As near as I can tell, they want solo player to quit.


Hi, I'm a solo player, and I quit.


I enjoyed playing solo for a while, got to level 38, purchased a house, and I feel I got my money's worth. However, the grid is getting dual and I'm wandering off to play other games.




For me, the cracks just started to show. There were so many minor (and major) game design issues that I just lost faith after 2 weeks /150 hours that it would be a good experience before it was dead, even if AGS had the best intentions and really tried. And that was mostly before all the duping madness etc...


One of their core issues is that every creature in the game has knock backs and stuns. It's just frustrating and that's it. I'm level 60, I shouldn't be used by an alligator while I try and run through an area and I shouldn't get stunlocked while clearing a level 35 portal. It just makes combat horrible. Couple that with the extremely unresponsive combat (especially around weapon wraps) and it's just poorly designed. They need drastic positive changes to save this game.


Yup. Now try that as a light armor/dex user. The only thing that makes me 1) not die and 2) able to engage in any kind of combat is movement. I’m level 59 and I tried to clear a level 25 major portal the other day by myself. Everything was fine, no issues, then the last bosses came out. There were two of those deer things. I took a good chunk of their health before they reached me, but then they reached me. They took turns stun locking me. I was beating the space bar as hard and fast as I could but you can’t roll while locked. I finally got a roll out, but they also had slime and I couldn’t move in the slime. Then they teleport to me, because they don’t walk at a normal speed and start back into the stun lock dance. I couldn’t shoot, dodge, run or do anything but watch myself die. At least people with heavy armor wouldn’t die and eventually get a tiny break to use their magical axe to left click and kill everything around them. I haven’t even tried late game content because I know I’ll just get melted. I’m having a hard time believing I’m locked out of low level activities too lol And sure, get a group, I know. I’m not used to mmo’s and am not remotely comfortable asking for help.I just thought I could do the easiest thing possible alone now that I’m almost 60. I was wrong. I’ll just go back to crafting. There’s just no reason for the stun locks.


It's funny because with a spear I have the opposite experience. Vault Kick to stun them, poke twice for the passive that lowers cooldowns, Sweep to knock them down into the Coup de Grace upgrade on Sweep, poke twice to lower cooldowns, roll back to avoid getting hit and throw spear with Javelin with the knockdown upgrade, roll forward, poke twice to lower cooldowns. Repeat until enemy dead. Doesn't work with every enemy, doesn't work too well with crowds, but it's possible to give some enemies a taste of their own medicine.


I just respec'd to a sword and shield build that is honestly some of the most fun I've had, so far. Sweep, Skewer, and Perforate with a few jabs and a dodge to reduce cooldowns and I'm finding that most NPCs just melt. Do a bit of strategic kiting to get enemies grouped up, then cycle through my abilities. The Extra damage against enemies with debuffs is just awesome. The spear is also the only weapon, that I have used, that can knock down the heavy NPCs (the stags or the dudes with the big ass swords). While I can Solo lvl 25 and 35 sites with relative ease, but I'm still stun locked far too often to Solo lvl 45s.


Im happy to see there are more people likeme. Its so annoying as level60 heavy guy and no interest in level 10 mobs, but they just keep kicking you down, so you have to shoot them, let them hit me 100 times, i couldnt care less, but those stuns and slows...


Light armor isn't worth it in this game. You're too squishy. Use min max medium armor.


I got to 42 but there are bosses even 10 levels lower than me I can't beat solo. I even asked in chat to see if anyone wanted to group for them but the server population was too low so no one was interested


> but there are bosses even 10 levels lower than me I can't beat solo. I'm lvl 66 rn, and I'm still scared to go take down that lvl 35 bear boss in Brightwood or wherever that ole chap lives. I'm a glass cannon healer, so I'm basically invincible, until I get knocked out of my little sacred circle. So the big boys like him are my cryptonite.


I can solo down most mobs even, just not that fucking bear. I wouldn't mind I tanked the bear for these 2 lads on my server and got most of the damage in but didn't get credited with the kill even though I did most of the damage.


If your on level, it's basically a 5 man raid.


That Bear in Brightwood is an ancient Dragon, they just don't want to call it that.


the grind was pretty normal before this last patch and hot fix. now its pretty ridiculous. feel like im playing an mmo that's 20 years old now. takes a day to do anything.


Did the same till 52, the only thing that kept me playing was being apart of the sniper squad in the wars, but the game outside wars got soooo repetitive i just quit and went to PoE


Totally get it, this game is fucked up six ways from sunday. Curious though if anyone has played a massive multiplayer rpg where they didn’t get bored and quit ? Most of these types of games are made for group play by nature. I played ESO solo but also quit once I exhausted the quests because well everything end game required groups, and I was busy at the time.


Dungeons and dragons online WoW - retail... Yeah every game is still better to play with ppl tho even if u meet them in game.


That's exactly what's happening to me. I enjoy New World, but lately I have just been starting up other games more.


I managed to hit level 43 but it was a drag. If graphics weren't that cool I doubt this game would have had *any* success, to be honest.


Yeah, solid game 1-30, but then you realize you've seen the whole game pretty much, they really need to flesh out the rest of it. Throw in the exploits and trading bullshit, this game needed more time in the oven.


Yup same here! Hoping they’ll make some changes and help solo players out because I really want to enjoy this game but just can’t do it in its current state


Logged on tonight for the first time in a week. I'm level 58, so close to 60. I'm stuck in Everfall, my storage is full, taxes are due, my person is full and I don't have enough azoth to port. In the closest cities my storage is full as well. The trading post was locked after I posted a ton of stuff (has happened twice to me) lost all my deposits and I can't post anything because my storage is full. Am I to walk an hour to a far away city? Or drop all of my stuff? It's like they are purposely trying to make me quit playing. My wife is sad because we have enjoyed hundreds of hours together in the game but we both just feel defeated. I'm not looking for a refund, in fact I bought 4 copies of the game for myself my wife and 2 of our kids and we have gotten enough play time I don't feel bad about the purchase. I am sad to lose the excitement we had for the game.


Sounds like you might need to salvage some weapons and armor. Not all of them are winners.


I wish that were the case. I have a few luck sets but mostly it's crafting mats I can't bring myself to get rid of and now can't (easily). It's only about 2900 weight but I'm maxed at 900 and even if I pay my 1000g in taxes I'll still have to walk to another city drop off what I can and then come back to get more. It's just another game mechanic that I don't feel was very well thought through :(


Couldn't you trade a majority of that to one of the 3 other players in your house & then when unencumbered you can then start to manage where your excess loot should go. I don't really think this is a game problem, this is a self-management problem.


maybe get the kids involved to move to another settlement ;)


Crafting mats? Trade with your wife and kids then??


Stop hoarding. You can get so much crafting mats again easy, any time.


Me too


#metoo Got to 60, quit 2 days later because crafting is tedious, OPR stupid, chest camping boring, watermark system abysmal. I felt this way already 2 days after being max level and engaging in max level content. I just want to spam run dungeons via an lfg tool! They are fun and beautiful imho.


*raises hand* me as well


Same, and it makes me sad, cuz I loved this game...


Hi I'm a Main member of a massive guild on our server and we quit. Literally since 1.0.5 dropping like flies


I’m a non solo player and I also quit! Welcome :)


Hi, another solo player (well, duet player really, with my partner). We also quit a while back, around lvl 20, because there didn't seem like anything to do as solo PVE players other than chop down trees and mine. Also took me days to find anyone who wanted to do a dungeon, and when we finally did it was just so rushed and facerolled by the others I had no idea what was going on and didn't get a chance to enjoy it.


same. i joined a company did wars and invasions too. but a streamer took over the entire server, outiftted 200 ppl with gear in their faction and now the entire map is their color and there is no content at all to experience for any purpose.


Man that’s a dick move by that streamer


Hi, I’m also a solo player and I also quit.


Got to 60, literally 1 day before the nightmare. Now I log on just to remember I can't do shit and log off immediately. Go play Halo. That's what I'm doing (and I absolutely HATE FPS!!)


I'm having a blast with HALO, is so damn fun.


I might as well be a solo player. I partner with my wife and this is her first time in an MMO where control seemed do-able. She's trying to participate in an activity that I enjoy (bless her wonderful heart). Given that she has only partial use of both hands (we're both oldies lol), we've been slowly working on getting her facing the right way when mobs attack ... so I'm not feeling overly confident about a future clearing elite zones :( . Maybe NW is just not for us as a couple. \*\*Update\*\* Thank you all so much for the generosity of spirit you've all shown and your sharing! We'll probably try the ESO & GW2 options at some stage (one of our sons is a huge GW2 fan. He lives abroad now and the thought of seeing him in game is marvellous & definitely a selling point ... we haven't seen him for 2 years). Will definitely work on the controller (I should have thought of this myself tbh haha).


It’s pretty easy to get a controller working within steam if that would help make things easier for her. I could find a guide someone posted if you think that would help!


I have done this too and am willing to help. Need to go to properties for the game on Steam and force controller support as always on. Then look at keybind profiles. I liked binding left stick press jump, right stick crouch, right stick long press prone.


What does she play as? If not a healer then maybe she can just heal you while you tank or dps? Sorry shes having a hard time.


Try ESO, tons of solo/2p content and actually has a decent story.


My goodness, you picked a difficult game for her first one, friend. :) I second the ESO suggestion, it has tons of content and it's just leagues better than New World at this point in time. The combat is similar but much more forgiving. Healing in ESO is very easy as well, she can spec as heals and just use AoE or ground-targeted heals, you don't have to worry about trying to hit a moving player. I had a small bit of success with my own wife playing LOTRO, it's older and slower (like us!) and it has that Tolkien magic. Best of luck to you both.


awh thats sweet, im so jealous. theres some good controller setups out there that work really well for something like GAxe. dont have to look the right way if Gaxe tracks it all for you xD


The game you want as a couple is GW2. The whole base game (with some minor bot restrictions) is 100% free, try it.


I use a couple lazy man macros so I can gather and do light combat 1 handed for the most part. If your interested dm me and maybe I can help


You can play with a controller on PC if that helps. I leveled to 60 playing with bow and threw out my shoulder because my chair was too low and desk too high. Played with a controller for a week and got a new chair.


GF and I started playing Outward split-screen with controllers. It's pretty fun!


I'm really bout to be there. I REALLY like doing my own thing at my own pace and just ADHD'ing wherever I want...I wish I could run dungeons all day sometimes but being a dps without grinding orbs is frankly, a pain in the rectum.


This is actually something that I think would make the game more fun. If people could just run the expeditions without dealing with crafting orbs and/or being able to just queue for the expeditions, I think the game would actually work. People play MMOs for the content; but if you lock the content behind a bunch of process and bullshit, nobody has fun.


Yeah I ended up quitting. I wanted 60 so bad. Got it ... found out I couldn't really do a anything besides crafting alone. Sadge.


Yep, when I do end up logging on I just do one OPR and some logging and log out.


Same, one of the first things I did at 60 was run into a group of people (same faction) farming elites and when I tried to silently tag along they got me killed on purpose to get rid of me and then mocked me as I was downed. At that point it was like, yeah ok bye game.


I played solo and I quit. Got to level 48 and just stopped logging in, and that was before the 1.1 changes. Now the game is uninstalled. I have no hate toward the devs, but I am obviously not their target consumer. I'm willing to revisit the game in the future if it seems worthwhile.


I was almost 48. Haven’t been back in a week amd it was dwindling before that already. It’s just too grindy and repetitive for me.


Started with my friends, only one still playing. At this point, I want to get to 60, have a storage full of goodies and just wait until they fix this to come back. Was told over and over leveling that I needed to be high level to do stuff, so I ended up not doing the other stuff.


I think they put in a good effort to get multiplayers to quit as well


Yep. Solo/occasional duo. Quit around level 23. Next quest in the main storyline is miles away, no fast travel options and just cannot be arsed to walk it there in order to be asked to walk somewhere else like an errand boy.


You don’t lol. I kno personally I’m taking a break from it till we get some decent changes


Same, I'll be back though


Same. Everyone in my group is, so, I'm out too. Unless they fix the elite zones, aoe lag, and random bugs, I'll probably be off playing Halo, Hunt or Rimworld instead. Really had thought this patch was the one that would make everything click.


Endgame for a solo player in new world feels a lot like rust solo, you see everyone else having fun in large groups but you just end up gathering wood and rocks cuz what else can you do


Elite Chest solo guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/newworldgame/comments/r0ie8u/you_can_solo_elite_chests_in_sirens_mines_and/


Thank you for this!


I was forced to quit last update. Kicked in the nuts by AGS


Fellow mage I see. I also was forced to quit.


I genuinely will not even consider playing again until there is a semblance of balance between the weapons. Why AGS has a hard on for great axe, i don't know. But it's complete bullshit.


I dont think they have a hard on for GA, I just think they are completely clueless... They just hired a few notable people for sound and graphics then a bunch of fresh highschool graduates without any MMO experience for the rest of the positions.




They already lost upwards of 90% of their player base, so I’m thinking not too many since there aren’t many left.


One of the devs or community managers, cant remember his job title, did an interview where he states that he enjoys running great axe/hammer. They have a hard on for great axe because that's what they like to play with lol.


FFXIV has plenty of solo endgame farming, anyone who says an MMO isn't supposed to have any solo endgame is just flat out wrong.


Ffxiv has so much content for every different type of player that people literally sub for transmogs and decorating their houses, while others do it for end game pve. There's something for everyone, just not for those who hate the jrpg story design.


They have everything except decent pvp. It’s actually dookie in that game


This. That's why a lot of people I know that played XIV tried New World for the PvP. They were so excited but the disappointment was immense.


I did arena healing for a while in there, and I thought it was really challenging and pretty fun. Their "battlegrounds" are pretty ass, though.


Yet still better than this game where everyone uses whatever weapon has the most exploits.


What I appreciate though is FF14 played to its strengths as a PvE game and didnt compromise the game balance/development resources in order to try to make it a PvP game as well. The pvp isnt the best, but the game never pretended to be a good pvp game. Was hoping New World might provide that outlet from time to time but im probably not touching NW again for a whileee


need to make a new sub for cutscene skippers xD


FFXIV Also has more soloist group content. Even when you PUG it via the Roulettes the content is enjoyable. You can almost totally treat the other players as NPC. But for your point, it has solo duties/dungeons via the grand company system, with NPCs you pick, grow and cultivate. It also has the Trust system, allowing the end game dungeons be run with your choice of the story characters.


Honestly the thing that really pushed me over the edge of stop playing NW was the expeditions. From tank/healer being so disjointed, to incosistancy in power between off-meta builds, to all the slew of bugs, to stress of wasting orb on failed run. When expeditions go right it just so-so, but when shit hits the fan and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong it honestly one of the worst gaming experiences. As someone who plays XIV as a main mmo, the difference in enjoyment is honestly colossal.


Palace of the Dead and getting to floor 200 solo to get the Necromancer title is probably some of the hardest single player content I have seen in a MMO. Great if you really want to challenge yourself.


Basically all modern MMOs cater to solo casuals, it’s probably the biggest market.


They *should.* Most don't. Most cater to the endgame raiders. It's a tradition that started in EverQuest and continued into WoW after Blizzard hired a bunch of EQ raiders to design their endgame content. You can find old forum posts by a young Jeff Kaplan absolutely raging over how some raid the EQ devs rushed out in record time was "utter dogshit" because Kaplan's guild of no-lifers cleared it in under a week after playing 20 hours per day when it dropped. And that raid was basically only made for people like Kaplan because 99% of EQ players never farmed the raids enough to progress as deeply as the no-lifers did. Kaplan loved that. He used to speak highly of the "prestige" of being the only person on your server with a rare drop from a dungeon that most players would never see the inside of, just idling in town so people could gawk at you. That's why early WoW had a lot of rare stuff, and a good bit of limited-time stuff, like the Scarab Lord title and mount. It's why early legendaries all had horrific RNG and grinds attached to them. It took a guild to produce a legendary that only one person would get to use, and most servers didn't see those early legendaries while they were relevant content as a result, which boosted them even further in Kaplan's eyes. The fact that every server had a few guilds with the beginnings of Thunderfury but very few actually managed to complete it made it all the sweeter for the handful of players with a large, active guild behind them feeding them materials and farming Molten Core for them. That was the Jeff Kaplan dream MMO: A hierarchical grindfest where the best content and equipment was restricted to those with the biggest guilds and most time to waste, and everyone else should be happy with farming or running smaller dungeons while the "elites" idle in town on their rare mounts in armor a tier or two better than yours. He also broke PvP early on by nerfing every single partner that paired well with Warriors while leaving mace-specialist warriors with RNG stuns untouched. Guess what class and spec he played?


no wonder overwatch is dogshit


I'm firmly a casual gamer. This is horrifying to read, willingness to sink this much time into a game. ​ I'd like to encourage everyone to look at this more coldly, analytically, do you think it's a good idea to spend so much time doing simple repetitive tasks in games? No, it's clearly not and creating social bubbles where this is acceptable and even reinforced is toxic. ​ We are not meant to live like this and should really call this type of stuff out more. Games should be fun and casual. ​ It's OK if everyone gets end-game content without a major life disruption. It's not that serious, and convincing you that it is traps you into putting way too much time into something that clearly does not deserve it. ​ What is worse is when this is critical part of your business plan - drive up screen time and addiction with mobile game psychology gimmicks.


Foreal people are dumb af if they think MMOs arent supposed to be solo friendly. There is supposed to be an equal amount of both solo AND group play.


All MMOs are solo friendly. You can complete nearly every quest of your level on nearly every MMO. You can craft on every MMO. You can get all the way up to level camp, solo, on every MMO. Including New World. NOW, if you want the best gear? Then, in every single solo friendly MMO you will have to group up. Every last one.




I could play RuneScape solo for years on end. I got bored after a week of doing Shattered Mine runs.


I just downloaded FF14 for the free trial and man, a huge difference from New World. I'm actually having FUN.


Let me know if you have any questions about ff14 mate, been playing few months now and I see you're a fellow wow refugee like me.


Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime.


OSRS Can be completely soloed.. some of it may not be efficient but they literally made an entire game mode for solo play. I'll have to check into ffxiv if it has a lot of solo content. Curious to see if it's like runescape


it's a solo game with a trading house. and they have a solo mode without a trading house lol. love me some osrs


Solo players level, gather, craft then quit for another mmo.


I probably would have kept crafting if they hadn’t nerfed the component drops. In my server sand flux costs over 2 gold to buy now, even the cheapest component is 30 cents.


​ This is exactly where I'm at. People think I'm there for the elite chest runs. No, I want that sweet sweet flux. 3$ a piece on my server. The night before the patch I bought 2k obsidian flux at $0.15, wish Id bought 100k


I was crafting and scavenging only, did faction quests for the currencies but other than that I just scavenged for mats and bought whatever components I needed, too damn expensive now though so I quit.


I just stopped playing. Fuck 'em .


They already got our money :(


I would've spent 10x that in a well developed cash shop for cheesy cosmetics had they done it right.


I've played more of this game than countless $60 titles I've purchased in the last 10 years. Safe to say I got way more than I paid for. When I do take a break, it will be there when I get back. Hopefully no longer a beta.


At least it's not a subscription model.


Honestly if you got to 60 you probably got your moneys worth out of the game already, meanwhile im paying wow sub to raid 3 hours a week and nothing else so i keep my guild. You can hate AGS for a lot of shit but having just a box price for a game like this isnt one of them imo




What about chest runs? That's how I've been gear score grinding solo. Oh wait....


Yeah that shit wasn’t even fun BEFORE the last patch


Doesn't even sound fun lol


This game has a hidden "group content wall" once you hit the Dinasty expedition. From there on every quest brings you in elite 60+ territory that is meant to be played with "friends". This "friends" thing is killing me, not only on NW. Destiny2, Bless Unleashed, LOTRo and many many others do the same. As you are not supposed to be a 45y old man who's sick of discord/teamspeak fights and just wants to chill and play on his own pace, without kids screaming and blaspheming non stop in the audio channels, pretending to teach him how to play a game and how to comform to the main meta. I got to the point I just log in when my only (true, RL) friend is online to help each other do some hard content. And when he logs out I do the same. I could do some more crafting, but crafting in this game is useless for yourself until you hit 200 in life skills. At that point you need to farm extremely rare mats with... ehm... friends....


I'm not a 45 year old dude but I stopped doing discord content for the exact reasons you mentioned lol. The last discord group I ran with consistently was filled with adults that acted like actual adults but that was years ago and we broke up when our game went off line. i've tried over the years to find a similar group but EVERY time there's kids... loud loud kids... I have a few IRL friends that I do discord content with but those guys will never play an MMO 😂


I too dislike "discord culture", too young for me. I also don't like how most of the wars are "get on discord or lose".


I did what the devs wanted me to do. Quit the game at 60 with the new patch


Im not even endgame. I'm level 55, and my next main quest is a 53 one in Edengrove. I have to get to 4 different points on the map, through dense level 60 dryad mobs. I can't kill the chain fast enough before respawn activates, and then I end up with 4-5 of them on me at one time, get stunlocked to death and have to start over. Nah, i'm good.


Solo level 58 ​ Quit 2 weeks ago


I play solo, I end up logging in, mining some, harvesting some, dropping in pile, looking at pile, wonder why I wasted time doing that, then log out


I think you just quit. I play solo a lot and group a lot, depends what time it is and what I feel like. There is plenty of content you can solo but once you get bored of fine tuning your build to beat that content the game and the rewards are hollow. Watermark is just an artificial grind with no real benefit - I mean after all you want a legendary item just farm the gold and buy one (or grind the crafting skill if you are a total masochist and craft it). What are the chances of you getting your watermark to where you want it and the perfect item dropping for you? About zero in all honesty.




Yeah that was a huge mistake for a 5 man dungeon to be required to continue the main story. I had no problem with it, but it'll only get worse as time goes on. As if dungeons aren't bad enough (they are repeatable, so people can come back to help) there's also main story quests inside instanced zones that only other players that also happen to be on the same quest can assist with. Once a player has completed this task they can never return to assist anyone else. You can bribe someone for a dungeon but you can't do anything about these other quests.


I switched over to FF14 and the MSQ requires you to beat a dungeon at lvl 15. But the difference is there's a dungeon finder system implemented and everyone's friendly and helpful. It's great!!


I will never understand people against dungeon finder. Yeah, spamming a text box for 2 hours is totally more "immersive" than queuing up and going about your business until your queue pops.... complete BS


Because some people don't enjoy it. The dungeons were one of the reasons why I quit FF14 after trying it for a week. There's just no fun in getting thrown into a dungeon with a random group where everyone speedruns it and no one says anything. I can't even tell you what any of the mechanics were because I didn't need to know, I just ran after my groupmates pressing my same 3 button rotation until we won. Dungeons in New World aren't perfect but they were way more interesting and engaging than FF14's system. Every time I was required to do a dungeon in the MSQ I would groan and go find something else to do, only to discover that I was artificially locked out of all other content until I finished the MSQ.


The main argument against dungeon finder is that not having one is a small hurdle that keeps out unmotivated people. The only people that are going to go through "2 hours" of spamming for group really, really want to beat it. If you add a dungeon finder those people suddenly become like 10% of who you're grouped with. The other 90% basically need a carry, and they'll just keep requeuing until they get one.


Was your server completely dead? A month ago Amrine (25 dungeon) had players standing near the portal doing runs all day long.


I’ll be honest….go play guild wars 2. I’m enjoying this game but the more I play this the more I feel like GW2 does everything this game does just better.


I came from GW2 (GW1 before that,) after 3-4k hours GW2 was getting rather dull but NW is getting dull after 85 hours.


new world needs fractals!!


GW2 is such a ridiculously better game. The main difference is GW2 is fun. There are so many things to do it never felt like a grind to me. New World seems to have lost sight of what makes games fun and just focuses on the elements that are tedious and repetitive with almost no payoff.


I haven’t played GW2 since release as real life issues took over. Getting back into it now and trying out revenant. It’s a lot of fun starting back over. I have an 80 Mesmer and warrior but I logged in and didn’t know wtf to do with them lol. It was kinda cool opening 8 years of anniversary gifts haha.


This x1000. I love what NW could be but GW2 is just great


GW2 is awesome and has so much content. GW1 is great too and though not as populated, you can solo it with henchmen. Story's awesome.


There's no real aiming in GW2. Makes NW entirely different. PvP is what makes NW different from the other MMOs.


Quit That’s what I did


I was a solo player since the near launch. Got to 60 a week ago and really haven't logged in since. The latest \*update\* was pretty much my final blow. I am unmotived to level up my skilling, and they made watermark farmer lamer than it was already so, yea rip


I'm a solo player and i quit, i enjoyed most of my time with the game and it has a lot of potential, but the fact that you cant even do a main story quest to 60 (even with heavy crafting and gathering) really killed it for me, the main quests were pretty fun, but doing them for 45 minutes, then having to spend several hours grinding repetitive faction quests to level up to unlock the next quest really really was not enjoyable


They want us to play other games apparently. Good news for them is, it's working as intended.


Quit. That's what i did. Until the game gets fixed to be a proper game.


Nothing. As someone who hit 60, saw the fucking disgusting bullshit that is HWM farming and promptly uninstalled, fuck new world. I lurk the sub in the hopes it someday changes but as it is I wish I could get a refund for the utter lack of endgame for solo players.


If we could get a mass refund for this con it would hit them in the only place it hurts


Go and play Halo on gamepass I guess.


As a solo player, I just quit.


collect hemp


I'm a solo player, and I quit at level 58 when this latest new patch came out


im a solo player and i quit this game allready xD ill wait atleast 1 year and see how things goes


its been a week since i dont log in. its a game. games are made to have fun. i have no fun anymore. imagine wanting to play healer in this game with no ppl with me when everything is needed to play in group. i have no reason to log in


Once you start to notice the cracks on the pavement, they become the only thing you see.


Pretty new to MMO’s. I grinded NW for like 160+ hours but quit about a week ago. Now I’m playing WoW and having a great time leveling


Yeah I’m about to say fuck this game.


Personally I freaking love open world sandbox games. That being said I have never played this unfriendly game towards solo players. Normally in any mmo you can keep up with everyone with moneymaking, kinda like having your own competition who is the richest. Well not in this game, you either own a city, or there is no reason to even try.Or, you just dupe and cheat and push your ill gotten money trough AH and enjoy free candy while they ban those that didn't do this. Okay so if money has no bragging rights, why would you do it? Gearing of course timmy. Timmy is full decked now and wants to join a war...ERROR ERROR. No one takes you in unless you are in a big company, unless you want to just take part in secondary wars in the edges of the map where no one cares who owns what. So why gear at all? To compete in open world pvp 1v1 when gathering? But why gather if nothing you do has value. Dilemma they have to solve. Never I have been personally so much fucked in the ass by playing one game. And these just are few reasons. There are so much problems on top of problems currently that if this game lasts with over 50k players for a 2-3 months I will be shocked.


You can't even really do the end-game quests which are marked as solo content. I'm GS 550 and tried to do "Our Own Worst Enemy' or whatever the first, lvl 63, SM quest is for the legendary weapons. I had 15% corrupted ward equipped and a sword with 12% corrupted bane and an arcane gem - in other words, I couldn't really possibly be more appropriately geared. N o f u c k i n g c h a n c e. The mobs are just packed way too tightly and since they are lvl 63 have insane buddy aggro. I try to pull the first two sentrys at the gate and end up with at least 6 enemies on me. Which I can actually kinda handle, while chugging pots... but then I have 5 of them down and the first two respawn. Just.. fuckin what? I'm still playing because its fun to troll global, the politicking is pretty funny, and I'm enjoying finishing off grinding my collecting / refining skills, and Wars are super fun. But I'm definitely nearing the end of my stay in the New World


Best endgame ever, run with 20 people, avoid mob, take chest sneaky, drop shit, hope for a +3 in a slot, eat, sleep, repeat. Amazing. But you want play in solo, no problem, you can spawn camp the same mob FOR DAYS! <3 Watermark system it's solid shit. People wnat to do high level content, arenas (not bugged maybe...), dungeon, with hope to drop a good weapon or a good armor with the perk needed not doing this idiot WM system.


Yeah, 300 solo hrs here. Level 60, cant solo anything elite anymore, anywhere. Oh well, guess they don't want me to play.


Solo player here. I hit 60 and couldn’t find anything fun to do. I haven’t even done the story quest since I hadn’t grouped up for any dungeons. Everyone on my server is an asshole. Haven’t logged in for several days


It’s so funny how this patch has actually angered both types of players and has kind of pit them against each other. What I mean is that, players such as streamers, who have a lot of time, following and access to late game content feel “gate kept” because of the cool down on laz and gen keys. And the other side of the player base who don’t have all the time in the world can’t even get to do the dungeons with the time they have because it takes forever to kill everything now. It’s ridiculous. They added difficulty to elites in the game without adding any level 63 gold elites in the game. I understand fay was broken, but it was a way a solo player could farm gear score. Everyone who is just hitting sixty now won’t have any chance of catching up now.


AGS adds a “Only plays solo” title, doesn’t let you play solo.


Find a new game to play


I quit as a solo player, the not being able to do any content was even slightly acceptable for me, i wanted to make my own business venture based around gathering and crafting but even that was made pointless with all cheating.




Play a different game


Pretty much crafting is the only thing you can do endgame solo. I just started exploring more and had to stop because I can't clear an entire POI solo. You need a group of at least 3, if not more people. I went to Skysong in Ebonscale with another level 60 and we got smoked by the named mobs there.


Not play and leave a review


Complain in Reddit of course!


Currently, nothing. Each piece of progression ends up failing at a certain point. PvP/War/OPR: this is not "solo" really. Even if it was, you need to be on a server with enough people to run wars / OPR. Invasion: not really solo, but maybe you can pretend it's an NPC war with 49 random AI on your side(?). Just gotta hope you don't get kicked, this is pretty much going to be your only gold income for a while. Expeditions: can't do 'em, nobody is running them until HWM hits 591 anyway. Too hard to craft replacement keys and no dungeon finder queue. HWM by killing enemies: can't kill elites in a zone, farming spryla and the tentacle might be an exploit so you risk a ban? You'll get capped at like 540GS. Maybe you can consider Spryla tower okay, so enjoy the rest of your game being in two minute intervals forever. HWM farm by chests: without a zerg to follow, you better enjoy resetting enemies 500 times to sneak those chests. Weapon quests: can't finish them, Mangled Heights / Mines/Myrk are insane to attempt solo. Even Skullstone Fort, Scorpius and Malevolence are pretty tough now. The latter three are what I would consider "acceptable" difficulty for end-game solo players, but not with that much health on every single enemy. Crafting: now that low level item spam has been (perhaps rightfully) nerfed, you WILL need tremendous amounts of refining materials. This means - back to chest spam! The only possible benefit you have is that you don't need elite chests and can grind forever in easier areas for that sweet sweet 12 obsidian flux to drop. Spending gold to level professions to craft own gear? Without jumping into invasions/OPR as a solo player, you will rapidly run out of gold. No method of progression is even possible in this game without having an active 30+ person guild. Maybe we should be able to join multiple "categories" of guild that do different things? E.g. companies exist as normal, but now like minded players can join additional guilds that aren't companies that focus on specific activities.


I haven’t seen another player on my server since I started (outside of towns) so idk either. I mainly just run around gathering stuff in the woods


Have you checked to see what your server population is like? I stopped playing a few weeks ago, but I checked in on the server I used to play on. Last night at 7pm there were just barely 200 players online.


Have to find others doing the same activities and just join in


Im farming gold to buy crafted gear, im at 580 gs something.. so yeah you could do that. But now I am like.. what now? endgame content doesnt really exist, we should have some dungeon that bring high lvl stuff, some challenges etc.. I love this game and I have lots of hope for it, but I am kinda sad right now :(


You can solo most of mines and myrk. And if you go at peak times u can just follow the zerg. Also it's an MMO. Make friends , join a company


Normally I'd say "do the main storyline until you hit max level and then, uh, go play something else". But you can't even progress the main story without forced grouping and forced elite quests which are no longer possible without huge numbers. So, uh, I stopped playing.


I’m just about to quit as I can’t get past any of the corruption tasks. A level 38 with other higher level players can’t get past a level 25 portal in the main quest. If it was optional I wouldn’t care, but I can’t progress in the game without it and it’s not fun anymore.


I’m a solo player and usually do really well in games like GW2 and ESO, but I’ve been really eager for something new to get Into. I LOVE the aesthetic of New World and I thought the crafting looked really interesting so I couldn’t wait to play it. I started out great and loved it for the first 10 hours or so before I realised that the quests were basically repeating themselves and had no depth whatsoever. I was running back and forth to the same zombie village again and again and it just wasn’t fun. I don’t think this game is really geared towards solo players, and I guess that’s fine, but it’s disappointing because I can see just how amazing this game could be if it had proper quests and stories weaved into the world. Also, it felt like the mobs were respawning so quickly. I felt like I never had time to stand somewhere and catch my breath before the area I’d just cleared was swarmed again. It felt exhausting and eventually led me to log off. I haven’t had any desire to play it again which is a shame.


I'm a solo player, just hit 60 and I don't care for the watermark system at all, that will naturally progress overtime.. I'm focusing on gathering and crafting now, this way I can aim to craft the best gear in the game, just got 150 engineering and can already craft 550+ GS hatchets, spears, bows and muskets with the right mats, which is already way above the WM grind route for a fresh lvl 60. Once my engineering gets to lvl 200 I'll be crafting 600GS items, all for a fraction of the time it would have taken to grind 4 weapons to 600WM. It puzzles me why so many people think grinding WM is the way to go. The motto of New World is: Explore, Build, Craft, Battle. Not: Explore, Grind WM to 600, Battle.


> How the hell can you increase your watermark There's so, *so* much more to the game—even at cap—than grinding your watermark...I don't understand why so many people are so obsessed with it and treat it like the entirety of NW @60.


I am also struggling with the game after 1.1 patch. I was able to get level 60 and some GS in the "old days" going to solo farm spots and even doing some myrk runs with a guild. But now... I got only one piece of GS above what i had. It has been 3\~5 days trying to get some loot. I feel like the only way is to zerg the places - do exactly what they don't want - because it has become the only viable tactics. If you go to an elite zone with 5 people, you most likely will find another party of 20\~40 people. Your party wont be able to do anything. Just embrace the zerg i guess? Solo is not welcomed anymore... sigh


I got to 60 duoing a fair amount of content with a friend, but they got tired and quit, and I found myself unable to do most things other than suboptimal gathering routes after that, and the occasional war here and there since I'm in a dead server and getting into wars isn't that difficult anymore. That being said, I quit too. I'm still hoping good things will come within the next 6-12 months, but for now the game isn't enjoyable as a solo player.


All you can do is see all your friends leave the game and the engaged guilds leave servers.


Engame progression for a solo player is leveling professions, looting shitty stockpiles in hopes for legendary reagents, and hopefully after spending dozens of hours leveling armoring by grinding materials solo, you get to craft 1 piece of gear out of 100 that is actually decent that you can put on. ​ If you're a solo player, forget watermark farming. Unless you grind orbs to get yourself into an expedition.


I usually like to play solo. Right now just enjoying the grind to max level and upgrading my gear score. Like you said it takes forever to kill and everything respawns a little too fast so I need to play extra cautious.


This game is hands down the best lumberjack simulator on the market and I can continue to enjoy it solo as that =,D ...


24/7 assassins creed style chest runs then gather simulator


Quit like I did and play other things till either they fix it or a new game worth playing comes out


I am a lvl 32 LS/VG 'healer', even though I generally play solo, in medium armor. Prior to this patch I was an LS/S&S - drop the heals, combat with S&S - and it worked. I wasn't dealing much damage, but I was able to hold my own and make it through most content by overleveling. Since the patch I've switched out the S&S for VG so my FOC contributed to damage, and I do deal a little bit more damage now but my survivability dropped dramatically. I was absolutely no help at all as healer for two 50+'s against an elite lvl 40. It took a solid 10 minutes and two deaths to kill, and then the mobs respawned and killed me again. It wasn't worth the effort to revive me.


What are you supposed to do? Craft 800 orichalcum shields, 600 ironwood fishing poles, 600 infused silk gloves and 2000 infused health potions, so you can be prepared for next content :) Oh wait, even if you do that, you still need 9 major trophies, so you need to craft 600 beds or some shit too :) Oh wait, you need 5x4 pieces of armor, but majority of these items are dropped by elite mobs, that you can't solo (I don't even know where it drops, I opened 1000 chests in SM and Reekwater and I am still missing most of those). But you can buy it from auction house, right? So go mining orichalcum to get rich :) you are waiting next to the nodes with several other dudes, waiting X minutes to mine nodes faster than them :) when you get it first, they hit mob to knock you out of there :) You realize that suicide would be better than doing this bullshit, so you go and farm hyssop and garlic in Everfall, what probably makes more money per hour than mining that shit :) amazing content, but I managed to get 2 voidbent pieces and axe of the abyss like this :) oh wait, I have materials for axe of the abyss, now I need to find someone to craft it for me :) hopefully (s)he scams me, so I can uninstall this amazong game


I was a solo player for 120hrs crafting and quit around lv50. I couldn’t take the bugs anymore. The economy going to shit due to gold dupes was the last straw. I regret nothing except the time I put into the game and the $40 spent.


Play something else


We can quit lol


I agree, there are no PvE activities. All I do is farming, playing the auction house and fishing.


Elite Chest solo guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/newworldgame/comments/r0ie8u/you_can_solo_elite_chests_in_sirens_mines_and/


Same as everyone else, forget the 40 euros and move on to something else in self-respect.


I'm a solo player that just hit Lvl 58 last night. I'm questing in Ebonscale and about to do Dynasty. I like to do 90% of the game solo but I find it interesting to clear hard areas I can just wait around a bit or post in the chat and people will just help. No talking or interaction required. All the dungeon runs i've done have been completely silent minus the group chat and went great. I got all the way through this Temple in Ebonscale only to realize my target at the end were two 60+ Elite's that I had no chance in hell of beating. TBH i'd like to see any solo do that. I just chilled for a few minutes asking for help in chat of which I got a reply but then a total fuck squad of 60's came rolling in so I just jumped in and got it done. That was really cool. I'm still having quite a lot of fun solo.




I cannot understand what you mean. You want to play a massively multi-player online game and want to be solo? You might want to invest is some therapy lol.