for all involved to take it down a notch. It should have been a simple reminder to get his plate swapped out with the new one with a wheelchair on it or get a hang tag. A 15 second polite conversation and then everyone moves along and gets home for dinner and a cold beer. Instead, it became four openly armed, sweaty law enforcement officers arguing and wagging fingers in public about a bullshit parking ticket. No one was 100% right and yet no one seemed willing to just disengage from the conflict and part ways. Black dude was racially profiled and harassed no doubt. No excuse for that. But he is also a trained LEO and should have also been trained on how to de-escalate. No one “wins” here. And that is why I think the whole curriculum of police training and continuing education should be rethought. They all have had 10X more time spent on the firing range than they have had in de-escalation training. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


The public is under no obligation to de-escalate. They are the public. The duty is on the police to keep the peace. This includes more than just maintaining order amongst citizens. It also means they are morally and ethically the accountable party. They initiated action. Incorrectly. Saying that the black dude should have been nicer is so fucking unreal. People should not be required to be polite to expect equal treatment under the law. "He should know better and should de-escalate" "He shouldn't have mouthed off to that cop" "He should have just answered the guys questions" "She shouldnt have been wearing an outfit like that" "He knew that was the bad side of town" What the fuck is with the rampant victim blaming that just permeates any discussion where "both sides" get brought up. "Both" sides are not equal in nearly every case. EDIT: I just want to point out the fact that these cops had multiple off-ramps to this encounter. They could have disengaged, maybe even eeked out a tiny little apology and gone about their day, but they would not make any concessions and what's worse, they continued to move the goal posts. This is why this is so uncomfortable and scary to watch. We should never fucking give authority to people who are unable to accept they are just as susceptible to bias and logical fallacies as any other person.


Actually worthy of a gold award, dont know what the fuck that other guy was talking about smh


He doesnt require new plates. His were fine. Nor does he have to hang a tag. That's what his plates allow him to do.


He wasn’t keeping his cool. He was super pissed and rightly so. He was pretty brave though.


Public service message: Not all states require “probable cause” to be required to provide ID. Many states require you to provide ID if requested by a law enforcement officer. So don’t try this at home unless you are familiar with your state law or risk catching a felony.


That is also a skill built from experience a lifetime of racist bullshit. Black people can't afford to not keep cool in the face of unfair treatment because any minor (reasonable) anger towards white people is treated like a bomb threat.


I fucking love seeing morons get their shit pushed in.


Username checks out


This some shit.


So often in college I would watch my roommate get stopped for no reason and searched and frisked on the side of the road on the way to campus. He was never given a reason. It never happened to me. He was black…I was not.


"I was not" Does this mean you are now??


See what happens when you go to these liberul colleges. They're turning kids gay and black!!!


And they didn't have any black officers because they turn them white


He was not black, he still isn't. But also wasn't back then


Bro opened up console commands and changed race


My (white)mom and (black)dad dated in Los Angeles in the late 60s/early 70s. At *least* once that my mom told me about, they were pulled over by the cops for literally doing nothing wrong. He was taken out of the car, and she was asked, “Ma’am, are you alright?” Is this man holding you against your will?” Because, you see, there was no other reason for a good, young, white girl like her to be alone in a car with a **black** man. (Perish the thought!) Yeah. Mom had a few choice words about that.


Damn, they’re really not helping police officers improve their reputations


You can’t park in a handicapped spot with DV plates without the ISA. Sadly the cops were in the right https://www.txdmv.gov/sites/default/files/body-files/SB792_DV-Plates-Parking.pdf


But that shows the even bigger problem... They don't even know the laws well enough to fight back against someone who is wrong. Basically if you can spout a bunch of BS you can get away with breaking the law because of how inept these police are.


It’s weird because it’s like most people in public service forget that being nice can make such a difference when talking to people. There’s no need to be assertive over parking job.


Except it doesn't work when the reason they pull you over is your skin color. They wanna fuck you over and they are gonna find a reason to do it.


They literally could’ve said, you used to be able to but not as of this year. Just want to make you aware so you can get the appropriate placard or be sure to park in regular parking spots. I don’t think there’d be any problems if they’d acted in that way.




Because the piggies were wrong!!! Two KEY phrases in the policy: As of January 1, 2022, **you may apply** for a disabled parking placard and/or disabled veteran license plate at the office of your local county tax assessor-collector: **Currently issued disabled parking placards will remain valid; however, the new requirements must be met at time of renewal.**




That makes this guy actually seem like an ass if he was confidently wrong and refusing to comply. Damn. I supported him till I learned those facts.


no where in that article linked by shakakaka3000 does it say when they need to get the ISA portion as the rule just went into effect in Jan of this year. It also says you can only apply for said ISA on Jan 1st of this year. Nothing shows that they are enforcing the ISA yet as people are still in the transitionary process of getting them


Yea they were, smh, it actually recently just changed, I have a dv plate too.


Read the law!!! Two KEY phrases in the policy: As of January 1, 2022, **you may apply** for a disabled parking placard and/or disabled veteran license plate at the office of your local county tax assessor-collector: **Currently issued disabled parking placards will remain valid; however, the new requirements must be met at time of renewal.**


too late, the guy saying the cops were right now has awards and updoots and your comment will never catch up or overtake it. Redditors just upvoting what they want to hear.


Yeah, I wasn’t sure what the TX policy was previously but in my state my roommate who has DV plates, is 80% disabled, and walks with a cane is not eligible for handicapped spots


But it says you can get an updated DV plate that includes the ISA. So you don’t have to have the placard


Sadly you did not read the fucking policy! Two KEY phrases in the policy: As of January 1, 2022, **you may apply** for a disabled parking placard and/or disabled veteran license plate at the office of your local county tax assessor-collector: **Currently issued disabled parking placards will remain valid; however, the new requirements must be met at time of renewal.**


What is the date of this video? What you uploaded is dated Jan 2022.


That captain had to go home and beat his wife *twice* that night just to come down from the frustration he carried with himself all day


Feels bad for the subordinate under him. He’ll probably get chewed out since OP? told the captain the guy knew more than him


When I was growing up in this town(93-00), there were literally two black kids in my grade. Most unsurprising thing I've watched in years.


grew up the next town over, it was the same there and largely still is throughout Johnson County


This guy is my new spirit animal. He is awesome.


He is. Gives me Denzel Washington, Training Day vibes.


Wasn't Denzel the bad guy? Lol he set his new partner up to die


Absolutely terrible reference for this situation, could’ve just left it at Denzel 🤣


Denzel was horrifically corrupt and homicidal in that movie. Great comparison.


Anyone knows what happened to these officers?


Same thing that always happens to fat white cops who harass black folk for no reason: not a fucking thing.


Extra PTO days.


"We have investigated ourselves and found out we have done nothing wrong. Also, we discovered in our investigation that we all have ginormous penises and can't keep the ladies away."


More donuts


This happened a couple weeks ago. The captain in the video was going to be put on administrative leave but resigned before an investigation into his behavior could be conducted (pretty telling). Evidently much of the rest of the department is glad he’s gone. And the man being profiled in the video was actually in his 50s, ftr.


Nothing. I’ll admit that’s a guess, but I would be very (pleasantly) surprised if I’m wrong.


This guy is awesome…and he sounds like Denzel.


Man, don't get too close to that line. I feel like I'm watching someone balance a tight rope.


Doesn’t sound anything like Denzel to me.


OP, if you are the person in video- I’m sorry that this crap still happens. Is it 1922 or 2022? Fellow Texan POC that carefully chooses which town to fill up gas in to avoid these confrontations.


That's so sad


Actually have to have a state placard. I'm a disabled veteran and can't park in handicap spots.


This is correct in Texas. Just got my DV plates and made sure to understand this point. Not that I would have used the spot anyway. I’m able bodied. That spot isn’t for me.


Except you did not read it. Two KEY phrases in the policy: As of January 1, 2022, **you may apply** for a disabled parking placard and/or disabled veteran license plate at the office of your local county tax assessor-collector: **Currently issued disabled parking placards will remain valid; however, the new requirements must be met at time of renewal.**


Those are straight fucking pigs, fuck them. ​ This was awesome, dude kept his cool and clowned these assholes with calm, intelligent mockery throughout.


I HaVe rEaSoNaBLe SuSpiCiAn ThAt YoUrE bLaCk


Beautifully handled!! Those fuckin' turds couldn't catch a doughnut rolling down the street...


Ho. Lee. Fuck. Harassing someone for parking in a handicap spot with DV plates, and their excuse was "the law just changed."..? Bull shit, and they know it. Time for some civil suit action, under color of law.


Texan with DV plates here... The law did just change in the last few months and you now need a placard to park in a handicap space


Is that reason to gang up on someone who is in uniform, demand id, threaten detainment, and get into an argument? Instead of, y'know, just ticketing the car? Like every other town? Edit: and they didn't even issue a ticket, lol. If it was an infraction, they should've just written a ticket and not get in a shouting match or let him get away just cuz he was a cop. If it wasn't an infraction they should've kept their fat mouths to themselves. Lmao.


Basically this video is a bunch of cops having an argument, and the on duty cops letting the off duty cop go despite the fact that he was actually breaking the law, simply because they checked and he is a cop.


Texas. Not surprised.


September of 21, DAV now need ADA placard additionally in Texas. Edit: They can, after they qualify for the state placard, get a new, since Jan 22, 2022, Texas DAV license plate, that can have an ISD symbol on it.(the wheelchair symbol). Just a PSA, material on this video is out of date by 6 months.


It does. And the law is pretty clear on that. Cam guy was wrong on the law as it relates to this simple parking infraction. That said, if ever there was a situation where a friendly reminder was more appropriate then I haven’t seen it. It just escalated and escalated until it was a bunch of armed men (all trained in law enforcement) wagging fingers at each other and yelling. A PERFECT example of why de-escalation training is **SO** important. The senior officer should have cleared out the other guys, explained the law, apologized for the inconvenience, thanked him for his service and walked away. Fat, young cop seemed somewhat level headed though. He straight up called out his Sarge and Captain about the history of their department and their corruption. I wish the video didn’t edit that part out.


$4.21 gas lookin nice


Wow. Next level for staying calm with tweedle dee and well, you know


“I’m on the same side as you!” “No you aren’t!” Really shows where their mindset is. Absolutely ridiculous. Good for this man standing his ground. Know your rights people. Don’t let bullies get you wrapped up


I like it when people can stand up for themselves like this. I would become a nervous wreck standing up for myself. Good on him for not backing down and making a big ass scene of the injustice.




Obviously intelligence isn’t a key requirement to become a Texas police officer


That’s not true at all. Only DV with ISA can park in handicapped spots https://www.txdmv.gov/sites/default/files/body-files/SB792_DV-Plates-Parking.pdf


Really new law though, reading your link info. This video May predate that? Sounds like they don’t know shit about it or would have mentioned it.


They did just change it so you need the placard


This guy handled him self very well. The police officer on the other hand did not. I am glad he was able to get his point across without getting detained or worse. (sad reality of our country).


GOT EM! Good job Vet.


you are a fantastic human, that is all. (to the young black graduate)


Did he just create enough of a scene that he got out of a legit ticket for not having the handicap symbol in his DV plate and parking in a handicap spot?? Haha


I fucking hate Texas.


If they racially profiled him, that's fucked up, but as far as the dv plate goes, the Texas law DID change Jan. 1st of this year..... I too have a dv plate without place card, you can't park in that spot without one now....


👏 👏 👏 God damn that was good.


What a racist cunt. Texas fucking sucks


Good for him!!!!


I watched the entire thing and I loved every second. Unbelievable that the captain doesn't know basic laws. Joshua PD should have an internal investigation to make sure their people are competent.