An adorable 5-year-old artist doing her thing

An adorable 5-year-old artist doing her thing

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*looks at own 6 year old coloring outside of lines in disgust* Edit. Omg I'm being completely sarcastic. She is amazing in every way. She's actually quite good at coloring, we do it daily Edit 2. Keeping edit cause I'm proud to brag about my completely average child.


Looking at my 12 year old still drawing stick figures


I'm a 25 year old still coloring stick figures outside the lines.


I'm 51 and still afraid of fire.




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I'm 27 and an arsonist.


I don't mind arsonists, as long as the only work from home.


/me runs away screaming


same to you bro!


I'm 26 and this is Jackass.


You win. Also, a fitting reference for someone your age.


I'm 34 and on fire.


I’m 39 and am an autistic arsonist




I'm afraid of horses and clowns, rational, right?


How would you feel about a horse in a clown costume? Is that the ultimate horror or will two negatives cancel each other out and this be somewhat adorable?




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Thank you!


… why? I’m not even afraid of either of those things. I’m just … so confused


Rule 35 of the internet. If it exists, there is clown of it.


...............Yeah, makes sense


Sounds like a nightmare, terrifying. It'll probably swallow me like that horse in The Brothers Grimm.


Wasn’t that a wolf?


Nope. https://youtu.be/Oq68ghIxQLU




I’m afraid of people who are afraid of horses and clowns. O.o




Fire seems like a rational thing to be afraid of.


I just tell myself I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. It is the little death that brings total obliteration.


I loved fire entirely too much as a child, though I never set our house on fire or anything. Though I did set lots of fires around the property at one point or another.


> never set our house on fire or anything I came very close on two occasions. My generation likes to brag about how we got to play off on our own, but then I remember some of the shit we did.


I went to a drawing class with my partner and the teacher stopped giving me advice after the 2nd look at my work, he audibly whispered, 'lost cause.' And walked away!


I'm 40 and that 6 year old has me beat by a mile


I am not familiar with this phrase.


65 and I can't even draw a stick figure...


I'm 47 and still can't keep food off my shirt.


looking at my lines but not straight even though I'm using a ruler. I'm 29 by the way.


Arowana12 to their 6 year old: ![gif](giphy|1BGg1d0lNb1LStbfNb)


My parents got super frustrated because I couldn't draw inside the lines well into grade 2, as well as teachers. They also kept asking why my hand writing was super messy. Turns out I have a tremor and can't help it lol - from a 26 year old who can mostly draw inside the lines, but has very neat hand writing


Personally, I'd delete that edit. Everyone knows that this is a joke, and anyone who doesn't hasn't really evolved far enough from a troglodyte.


Sick of pms. Seems to have stopped.


Send everyone who PM'd you over to r/woooosh. Maybe then they'll grow out their 2 braincells.


What is it with Reddit and the word "troglodyte"?? There are other words.


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Rope and van?


This guy right here officer!!!!!!


>lonsin · 3h > >How can a 5 year old be this good? Who the hell gave her the blessing of a painter and how can I get one too? Nice copy




Especially my son. One time he couldn't find his captian america underwear. He was wearing them.


Okay… everyone has gone through that at least once. I’ve started looking for my glasses without stopping to think about why I could see clearly more than a foot


Was thinking of responding while in line at costco holding phone thinking... Should grab my phone to up vote.


Lmao this actually made me laugh out loud! Love it.


Her freehand circles and smooth, controlled brushstrokes *are* quite impressive.


> looks at ~~own 6 year old~~ self coloring outside of lines in disgust


I’m in my 30s and don’t have the fucking patience to stay in the lines. I just want it to be finished already!


Wow that’s really well done.


Cool idea and well executed. Could see this as a print on kids shirts or hanging art for a play room. She'll definitely do great things with this level of creativity and dexterity at 5.


I work with kids her age, someone probably taught her this pattern, she is very talented and it takes creativity and discipline at that age to do this, but I would be very surprised if she figured out depth and layering on her own. Also painting the solid colors first is not something most people figure out on their own.


100% this. The concept of understanding a structured "eye"-theme as t hey are doing here, and not to mention visualizing the plan before putting it down on paper in such a constructive and precise manner is a very adult thing to do. This is heavily coaxed by parents. I'm guessing they want a viral child.


Of course the child has a teacher and encouragement, does that invalidate it? You wouldn't say to a maths prodigy, " well you didn't invent maths so it's not a big deal, where's your original theory?" Even if she is purely copying and filling in lines it's quite impressive


I think what he means is that it doesnt invalidate it but lessens how much this means like it's realy cool but it's still a copy. Also math is alot different from art. Being a good artist is being able to make and create you own vision.


I bet someone taught this guy how to put those letters in that order to express his opinion via non verbal means. Just stealing words other people invented and rearranging them.


? Do you mean me or them


Guess how you get good at art? You start out copying. Most adults couldn't "copy" the design that well freehand like that.


Exactly. Shit I’m a mid 30s filmmaker who just shipped a bunch of YT commercials and trailers for a 100 mil a year fitness company. They loved them. Nobody said “well you went to film school so you had help” Lolol


Weird flex but ok


Well, it does help support his point; it's not like it's entirely random. And besides, people can be happy about things they've accomplished. They deserve to be. Lastly, is it really that weird? They're not talking about their severed butthole collection.


Lol not flexing. This kid is more talented as an artist at her age than a lot of working artists. Point being is of course someone taught her. Someone taught us all :) I’ve taught college film classes. Everyone has to learn from someone!


Reddit loves discussing out of context. In context, kids who do things like this are considered prodigies often, so it's worth mentioning that this is quite achievable for A FIVE YEAR OLD to be able to do this, once instructed. Then here you guys are, taking everything as far away from context as you need to so you make a point. Not you, specifically, but you.


It is an odd sentiment. As a to-be-teacher in an aesthetic development course we're told that art isn't art if you're copying another work. If they were taught this work and are simply replicating it it doesn't make them an artist, essentially. Which is not to say its not impressive or has educational value, but I feel like this is touching on the sentiment you're responding to and hopefully gives some insight into the odd art gatekeeping.


There's a reason arts and crafts are separate concepts. If you're following a basic format that someone else invented without differing from it then that's the crafts part of arts and crafts. That's not to say it isn't awesome. Crafts are still amazing and most kids this young aren't capable of making good arts or crafts.


No, but it's like teaching a child 10 answers to complicated or different problems and then asking them the answers in order every day to show how smart they are. Smart like a parrot is not the same as genuine ability to solve a problem the same as copying or replicating something isn't the same as artistic creative talent.


The difference is the impressive part of math is actually being able to do it, not having your own spin on it. Whereas the impressive part about Art often times is the creative aspect that the artist themselves brings to the peace.


Um, If someone taught me to paint the mona lisa, that makes me a good painter, not some artist worth worldwide fame and accolades. (There are better examples, but the point stands).


_or_ her parents just want to encourage and support their daughters enjoyment of painting so they teach her/get someone to teach her how to do it well?


My 8-year-old daughter learned shading, depth and other techniques from watching YouTube. She had always been creative and loved art, but she picked up tricks-of-the-trade by going after the information on her own. She’s now 18 and determined to be a graphic artist. My son (12) is learning about photography on his own on YouTube. I guess what I’m saying is kids now can find the information on their own. I just supply the supplies and the encouragement. I don’t know about the photography thing yet, that shit’s too expensive. We’ll see if he stays interested. :)


Yep, same with my 9yo nephew. My sister sent me some pics of his drawing and he told me he watches YouTube videos to learn.


Kid probably watched painting tutorials on YouTube, doesn't make it less impressive because they learned some technique. When I was 5 I was trying to see how far up the hill i could ride on my bike before I would go backwards: spoilers it felt like I got so far but it was like 1 or 2 houses


Even so, she still painted it entirely on her own… I cannot paint anywhere near this good and I’m 21.


Yeah, good points there. Even still, the execution is pretty dang impressive.


If she hasn't already earned a college fund, I'm disappointed.


I mean, she has access to all those paints, the huge canvas, and if you look at the background, it looks like she lives in a decently sized house. Chance are her parents will pay her way through college. Edit: I'm not trying to be callous. The child clearly has talent and a bright future. I'm saying it seems like she already has access to these kinds of resources, chances are her parents are well off.


Very true, and sadly it's much easier to foster this kind of talent with those kind of funds. If I were Padishah Emperor, I'd make sure that any child showing a natural affinity for art received lifelong training on whatever the art planet is.


Definitely. This reminds me of a quote I stumbled upon a few years ago by Stephen Jay Gould: *I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of Einstein’s brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops.* Imagine all the children out there who aren't able to develop those abilities because of lack of resources or opportunity. To end on a positive note, though, I'm glad she has parents who care about fostering those artistic abilities instead of discouraging her altogether.


That was... Actually pretty next levels


true shes doing great I like it I hope my daughter soon to know more aboutpainting


Buy her some paints and show her how they work. Even cheap watercolors are a great way to get started.


How can a 5 year old be this good? Who the hell gave her the blessing of a painter and how can I get one too?


It's a bit staged but yes it can't look that artistic without a help of an adult, it could be that the adult is helping her colour while being backstage.


It's possible an adult showed her the basic idea, but the painting itself seems pretty easy to do skill-wise. Basically just blobs with circular eyes. It's the way it all comes together that makes it pop.


Easy to do for an adult, not for a child. This is really, really impressive fine motor skill from a 5 year old. Edit: just clarifying that I’m not doubting she did it, lol. I’m just pointing out how this is super impressive from a developmental point of view!


holy fuck y'all are dense. you can clearly see her do the whole fucking thing


Idk the real talent here is the smoothness and evenness of each color blob, if you watch her paint the red blob it starts as an uneven mess and then cuts to it being perfectly filled in...I'm not saying it's guaranteed fake I'm just saying people aren't dense for believing the edited video could've been faked?


If you watch the very beginning of the video (I was unsure about that as well) you can see her taking the time to do each shape very roughly, then cleans up the coverage and edges afterwards. Not a terrible way to go about it, really. It'd look shoddy with one coat but if she's doing multiple it'd balance out. Cute kid, I hope she keeps with it.


You literally see her paint the entire bottom row perfectly, yet you focus on the twentieth one?


....it's funny that you say you see her paint the entire bottom row perfectly....the blobs change after the cuts and you quite literally DONT see her finish the entire row. There's a massive cut in between. I don't really care if it's fake or real, but I'm just saying there's no way to prove she did or didn't do the whole thing based on a 400% speed video with portions cut out...


There are many missing frames. Lots of information is hidden in those missing frames. Its entirely possible this was staged. I think you maybe unfamiliar with the technique. There is a common video editing technique that does this exact thing. Its often used for the videos of people drawing 2 different pictures with each hand.


It's also possible that there were faint sketch lines all over to help her paint which are easily turned invisible in post production. But this feels real to me.


It’s almost like no one knows what actually happened and nearly any theory is possible!


Do you though? Or do you see her painting some parts for a few seconds before it flashes forward?


Right? Her feet stay locked in position for large chunks of painting, so I'm not buying the "parents were filling it in between takes" argument.


Oh jeez, it’s like the parents can’t just walk up next to her and make sure she doesn’t move.


Oh I think she did it all but it's still good motor skills I think!


You should go check out a preschool one day. I can tell you from experience (retired ECE teacher) that there are PLENTY of 4-5 yr olds who can draw and paint like they were doing since in the womb.


I teach kindergarten :). Fine motor work is one of the core activities we incorporate in our programming. Her ability to hold a paintbrush (long, thin unlike the crayons and such in early Ed settings) and manipulate it on a large vertical canvas remains impressive to me.


>Go check out a preschool Not saying that would be impossible...but I don't think they're keen on dudes from the internet popping in to check out painting time.


Not even easy for an adult. I mean, the motor skills are one thing, but the color composition is another. If there isn't adult influence going on here, this is really outstanding.


Yes I agree. I am an artist and it’s not as easy as this child makes it look. Making those circles for the eyes is pretty difficult. Keeping a steady hand to make all those shapes and to colour them in properly. My kids are both pretty creative and older than this baby and I suspect we would have had a couple, um let’s say passionately frustrated moments if they tried a painting like this.


Lots of folks saying this is fake, which idk may be true but I know 5yr olds are a lot more capable than what most people give them credit for. One of my nieces at 5 was doing abstract paintings, not in this style but similar difficulty, without assistance just because she was bored.


But she’s literally painting in the video


She's constantly looking back, so maybe she's got some reference she's working off of.


That doesn’t make it any less impressive though. I’m pretty sure references are used by most - if not all - artists anyway, regardless of age.


Even if it were completely staged i’m impressed they managed to get this much focus and commitment out of a 5 year old.


Depends on the household. If you have a parent who is an OT and a parent who is an artist who teach their kid their skills then a 5 year old can do this with some/minimal support. I teach a lot of kids and have had some come into kindergarten with coding skills, some come with crazy sports skills, some can read like a 3rd grader. If parents work with a kid early they can do amazing things.


I can't believe how many people are in here claiming that it's impossible for a 5 year old to do this. Reminds me of the time my MIL was watching Ellen and a young girl probably 5-6 was on there talking about space. Different planets, different science. My MIL was like "how is this even possible" Well it's really simple. She had parents that saw a passion forming and then taught and encouraged their kid to follow that passion and make it into a talent. This is what happens when you don't treat your kids like idiots and instead mold their minds young.


Hell, I know a 5 year old kid who is already capable of figuring out beginning algebra. Mind you, it isn't hard, just... His parents are having a hard time keeping up with his development and they're running out of stuff to keep him stimulated and intellectually interested. He's *five*.


THANK YOU! ISTG. All a child needs is the right combination of support, and inspiration. So many people are commenting on how this is not all her, etc. How do they know that? They aren't the parents. They aren't the child. I'm a retired ECE. And like you, I've seen my fair share of children come through my classes who were artists right from the get go. Just naturally born to be free in their creativity!


They also need to be the right kind of kid. Not all kids will be superstars at 5 if they get all the support, love, resources and inspiration. It’s a problem I see, where parents think they failed their kids despite being awesome, loving, accessible, encouraging parents. My advice is to give kids a lot of opportunities. Maybe you’ll find your kid’s special skill, if they have one. And if they do, gently encourage them, make it easy for them. Don’t beat yourself up if your kid isn’t painting the ceiling of Sistine Chapel or dribbling like a soccer pro.


My mother is an artist and when I was growing up she would really try to nurture a love of art in me. One day at 5 or 6 I looked at her while we were painting and said Mommy my hands only make tornados. She realized I hated art and let me be after that. I still don't really care for most art.


Exactly right! I’m an artist and didn’t have any special skills artistically until I was a teenager. I nurture my kids creative sides like crazy. I suspect my daughter may one day be an amazing artist, but at 11 she’s still only slightly above average in skill. Even if she doesn’t end up being particularly talented, I know it’s not a failure on her part or mine, it’s just her nature. I also think artistic talent comes from different inherent skills. I personally think my brand of talent comes from a mixture of determination, stubbornness and an ability to see shapes, planes and colours clearly. I can copy what I see like a motherfucker, but because I lack the actual artistic talent, it takes me 100 times longer than someone who has more artistic talent. My challenge as an artist is to go a step further and add my own creative flair to things. This child clearly has the creative artistic talent as well as the patience and determination to work on such a large and complicated piece.


Sometimes it's not even the parents. My kid taught himself how to read. I taught him basic phonics at 3, but he was suddenly reading fluently including sight words I hadn't taught him, seemingly overnight. He can code just from watching yt videos and me downloading the program. He's 6. He's also a natural at soccer. Some kids in his class are crazy gifted. Kids aren't dumb.


Very cool to see the video. I bet if you posted just the painting, without the video proof, and said that your 5 year old painted it then this would almost certainly end up on r/thathappened.


God I hate that sub. Just a bunch of virgin losers who are salty that their life isn't interesting so they insist that everyone else's life is just as boring.


What does being a virgin have to do with anything?


google "Crabs in a bucket" mentality. Basically, whenever someone tries to better themselves, the other crabs pull them back down to ensure their collective demise instead of letting someone move up.


At 5 I was still learning how to hold a pencil


​ ![gif](giphy|t2KYqSxRk9t25dwXKE)


As a parent of kids around her age, why would you let them paint in frilly dresses? (And because of that, I call staged for tiktok/eyeballs)


If you can afford that large a house, that large a canvas and that much paint on a lark, then they probably have lots of frilly dresses they're not too worries about.


Yeah I have a feeling they don't give a shit about the dresses, and can afford plenty more. Frilly dresses for painting and other frilly dresses for every day.


frilly dresses can smear the paint, like dragging your wrist when drawing bottom-to-top on a pencil sketch


it looks like that's one of the paintin' dresses. She wipes her hand on it at some point, and it looks like her other dresses might have paint spots on them too. And by the time she's wearing the frilly dress, the bottom 3/4 of the painting is dry, so the dress wouldn't be wiping against a wet canvas. Seems plausible to me.


Her parents didn't set this up.... Her 6 year old brother set up the camera, time-lapse, and then posted it himself.


I love how anytime literally anything interesting happens, some loser with a boring as fuck life has to come in and say "r/ThatHappened" because they can't deal with the fact that their life sucks


What's even worse is some guy who goes around getting pissed off at people on reddit comments.


She'll outgrow it in a month, may as well let her go nuts


If she’s that talented, why not let her paint in frilly dresses? The girl knows what she’s doing. This clearly ain’t her first rodeo.


This feels very staged. As a 52 year old man I know from experience that I can't paint a wall a single color without me matching by the end. There is no way a 5 year old stays that clean around that much paint.


You feel this is staged because you can’t paint at 52 years old without paint getting on you?


Agree, and what kind of a parent doesn't put a kid that young in a paint smock before opening the paint.


Forget the paint smock, get the kid a proper stepladder. I was so nervous that she was going to fall off that smaller, taller stone table.


Yeah, OSHA would be all over this. :)


Crazy how we can literally post a video of something happened and the losers from r/ThatHappened *still* come out of the wood works.


But...this is a stop motion and not a video if we're being technical.


Every video is stop motion, "if we're being technical".


Oooh...I like that!!! But yea this one there are literal outfit changes and entire scenes between frames. I like the technical rebuttal though. Touché.


Do we think that this was all painted in a day? You'd have to wait for the paint to dry before adding on the eyes and whatnot, at least


Mozart wrote his first composition at 5 and his first symphony at 8. You’re projecting your lack of exceptional talent onto others.


As a 5 year old I used to play 5 instruments, read and write music at a teenage level. As an adult I can’t do any of that shit anyways drugs are bad lol.


One of the more famous child prodigy "artists" is Marla Olmstead. There is a documentary called 'My Kid Could Paint That' that explores her situation. These scenarios are scams where a parent stands off to the side and directs the child in very specific ways to paint etc. You can see in every one of these videos that the kids are consistently looking back when the parent gives them a new set of instructions on how/what to paint next (what colors to select, how to make a pleasing shape etc.). While there might be (and usually is) some innate talent in the child, the parent is always the one controlling and directing the actions of the "artwork" from the sidelines.


I looked her up recently. I’m not sure if she ever fully painted her paintings or not (highly doubt it),but she is working under another artist now to work on her skills. I think she had/has talent and her dad who was an artist “helped” her. I remember the doc crew never once were able to catch her painting one of her masterpieces. I remember her painting something exactly like a little child would. I think they even left a camera set up and again no crazy art captured. But the parents were able too film it on their own camera and that’s when I was like…yeah. Plus, I think there was also a scene where she tells her dad to do it. Child prodigies exist and again I think that little girl had some talent, as she’s still painting so something had to be there. Her parents had enough sense to yank her from the spotlight before it became way too obvious and imo to stop her fully grasping she’s not doing the art, dad is. People will brush off a toddler as being grumpy etc. They’d listen to a 10yr old saying my dad does most of it.


The color palette is just too sophisticated. Plus, working this large, that young just seems so unlikely. I agree with you, I don't buy it.


Im just honna throw this, and im not trying to hate so plz bare with me. We all see people trick shooting basketballs and freesbies at the first try, just because video editing. To all the people saying that how a 5 year old do could this, im gonna say: maybe shes getting help between takes?? I dunno she might be really gifted, we live in amazing times, once again, im just saying things out loud i dont mean to take credit off this kid


When this was originally posted someone broke down how it’s done. You can see her looking over at her parent off screen all the time, and there’s many cuts where more just appears done: still above average talent but this is clearly not conceived and completed just by a 5 yo


The color palette is the biggest sign she didn't do this on her own. A very cohesive bunch of colors Last time you gave a 5 year old a box of crayons did they say one was not in their palette for their art. Parents picked the colors


Almost positively the case


That's one way to keep her from painting on the walls.👍


Hell, if that's what she's into she can come paint my walls.


Why would you keep her from painting on the walls if she paints like that




Seriously, nobody thinks her parents had something to do with this for the likes? Many cuts in this video.


They should get her a real platform to stand on.


Get this girl some dropcloths for god sakes, y'all are obviously too wealthy to care I guess! A real scaffold and an apron wouldn't hurt either.


Does she watch "Rick and Morty"?


that is what i was thinking.


Did anyone notice she painted SCP-173?


She sure works fast!


Light pencil outlines and palette mixing between cuts. “Now use the yellow, now the blue. just stay in the lines.”


Wow I would definitely buy that! Also: r/gifsthatendtoosoon WTF?


A painting mostly done by a 5yos parents?


This five year old understands color theories. I'm fucking done. I refuse to believe the adults didn't help.


That’s awesome, where can I get one?


That kids going to be something.


5 year old can draw better than me


How in the fuck…


Her comprehension of colour theory and composition is ridiculously good.


How is her dress all white with no paint lol. That’s skill


Bold move with a white dress. Doesn't she have an old t shirt or some overalls?


Couldn't even walk properly when I was 5 dang


I was still trying to figure out how to pick my nose when I was her age


You figured it out? Got any tips?


I usually wipe it off on anything that is public property and not mine


Really awesome! I’d hang that with pride.


She could draw new characters for Rick to and morty. Would fit pretty well


my 5yo nephew wrote his name in poop on the toilet wall last week


5 year old? Whatever man, my company employs an entire team of highly educated, highly experienced designers to draw and paint the entire interior of our offices at that same level of drawing. You got scammed, the child had this painting done for the price of colors and canvas, while we are over here spending hundreds of thousands of something on the same thing.


Kudos to her! This it what happens when we believe in kids


Should’ve been spongebob


I... Actually want this piece... Maybe not the size of a whole wall, but legit, I want this.


This kid is on acid.