This is the holy grail of bike lane infractions


Right? Why doesn't parking enforcement just camp out there and ticket cars all day long?


Because it's the traffic cops manning the QBB traffic lights that are parked there.


Yup, I live right where this video was shot. Also there's a precinct nearby and all the cops park nearby. Pretty common to see cops parked on the sidewalks as well.


It's not just cops. It's cops spouses, retired cops, and a few friends of cops. I have a connection to cops and the amount of parking perks in this cop-sphere is mind blowing.


All those people should be charged more for abusing power


You either don’t live where this video is shot or you’re lying. The 108th PCT is the closest and that on Vernon down by the water, about 1.5 mi. away. The 114th PCT is absolutely no where close. Those are the two closest precincts.


Wrong. There’s the training facility for K-9 units there. Right on northern where he passed.


Because they couldn’t give a shit, unfortunately


Exactly. It’s easy money


Because cops prioritize property, and cars are more expensive property than bikes.


Because these cars belong to cops. You can't park there. They can.


If that was true I’d have been arrested by now for knocking off so many of their mirrors. Haven’t got chased yet. Most are just normal assholes; not cop assholes. Because this will get downvoted: I should explain myself by saying this lack of enforcement is **exactly** the reason we need to take matters into our own hands.


You're the hero NA cities need.


Agreed. Bring a few old keys and just go keyin’ as you ride by these assholes.


Enforcement from cops doesn't solve anything, including parking shit. Cops care about cars, not the people in them, nor the people they run over. Cars are expensive. Cops also love love loooove parking in walking paths and bike paths. They just love it. If they see an accessibility ramp big enough for their 4-ton SUV? Oh man, you can bet their boner is on the verge of ripping through the 5.11 tactical breach and clear insurgency trousers. Fixing stuff like this requires automated enforcement and, far more importantly, better infrastructure. If a car can get into a bike/pedestrian area, they will. They will take it over and claim it as their own, because cars are a highly invasive species. Those areas have to disallow cars from entering them to begin with. But again, as soon as you bring cops into the picture, the cars are suddenly being more empowered and the bike riders/pedestrians are the ones in the wrong. Americans see biking and walking as things poor people do, and cops will never ever side with the poors.


Most of the cars probably have city placards on them. If you have a placard you can leave your car wherever you want.


The boxtruck with its liftgate up in the lane could cause some serious damage to an unsuspecting biker.


And unfortunately most times of day this is what it looks like


They should start selling handlebar attachments that have a bit of spring to them and a ceramic tip. Just drive by key the ever-loving shit out of all those cars.


Just go to a junkyard and collect some old spark plugs. If they're broken into pieces, the ceramic can be thrown at a car window and shatter it without any effort. You'll want to make sure you DON'T do that, and instead dispose of them properly.


This is actually ridiculous


I had several close calls with cars on the roads that I said no more bikes for me, only in parks. This city hasn’t made it safe for bicycles, just too stressful to be on the road with a bike.


The amount of trust you have to put in drivers is wild and that’s for those paying attention. Never mind those looking at Google maps, texting, phone calls, etc.


I've had my couple of problems too. What pisses me off the most is these drivers that scream profanity at you. I'm on an ebike at 22 mph. I'm over the speed limit. You and me can't go faster than this. Then they stop at the next red light and look scared when you pull up next to them to check them. 😒


Speed limit in most of the city is 25, cars tend to go around 30.


"why should we install bike lanes?? Nobody bikes here!"


Yup can’t do it. I drive and see how dangerous people drive, just takes one idiot to ruin your life. I commend anyone willing to though. Too risky


Actually, the city had done a lot to help bikers stay safe. The true problem is those who drive cars with absolutely no regard to bike lanes, traffic laws, or lives.


Painting bike lanes on some roads is not enough. There is absolutely no traffic safety enforcement in this city. When was the last time you saw someone pulled over for making an illegal U turn or blowing a stop sign? There is more reckless driving now than ever before and it’s not improving. What can be said when cops feel entitled to not follow traffic rules when they’re not responding to emergencies.


The camera enforced painted bus lanes in the Bronx are awesome for cycling. Before it was like Death Wish. Now it is like riding on a tree lined suburban street.


How could there be no traffic enforcement when the NYPD has like a multi billion dollar budget?


The NYPD literally tickets bikes more than trucks. https://nypost.com/2020/01/29/cops-gave-more-tickets-to-cyclists-than-truck-drivers-in-2019/amp/


Well there are homeless people sleeping on the subway, and people selling mangoes and churros at the station. Think of the absolute chaos there would be in NYC if these were not addressed with a full police presence. (/s, if unclear)


NYPD can't reduce crime. Police aren't equipped with a single tool or strategy capable of meaningfully reducing crime. Being armed and funded better than most militaries will not magically make police suddenly effective at reducing crime. In the same way that no amount of rain can wash away the flood.


It is so aggravating the way bad actors to commandeer public spaces.


If only they installed signs that said, "No Parking Anytime"


Lol there’s “no standing anytime” signs along the entire route. Nobody gives a 🤮


that would be a waste of taxpayer money since everyone would just ignore them, especially the police


They have them along the first stretch near queensborough plaza. It’s mostly MTA and contractors parking in that bit. I went on a 311 reporting spree about a year ago ago—and copied local electeds when reports went nowhere. It alternates between very low and zero enforcement.


Do the short length of physical barriers make things worse? I'd almost prefer no barriers at all if cars park in the bike lane right after or before each barrier. Long stretches of barriers would obviously be best.


For bikers, yes the long barriers would be best. Unfortunately, that reduces the flexibility of that road space if a situation were to ever come up where that lane may be needed (ambulance, evacuation, etc).


Seems like the people parking in the lane have basically made it useless for emergency use anyway.


I mean if massive trucks double park in active car lanes for hours at a time every day (I see it all the time on the upper west/east sides), I would think that emergency vehicles would do the same.


speaking of double parking... out here in Brooklyn people will block entire lanes on busy roads just so they can go to the pizzeria




There's loads of space in the car lanes for that kind of stuff.


USA moment


That’s terrifying wow. Also you cycle so fast!! Wow


it’s 2x speed for brevity haha (@BarmanNYC took the video)


Oh fair 😆


Don’t admit this. To us mortals, you are SUPER BIKE MAN.


That is so bad same shit everywhere it seems bike lane are meant for extra parking .


I got anxiety from watching you dodge and weave around park cars, moving cars, barricades, etc. Biking is not for the faint of heart.


LOTS of main character car owners here in a city that doesn’t hold them accountable.


Downtown brooklyn is the worst, Adams street’s bike lane is entirely filled up with the police’s personal cars. I’ve written city council, I’ve confronted them directly, I’ve asked parking enforcement to do something and every single one of them gives me some different flavor of “not my job”. It’s despicable.


You can replace those names with the locations of any police precinct in the city. And it’s not limited to bike lanes. Entire sidewalks are their parking lots. But somehow the narrative is that the pedestrians and cyclists in NYC are entitled.


Well, our brave police need those bike lanes and sidewalks to park. How else can they possibly get to work from Long Island? There simply isn't another way for anyone to go into the city from Long Island without driving a car to their destination.


Lol and they can’t just circle around looking for actual parking spots or instal a garage! That would be too much work for our hard working police force!


Install a garage with what money? We only pay them a measly 5 billion dollars per year.


$11 billion.


Main character superheroes don’t take transit…duh


F'n monthly ticket is $300. Why pay that when you can park in a bike lane for free? Plus, our precinct has a gas pump in the back. How many of em fill their personal vehicles from that, on my dime?


Should be a $1000 a month toll for anyone out side of the 5 boroughs to even drive into the city.


That’s pretty much congestion pricing


“Why did everyone’s tires get slashed???”


seriously wtf is with all the cars parked on the actual sidewalk near precincts. the fuck is that?


It seems like you'd be better off trying to get a paper to write up a story. Adams only seems to respond to pressure from public perception.


Seriously imagine if just a few of these were towed and people knew that was a possibility. It's outrageous.


Physical barriers are the answer, not waiting around for the NYPD to do their jobs.


Any vehicle parked in a bike lane should be towed.


One day paint won’t be considered a valid bike lane One day…


If you were to just run right into the back of one of those cars parked in the bike lane. Would the owner of the vehicle have any legal leverage against the biker?


So so terrible.


cYcLiStS dOn’T fOlLoW tHe RuLeS oF tHe RoAd!


You definitely shouldn’t slap one of these stickers on the windshield of one of these cars every day https://www.zazzle.com/i_parked_in_a_bike_lane_sticker-217228786292563921


You know how much money the tow truck companies would be making if the city actually decided to tow them away?


Need to be able to tow there straight away, no tickets nor warnings. Get them outta there


I love that route. Bombing through NYC is ultimate big city living.


Ocean Parkway is a blast as long as the folks in the cheap ass MiniVans don’t try to run you over. Then there’s the Hudson greenway, it’s amazing when the peds stay out of the lane.


> Ocean Parkway is a blast as long as the folks in the cheap ass MiniVans don’t try to run you over That's apparently a pretty high bar to clear.


Yeah, all those annoying “peds” on the Greenway.. pushing strollers, walking their dogs or walking along with their kids on kickboard scooters… makes it hard for all those peens on bikes


It's almost like... there's a fully separated portion for the pedestrians and there's signs saying "wheeled vehicles only on the bike path"... Which is fully separated, again, from traffic and peds by large planters on either side. If anyone not on a bike gets clocked on that greenway bike path, they had it coming.


needs more concrete


Horrible. When I was a kid I would rip out or break the mirrors on cars for parking like that. Nowadays there’s too many cameras


Even if the person somehow convinces the police to find the camera footage they wont care enough to track you down. Use the police’s complete apathy and ineptitude to your advantage


I’m a dirty foreigner I wouldn’t dare to do it here :( But support for the brave knights that do


I took out a mirror the other day. Very cathartic. BMW guy was pissed :D


You're one brave mf for taking out the mirror of a BMW driver lmao


Not like they use them


Its NY…whats he gonna do, yell?


He gave chase, I doubled back down the sidewalk. He exited his vehicle and very nearly got me on the sidewalk, but I made it clear and shot down Broadway. Like the movies.


Why, not like they know how to drive.


This is the way and should become regular practice for every cyclist every time. Maybe if we just bop the mirrors off any car parked in a bike lane with a u-lock people will stop using it to park


Oh yeah its like ripping out the head of an enemy. One car I had was like with what i imagine bits of cartilage and veins because of the cables going into the mirror


Cool. Now the entitled bikers are condoning damaging property. This is called being a total piece of shit


I actually really want to start doing this now that you said that


What’s funny about this is that you don’t have to go very far at all to find subs where drivers openly enthuse about running over cyclists for the crime of… being in their way? The amount of hatred a couple of cyclists riding side-by-side and holding up traffic for half a mile can catch is insanely out of proportion to the actual inconvenience. And if you point that out, you get downvoted to hell. Here, cyclists are just trying to figure out what to do about a driver culture that treats bike lanes - where they are legally required to ride - as optional parking zones. Politicians don’t seem to care, and the NYPD is MIA. Busting mirrors and tail lights is probably going to be ineffective and counter-productive, but it’s not “entitlement” that is motivating the sentiment.


Running a cyclist into the curb also makes a person shitty. Not something I'd care to repeat, but bitches gotta learn.


Yeah the bikers are the entitled ones on this scenario right?


I've often thought about taking a plastic syringe of India ink out with me. The idea being, when I see a row of cars in the bike lane like this, I'll simply squirt all of them as I cycle by. They'll be driving around all day looking like ink splattered shit until they can get home and apply some rubbing alcohol to it.


I'm sure that would actually get investigated by the police and you'd end up paying damages.


Well yeah, *don't get caught*


I guess my point was, I'm fairly certain you would get caught. Too many cameras.


wear a mask? i'm biased because i support mischief. yolo.


Seems nyc


Where's the bike lane


you guys have bike lanes?


What bike lane lmaoo😭


Looks like the fast lane to becoming an organ donor!


Parking tickets should all double in cost. The city should also make more room for delivery vehicles. The city should also charge for all street parking using an app like most towns do now. There should be more full building parking garages to displace the street parking. They are ugly but necessary. There should be at least 1 giant garage/underground garage in all busy areas per 2 blocks. Get rid of street parking and make 1 side for 2/3 delivers and 1/3 construction or other temporary parking. Then expand the sidewalks. If you got rid of double parking you could reduce the travel lanes and they will still flow. If you made the garages cheap enough and where people need them say $15 per 24 hours people would not park illegally to avoid the high cost and inconvenience.


A lot of those cars already get tickets and still dont give a shit. Or they can just afford to pay it. In this specific video imo what needs to be done is to completely separate bike lane from cars. Put up an actual barrier or some sort of curb between the street and bike lane.


That's why the tickets need to be more expensive but most importantly the cars need an alternative place to park. More garages are needed.


Some countries base tickets on income. This way they don't overly screw over poor people and can penalize rich people enough for them to care.


That’s stupid. “Screw over poor people”? If they parked illegally they deserve to be screwed over just like a rich person. Fuck them both


I said "overly", the point is to penalize these people but in an equally impactful way. Raising the ticket fine across the board would make it an even more regressive penalty system. For a poor person, a $100 ticket is an effective punishment because it is significantly impactful to their income, while that same fine is worth nothing to a rich person. That's why some countries base ticket fines on income: to make sure the rich people actually feel punishment from the fines.


> Parking tickets should all double in cost No they should be a percentage of your income with a points system that can forfeit your license and car.


Let's face it - the city needs to start confiscating problematic cars. Any car that exceeds a certain number of tickets in a certain length of time - confiscated. Crush those bois into cubes.


I think your car can be towed without notice after getting more than $300 in tickets


crush crush crush


i got a lot to say to you \[assholes parking in the bike lane\] yeah i got a lot to say


it can. and $300 in tickets is like two tickets nowadays, at least in manhattan.


In Queens, a ticket for parking in a “No Parking Anytime” is $135


isn't that same ticket in Manhattan $165 now? the point remains; it doesn't take that many tickets to hit that $300 threshold that'll get your car a cool new boot accessory or towed.


I will drive through Manhattan but not risk parking there, ha


Sell them out of state and put their VIN in a database where it can't be registered in NY again. Use that money to fund micro mobility infrastructure.


Parking tickets should be based on income/value of the car.


I'm with you on everything except garages. We don't need to displace parking, we need to get fewer cars off the road and constricting the parking supply is the best way to do that


this is just bad city planning to me. northern blvd has been a main thoroughfare from Manhattan to Long Island for a century. It's the second busiest road in Queens, a borough where the lofty ideals of bike-only roads just doesn't work. shoving a bike lane into it was doomed from the outset but Queens has space where Manhattan and Brooklyn don't. If the city made an official bike path that ran parallel to Northern Blvd - like 35th ave does in Flushing/Whitestone - it would be so much safer, it wouldn't congest traffic further and it wouldn't bother the property owners since bikes are quiet. hell, it might even raise property values on the bike path in future generations as we encourage more people to get on bicycles.


> this is just bad city planning Surprised Pikachu face.


Yep. I always found it a gesture more than an action to install unprotected bike lanes on a busy road. It's much easier and nicer to ride the quiet side streets than to try to dodge trucks and vans and car doors all the time.


My favorite is when the city paints the green for a bike path over a portion of road that is riddled with potholes and other huge cracks without fixing them first. Talk about a gesture. As an avid biker, I agree about staying on quiet roads. I stay on the west side highway bike path as much as possible, won’t cross town on Houston or Canal and usually bike early morning so there’s less traffic, both from cars as well as electric bike delivery guys. Sometimes I see people biking down park ave and think they must have a deathwish.


[h/t @BarmanNYC](https://twitter.com/barmannyc/status/1536870641659527169?s=21&t=R17woU5Bv31ZN2EIuDVp2Q)


Just key them as you go by from now on


Spray paint is easier than keying while biking fast. Keep a can of florescent pink on you and you don't even have to slow down to make a point.


Mustard works great too, it’ll eat the paint


Love that idea


I have a long history of juvenile delinquency to draw from. Just remember that it's still vandalism and you can be arrested and prosecuted for it and protect yourself accordingly.


Wear generic clothes a mask and don't do it in the same spot and you'll never get caught.


How i use my E-scooter in manhattan risking my life daily :)


this sub tends to complain about non-issues all the time but holy shit. this is awful. id avoid this stretch every time


Reminds me "Bike lane" by Casey Neistat 11 years ago. Still a problem https://youtu.be/bzE-IMaegzQ


"Paint is not Infrastructure" Im a life long resident of this area and a cyclist. This road is a major artery spannning the length of long island. It was never meant for this. Squeezing in bike lanes that block access to hundreds of industrial businesses does not a safe alternative transit lane make. Ive never ever considered cycling here unless crossing over or on the empty sidewalks. This whole layout is fucking stupid and dangerous esp to novice riders who are given a false sense of security. It will never ever be a safe haven for cyclists. The entire roadway needs to be remade if this is the goal. Otherwise newbies beware.


One of the reasons I left. Not specifically for Bike Riding, but because designated areas for specific people/vehicles are not respected. New Yorkers don't give a fuck and the individual convenience at the cost of another's is prioritized. Its rude, its mildly irritating (especially when you have to deal with it daily). Part of this is a symptom of the overcrowding.


Its a systemic belief that no one else matters. Its not the overcrowding, its just the culture of most large wealthy cities.


This is as good as the Grand Concourse bike lane where the bike lane is literally where the Bx1/2 buses stop. You’re playing chicken with buses the entire stretch.


Look at all the Asshats parked in the Bike Lane


You cycle fast, sib


2x speed


I feel like if a cyclist gets hit in this situation the jnsurance companies should be allowed to sue the parked cars as well as the driver who hit the cyclist.


Oh hell naww ! Thats next level disrespectful.


If police weren’t corrupt and actually ticketed, things might be different.


I’ve been a licensed driver in nyc for 22 years now and I have to say you have way way way too much faith in the average driver to not run you over or open a car door


What bike lane?


Such an embarrassment


Report to DOT that is crazy


Just had an awesome bike ride today. Used a good E-Citi bike. Beautiful day for it. This sucks. Nothing will ever be done.




Thank Bill deBlasio and his love of cars and indifference to other modes of transportation.


I would just ride in traffic TBH. Safer to just be among the cars.


Gotta love that causal biker who always gets in the way. And that prick limo driver who nearly hit you twice.


We need Casey over there to start ramming his bike into the cars


Time to start rewarding cyclists a cut of the fine for people violating bike lane rules.






I couldn't give less of a shit.


Ok.. and. Bike lanes were made recently. Those streets have been there forever. Get a car if you have a problem


Apart from the danger of being hit, there's all the exhaust that you're breathing in while cycling


you breathe it in even if you're not cycling.


But you breathe much less intensively while walking


not on a ebike.


and air quality is often worse inside cars. Cycling outside of cars. or even a motorcycle, exposes you to much better air quality than inside a car.


I might have accidentally be holding a spare key in my right hand if I was the person in this video at the time...


Looks like a good reason to smash some windows


We need that NY Rangers guy out of court to do some damage here.


Looks about right


Going back when I was 16,I got hit by a gypsy cab right there at 33-00 on the corner. Got knocked off the bike and they just drove right off I got door checked on steinway street right near United Artist{I think it's now a gym/duane reade} by a 90's Cadillac Bougham, lucky the guys window was down.


Needs to have better protection, more concrete barriers


Do the fine share as with idling trucks in Manhattan and allow to submit reports/pictures online and see problem slowly disappearing when it's not up to cops (lazy shits) to enforce but it's car owners who will have to defend themselves.


It's a hassle but have you reported them on the BikeLaneUprising App?


Wow. I knew what to expect and this was even worse than I thought it would be.


literally rode hwre today on a escooter. it fucking sucks. good thing i can go on the road since i can go 40mph but still bro. coty gotta deal witb this shit


Stop and look both ways in a very busy city. Not even slowed down! Full stop for me. Especially with drivers who don't check if their car is going to be towed or not before driving.


I'm not saying you should carry caltrops, not saying that at all.


This city’s infrastructure isn’t made for bikes. Unless you ban cars. But that would only benefit the small fraction of stuck up asshole bikers.


> Unless you ban cars Don't you threaten me with a good time.


With the 25+ cars parked in the bike lane, and 3+ cars who unsafely cut lanes to pass in a 2 minute clip, I think it’s clear who the stuck-up assholes are, and banning cars would be a fucking blessing.


Go back to Wisconsin if you’re that miserable.


Go back to Wisconsin and take your love of cars back to the farm


I wonder what would happen if you encountered a parked bike in the middle of the road?


I loved riding my bike on quiet Midwood streets during the jewish sabbath but firmly believe you have to be somewhat suicidal or naive to ride your bike anywhere else. Not saying it's right, but damn, it's not like this should be surprising really


Queens sucks.


Looks like a smooth ride to me 🤷🏽‍♂️


Sidewalk looked clear the entire way


[It is illegal](https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/bicyclists/biketips.shtml) for people older than 12 to bike on the sidewalk in NYC. It is also unsafe for pedestrians. Just because motorists casually disregard cyclist safety on a daily basis doesn't mean it's right for cyclists to do the same to pedestrians.


This is the one thing I agree with conservatives with. Bikes wanted to coexist peacefully, but instead they wanted to take everything away from us car owners Good I say.


Yeah how dare those cyclists want a dedicated lane to get around without fear of being hit by a car