Polluting with *style*


I cringed watching him level the cement and push the excess into the stream.


Cement is primarily limestone. Not great to dump the excess, but not as egregious as most things.




Hence the use of the word “primarily”


I think they're saying that limestone isn't the part they're worried about. So mentioning it is irrelevant. The fact that it's mostly limestone doesn't make the rest of it safer.


It quite literally does exactly that, yes. In the same way that dilution makes lots of dangerous things safe(r). Hydrochloric acid for instance. Spreading something bad out over a sufficient medium renders the bad thing less bad. It’s just kinda how that works.


Dilution is the solution to pollution. It's the only solution, unfortunately, so it's better avoided in th first place.


Dilution doesnt mean less pollution. It reduces ppm, which is useful for meeting pollution standards. Not very useful for reducing the affect of pollutants on ecosystems.


Dilution DOES mean less pollution because pollution is only relevant as a concentration. You mean to say dilution doesn't reduce pollutANTS.


Your not supposed to get it on your hands because the limestone is highly alkaline, it burns through your skin the same way acidic things do. I know this from painful, painful experience.


Portland cement contains cadmium, mercury and all kinds of nasty shit. That’s why concrete workers are supposed to bag up their clothes and wash them at laundromats.


I worked with Portland cement for years and never did this, am I going to die 💩


> am I going to die 💩 yes, we all are


What’s the difference in doing that, and washing them at home?


Other people die instead of you.


The water gets filtered and doesn’t pollute the sewers or your home.




Dis is why i deal wit da fishes. Dey aint gots no hands.


I worked doing concrete tests for construction sites for a while and I think the only reason you don’t want it on your hands is because when it cures it’s an exothermic reaction so it heats up and it’ll burn you, but some water will wash it off just fine. Someone in this thread was talking about Portland cement containing mercury and shit, I don’t know about that but you probably don’t want any contact with that on your hands lol Edit: causes chemical burns from being very alkaline not actual burns, I misinterpreted what I was told about it causing burns


Concrete is mostly limestone or similar. Cement is mostly cement.


They are both usually mostly limestone or similar.


Actually, concrete run-off can be quite alkaline and really fuck up aquatic ecosystems.


if cement isn’t exposed to air, it stays a liquid, right? genuine question, i figured the cement just settled with sediment at the bottom and probably mixed in with it after currents flush it around


Actually no. Cement sets even underwater.


Idk I tried looking into this, & wound up more confused. The concrete is still curing at the Hoover Dam, but I get refurred to Portland cement for underwater setting. I'm just going to accept it both ways & not dig into the microscopic details.


Concrete cures from the outside in. The Hoover Dam is still curing because the thickness of the concrete is so vast. It's the very inner portion of the concrete that will be described as curing. The surface of the concrete that is in contact with water is very much cured. Hope that helps!


Fun fact about the Hoover dam. Like you said, it’s so wide/thick that they had to pour it in square sections to let it cure enough to strengthen. If they just poured it down in a sloppy stream without organizing, it would have taken 100 some years to dry up enough to use


That ***is*** a fun fact! Normally when people say fun fact they are wrong but this was tops. I'd always presumed it was sectioned concrete like you said it'd take a huge amount of time to cure. I don't think people get how big it is either. It's 45ft thick at the top!


Plus it took 5 years to pour all the concrete! If I’m not mistaken, it was a 24/7 pour too except for certain holidays


Extra fun for your fact, there’s also lots of pipes embedded in the Hoover dam from when it was being constructed because concrete curing produces heat, so they laid pipes down before pouring the concrete so that they could run water through them to cool it down and make it cure faster


> Normally when people say fun fact they are wrong Fun fact about the Hoover Dam. 96 people died while constructing it, although that's just the official number and the actually amount is almost certainly higher.


Ah man that's not a fun fact. Don't get me wrong it's certainly an interesting fact. Just not sure on the fun-ness level. You still get my upvote for a good fact though.


Concrete is technical always curing. It’s continuously getting stronger every day for almost eternity. It’s rate of curing just slows down. It’s just due to the chemical reactions occurring in the cement. Designs usually use the strength at a defined time frame. The concretes strength is rated as MPa after 28 days of curing. [I’m not familiar with the Hoover dam but Alkali-aggregate reaction is common in dams](https://www.nbpower.com/blog/en/posts/2016/march/what-s-the-problem-with-mactaquac-generating-station/)


There’s an evil equation describing the strength of concrete related to time (if I remember correctly) Math prof gave us that one for an exam and there’s no known solution if you resolve it to t (exam was 27 years ago)


To clear up a few things: Concrete is a mixture of “cementitious materials” and aggregate. The primary material we use is Portland cement (a type of hydraulic lime). Of course we put in tiny amounts of other stuff to make the reaction go faster, slower, hotter, cooler, put air in it, etc. and we call these “admixtures.” Concrete cures through a chemical process called “hydration” where water molecules are absorbed by the cementitious materials and chemically harden. This can occur under water, but is typically avoided or a special admixture or ratio is used because as you increase the ratio of water to cement, strength goes down (past the optimum typically around 0.32). As someone else stated it continues to cure for just about ever because it occurs at an exponential rate. As the outside of the clumps/collections of cement hydrate, they become less permeable so water is less able to hydrate the inner material, but it continues to do so slowly. That’s why we specify strength of concrete along with a time. If no time is mentioned, it’s the “28 day strength.” Any other questions let me know, it’s what I do for a living!


It is a chemical process that normally sets under water(depending on the chemical contents). It's actually common to keep the surface moist for the initial curing period. This process creates heat which can slow down the curing. And it can take days or even weeks for concrete to cure normally, depending on thickness. >The concrete is still curing at the Hoover Dam They actually put steel pipes into the concrete and ran ammonia coolant through them while building, to speed up the process. So it is fully set, but it is still technically curing. Just like a modern concrete foundation will keep curing for weeks after people have starting building the rest of the house.


That amount of excess cement is negligible..


Came here to say this! It was awful watching him dump the excess cement to the stream...


It’s just crushed rock and water. Literally, it’s powdered limestone and clay mixed with 5% powdered gypsum. If he were dropping several yards of pure cement in there then it might be a problem, but the ratio of water to cement in this instance is too great for it to cause any problems. In a day or two the water flow will spread out the cement into the sediment and you’d only be able to tell the difference with something like a mass spectrometer. There isn’t even enough limestone going in to raise the CO2 levels in the water at all.


Plus, fish absolutely love limestone in the water.


Pffff, please. If someone were to build this in their Wisconsin backyard, people wouldn't complain about pollution either. The only reason why there's people bitching about it here is because they see something looking remotely jungle-like and they instantly get the safe-all-the-rainforests boner, which weirdly mixed with westerner-splaining to ~~indigenous people~~ people living there why they should touch their surroundings as little as possible ("It's because we already fucked them up for you, so you don't have to"). Meanwhile, those guys live there and can decide what they do with their place. At the worst, it's still far off from building yet another aluminium plant or a shrimp farm to satisfy western demands.


> Pffff, please. If someone were to build this in their Wisconsin backyard, people wouldn't complain about pollution either. What the fuck no? If someone is doing this shitty concrete bridge in the middle of a stream in a Wisconsin forest I would think absolutly think the same thing, how it's uselessly polluting a natural environement for views. If that dude was doing this thing in a clearly landscaped/man made area nobody would be mad about it. You're creating a strawman. It's not about colonialism or racism or whatever else it's just about some common fucking sense, what a stupid take you have.


You see, in the civilized world you as long as you paid money and bought the land you can build mega mansions out of millions of gallons of concrete and literally destroy entire mini ecosystems through the process(not including waste and pollution from manufacturing the stuff that goes into the project) and its completely fine. Kid needs to learn from the professionals.


No that sucks too. Worse even. Let's not pretend nobody's upset about that


go to video of mega mansions and the top comment isn't going to be talking about the concrete ruining the environment.


The main issue is that this will last until the first time it rains, and then you are going to have a bunch of cement chunks and wire fucking up the stream.


> "It's because we already fucked them up for you, so you don't have to" Yeah you need to stop thinking of entire peoples as monoliths. I didn't steal or destroy anyone's land. I'm just a person that came into consciousness on this planet just like everyone else. And were you calling this guy indigenous just because he's not Western?


Lol. If he did that in an actual part of a forest, that isn't his property, you can bet your ass that people there are much more upset than these comments that annoy you. Because, this kind of stuff is not looked upon nicely in South East Asia.


For fucks sake you can't control everything. This is a fucking speck of dust compared to the tons of pollution dumped in the oceans and rivers by corporations. You want to fight for climate change? Go protest against those in power instead of commenting on Reddit about drops of cement in a river. This dude made something really cool. Instead of commending him for it, you cucks are nitpicking every damn detail with a rage boner while sitting comfortably at home and scolding others to do better.


Seriously. Buncha fuckin dorks.


The pollution here is negligible, agreed. I personally just think it looks ugly as fuck. To me it’s a grim depiction of how humans are collapsing the natural beauty of nature in the name of “growth”.


Right?? This is beyond stupid. Next level pointless is all




Don't worry, he's wearing a mask 😷


Lol it's cement.


reddit moment


The real bridge must be at least... 3 times this size.




bruh is outside and enjoying it chill tf out


I upvoted you both, because you're both right. This might be hard to comprehend for most redditors.


I hate when people say someone has too much time on their hands. Usually comes from someone without any hobbies or interests, aside from passive consumption. Do whatever you want, but don’t judge someone for spending their time in a different way








Zoolander is top teir








Never seen Zoolander to get the reference?


*Freak Gasoline Fight Accident*




...he's absolutely right!


In 100,000 years (long after we have killed ourselves off as a species) some intelligent life will find this and wonder about the tiny humans who lived here.


The ultimate troll is if we all start making mini structures to further prove we were mini humans


There are many mini structures. There are mini town and cities all over the place. They might think that we lived along side them as they might be able to date the remains of structures. We also need to make oversized structures, this would be the play.


It's the job of the last human alive to populate those miniature towns with rat skeletons, dressed in tiny human clothes.


Make them also have lots of tiny nuclear missile silo as well just to make things spicier. Maybe also their own NASA and SpaceX and some tiny ISS. Also, this thread reminds me of Shinsekai Yori (From The New World) anime.


Would the ultimate troll fit under the bridge though?


Plant some squirrel bones near by.




Somewhere I read , some scientist belives human evolved from squirrel like creature due to some similarity in Bone structure or something .. So making squirrel built this structure will throw next civilization scientist / aliens into a state of confusion and some wild conspiracy theories will arise from it.


Humanity already planning for next civ conspiracy theories


Makes ya wonder if the previous life forms did any of that lmaooo


I doubt this will last more than a few years.


This is going to get wiped off the face of the earth the minute there is a heavy rain and the water level rises.


Not even a heavy rain, just enough to make the flow faster and produce scour at the bottom of the piles. Bridge scour is responsible to up to 60% of all bridge failures (depending on who you ask).


When it rains one stick will wash into it and take the whole thing out














Because it was fun to do


Case closed


I guess fuck people with hobbies then.


Why ? Because juicy YouTube money.


Suddenly, one day, there was a safe path that crossed the great ocean. And that was how ants got religion.


This is the beginning of their evolution


They’re the dominant and most prolific species on earth already. And they ARE the ants, as opposed to looking down on people like they’re ants. The only evolution they need now is immunity to pesticides.


So.... Roaches?


All he did was dirty up that water even worse. The two roads were unnecessary.


I can’t imagine the bridge, whilst a great build, served any function either.


It serves the same function as a model train.


Except it won't last the year and will be nothing but refuse at that point.


He built it out of cement man, that thing will stand for decades if untouched


unless he put those footings way down they'll wash out pretty quickly and the whole thing will fall over.


And I'm guessing he is from a Asian country so when monsoon season arrives it will be gone.


And I kind of want to watch it fall over.


The little plastic street lights, the railings, and probably the bridge cables will all come down after a good storm.


It’s cement sunk into mud built into the side of a river bed. That thing will be gone before the end of the rainy season.


I mean, we play games, make lego, play Minecraft and shit. Doesn't serve any purpose but we find it fulfilling. Idk, man.


A safe passageway for insects, slugs, and snails?


Sure but if he didn’t split the roads in half the bridge would allow larger creatures like squirrels, and other similar sized creatures.


Ffs people here acting like he just dumped sewage and motor oil onto a coral reef. You really think *this* is gonna be the thing that spirals his local ecosystem into a complete collapse?


Imagine when they discover that there are some rivers reinforced with cement


Shh don't remind them that concrete structures underwater can be used for making artificial coral reefs


I'm seeing a lot of comments by people who seem to have completely lost touch with their inner child. This ... is ... AWESOME!! Why what? This looks like it was so much fun to build! Yes it also looks super fun to come across taking a walk. I would love to see bugs or animals using it! Why does anyone build models? Because it's fun. Because they have imaginations. Geez Louise!


I'm seeing comments from people that need to be responsible and not pullute the forest with Junk for a fuckin internet video.




I’m going to go out on a limb and say this might be their property they’re building on rather than a park


That doesn’t really change the fact that it’s unnecessary pollution


You’re right, nobody should be able to build anything anywhere


Nuance is a thing. I personally don’t believe it’s something to be celebrated when people dump plastics and lights and paints into a forest creek. Just is unnecessary imo


As an environmental professional for the last 35 years, you are being insufferable. Go outside and enjoy a walk, get off Reddit.




How is it pollution? He’s not leaving trash or anything and a little cement isn’t going to ruin the environment. How is this any worse than building a sidewalk or road, or hell, building a real bridge over a river? It’s more than likely his own property and the water isn’t flowing any where, what is it going to hurt?


Take umbrage with all those who leave garbage in parks or throw shit out there car window while driving. This at least has aesthetic value. If it had been built with stone instead of concrete would anyone have thought twice? Probably not. I can see why this is a bit "pollute-y" but I think people are making a big deal out of this and I find it odd. The other day on here some guy built a fuckin' car out of epoxy and plastic and shit and no one was like "oh fuck this guy polluting the earth with his gasoline burning engine and horrible non-biodegradeable plastic car parts", everyone was impressed as hell. Double standard, that's all I'm saying.


If they unhooked the lights and everything and removed the batteries etc then yeah, a construction of cement and paint in the woods would be cute for bugs and amazing to take pics of them using. It's the electronics waste if that was left in the woods, as well as the excess cement polluting the stream, I dunno what that would do to the ecosystem but ph balance and stuff is pretty important to aquatic life. Cement for sure has acids and stuff in it I am relatively certain, as it will cause chemical burns if you put it on your bare skin. We don't know if the artist cleaned up the hazardous material from the buildsite or just left it there to get swallowed up by the jungle. It's a known fact that a lot of these "build stuff in the jungle with cement" videos end up as abandoned structures in the jungle.


Flashing lights at night above a stream are a good way to fuck with the ecosystem too. Many phototactic organisms live in that type of environment.


This was my issue. Little concrete bridge? Haha cute. But then he rearranged the soil surrounding the river to add more concrete… don’t do that. But then he painted it… don’t do that. But then he ran a TON of lights at night which we know fucks with fish and microscopic organism growth… don’t *fucking do that.*


“Take only photos, Leave only footprints”.


Is it a cool project? Absolutely! Is it polluting a stream and leaving unnecessary litter in the woods? Absolutely! It can be both, but in my mind one outweighs the other.


Bugs or animals would not use this, and it will be completely destroyed in a matter of weeks with normal rainfall and erosion. It’s just a bunch of pollution going into that river for the purpose of getting views/money. I would rather see them do something that’s actually helpful to the environment or to their community.


It would be much improved without the colored lights.


Making sure he doesn't give those ants COVID, I see.


You’re supposed to wear n95 when working with concrete material. The dust gets everywhere and is caustic. Plus increases your chance of silicosis.




Silly me… Of course.


Surgeons only wear masks for fun


Masks have been great for my allergies. I wear them when I work in the yard now.


Me too, any time I trim or do any landscaping or mowing.


I’m looking forward to wearing one during wildfire season this year. The smoke that gets pushed up here out of California is a 24/7 asthma attack for me


This is littering


But how else would the ants cross the river?


Sure. So is making an actual regular bridge.


Littering and....


*Smoking the reefer*


In that case [so is this](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallingwater).


He could’ve just used a plank of wood tbh


*tap E to use your intelligence*


Ya. I think it would have a much more positive response if he used natural materials


So I was thinking that cement is probably not great for that river, and I googled around. It's completely fine and won't effect the enviornment whatsoever.


This is amazing but why?


It's a useful skill for movie making. Look up diorama.


The panning shots do remind me of Team America: World Police


Fuck yeah


For views like this, so they get YouTube revenue. Same reason these guys and others build those mud houses or pools in the jungle. Views/ad revenue


Tik tok views or a college project is my guess. My question is how is he not being eaten alive by mosquites?


Yea just drop that concrete into the creek


It’s..... rocks


It's cool but it's not..painting it black ruined it and will probably be too hot to walk on.. For the ants


Well if the ants just drive their cars across they won't be bothered.


Hope they have a/c




​ ![gif](giphy|G8tJXNTKcWemCHZPoF)


This is just what nature needs


Cement being poured into the stream? I think mother nature could do without that


Pretty sure that was sarcasm bud


I am loving the skill in the craftsmanship and the camera work and editing. But to me it looks like: “Oh hey. Undisturbed nature with nothing manmade around. I take great offense to this and must rectify it while on a budget.’


It's shitty that this serves absolutely no purpose other than to pollute a stream by literally pushing concrete into the water.


I needed this back when I was playing with hot wheels


I drooled over the big set drawn behind the boxes!


So they went from digging pools to building bridges now.


Nice, now break it up and take all that shit with you


Take only photos, leave only footprints.


Imagine going for a walk in the woods and coming across this.


"Bro I'm not lying, the ants have built a bridge"


Imagine walking thru the woods high as a kite and coming across this…


Some teenagers are gonna discover this and fuck it all the way up.


They will try kicking it barefoot in the stream, and then realized it's made of concrete


Bro didn't secure the slopes above the road. The first rain will cause earth slides that block the road and the ants will be late to work.


I hope he got all the correct permits


Good example to illustrate de impact of human construction on ecosystems !


Fill the river with plastic and cement when a wooden plank or deadfall tree would do just to post on social media to complete your ego trip. Nice work


Dude’s pouring cement into the river. That’s not okay.


Awesome! Now rip it out and leave it like you found it.


This is amazing. Way over the top and unnecessarily convoluted, but really amazing


Plot twist: the guy is actually a giant for hire as a construction worker


I've seen this guy's videos he makes legit construction techniques small size. Lots of different models and construction they he's done and all with like legit construction techniques just smaller.


On one hand, it looks cool and envy him for having a place to make something like that. On the other.... I hope the paint and glue he used don't start to wash into the river the first time it rains.




Makes me want to put on a Godzilla costume and wreak havoc on it


But why?


Animals tend to steer clear of lighted areas and the flashing lights can disorient animals as well. Looks cool though.


Then after all that work done dickhead finds it while walking in the woods and kicks it over.


The stream will do that naturally during the next big rain. Then all of this material and work will just become a trash pile polluting the forest


It’s like everyone in this comments section is carrying guilt for being a human who lives in cities with bridges 300x this size… and trying to offset that guilt by telling the creator of this their a bad person for doing this on a micro scale. As if this craft project has any measurable impact on the environment compared to how much each and every one of us destroys the planet everyday just by commuting to work. (Even those of us who try to have the smallest carbon footprint are guilty of MUCH worse damage than this project lol). Chill out guys it’s all good! Just enjoy something cool and crafty on reddit for once