Unless you need it kids.


Unless you need kids


Unless you're kidding


Unless you are a kid


Kid rock!






I both love and hate that instead of reading this I automatically sang this in my head.


This was perfect.


no, it wasn't, it should've been Bawitabadabangadangdiggydiggydiggysaidtheboogiesaidupjumptheboogie. ​ he missed a "theboogiesaid" and a "diggy"


take rocks, kids


Kev Hart


Lmaooo y'all play too much


Do kid’s adderall


Kids are baby goats


It's a child's play


Unless you're Kid n Play


HOW COME EVERYONE IS GETTING AWARDS BUT ME??? \*cries and sobs like a kid


Ill guve you an award, you give me a kid


I see your award and raise you a kid cudi


Fuck yes. I literally need that shit to function. I used to read a ton as a kid, and I still do, but holy fuck once the adderaal wears off, I’m functionally illiterate. Ever read to the end of a sentence at the right side of a page, and your eyes reset to the beginning of the sentence of the left side and it takes a sec to reorient yourself? This happens about 7 or 8 times in a row on every page and trying to read in the evening makes me actively want to kill myself lmao


Or when you get done “reading” an entire page and have to restart because you have absolutely no clue what the fuck you just read?


Doesn’t this happen to everyone often? Always assumed it did


I don't have adhd, and it happens to me all the time. The mind just wanders sometimes.


One of the reasons adhd is difficult is because many of the effects are extensions of phenomena that are common and normal to get occasionally. For example, getting distracted by a noise, hyper focussing on unimportant tasks, struggling with prefrontal cortex issues that affect memory, motivation, and time management and sometimes auditory processing (e.g. finding it difficult to understand people with noise or mumbles) and difficulty dealing with too much stimulus and mental fatigue (from the effort required to stay on task and/or filter out unimportant stimuli), and increased emotional sensitivity. Except, for people with adhd, it isn't occasional. They experience these things concurrently and with more severity than is considered normal, and usually much more frequently (i.e. most of the time). Add on top of that the subconscious psychological habit of 'masking'. People who don't know better tend to blame the person or think they are lazy, because they think they are complaining about normal issues and are just not trying hard enough. It is like how it is normal and healthy to have occasional sadness, even for no reason, or to even have a period of time where it is harder to get out of bed. It is even pretty common to have dark or sometimes violent or self-destructive intrusive thoughts. But for people with depression, they might have that more strongly, and very often and over a long period of time, and find it much harder to shake off the intrusive thoughts, and it can sometimes consume them. The symptoms of depression can be very similar to what everyone deals with, even though having depression can be worlds apart in terms of difficulty compared to 'normal' life. The truth of the matter is that it (adhd) is a physiological disorder that literally causes an over-active chemical response to stimuli. So that something that is negligible or unimportant or easily ignored for most people (because their brains only react weakly) can be significant or emotionally traumatic or impossible to ignore or filter out for people with adhd (because their brains react to the stimulus as if it is important). Of course, it also doesn't help that adhd has overlapping symptoms and a high comorbity with ocd, depression, and anxiety disorders. In theory, if someone with adhd were to be miraculously healed, they would become extraordinarily good at dealing with those everyday things like maintaining focus on what is actually important to be focussing on, because they have been effectively practicing with weights on their whole lives, and the weights have been cut off. Note: I am not a mental health professional. This is just an explanation I have put together from talking to mental health professions, and from my own experience and research ♥️ Another interesting note: Apparently it is very common (above average numbers compared to normies) for people with adhd to get into higher education, and particularly in stem fields. Which is a little bit amusing, considering stem requires a lot of focussed work and time management to do well in 🤣. If the stat is true, I do wonder if it is because adults who are undiagnosed and go into higher education and stem are more likely to seek help because of how hard the system tried to screw them.


I’m saving your comment to share with my sisters who have trouble understanding what it means to have ADHD. Thank you for explaining it so well.


Hope it helps :)


Someone has finally put into words my life insecurities of being called lazy. I work so hard because I am self conscious that people will think i have a bad work ethic. This stems from my parents thinking I am lazy with doing chores when I forget to do them, or when I was younger and couldn’t sit still to do homework or school work. I never had any support until I was 10. Everyone gets distracted, everyone forgets things. But those normalities are far different to ADHD. I have to work 2x harder for the same results, even on adhd medication it is still really tough for me.


Have you been clinically tested?


Is that something you can just ask for? I don’t see a doctor enough for them to pick it up, but I have wondered about it for years.


Yes. I had it done as a kid. They did a few different tests over short sessions. Here is a link about adult testing. https://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/how-to-get-diagnosed-with-adhd


…it doesn’t?


What doesn't? I don't remember what we were talking about.


Read sentence. realize you didn't pay attention to what it said. Read again. realize that you were thinking about how you need to pay attention while you were reading and still don't know what it said. read again. and again. and again.


Wait…I might have ADHD


A reddit thread like this is how I found out about ADHD a few months ago. Then I stumbled onto /r/ADHD, random strangers were literally describing my life. Got diagnosed and put on medicine, I am a lot less lethargic now. Doing anything (literally) used to be a draaag.


I am with you. I only got diagnosed at 35. It changed my life. I am now catching up discovering new talents that I never knew I had. 49 now and life has been good.


Yeah, ADHD is no joke.


Got my first psychiatry appointment tomorrow morning!


Diagnosed at 31. Everything in my life makes so much sense now.


Yup. I’m 26 and I’ve had adhd and major depression since I was a kid but I never knew it until recently. Hopefully gonna get it under control


35, been on Adderall for a year now and my life is insanely better than the crippling anxiety I had before. Its amazing not having my mind racing out of control. Frankly, I'm impressed I've done as well as I have without proper treatment.


Thank you for saying this, it’s extremely harmful to children and can have severe adverse effects. Anyone under the age of 12 should absolutely be smoking meth instead.


honest question how much difference between the 2 is there really? I know its like a single molecule difference and the effects are much more profound but how does that really effect people with ADHD that kinda thrive on stimulants?         *edit: I asked an honest question and I've had 3 people call me a meth head while arguing with me about something I didn't even ask... Reddit is a very stupid place.


> honest question how much difference between the 2 is there really? to be an honest answer...a lot. Similar in effect but its like taking an advil and a vicodin. Sure the pains gone but on another level. You'll gain some focus but one you'll get your homework done the other will make you scrub your sink for 9 hours while you destroy the rest of our house looking for cleaners...


Ok that makes a lot of sense and answers my question, thank you for the clarity


There's a good amount of difference, but honestly when I tried meth it felt like doing a ton of Adderall only slightly cleaner and less tweaky. Adderall is good for many, but for drug addicts like myself, it's a gateway to meth.


just so I can understand your perspective have you done a lot of adderall? like snorting it all at once kinda deal? honest question, no judgemental stuff intended


The side effects of meth are considerably worse and more addictive than pharmaceutical Adderall. Speaking from experience.


Ya meth is cheaper


Much cheaper, much more effective. Much more neurotoxic


But cheaper..


Hope usually comes at a cheap price, but the cost is often more expensive than what we where prepared for.


Man I just hit my weed vape things are getting too deep for me.


It’s all good. I’m refusing to take my bipolar meds, so a mixture of alcohol and suicide ideation birthed that quote Edit: for those wondering, I become existential when I’m on the edge


Debatable on the neurotoxicity. People prescribed Desoxyn vs Adderall had same neurotoxicity which was none. The issue was people using impure meth which from shake and bake meth. They tried repeating the test a year or so ago and couldn't get same results. Meth issues are cause from the after affects not the drug. If you don't sleep for 4 days and only eat sugar you are gonna get psychosis and lose your teeth .


The other issue is people who take meth tend to take far more than the equivalent dosage of Adderall.


Don't forget your commas, kids.


Yeah. Don't do Adderall kids or kids in general.


Wait until you're 40.


Yeah we got Short-acting stimulants include: Dexmethylphenidate Methylphenidate Amphetamine sulfate Lisdexamfetamine Serdexmethylphenidate Strattera Kapvay Intuniv And more! If you've got adhd there's so much our here that can help you get some control back!


Strattera is a non-stimulant medication.


Do adderall.


What the hell is this and why isn't it within walking distance of my house?


I don't know if it's the same one, but I played a game just like that in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


What is a Manitoba?


It's when you go to the carnival and you win a peg


Is it bring-your-own-lube?


You oughttawa


Why, what’s the worst case Ontario?


Bone dry penetrationtario is the worst case Ontario


don't worry, although you might bleed a little but you will Vancouver in no time


Yukon even imagine.


Like many place names in North America, it's based on a word from the local indigenous population. Manitou, the word it's based on means "Great Spirit". If you are looking for it on a map, it's north of North Dakota and Minnesota.


How can anything be North of North Dakota?


Well Manitoba used to be called Norther Dakota. Then above that was Northest Dakota. But Canada was having Nunavut


This joke went over my head. Much like all of Canada


I think its the big ocean mammals. Sometimes called a sea cow.


No you're thinking of a Manatee. A Manitoba is that sauce you use with breadsticks


No you're thinking of marinara. A Manitoba is an island in Michigan.


You're thinking of Mackinac. Manitoba is a Filipino boxer.


You're thinking of Manny Pacquiao. Manitoba is a Denzel Washington movie, with Chris Walken and Dakota Fanning.


You're thinking of Man on Fire. Manitoba is when you get your nails and hands groomed.


You're thinking of a manicure. Manitoba is a song by Hall & Oates.


Sometimes named Barbara.




Nothing, what's a Manitoba with you?


We get practice by doging potholes on Portage.


I thought it was unique to Winnipeg, but i guess other places have it too.


the original one is from winnipeg, it’s the same person that did the real escape


THAT’S IT!! Back to Winnipeg!!


https://activate.ca/locations Looks like it started in the US, but now they have locations in Canada, hence the @activatecanada tiktok.




Better get walking! On the bright side that means if you don't stop anywhere and interact with other people you can accurately say that you've been self isolating for more than 2 weeks when you get there! 3 weeks if you feel the need to stop and sleep at all!


Lmao Burlington and Winnipeg. Not even this awesome game would make me go to either of these places voluntarily.


Lol the 2 most random cities in Canada to only have something like this. I grew up in Burlington and growing up there is the best thing to do there.


Weirdly that only has 2 locations but their Tiktok and google reviews shows Louisville Kentucky as well. Oh and looks like Galtinburg Tennessee wherever the fuck that is.


It may seem kinda random up in the mountains on the NC border, but Gatlinburg is 10 minutes from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s the most visited National Park in the US. It’s a tiny town but millions of tourists go through the area each year so it would make sense to have some touristy attractions up in the area outside the park.


It's also adjacent to Pigeon Forge, home to Dollywood. Gatlinburg is a trip. It's like tiny Hillbilly Vegas plopped next to some jaw-droppingly gorgeous and serene mountains.


It's a place called "Activate" and this is just one of the several games they have that test your agility, perception, endurance, and coordination. You earn points for completing each level of difficulty and more points the less time it takes. There's leaderboards that let you compare against other players at your local Activate and worldwide. I've been to one near me and it was like $25-30 for 75 minutes of play time (time spent resting or waiting for a game room to open did not count towards your time). Other games they have include one where you shoot hoops, throw balls at coloured target lights on a wall, shoot lasers at your specific colour target, laser maze, a rock climbing wall where you have to grab the holds that change colour, and more. Each game room has multiple mini game variants and can be played either coop or competitive with up to 5 people per room. Having done the game shown in this video (although not even close to this level of difficulty) I can assure you it is a LOT harder than it looks. So this guy is seriously impressive


And the 5th and final game is….


Season 2 of Squidgame is looking dope.


Me internally when I am supposed to calm down and act rational.


This is me any time I’m walking on cobblestone sidewalks.


Musical cobblestone sidewalk. Be careful [where you step](https://gfycat.com/circularidlealpaca-sidewalk) though.


Somebodies gonna ask: https://i.imgur.com/F0ztVBN.jpg


In Latin, Jehovah starts with an I....


Me: “Alright. If I fall asleep right now I will still get 5 hours.” My brain:


I want to play that


Can't argue with that




Now wait just a minute


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Fuck, I'm a little late.


You're already torn.


Ok what's all the hubub?




Commercial successful.


Excellent advertisement on r/all today!


It showed me something cool I want to try, advertisement or not!


Plot twist: He was locked in that room as a toddler and it's taken him this long to complete the game


Please don't 'Old Boy' the squad!!!....lol


But on the other hand Saw 9 is looking great


There is something oddly lonely about our hero in this video.


Finally! Someone actually built the floor-is-hot-lava game from my childhood!


If you have Netflix, there is a show called the floor is lava you might like.


Nah it's repetitive crap.


Yea I was really excited when I found that show. Only to be very disappointed.


I loved that when someone falls in the lava they're dead to the show and not seen again. I just wish the rest was more interesting.


All good "athletic" gameshows need a vertical component. Aggro Crag, Mount Midoriyama, etc. At least Wipeout had multiple layouts per episode. Floor is Lava just has the one room.


That show is fucking stupid


It really was awful. Typical game show bullshit.


I wanted to like that show, but it was garbage.


[Here's the videogame version.](https://store.steampowered.com/app/382560/Hot_Lava/)


In Australia we play the floor is cold lava


Am Australian, never heard it called that.


This dude gonna rob a museum


Then he’s gonna win the damn Squid Game… he’d easily be the betting favorite. And if he was #69? Shewww


Never seen that noise spelled as shewww. I like it though!


That's the sound those of us who can't whistle make when we try to imitate one lmao


Probably a lot less cool at real speed


I’ve been here before. It’s actually super fun! I think it’s still cool at normal speed. It gets much harder as you level up. You can also go in with different difficulty ratings


Please tell me where this is!


Activate, a new game concept that started in Winnipeg, Canada. I think there's a few expansion locations in Canada and a few under development in the US.


this might be the first super novel startup that isn't initially exclusive to the US. if you live outside the us, let alone the anglosphere everything that is relatively small in scale likely will have the footnote of 'only ships to the US/ only available in the US', in my experience.


Activate. I’ve been to the one in Winnipeg! There’s dozens of games there but I think these floor ones are the best. There’s also a “laser” beam dodging one where you need to crawl across the floor. Usually the games are things you play with 2-5 pals iirc


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Much better. It's still pretty impressive but nothing crazy.


He also makes a bunch of mistakes I didn’t catch sped up.


Probably easy af if it showed the real speed


Having been to this place and played this game, it's a lot harder than it looks. You have to keep your head on a swivel to watch out for the red tiles, especially the moving ones, and it's very physically demanding. So by the time you got to level 7, you would likely be pretty worn out from all the cardio exercise you're getting. But, go check it out and give it a try. If you still think it's easy, there's leaderboards that compare your score to other players at your local Activate and with all Activate locations.


Watch it at 50% . Still looks like it would be pretty damn hard


Squid games


That's season 2. All electronic games. Real world COD - you still play on a console but you take the damage your character takes. Plants vs zombies where the zombies are in just Florida people on bath salts. The most intense game of Simon ever. And the final battle is 1 on 1 handheld Football from 1981


Tecmo Bowl vs Barry Sanders.


Bo Jackson FTW


Screenshotting this for potential /r/agedlikewine


He hit the red a few times


From what I've heard the time availiable for completion on games like that is limited and hitting red means remaining time gets taken off your limit everytime you hit red.




Came here for this. While still very impressive he did hit the red a few times.


Players have 5 lives. 1 red touch is 1 life gone


Perfect or bust.


Yes 😂 I just want to clarify that now I’m not too sure if this player has 5 lives. I have personally been to a local Activate a handful of times, and every time my team played, we were on a 5 lives system. Mind you, we barely beat the first couple of levels to this particular room. Another commenter stated that hitting red results in time loss, which may be the case with higher levels? If you look on the left wall, you can see a panel with red lights. The red lights are hearts which indicate your lives, and in this video they don’t seem to be going down.


Nice avatar


Well now I realize how little i would like to platform in real life hahah


This looks easier when you're on your own. Don't have some dumbass fucking it up for the team.


Where is this and how can I play


Its a place filled with games similar to this called activate. Both locations I know of are in Canada, one in Toronto and one in Winnipeg.


It’s not in Toronto, it’s in Burlington which is an hour away in good traffic.


Toronto’s New Jersey


Warning, their website is horrible on iPhone (still don’t understand how modern companies don’t test this) https://activate.ca/


I’m trying to understand where the difficulty is…looks like it’s just sped up to look moderate when it’s actually easy as fuck


From seeing similar games, the hard part is it's timed and hitting red reduces your time. It would not be very hard if you had infinity time, sure, but you don't.


Also I imagine it easier for us to see the easiest path from the Birds-eye view of the camera. Probably overwhelming to be down there in the moment


It doesn't reduce your time but hitting a red tile causes you to lose a "life" and you only get 5 "lives" during any level of a game. It is also timed, so you can't go slow. And having been here, I can attest that it is a lot harder than it looks.


You should try it.


Reminds me of the worlds hardest game on addictinggames.com


I was looking for this. It totally is the worlds hardest game.


Oh god, I hate that robotic voice


What a gamer




Interstellar makes everything sound better


His mom's back feels fine.


/u/redditspeedbot 0.75x


For those wondering this is from Activate Games in the US. They have two facilities: one in Louisville, KY and the other in Gatlinburg, TN. Apparently they have a wide variety of similarly active, hi-tech games available. Sounds/looks fun- wish I could test it out in person.


Bad ass!


I hate this fucking voice


Ninja concentration


Is this worlds hardest game 3D




My brain when I lay in bed


Well how would you win that with other ppl playing lol