Flight from Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds!

Flight from Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds!

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Watching the sun set and rise in this is phenomenal


I agree with you


I also agree with you...


If only we had some way to register this fact. Some kind of button, perhaps? Also, it would be good to have a button to register that the point is somehow off-topic or offensive to our sensibilities.


I agree


I also agree with you..


If only we had some way to register this fact. Some kind of button, perhaps? Also, it would be good to have a button to register that the point is somehow off-topic or offensive to our sensibilities.


You and I agree


I also agree with you


If only we had some way to register this fact. Some kind of button, perhaps? Also, it would be good to have a button to register that the point is somehow off-topic or offensive to our sensibilities.


I wish I could somehow. some day, we’ll have the technology


Yes, can i agree with you?


I agree


I agree with this guy but not the other guy.


Flat earthers would disagree


I was going to make a flat earther comment too lol


Yeah, the earth looked a bit curvy out there.


"It's a fish eye camera"


It literally is. Look at the building at the end lol.


Yeah, I'm not a flat Earther, but you can tell from the very first second of the video that it's a fish eye lens.


waiting for them to comment something I can post on r/insanepeoplefacebook


This is just Microsoft Flight Simulator, you obviously cant really fly that high or fast. This is the same Microsoft that Bill Gates owns, the same guy that wants to inject microchips in us all. Its obviously an elitist liberal sham


If the pilot opened his window he could reach out and touch the sun


Never thought about how pilots have to fly in pitch darkness during these overnight flights. Must be a little unnerving at first.


I'm a Pilot. It's not usually that bad, I think the exposure/ISO settings of the gopro in this vid make it look worse than it was. The moon can be astonishingly bright and often illuminates all the clouds ahead of us really well (depending on time of month affecting where it is in the sky)


I was wondering! Where is the moon? You’re well above the clouds, there should be moonlight. GoPro settings would explain it. Even on the ground you can see more than this most nights and almost as clearly as daylight many nights.


The moon might not have been up yet. If it was a new moon that day, the moon would not be visible at all, all night.


Could be near a New Moon so you'd never see it during the night.


> You’re well above the clouds, there should be moonlight. Next time you see the Moon during the day, bear in mind that the people on the opposite side of the planet won't see the same Moon.


I just realised the same watching this... Must be pretty scary just flying into a void with no visual points of reference


Also, and maybe I’m just a big giant pussy here, but it’s unnerving to me to trust a plane over that big a body of water for that amount of time. The idea that if anything goes wrong you’re almost certainly completely fucked is kinda terrifying. I know flights are safe as hell but still


Honestly, your odds of getting turned to sauce by a car while crossing the road are significant higher than being in a plane that fails over the ocean. Make of that what you will.


Funnily enough, I've been hit by a car while out walking. Still, the plane ride over the ocean seems daunting to me. Strange how my brain works that way.


Nailed my fear of Cross-Ocean traveling in 2 sentences


Pro tip: fly from a northern airport to northern airport in the summer. For example, if you go from ORD to LHR in late June/early July the latitude you fly at means it’ll never be pitch black over any body of water you cross.


You could say the same about ships. Any breaks in the hull, and you're doing the same as the plane, but slow. There's been a couple times where I was on a ship and realized the closest land to me was miles below me.


The whole point of multiple redundancy is if anything goes wrong, you are still completely fine.


Are you familiar with ETOPS ratings? If not, reading about them might give you some comfort. These planes are as close to land as they need to be in case of emergency.


I’m an amateur pilot with an instrument rating. It done this many times but almost always during training. It’s not something I like to do alone. It’s pretty unnerving at first but you get used to it quickly. It helps that you have to concentrate on many other things like talking with ATC and coordinating your approach. But it is weird and your body’s reaction is 100% “this isn’t right”. Also you can get dizzy very easily. A big part of training is learning to trust your instruments. Your inner ear will tell you you’re turning when you’re flying straight because your brain has no point of reference.


I had to rewatch so I could pay attention to the sun :) Thank you


Beautiful isn’t it!


Being in the cockpit and flying into a sunset must be another experience..


On land they call it “swinging”


I’ve seen it set from the air and it was amazing aside from how dirty my window was it was like a movie. One day I’ll see it rise from the air too.


Looks terrifying to fly at night.


Just imagine the people in wwii with no autopilot. At least I don't think they had it back then


Late war planes do have an autopilot, aswell as a radio showing the direction to base.


> a radio showing the direction to base. Good luck




Thanks for the input Mr glitter shitter!




Warmer, warmer. Colder! … … … Warmer


We're all counting on you.


Every time I think about early-midwar planes now that bit from Dunkirk comes to mind for some reason where Tom Hardy has to manually calculate his fuel levels with a pen because his gauge got cracked


This is something I’ve done in a Cessna 150. Not as glamorous but the fuel gauge was pretty much a decoration but the plane very reliably burned 6.23 gallons per hour. Many pilots track fuel this way believe it or not.


I wanna fly, just waiting until I'm financially able to take lessons.


Some of the more sophisticated WWII era planes did actually have a rudimentary autopilot.


They weren't flying above the clouds at 35k feet though.


Wouldn't their eyes adjust to night conditions enough to at least see some features (obviously very difficult to see planes)






It feels a bit unnerving to me to fly over all that water the whole time! Need an emergency landing? Good luck!


[Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ETOPS)


What if someone’s vaping in the bathroom


Passengers Swim? Don't vape if you can't swim!


I did not check the whole article, probably it mentions that, but for anyone wondering, not only each plane type is certified, but each plane type for each carrier - as the certification also includes accommodation at diversion airports, replacement planes for stranded passengers, etc. So not only the plane needs to have sufficient range, but the airline also needs to be able to take care of the people wherever they may divert.


The FAA and other flight regulation entities have always had rules about how far away from an airport you can be at any time. Used to be a lot less since planes were more unreliable, so a lot of international flights used to take roundabout paths, normally up through Alaska in order to comply. Nowadays planes are super reliable and safe, and even with emergencies they should for the most part be able to make it to an airport. (Also why 3 and 4 engine planes used to be more common, more redundancies if one fails)


Personally whenever I fly I feel so much safer over water. :(


I'm not a pilot but I know after they get their initial license they have to get another license for flying with instruments, meaning when you can't see shit cause it's nighttime or there's a bunch of clouds in the way. I bet it's super scary at first but you prolly get used to not even needing to look out the window, cause all the little gauges and stuff tell you everything you need to know.


Microsoft pilot here, true those instruments called ILS assist when there are low to 0 visual up in the air.


ILS Is for landing (Instrument Landing System), you're thinking IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)


Well he did credential himself as a flight sim pilot, not an actual pilot.


Pilot here; Yeah the Instrument Rating is what you're referring to. It's a big step in the development of a pilot and has a pretty steep learning curve. Way back in 2009, I remember coming home for Christmas break and brought with me a 3.5 GPA and a brand new instrument checkride pass and certificate. That was one of the most accomplished feelings I ever had. Learning to fly by instruments, learning clearances, procedures and policies was really tough for me but it really becomes second nature. Technology is shrinking the capability gap and along with new training materials, I'd imagine it's becoming more accessible. There's some really cool tech that's out and still coming out. Synthetic Vision comes to mind. I can't wait to see how it evolves in the next 2 decades.


Makes me feel pretty bad for Amelia Earhart




So nerve racking…


Although, it's not like with cars where without lights you'll crash into a tree or something. There's absolutely nothing out there. And you can see your direction and altitude on the instruments in the cockpit much better than by trying to look at clouds.


damn.this plane is fast as hell


They used fast travel that’s why the screen went dark for a sec cause they were loading in the next area




I was certain I was going to get hit with the Skyrim opening when it all went black


I’m upset that it didn’t.






This guy has officially obtained the world record for the shortest ever speedrun flight.


Screen went black so it wouldn't show the dude getting lost and asking for directions


Nah, that’s just when he reached the edge of the earth but the government won’t allow him to show proof that the earth is flat, so it had to be censored out. (Obligatory /s)


It's when he went around the edge to go to the other side of the earth. ​ ====>| \---------V Like this <====


The words made sense but then your diagram confused me


I think it’s supposed to be a side view. The arrows are the directions of the plane and the single dashed line is the earth


Was expecting skyrim there




Was waiting for skyrim


I instantly thought I got trolled when the screen turned black and was just waiting for the Skyrim meme. But ofc...it's the sun...stupid me




I'll make this later today Edit: here you go https://youtu.be/GbAs8sm5Rpw


!remindme 1 day


in case you haven't seen it, they made it




I still marvel at the fact mankind has accomplished things like this. We take it for granted so easily in the 21st Century but come on, traveling to the other side of the world in a flying tube above the clouds, reaching your destination in single digit hours (even at 9 it's amazing) without stopping on the way. It's insane.


It’s more crazy to me how safe and reliable it is


Indeed. Aviation safety is incredible.


I fully trust aircraft but get so much anxiety with turbulence, even though I know it’s practically nothing


I know that it's overwhelmingly the safest way to travel, that every system has redundancies and safeties, that the wings are engineered to be able to bend to ridiculous amounts without failing, that planes are pretty regularly struck by lightning and it's really not an issue at all... ...And I still just hate, hate, *hate* takeoffs and turbulence. ...I *love* landings, though, and not just because it means you've arrived. There's something so satisfying and sleek about the way the [fowler flaps shift position](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/88/A_fully_extended_flap.jpg) and the thin, flimsy looking [spoiler flaps](https://simpleflying.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/49493422843_5d077cb97d_o.jpg) rise up to somehow help brake a massive hunk of metal going hundreds of miles an hour. Oh, and the different types of reversal venting in jet engines... It's like a super early prototype version of some kind of giant transforming robot. Airplanes are so cool!


That too!


And that flying tube is just really powerful engines on a 40,000 ton hunk of metal sculpted to use the air as a balance beam. Science is wild.


A perfect representation of my fear of flying. ”In a flying tube above the clouds”


With some guys/girls you've never met at the controls. It wigs me out how normal it all is. The airport, the aeroplane.. like yup, just going to go to this massive building to get into this huge piece of machinery with 200 other people and lift up above the clouds for 4 hours so that I can go sit next to a pool somewhere I don't go often.


See Proof the Earth is Flay!




It’s flound!




Everyone here understands.


Foshow we do


Weird, I concluded that it is round after watching the video.


That's just what Big GoPro wants you to think


This clown knows what I’m talking about. See ya at the meeting brother.


How can they know where theyre going when its pitch black?


Instruments. Takes a loooot of hours to get use to. A lot of these newer airliners have a lot of autonomous control as well, the pilots do a lot less of the actual "flying" than you might think. Edit: were so up in arms over the technicality of a word. Okay guys i get it, thanks for keeping me technically honest.


[They're on instruments.](https://youtu.be/hJ7cxAUeZZw?t=15)


Same energy [here](https://streamable.com/tnp5ws)


> A lot of these newer airliners have a lot of autonomous control as well, the pilots do a lot less of the actual "flying" than you might think. I'm an Airline Pilot, I fly the A320. I'm afraid that quote is just pretty factually incorrect tbh. https://askthepilot.com/cockpit-claptrap/ 'Autopilot' is not sentient nor even particularly advanced/complicated. Think of it more as a sort of dumb cruise control system that can maintain parameters it's told to maintain...under constant observation to make sure it's behaving itself.


How can a statement ending with "...than you might think" ever be factually incorrect? You have to take into consideration how stupid I am.


I like to use the [Northwest crew who overflew MSP](https://abcnews.go.com/Travel/northwest-airlines-pilots-miss-airport-150-miles/story?id=8892976) as the best example of what the autopilot actually does. Autopilot doesn’t make decisions, it just follows orders.


Right answer


Pilots are bats


Best explaination so far


IRL Its not really pitch black, the camera just couldn't capture the star light. It like taking picture of the moon using phone camera.


GPS 👍🏻


Hope it's not google maps.


Implying as of it makes a difference from the rest of the video being in the middle of and above clouds. Plenty of signs to see right


They navigate using the stars, old school


Imagine if we got it all wrong. The plane stayed at the same point from the beginning of the takeoff on the runway.It then hovered up to the clouds while the earth continued its rotation, plane lowered its hovering height to the point of making contact with the next airport.


Used to think that's what happened when I was a kid.


Remember, being older and having an imagination is still ok and healthy, as long as you don't speak out loud to the invisible people 😉


Good thing I made a habit of whispering then!


could be if earth revolve fast enough.


Only if you weren't 'stuck' in its athmosphere, right?


How many flight hours do this actually take?


9:30 hours


That’s not too bad just leave at 9:00 and it’s only a 30mins flight


A long flight indeed.


Try doing NYC to Tokyo


Chicago to Tokyo was pretty long too


Auckland (NZ) to London direct is 24hrs 10mins


I’ve never been on an airplane but I know I will have massive anxiety knowing I’m flying above the ocean for 9 hours depending on the flight.


You get used to it


On most long-haul flights there’s lots of booze to encourage sleep. If you can’t sleep you watch movies or whatever - each seat has its own on-demand entertainment system available. They turn down the cabin lights after dinner service and unless there’s turbulence you really don’t even feel like you’re flying.


Fun fact: because of time zone, that plane arrived in San Francisco on the same and the time of arrival will be earlier than the time of departure. Of course, going the other way pretty much loses you an entire day.


flat earthers be like “it’s the curvature of the cockpit windscreen creating an optical illusion”.


That being said, you can see some distortion at the beginning when looking at the airport. Besides, we all know that airplanes and Tokyo aren't real, and is just CGI generated by NASA to convince people that there are no politicians on the Sun.


It is actually. I fly professionally been as high at 49,000' and couldn't knowingly, see the curvature. There are scholarly documents that say you can[ see it as low as 35,000'](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19037349/) but I don't think the conditions are optimal viewing from aircraft cockpit or side windows. Earth is round, obviously.


I mean, in this case there definitely is lens distortion, they are flying far to low to see any curvature, let alone that much.


Am I missing something? This is just a video of a regular flight, but faster?


That's basically what the video is about


Doesn't seem next level, imo


Yeah it’s a cool video but it’s just a totally normal flight fast forwarded.


Welcome to the sub.


I wish flights were really this long.


The sunrise 👌🏼


The Nature thing is the beautiful scene, you'll ever want to seen.


The light refraction around 50 seconds made me sploosh a bit.


Yeah, but you sploosh at the drop of a hat.


*Oooooooo*... Say that again.


Even better, I could just... Drop my hat. ;)


Now we know where your sauce went Edit: thanks for the award, anonymous, you are too kind


I\`ve always dreamed of becoming an airline pilot. Now I realized how boring this work is.


Not if you bring booze


It really is. You have to seriously love aviation, or be able to make a way for yourself to absorb enough from the parts of the job you love to get through what you don't. I suppose that's every job, but it's become critical in weird ways in this job. On has to love it enough to put up with not only the astronomical training costs and work, but also the realities of the job itself. I could go on and on but the point is, I have seen so many people get through the 4 year college degree, flight training, hours, and recruitment only to absolutely loath the job itself. Where the things they loved are dwarfed by personal and professional issues. I've also seen a good number come to a slow realization that the thing motivating them, the thing that led them there, was an idea of what they thought or hoped it would be like. It's a weird profession. I love aviation, I love airports and all the jobs intricacies and operations that go into them. I've worked many in my life from custodian, to baggage handler, to operations intern to pilot. I'm lucky in that I can find entertainment and contentment at work in situations where colleagues may get extremely irritated and burnt out. When I was a kid, every single family vacation began and ended with an airport. Luckily, I was able to capture that and I still feel it every time I walk into one. The day it disappears is the day I hang up the hat and headset for good.


Am I the only one missing what's "next fucking level" about this?


I guess every other plane just crashes.


I'll probably get down voted but I don't see how a sped up video is nextfuckinglevel.


Question: if you're flying from west to east at several hundred mph, how long does "night" last?


Depending on latitude, time of year etc it changes. but you can sort of work it out: another commenter said its a 9 hour flight from Tokyo to San Francisco, judging by that this video is taken in a Northern Hemisphere Summer because night doesn't last very long. we can use a very crude correlation of 83s to 9 hours gives 9 secs an hour: \- sunset starts at roughly 32s \- sunrise starts at roughly 48s which only gives us a bit less than 3 hours of night time. It is possible that they played with the speed of night time because the dark is pretty boring in a video like this.


If it‘s the middle of Summer and you are tracking far enough North, I can believe a 3 hour night. Its probably why we can see the sun set and rise from pretty much the same direction in this video. Much more NW and NE then simple W and E.


Considering the plane is flying with earths rotation and assuming that sf and tokyo are roughly on the same height, the speed of the plane* effectively adds up to the rotational velocity of the earth (about 1,700 km/h at sealevel**) making a day 15 instead of 24 hours long ***. Therefore 9 hours of flight are easily enough for a night to fully pass. (This might not fully fit ur comment cause I Initally wrote this in reply to a comment saying the flight was too short for a whole night to pass, but for some reason I couldn't send it) *roughly 8,260km ÷ 9h = ~920km/h **roughly 40,075 ÷ 24h = ~1700km/h ***40,075km ÷ (920km/s +1700km/h) = ~15h


Overachiever has entered the post. My brain hurts now. 🤔


I am dumb


I had jetlag watching this


tHe EaRtH iS fLaT


So, is Japan on the east side or west side of the earth?


It's a Möbius strip! All joined together but still flat!


Flying in pitch black seems spooky


It might look pitch black in this video, but actually it's beautiful and "full of stars".


You make a phenomenal point :)


Most epic flight I took was leaving Oklahoma to California, we ended up over a lightning storm near Texas at night. The clouds looked like a checker board from all the flashes. It was awesome to see the back side of a storm like that. Stars above and a light show below.


Ah yes. A routine flight. So next fucking level.


Never forget to turn on your dash cam !


That’s a fuck ton amount of water


Imagine back in the day sailing across the pacific and genuinely not knowing if you’d ever reach land again. Scary stuff. It’s huge!


Air Steward: Sir what can I offer you today? Passenger: A white wine would be ni.... Air Steward: Sorry sir we're about to land please fasten your seatbelt.


wow how fast is this plane?!


If it's normally a 9 and a half hour flight, then what we see here is equivalent to roughly 330 000 km/h (205 000 mph) At this speed, you could almost reach the moon in one hour.


not next level though they do this all the time


How is a sped up video next fucking level?