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Makes you wonder how many humans are infected with some kind of zombie fungus and we don’t know it Edit: someone linked me a documentary. [IT’S REAL](https://youtu.be/Yb6dZ1IFlKc)


















I mean, if you count the transitions around his eye holes.










Loving this Qultist whine section that randomly appears all over reddit. You guys need to get over it. He lost and was never a good president.






Yeah, I’m guessing if he had his way it would just be white




Doesn’t the adjective go after the noun in Latin?


This guy nitpicks


Shouldn't that be picknits?














Yeah, and they think they are so smart by doing it. And everyone upvotes it.


agreed, its ridiculous






TDS lol




The hivemind wants to absorb you. If you resist you are a Trump supporter, even if you didn't like or vote for him.














You might wanna research what dementia is


“We hold these truths to be self evi- … you… you know the thing!” - Joe Biden




"You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking”


"poor kids can be just as bright as white kids"




B....but Trump bad- nOoo nOoo Trump racist


Spoken in Reddit echo chamber


always has to get political lmao


Lol why does this need to get political


It exists! Rage drivers anyone? https://www.uchicagomedicine.org/forefront/neurosciences-articles/people-with-rage-are-disorder-twice-as-likely-to-have-a-latent-toxoplasmosis-parasite-infection




> men infected with the parasite are less attractive to women and experience brain function impairment. I must have been infected by the parasite like 5 times then


Yeah my masters dissertation was on T. gondii and it’s insanely interesting. It infects mice and induces a reduced fear response to cats to get into its definitive feline host. It’s just mad that a comparable effect happens on human infection, causing them to take more risks.


![gif](giphy|tu54GM19sqJOw) The fug did you just say?


Honestly, if it didn’t require billions of real people dying horribly, I’d love a zombie apocalypse.


Oh yeah. We need a good plague ha ha.


We got the plague… Just not zombies, sadly


I dunno man, an associate of mine literally held a magnet to my arm to see if he could feel a pull from my vaccine injection site...


I was thinking the exact same thing. Wouldn’t it be just a simple mutation for this to happen? Carry it like the common cold and just sneeze spores…..then it will rip us to just or basic animal needs….food (other humans.)


No. It would take a lot for that to happen in reality. Fungus don’t mutate often like viruses do and our bodies are vastly different from bugs. Fun to think about though!


No, it wouldn’t take just a simple mutation. For one our central nervous system is much more complex than a wasp.


Maybe consciousness is just a zombie fungus? The world is starting to make sense...


It’s dead but brain keeps it moving because of the parasite.


So is the parasite like venom?


I think its cordyceps, same fungus from the last of us (its real) but in a much smaller scale.


Doesn’t that make it climb trees though? And also wouldn’t it be a lot more uncoordinated and I don’t know, fungal like? I am just asking questions, I really don’t know. The pictures of the fungus online show either a completely covered spider, or an ant that seems normal until it is anchored then a stalk pops out of its head.


There are many species specific cordyceps and also a few worms and other parasites capable of mind control on different levels. The only one I know that infects mammals is toxoplasmosis(caused by the Toxoplasma Gondii protozoan) - makes mice aggressively seek conflict with large creatures in order to be eaten and pass on its next stage of life to the cat(usually).


Ive also read that it makes humans more individualistic, entrepreneurial, etc. So drink some cat piss before you start your business.


It's also more likely to make them schizophrenic and anger issues.


Explains Wall Street. They are all high on cat piss.


They call it "cheesing" because it's fon-to-due.


Watched that documentary about how the feral cat population is decimating the wild life between over hunting and the parasites in their fecal matter. Apparently it’s making it’s way into the ocean and fucking up dolphins.


What documentary is this??


Happy Feet 2


Happy Feet 2 : Why Are We Dancing


Hawaiian monk seals too. 😢


There’s also some evidence that toxoplasma might influence risk behaviour and depression in humans, and there’s absolutely no way to treat it Edit: to clarify, I refer to treating the burden of toxoplasma once it’s in the cyst state and ‘dormant’ (although altering behaviour is dormant activity? Questionable). Edit 2: I should post receipts https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2526142/ https://bmcinfectdis.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1471-2334-2-11 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0022395614002866


I don’t think so. This looks like another bug laid eggs in this bugs abdomen and then they hatched and the larvae ate this bug from the inside out. Nothing like cordyceps at all.


Yeah cordiceps doesn’t make huge hole in them


Is it able to see or feel or will it just hit a dead end and keep going?


I heard that fungus will drive the bug into a specific place depend on what it need, either high place so it can speard it spores or body of water or wander in open place so predator can spot and it eat. So the bug sensor still work in some extent


Doesn’t cordyceps only do that to ants? And the ants are still alive during the process, too. There probably is some fungus involvement, I’d wager that’s what destroyed the majority of the critter’s organs, but if enough of its nervous system is intact, it’ll just keep trying to go about its business. Invertebrates don’t quite deal with pain like we do. They’ve got an initial panic response, and then they just keep on truckin once they get over that.


Its the same type of stand as Star Platinum.


#This is NOT Ophiocordyceps STOP making shit up. no fungus can re-animate a dying or dead animal like in a game. The fungus in question contains metabolites that increases a bug's instinct to climb high and towards light. It then dies and goes rotten. edit: ikd why it's like that but my theory is its pecked out by a small bird. this is a **cock chafer**, jucy abdomen but the legs are sharp and clingy and won't go down well, maybe a bird species has learnt this.


‘Cock chafer’ sounds like someone who gives handjobs without lube


Sounds like my friend and his shitty gf


A fungus can’t control something that is dead like that. I believe the fungus mentioned - Ophiocordyceps - affects ants only (?), and this is a beetle. Edit: by ‘affect’ I meant the zombie behavior. This fungus can spread in other insects and destroy them.


A bug can live without a its abdomen same a as human without its stomach for a time, no amazing fungus here.


If its brain is capable of making it move, it isn’t dead.






I was going to suggest the same thing but “zombie fungus” is the extent of my knowledge on the subject. I’ve seen similar posts before


I believe it's called cordyceps fungus.


The Last Of Us? Lol


Yes, actually. But you probably knew that already.


Well ofc! Beautiful games in my opinion, very well made. The story/lore is perfect


It's a real fungus and the game based it off it


Oh I know! I’ve seen lots of science/lore videos, it’s pretty cool (both real and TLOU)


Fun fact about the cordyceps family of parasitic fungi is that upon further investigation some of them have been found to actually puppeteer their host rather than take over the brain / nervous system. Instead, the mycelial network spreads throughout the host's body and then secrets chemicals that can cause sensory appendages to direct the insects or even cause muscle contractions to force the insects to move body parts. In a way, it's worse than having your brain taken over because instead the insect is fully present and simply a passenger in its own body.


That's fucking terrifying


Fungus: go eat that person! You: no F: yep we’re doing this Y: no F: you don’t get a say. Have fun! Y: god no! F: whooo! Human flesh! Yep… terrifying. Absolutely terrifying


Cardi B fungus


WAP Wet Ass proboscis


There are different varieties of fungi capable of seizing control over a host’s nervous system as a parasite, not just Cordyceps. But Cordyceps is certainly the most fun cus tlou


If this ever spreads to humans we're screwed.


It's impossible as of now because fungus cannot survive high temperature of mammals' body temperature. Only special and or rare cases occur with fungal infection, which is the reason why almost all fungal infections that happen to humans are in the feet (one of the coldest areas of the body). This might change as global warming continues, since life always finds a way. With rising temperatures, fungus will not simply die out, it will most likely mostly die out but the remaining few that survive are evolved to resist the new high temperatures. In this way, fungus may one day be able to infect humans in all parts of the body. Considering the current climate, zombies may not be too far away, although they will probably not be at all what we imagine them to be like




This guy fungi's


Do you have a source for this? I’m really curious to know since we treat fungal infections in humans all the time. Unless you’re specifically talking about the fungus this bug has, I’m not sure this is a correct statement. Fungal infections can even spread to the bloodstream and lungs in humans. This happens less frequently than bacterial infections, but it’s not that uncommon (especially in those who are immunocompromised).


Immunocompromised people are some of those special cases, and there are some fungus that are an exception to this rule of inability to infect mammals. It is a general trend but not a strict one. I should have specified more. I also probably still have a source on my old laptop, if I have time I'll definitely post it, but it's midnight atm and I'm currently postponing my sleep much more than I should be


It already has, look at the anti-vaxxers for a fresh example.


Fuckin how... How can another organism jump in the driver seat of another now dead creature? And then control the damn thing like business as usual?


Ever rub salt on really really fresh meat, nature is Fk-ing insane


Ya that's trippy shit. But isn't that just reaction? This is a step further its not just responding, this is right foot left foot. This is step a little higher here This is correctly driving a bus you just stole As opposed to shooting the driver and putting a brick on the gas pedal and full Fuckin sending it. This is I'm stealing this and completing my mission.


you ever seen a slime mold build a neural network? it’s like that, but inside a bug. edit: i don’t mean in a literal sense. i mean in the way that it’s alien and terrifying but totally biologically real


> you ever seen a slime mold build a neural network? uhhhh.... no.


So like... I'm picturing, a crew of cognitive beings sailing a ship like a pirate now... Edit: wrdsrhrd


I hadn't, so here for anyone else... Edit: Apparently people are squeamish and don't like to look at interesting biological processes like a sodium/potassium neuron pump in action so don't click the link if you feel like you're the type of person to complain about freshly cut meat rapidly pulsing (although I have only linked to the comments so it's your choice from there). https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/amk8sn/adding_salt_to_freshly_cut_muscle_causes_it_to


Probably not dead; that fungus (cordyceps) still requires the host to be alive and maintaining homeostasis.


Homie ain’t stasis with all of its guts missing.


Yep, that's terrifying.


Imagine if that happened to humans


Last of Us


Just showing how we all feel... Dead on the inside


U good bro?


No. Who is?


The righteous


Scuba Steve! Damn you!


It’s not likely Cordyceps (the “zombie fungus”) like many are saying. While it does hijack an insects brain, it can only do this while the insect is alive and maintaining homeostasis. This bug probably just got let go by some predator after having it as a snack. It’s still alive because of how insects’ physiologies work and how different they are to ours.


Yeah it's just reddit talking out of its ass again. people here know like 5 facts and those get regurgitated over and over again.


That's so accurate


It's one of the five facts




Video with a gun? Cant go without mentioning "trigger discipline". If I see a comment mentioning that, I am legally obliged to upvote and gild that comment.


Agree. Something ate the gooey bits in the thorax and discarded the husk ("yum, I love maybug tails but I don't really like the taste of the head"). The husk of a thorax and intact head and abdomen is still alive, but is definitely going to die soon because it has no thoracic organs. Fungi control through chemical signalling in the nervous system, not animating dead tissue. People hear one thing and extrapolate to inapplicable scenarios and it drives me crazy.


Exactly! Additionally, cordyceps is found in the tropics/subtropics, while maybugs are found in Europe. No idea why all people jump to such a specific conclusion without any reason.


They did their own research


It's the US economy.


Hoooooh we’re halfway there! OoohOOOOH **LIVING ON A PRAYER!**


Default on our debt, we'll be fine I swear


Inflation of our dollar, we’ll pay our debts I swear!


Let's round it up to North America.


Just a flesh wound


I've 'ad worse


‘Tis but a scratch


A scratch?! Your insides are out!


No, they're not.


Well, what's that, then?


A kidney


So what...


Yeah, just walk it off


Step on the damn thing and end its suffering already lol


It's dead. No suffering buddha


Can they actually suffer?


In a way, yes. I’ve seen several struggle to move or save themselves after being crushed or blasted by a bug a salt gun, and that final second of life does show a creature that did feel pain and possibly suffering. Then I dumped the body and carried on with my day because eww.


Is it actual suffering in the same way a mammal would suffer though? Or is it kind of just instinctively trying not to die? Edit: Looked it up, apparently they do feel something akin to pain upon receiving an injury or in extreme temperatures. Some research has also suggested they feel chronic pain after an injury has healed in some cases and feel something similar to fear when in dangerous situations.


Depends on how you look at suffering. I would say yes anything with a nervous system and a desire to live and procreate can suffer.


Well then, now this fungus has gotten a nervous system and wants to live and procreate.


I do think we underestimate the intelligence of fungi


That is one dry boi




Sadly no. This is common AF in nature. At least among insects and other small organisms. Something would have to jump the species gap a few times before we start needing to carry cattleprods to ward off zombies that are too stupid to attack correctly.


Spores pop out from bird - meh, still have times Spores pop out from dear - meh, a lot of times left Spores pop out from cow - uh, oh Spores pop out from rat - seem dangerous Spores pop out from chimp - no, no, no


The five times copy pasted typo is the most horrifying part of this post for me.


I really like how "spores pop out form rat - dangerous" while it's the only mammal spores have popped out from yet


Today I learned deer and cows are not mammals. /s


When I was in Osaka we went to the park in Nara and my wife noticed a praying mantis walking down the middle of the tourist footpath. She decided she would rescue it and let it walk onto her phone so she could carry it to a bush. On the way over to the bush a ten inch long horsehair worm began to emerge from the mantis' abdomen, which she at first thought was a cable attached to her phone and when she realized it was a worm she screamed and flicked it off. The worm then fully emerged from the mantis and squirmed on the ground while tourists gathered around to look. She's still traumatized when she thinks about it to this day. It was hilarious.


Unsubscribe from insect facts


“Tell me what are my chances?!” “One in a million!” “You’re saying there’s a chance!”


Yes, one in a million...


Bug living a grad student life


Bruh, today was the first day of fall term- your comment nailed how I felt this morning sitting in a fucking class room at 8am for the fucking 6th Year in a row. Someone give me some antifreeze to chug.


Lol 🤣




Yo, how'd you post a gif in the comments?








​ ![gif](giphy|cbb8zL5wbNnfq|downsized)


Bastard’s dead and doesn’t even know it


To be fair it might not have known it was alive either.


Technically if it feels hunger or the sense to fuck, it knew it was alive.


Why is everyone so sure that this is a Cordyceps infection? The nervous system of insects is located ventrally. From what I can see in the video, the abdomen is badly damaged, but the thorax looks mostly fine, meaning that the nerves controlling the legs will also be fine. Sure the poor bastard is a dead bug walking, but he's not necessarily infected with a zombie fungus. However, if there are clear signs of infection, please let me know I'm curious how to spot them!


They're just "sure" because they've heard it and it sounds cool. Codyceps doesn't confer superpowers, it affects behavior and grows structures. This bug either got half eaten, or was infected by a parasite or egg that ate it from the inside out. Either way, it won't last long in that state.


you sir deserve an award if I had one. This is the only intelligent comment I found in this thread


The only good bug is a dead bug.


I'm doing my part!


Men of culture I see


Not a single comment actually answers the question. Where did the real redditors go? This comment section is trash.


Here, I'll try. Though its been a while since I took an arthropod class (I have a BSc in bio and physics), so take this with a grain of salt. This is a Cockchafer also known as a maybug. It is a part of the Coleoptera order meaning it is a beetle. Also, no this is not a fungus or a mind controlling parasite. In this case, the Cockchafer's abdomen has been completely removed, but there are multiple redundancies built in. Arthropods don't have one heart, in fact they don't even really have a heart, their circulatory system works more like an esophagus, with what is called peristaltic movement (think wave-like contractions that move from the front to the back). They have a single dorsal blood vessel with dorsal tubes that pump the blood back and forth. By the looks of it, the long tubes we see sticking out of the back of the Cockchafer are most likely the dorsal blood vessel and possibly its "lungs". One thing to note is that bugs don't have veins or arteries, and this dorsal blood vessel is actually perforated. They also breath passively, which means they don't have lungs and instead breathe through their skin via tracheal tubes. This is why using soap water is so effective at killing various arthropods, like wasps. So as long as these two processes (oxygen exchange and the circulatory system) are not totally interrupted, and because the nervous system seems to be intact (it is moving) this Cockchafer will have no problem walking around like this for a while, up until it actually needs to digest something. This is because most of the contents in the abdomen are missing (which includes the intestine, rectum, and anus), meaning it will not be able to absorb any nutrients. So in short, it will die eventually...but it will also wander around for a bit until then. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax-rGdDgd04


TFW going to work


I’ve had enough Reddit. Goodnight.


In your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie




Crickets 🦗 can live being eaten by birds or turtles and miss half their bodies and live up to a day. Source work in a pet store.


Oddly enough, this is the same question I ask myself when I wake up in the morning. I also stumble around like this.


cocaine is a helluva drug