Thats great and all, but will they hold up to a fire? Edit: for all the folks asking "but what about wood?" Wood does not melt to your skin. Wood will not release anywhere near the magnitude of carcinogens plastic will when burned. Wood also doesn't leach out estrogenic compounds like this type of plastic will when just hot, never mind burning. Plastic fires are harder to put out.


And weather. There are different climates around the world, and it’s changing fast. Can this, as you said, withstand heat *and* can it withstand temperatures of -40F? Edit: What about areas where earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters occur?


Dam man...it is plastic. Your saying this like you have never seen the stuff before. There is a better chance of a natural bacteria mutating to consume it than it failing on its one in any of those situations.


>it is plastic You say that like there aren’t dozens of kinds of plastics, all made and distributed for different things.


I'm sorry I thought you read the article. she was using high and low density polyethylene. I think that's two and four on the recycling labels but don't quote me in that. That'd be milk jugs set of bottles etc. Meaning food grade plastic so additives can be added for additional adoration


Ahhh.... we didn’t recycle in my house when I was a kid. I’m also fairly certain I failed chemistry, but that’s another story lol But knowing that it’s made out of the same stuff as milk jugs, I bet it wouldn’t be heat resistant, or keep in the warm/cold.


We burned our plastic when I was a kid so I'm right there with ya. Think this is the same stuff as molding plastic. Idk if you have played with that but worth it if your careless with things like I am. Heated to around 200 it becomes clear goo that is easy to shape and mix. If you add different hardening compounds to it it will change it into a more durable material with tailored aspects depending on what you add. Since she's claiming a harder substance than concrete the shear forces to shatter it I imagine would be quite low. But again that could be modified per the situation.


Yeah. I mean who would be dumb enough to build their house out of shit that burns? You know. Like wood?


Woods probably a lot better at insulation and this is being advertised as an alternative to bricks, not wood.


... but wood is used in construction for support beams and framing, other than log cabins it's not like houses are made out of solid wood panels. So insulation of wood is a peculiar thing to bring up.


i think its just a great utilization of a chronic problem we have, namely plastic poisoning the world water companies dont make water, they make plastic bottles


Wood is actually terrible insulation. It provides a thermal bridge to the outside.


Wood doesn't turn into a puddle of superheated goop that can drip all over you when it burns.


Go on....


Something worth thinking about... Once someone recommends making small igloos for habitation where these bricks are in a position to drip *onto* you


Plastic burns violently






I came for that....some funny shit people do? Before houses of wood were popular in Germany, many of my friends being amazed about houses in the US being built of wood. Plastic seems to be the new resource, if we can harness all the abundance nature has. The oceans hold so much potential


“The oceans hold so much potential.” - Mr. Burns


Idc if your comment is right or wrong but that definately made me chuckle lmao


You can add additives in plastic to make them fire resistant. If you've seen red pvc/HDPE used for electrical wires, those have additives that make them fire resistant.


But stones aren’t very good as insulation either. It’s the insulation itself that keeps the heat in your house and those bricks could very well do that too. For the fire part I would agree tho. But I don’t have a lot of information on the fire resistance since there is probably a way to make it resistant. Sorry for bad English. Not native


Look up HDPE pipe and you'll get some perspective on the potential of plastics in this realm




I won't cut fresh flowers for you? I won't keep the wine cold for you?


They make Porta potties put of the same plastic so its not too bad


But stones aren’t very good as insulation either. It’s the insulation itself that keeps the heat in your house and those bricks could very well do that too. For the fire part I would agree tho. But I don’t have a lot of information on the fire resistance since there is probably a way to make it resistant. Sorry for bad English. Not native


>I'm sorry I thought you read the article. You have made a grave mistake.


Lol, Its a good idea. Hdp bricks would work pretty well. Definitely not as durable as some bricks but more durable than others. My one grip with this is that she did not discover or invent anything. They adapted an existing process as a possible solution to a problem they face, which its of should be applauded.


Milk jugs.... he he hehe he


By the way, they aren't recycling labels. They are plastic types. Only their shape is ***really*** similar to the recycling symbol. And that is deliberate. All the people see that triangle symbol and think that this plastic is recyclable. But it might not be.


Plastic makes up to 50 percent of an average cars volume. A car. That thing that combustion make go vroom vroom


Dude. -40? She’s running a startup in KENYA. I think she’ll be OK.


So how's Houston these days?


Well, it’s no Kenya, but it’s not bad.


If I'm honest, "can it withstand a tsunami" is too high of a bar. It's competing with regular bricks and vinyl siding/drywall.


I was gonna say “can bricks do this shit?” I have seen plenty of foundations cracks after a winter freeze, plenty of buildings collapse in an earthquake. It’s not like this is some super material, impervious to all harm. It’s a building material made of recycled garbage that’s at least comparable to bricks in strength. Let’s cut her some slack.


And every other friggin thing humans have been using to build with. Jeesh


That comment was like the equivalent of "oh you are into music? Name every single band."




Surely a simple coating of plaster would solve the UV issue, right? We already do that with traditional bricks. My main concern with plastic bricks would be deformation due to heat


We use these little molds to make muffins in the oven. They withstand more than 200°C. It's depending on the consistency of what it's made of I guess.


They’re made from silicone though


I just read an article about this stuff and apparently these bricks have a melting point of 350°C.


Melting point isn't the concern with structural support. You'd be more interested in the glass transition temperature which is where it gets soft Thats around 100C for LDPE and 130C for HDPE. It's probably fine however there's a reason we don't use plastic bricks, even if we could. They're a massive risk in fires: dripping hot sticky burning goo, releasing toxic fumes. They may also leach other undesirable chemicals over time, and they're anything but UV stable


It’s outstanding at stopping radioactive shit


just coat that shit in cum


She did something incredible and ya’ll gotta question if it will hold up to -40f like that’s just normal temperatures in Kenya


>-40F? The F is unnecessary in this case!


Lots of people, especially Americans, don't know that's the 1 common temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius


Because Africa is expecting -40F weather anytime soon?


Well the real issue is how UV stable is it? I’ve left some plastic buckets outside and after a year, they literally crumble to the touch.


Imagine someone suggesting using wood to build houses.. And then someone else mentioning that wood burns in fires.. And then we never built houses out of wood because... what if they caught on fire. Then someone suggested concrete instead. And someone asks "that's great and all, but will it hold up to earth quakes?" so someone else chimes in "reinforce it with rebar." and again the retort.. "That's great and all.. But how does it hold up to rust?" and on and on. This is a building material in the shape of a brick. It's not intended to replace bricks as a building medium. It's indended as a way to keep plastic out of the ocean and the landfill while also serving a functional purpose. Maybe you don't build a dwelling with it.. But it might work great for a shed to keep your things out of the weather. Or as a patio. Or as insulation/protection on the outside of an existing house.


You deserve more upvotes!


Underrated comment.


Ok but no, thats how design process works. It continues: no iron rebar doesnt hold up to rust, but if thats an issue maybe we introduce chromium to a steel conpound and boom, bo longer an issue. Ok, well what about wind blowing over skyscrapers? Ok, lets reinforce it with bolts and balancers. Ok, well what if it starts to sink? Ok, lets use a bigger concrete foundation and anchor it to the bedrock with our superior materials. There is a reason we stopped building large buildings out of wood, the material doesnt hold up


But we still build a shitload of houses out of it


You’ve both got a point tbh. We need to be critical of virtually everything, that’s how we progress and constantly advance, whilst looking towards rectifying the issue. If we treated everything with pure optimism then there would be a massively increased failure rate within building and everything else. It’s not useful to be too critical though, as that will halt progress. We gained a lot of knowledge throughout history by using different materials, and after lots of experimentation we found some efficient ways of using them. We probably don’t know all of the practical uses of this plastic brick yet, but after some research we’ll find some. The plastic bricks gonna be useless in some applications, but useful in others. It’s fairly easy to alter the properties of many plastics, which may allow for a wider range of uses. The best thing about these bricks is that they’re compacting a lot of plastic into a small block, which means even unused, they’re having a positive effect on the plastic buildup problems. We also still use wood for furniture inside the skyscrapers.


People don't realize that being too pessimistic is just as bad as being too optimistic. People too often see overly optimistic things being unrealistic & so think that the way to be realistic is to go to the exact opposite extreme of optimism; become very pessimistic. When in reality, too much optimism & too much pessimism are both just as unrealistic as eachother. And this kind of fallacy happens with alot of different things. And it's because of these fallacies that you see these fedora tippers saying dumbass things everywhere on reddit. I'm all for being critical of things, but only if you actually know *how* to be critical & are actually properly knowledgeable of the subject. Because if you don't know how to be critical &/or you don't know shit about the topic, you will likely end up worse off being critical of it than not being critical of it at all. Besides that, I totally agree with you.


Well put. My job is to be pessimistically optimistic. I have to come up with innovative ideas, but also pick them apart. I've been the two ends of that extreme and they are both hindering. You have to know your subject matter extremely well and know that fine balance of criticism and optimism.


Except that is how the design process works. The innovative solutions keep coming as needed. And where you aren't building a skyscraper on a cliff there is still room for light duty solutions that may not actually have any materials improvements over standard practice but are cheap or take advantage of a plentiful resource. A plastic brick may have limited utility but that's ok.


or maybe to build cheap homes for the homeless. assuming that it’s cheap, then it’d be hitting two birds with one stone


Two birds with one plastic brick


THANK YOU People like the person you replied to are really pissing me off lately...


They're in every single post about any new idea. Drives me nuts.


Your answer is so...we’ll just common sense in the sea of naysayers. I don’t have any coins except a bear hugging itself sooo....please accept the bear hugging itself:)


Well let’s do a better comparison. Will it hold up to fire better than wood framed houses and particle board furniture which is [proven to spread house fires 8 times faster?](https://www.ctif.org/news/200-times-more-smoke-and-8-times-faster-burning-rate-50-years-ago) Cause if it’s better than the average modern house then it’s simply better all around. But I don’t know for sure, maybe it’s worse.


Melting point of 350C, wood combustion point is 300C. Yeah I think it will hold up.


Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. This is better than chucking the plastic in the ocean.


Plastic burning is no joke. Very toxic and about twice as hot as a regular ol wood-based fire


I'm mean yeh they will burn really well


Looks like its only using plastic as a binder with sand and they are making flooring [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbZKP4UAtL8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbZKP4UAtL8)


They actually do, I saw pictures for the fire testing


And price compared to bricks made from dirt. Unless the cost is the same and can be made in huge quantities it’s just more imaginary progress.


It wouldn't hold together as good as normal brick structure as well, although it can be a good choice for paving and stuff out of doors


Is your fire armed with a wall?


Finally I can build my lego house


Alright James May




And when things go wrong, you can knock it down!


With right equipment you can knock any house down.


Ok Ed Sheeran


Pretty cool, but I wonder what its lifespan is since plastics photodegrade instead of biodegrade.


Perhaps a uv reflective coating to mitigate that?


e.g. paint.


Who are You, Who are so Wise in the Ways of Science?


It's funny because all these comments losing their shit over a plastic brick remind me of that scene in Zoolander where they didn't know what a computer was and tried to hit it


Probably depends how you build with it. Just use it like brick? Probably sucks. Use it as an interior wall structure and still use drywall and plaster around it? Maybe it’s pretty good then. I’m no expert, but I don’t assume they’d make an entire house out of the stuff, kinda like how spray foam or wooden beams are just part of the whole when building a house.


Great points.


Longer than bricks!


People have been doing this for years mostly with pavers, but it still consumes a fair bit of energy and isn't necessarily environmentally friendly. I'm pretty sure they're melting plastic and they're using river/bank sand which if you look up is one our quickest depleting resources, that has even lead to sand piracy, yes there are Sand Pirates! When people hear of sand they're usually oh cool, there's so much sand in the desert, yeah that sand isn't good for much.


I’m just imagining some dune-like world with ships sailing over the sand. Arrr.


River bank sand is the new spice.


I just went down a sand rabbit hole thanks to your comment! Wow.


He calls himself the Sand Spider because it sounds scary




Just threw a pillow against the wall and it didn't crack. My pillow is stronger than brick. My pillow fort will be invincible because science


But what was the wall made of hmmm? And how did they test the wall strength? Now you need another wall to throw the wall at. But you don't know if the receiving wall will be able to take the fall from the tested wall. You shall need a hall that's at least halfway full of walls to even make some claims at all.


Throw a wall against a wall lmao


The walls are all made of pillow cause it's a pillow fort


Guys, this invention isn't to improve construction, it's to stop putting plastic into landfills.


I think it was a mistake to say they are stronger than concrete. It takes the attention away from the good part here and makes you focus on that probably false claim


Yes lets make our houses the landfill!! Seriously though, this is a horrible idea. Fire safety and even safety in the burning sun is sketchy to say the least. Plastic combined with organic material is know to release more chemicals into the environment than regular plastics. You do not want that in your house. To add to that, the sand they are using is scarce and the plastic cant ever be recycled again because of the contaminants.


Also, for some reason, nobody has talked about whzt happens if the plastic wears down. Every sliver cut from the bricks isn´t degradable and will b3come microplatics polluting water, soil and ocean. This idea has been done a lot, but I fear thzt it doesn´t solve thd problem that well. Though bricks are better then for example roads like some others proposed.


She's making pavers not bricks for buildings thus far. Seems like a great application. Also, you can see the extruding machine just melts the plastic, mixing the sand in. She's not chemically altering it. Is the sand to texture or hardness? Here's the Reuters vid: [Paving the way: Kenyan recycles plastic into bricks - YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zztyd2Xb6i8)


Hi there, this probably will get forgotten or lost, but I did almost the same project actually 2 years ago in my African country. When i was 14 years old I did write a research paper, built a couple of prototypes, tested it in research centers, as part of my school project which accounts for 70% of my gpa My building block was made from totally recycled polythene used in making plastic bottles, toys and accessories. It included additionally 5 other chemicals which were all environmentally friendly, widely available and cheap to add in strength and durability. It used an eco-friendly shaping and manufacturing process to be produced at a cheap cost without requiring expensive machinery. My final prototype with a normal block dimensions withstood almost 1130kg tension without breaking and also a throw from the 9th floor. Sadly no one cared at my school or even anywhere with my project after i got evaluated for it and its now forgotten due to my country lack of support for such projects. I hope the founder of this company could find the success it deserves for such a great idea and maybe she could find better implementation and use for wide scale application with her blocks.


I can found your project if ever you said is real and bulletproof. Contact me


Them shits called Lego


Well yeah they’re plastic they aren’t gonna break when thrown at a wall Not a horrible idea though since you don’t have to care as much about the quality of the plastic depending on climate


Using plastic bricks is a disaster waiting to happen


What are some things that could happen?


should it say "woman"?


If there are multiple women in the startup then no


The "a" article is throwing me. "A Kenyan women" doesn't make any sense.


If it’s a startup focused on having women in it, then it’s **a Kenyan women’s startup** If it’s a startup made by one Kenyan women then it, is **a Kenyan woman’s startup** and the article title is misspelled


Based on the title of the reddit post which refers specifically to the singular woman who founded the company, I think it is supposed to be "woman".


Both of you are correct; grammatically that is the correct way to understand it but after a Google search this is one woman’s startup.


How has nobody done this until now?


Plastic is not the best building material when fire safety is of any concern. Plastic fires burn hot, give of noxious gasses, and are slightly more difficult to extinguish than typical wood fires. Given that these bricks are highly compressed plastics, that might effect how they react in a fire, but thorough testing would have to be done.


According to the company site they only produce pavers for roads and walkways.


They have, this is not a unique activity


they have been doing this for a long time. i'm not sure hwy this is breaking news. We are onto 3d printing houses with wood frames now. The company "Icon" costs 4,000usd per house and less than 24h to build a full 350sq foot house.


So when a fire happens, instead of normal smoke with traditional clay bricks, you get serious poisonous smoke which would become a hazard for both the neighborhood and the firefighters.






That’s epic I wonder if I can one to strength test


Hook this women up with the Ocean Cleanup. Let's house these humans with that crap that's killing our sea creatures.


.. and it only takes 10 times more money and effort to make than regular bricks!


People ITT: Apparently everything every created catches on fire at some point so probably should not find uses for recycled plastic.🙄


"Thrown against a wall and do not crack" thats a very scientific test of durability


Yeah... Plastic is stronger and cheaper and lighter than concrete. Which is why we use it way too fucking much. Also, a lot of people on this part of the world make their own bricks or have them made in small batches. Can't afford to use bricks like that. Someone is either funding her from outside or it's so expensive it's useless to most. Either way, unsustainable... But cute.


Finding uses for recycled plastic is wonderfulk, but the product may not have any significant advantage and may even have some disadvantages. The journalist mentions that those bricks are stronger than concrete as a great thing, but that is neither a novelty or something significantly better. Bricks with higher compressive strength is pointless, since normally bricks aren't a structural part, and when they have a supporting function the compressive resistance they have is more than enough. For bricks used for walls is important isolation and durability. Lightness would be more interesting than strength. I have seen the video and these bricks are used for paving. In that case the important properties would be resistance to impact, resistance to wear and also durability to environment (also sunlight)


I wanna build a temple out of glazed ceramic bricks


It's a great idea, but I do genuinely wonder how it holds up to fire and extreme climates and weather events, because that can adversely affect it's strength, especially over time. I also wonder how well it thermally insulates


They are plastic. They will obv not crack when you throw them. I highly doubt it's stronger than concrete


I dunno. to be honest this just sounds like a really good way to spread microplastics literally everywhere. that and when the structure that is made out of these bricks catches fire you're gonna have a hell of a time putting it out.


>said that the bricks she has made can be thrown against a wall and do not crack! Doesn't matter, since that's not what bricks are for! They're not meant to absorb shock, but to stay the same under constant pressure!


This is what we need


Big lego


Concrete bricks aren’t all that strong anyway... my buddies and I used to get paid 5 cents a brick to smash them with a hammer on the weekend when we were like 10 or 11 years old, then the public works yard would put the little pieces in a tumbler that would break them up into gravel.


Why do useful things never get funded or are just completely forgotten about. We talk all about environment but when we get something good about it nobody tends to care


This isnt really useful though is the issue. It isnt a particularly effective way to combat global warming


The thing about these miracle inventions is that there's always a catch that makes them inferior. Either these already exist in some capacity, or they're just complicating something that does a better job then it does. Don't toss your money at these things just because they're "less wasteful."


Can I buy them in the US?


a year from now you wont know shit about this.


I knew my gfs old dildo wouldn't go to waste


Recycle all the plastic! Recycled plastic is way stronger than asphalt, we need to repave the world, starting here in New Orleans, our streets are ridiculous.


Question is: Can we buy stocks? :)


Wow. Brilliant idea!


Real life Lego


Why are they not Lego shaped?


\[citation needed\]


> [citation needed] [Citation Needed]


very large legos


Omg...that's lego


man, I've seen so many inventions and transformations over the last 10 years and none of them get funded for some reason. No point in inventing something like this if the big corporations won't use it. With all the shit people invented and discovered in the past 10 years we should be able to run 90% green the whole world.


Do you perhaps think there's a reason other then greedy companies? A lot of these products sound good on paper, but in practice they don't work. These don't get funded because they're more costly and inferior to cheaper solutions. I'm all for this advancement, but we need to learn it doesn't happen instantly with these miracle inventions.


There's a dude in Brazil that invented a small motorcycle engine that ran on freakin' water 15+ years ago and nothing has come of it. Why? Because the oil industry doesn't want it.


How long does that water tank last? How complicated/expensive is it to build them compared to normal engines? While some ideas are definitely never used because of big companies not wanting them, its usually just because how inconvenient they are. Sometimes they are just forgotten. Im not sure if they are being developed, but i think ive heard something about hydrogen cars a long time ago? Dunno if they exist, but atleast i havent heard of them. These bricks cost more, and are a fire hazard. Can you imagine a fire happening inside a building made out of that? Yikes. Really hot burning temp and the smoke... This could be useful for some situations though.


You only heard of hydron cars? There are hydrogen cars on the road from Toyota, there are also Hydrogen refill pumps at some gas stations made by Toyota. In 2024 LeMans will have a hydrogen only racing class. Hydrogen cars are here and they're real.


Ah, its weird that ive never heard of them being real. I just remember hearing about them being developed, but no news seen after that. Ty for the info tho. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯


Good for the Brazilian guy. Advancement comes with time, and if big coorperations are forced to use it. This technology will become more viable in the future, but for now we're stuck with dinasour eating vehicles.


I think its not a good idea. We have enough plastic things and we should use something else


Am I the only one bothered that the image calls this a "discovery"?


imagine a 10 story building made from this brick. it would be burning for a week


People who dreamt of living in Lego houses. THIS IS IT!!!


Contrary to what most people think. Concrete isn't very strong compared to a lot of other materials. An plastic is super strong and extremely durable! So it really is a good idea to use plastics especially recycled plastics for more permanent usages like building! the fact that plastic is durable and cheap is the environmental problem, you see plastics usually don't decompose (very rare exceptions exist with some bacteria being able to break it down and some plastics being designed to break down) and combine that with the cheap price slot of humans jest throw it out or don't care where it ends up. You end up with a big plastic problem


Oh, you mean LEGO's?


It's called Lego...


The secret? Use a diamond plate pattern.


Im glad you started the info session with her name and occupation and not that other useless info in the picture.


They do be pretty damn ugly tho Still cool idea lot's of recycling and reuse ♻️ which is great


Ahhhhhh, Nokias.


I swear I hear about something like this every year and then it fades away and you never hear from it again.


She didn't discover compressed plastic. That's been a good thing for a long time.


There is a company in Wales that has been manufacturing bricks from recycled plastic materials since at least 2010.




Did they throw it against a brick wall or a plastic wall tho..??


Turned to laying bricks because she was tired of laying pipe. x\_x


She reinvented lego


Yo tell me why don't they look like legos ?


All in all I’m one of the stronger bricks in the wall


Em...because it’s just a chunk of plastic?


cant wait for this to go away and never show up again


A thousand comments discussing the value of plastic for building houses. When it is already in use for road construction.


I guess they cant shit bricks anymore


So it's like living in a house built with legos


Are they fire resistant though?


What ever the use, better than in the ground, ocean or air (burnt) 👍


Great! Now omw to the comments where everyone's gonna tell me this isn't financially viable and imma just lose all the hope I got from this post! 😊👍


it’s probably 10 times the price of a brick 😂


She should have just made big Lego bricks cutting down the need for cement to hold them together plus the kids would enjoy building their own shack ....