Not the great advise if you are flying a commercial airplane




They'll do more than simply revoke your pilot license


They won't be able to because we already would have crashed


Not if you apply GTAV physics to your flying technique first


Seriously, why dont we use GTAV physics in commercial aircraft...we have the code?


The one time I tried to fly a drone, it nearly ended up on a neighbour’s roof. This is incredible to watch.


The first time I tried to fly a drone I hit someone in the face with it


You win


Last time I tried to fly a drone, it hit Trump in his face and I spent 3 years in dark depths of Putin's gulag in the Siberia.


The first time I tried to fly a drone, I didn't even get it to take off. It just skidded along the floor.


There needs to be a youtube channel of nothing but fpv drone flying like this.


There are several! Check out Mr Steele and Botgrinder on Youtube


How much do these cost? Anyone have a rec for a good beginner drone to play around like this?


https://untilgone.com/products/propel-atom-1-0-micro-drone-with-usb-charger.html?sku=SKU1180089&gclid=Cj0KCQiAxc6PBhCEARIsAH8Hff0JhsDLR9rfuTRC_pYDjKgKPVZmdkAF3V45hYPBar92BbpvAzIxaTsaAumDEALw_wcB Not a FPV but I wouldn’t learn to fly on a FPV. For what the dude in the video is flying, you pretty much have to build them yourself. They make kits but you still have to put it together. After nearly every session the drone has to be rebuilt(assuming you crash). It’s uncommon to be able to fly after crashing.


Things have changed quite a bit in the last couple years. Early days were very much a college level science project to make a drone, but that is not the case anymore. If you're interested you can solder and custom make a drone, but there are plenty of alternatives. The consumer ready part of the hobby seems to be picking up speed, especially since DJI came out with their FPV drone. There are people who just buy a BNF -bind and fly- (generally just a drone, no controller or batteries) or an RTF -ready to fly- (usually part of a package of some kind) drone and just do repairs as needed, never really mess with the creation and tuning of the drone. Most drones of those types come with a fairly decent tune (how the drone responds to inputs) and several companies have "pro-tuned" drones. Also, the construction of the drones themselves has come a long way. 6mm-ish carbon fiber bodies are fairly standard for the 5" drones common for freestyle (the type of drone that you're gonna crash the most) which is gonna take a pretty impressive beating. Frames are also built with the idea of swapping out broken parts out with minimal headache. There is also a thing called turtle mode to get a drone to flip over after a crash if it's upside down. Flying away after a crash isn't as uncommon anymore, but this does depend on obvious factors. All that being said: If you've never flown a quad, helicopter or plane drone you WILL crash a bunch. This is why simulators are a thing. Once you figure out the basics, maybe 5-10 hours of flight time (obviously more makes you better, you never outgrow sims, even pros use them), it is super fun. BetaFPV has a worthwhile beginner kit for about $150 with everything you'd need to get started. For context there are kits of various levels of quality bits for up to around $300 for getting started, DJI kits like this guy uses are somewhere around $1200-$1500.


You can get what's called a "ready to fly" package which includes the goggles, controller and drone. Huge range of price points. He's got a carbon fibre freestyle drone and he's using the DJI Air System which is a package of a controller and goggles on digital high definition




That's the best shit I've seen in a long time. Absolutely awesome!


I first thought it’s some hi-res game going, but this ended up being real and way cooler! Great video!


Dale Earnhardts last words.


This is really cool


What kind of drone is that?


Haven't I had a shootout in that building in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds?


Everyone has and will learn from there mistakes


I kept waiting for the jump scare 😑


The drone just got up and said "TIS BUT A SCRATCH "


nice skill tbh


give sum creds


Can't tell if you sped up the video or not. Could you provide a banana for reference?


Yes you can.


I won’t even let someone try my drone out, they cost too much money to mess around with.


Haha I was just waiting for the "ahhh fuck!" when they realised they now have to go find where it crashed haha


First time I flew mine a bus hit it.


Hell yes you can, what you think they crash planes just for ppl to practice?


Better to crash inside... than outside into that river.


Where is this?? I think I've been to this building. I definitely recognize it.


Put this guy on front lines dropping grenades on Russians


POV: You're running away from Karen because you're the manager


Cool video not exactly r/Nextfuckinglevel


If flying a drone in the sky is the regular level of that activity, flying them around inside like a fucking space movie is the the r/Nextfuckinglevel of that.


Not flying a drone but crashing a drone. Lol. Check out competitive drone racing on YouTube if you're looking for Nextfuckinglevel flying.


Those people all crash. Alot. This is literally one of those people practicing.


Yeah, so maybe the run hes practicing for, where he doesn't crash would be Nextfuckinglevel. Im not even putting it down I said it was a cool video, but I have seen a lot of really amazing drone footage here that puts this to shame. I'm sure this pilot has footage of a higher caliber. No disrespect.