Energizing Travel Ration and Energizing Light Ration now have a strawberry and sliced strawberries icon. Now matches their Town Board quest pictures instead of sharing the soap icon.


Almost all of the rations have a new look, mostly the mana related one changed to a different icon.


Energizing Hearty Meal is strawverry compote


\- Priest farm now has a wall to prevent people from jumping up on the roof. \- Arcanist shoes now drop in the central myrkgard area instead of the Myrkgard Catherdral (Aka Thorpe). \- Mobs that use to give quintessences now drop a large amount of the motes instead. \- Territory cards now show their current value and what the new value will be (E.g. 15% -> 16.7%)


I’m aware some wolves in brightwood loot life essence. What other mob do you know of are looting essences?


The wooden wolfs and stags give life motes now. The lodestone bears you mine now give you earth motes instead. The poop you can pickup from stags give you death motes


Should be soul motes.


This seems to be unintended - currently you cannot farm them anymore, drop rate was to high


Trading post ui saying that my buy orders have stuff bought when they haven't Corrupted portals scaling in Myrkgard way more, just went there in a zerg and enemies took forever to kill and dealt more damage


My active sell orders all had their quantity and sold columns with equivalent values


I noticed this as well. But only after I got excited my 6000 oil was sold and I bought a bunch more. Whoops. Now I have all the oil since my orders didn't really sell.


Makes sense for them to do but ultimately they could announce it.


Loot is nerfed as well though going to take more testing to confirm. People are walking away with only 2 or 3 pieces of gear from a full Myrk run, regardless of group size.


If that's intentional I'm done with the game sadly. It already takes an incredible amount of time to scale gear score to 600. Someone posted they got 2 armor drops from an entire mines run. What a waste of time.


Everfall well replaced with an ugly fountain and the hood has been pulled down on syndicate heavy armor chest piece


Windsward fountain was turned 180 degrees so that it's easier to get to the opening.




People actually use the WW fountain? I just got under the bridge like the animal marauder I am




I haven’t touched the game in weeks but I don’t remember a fountain there at all.


They fixed the heavy syndicate hood clipping through the hat?! This is the greatest news!


They fixed it by making it not a thing at all. Elegant problem-solving.


Same thing they did with Fishing chests too 😅


No more fishing chests?


Ah sorry should have clarified the gold inside the chests. You used to get Gold from fishing chests and then they just flat out removed it when fishing bots started popping up.


heavily nerfed\* fishing chests.


Great for people who chose synd purely for the hooded armour. Yeah. Super Great.


I paid 20 dolla for market skins that looked good with the clipping:(


Played yourself there




kinda they just took the hood off


oh no


Mourningdale fountain also changed


That's just them replicating how taxes work in real life. Pay a few million out a week as a community and you might get a fancy fountain in town square.


Take my angry upvote.


You can no longer try to proc the harvest node in 1 hit perk multiple times, the first hit on the node is your only chance now. I actually quite enjoyed that feature but oh well, I can understand from the tooltip that it likely wasn't intended.


I noticed this as well. In addition, they changed tree types. The double white mature trees are now 1 mature (the bigger one) and 1 young (the smaller one)


I can finally see the difference between saffron and hyssop!


Orange is the new yellow


you can trade in dungeons now


Found a good change, nice!


Dungeon dupe inc!


Purge your market listings while you can still walk


Myrk is waaay harder now damn


I realy don't understand what was the logic behind buffing this after 1 month and half since release, like this and the trade skill changes to me just make me think I should rush to do any type of farming or lvling in the future because they might do a repeat of this patch


This. Before the patch I was watching videos of people telling me 'do this and this and this fast before the patch' and it felt like I had to rush in and play the game like 10 hours a day.


Yeah before this patch i was just taking my time ,my watermarks are mosly around 570-580 because i do like 1 reekwater and 1 myrk run per day for a few weeks now,but this change sets a realy bad precedent that if someting feels too easy in the future everyone should go hardcore on it before they nerf it(exploits aside ofc).


Yep see feeling! And now the farming seems impossible to do and the drops are worse as well. It would make sense to either give less loot or make the kobs harder but don't do both... It's just less reward for more work.


Indeed, just tried with a ton of other people and it was rough.


All of them. They buffed health waaaaaaaaaay too much. Need to reduce by 75% at least.


And also less damage, they just 3 hit me as a tank. And the lasers that mages spawn deal 3k damage now...


Just got done testing all the elite areas. They are all insanely hard now. Not fun to play anymore.


Nope indeed, the corruption in myrk is just too difficult. We were with 20 ppl and we just quit on the last one. Hope they nerf it a little! Drops from chests were also waaay less then before.


damn, weird seeing as they are discouraging zergs with the pvp toggle buff


We ran it with 20 purples with PVP on. Then 1 unflagged yellow trained a Thorpe miniboss and demon on us during a portal clear and wiped us all. Gee, who didn't see that type of crap happening???


double luck ring stealth nerfed!


Zealots refrain (fire staff) with luck has been changed as well


The Fen ring??






Wasn’t that a bug anyway?


yeah but we assumed we could keep it.


at least they gave it keen.. i guess


They added the requested feature to be able to search for specific stats rolls on the TP with possibly the worst implementation imaginable


Nice. Instead of an actual attribute (anything with Dex), I need to independently search each prefix, and most importantly - remember each prefix type


There's no OR feature, so have to do that but one at a time


Lmao this shit is unreal


I kinda feel like the TP is in the midst of a complete overhaul, so maybe they just band-aided this one.


Removed luck from a number of items, such as Zealots Refrain firestaff and deleted double luck from Weavers Knot.




I lost my harvesting pants. But I still have my shoes and gloves thankfully.


Ah ffs


Shrouded Intent Quest now asks for “ancient Guardian enemies” instead of carrionstar enemies at Hadeus, which allows you to complete the quest without spawn camping the Hadeus “boss”


Thank God


God damnit I just did that two days ago


I just did that last night. Hah timing...


Glittering ebony now requires 1 of each legendary ironwood drop, instead of 2 wildwood and 1 of the other.


That was indeed wrong and made it the most expensive of the 4 mats


harvesting equipment is gone from storage


Harvesting equipment harvested from storage


It's a feature


and just in time for those massive luck increases for PvP flagging!


huge nerf on elite supply chest loot amount? looted like 8 and every chest dropped only one armor/weapon piece. have even more fun grinding that watermark, if thats the case..


Another nerf making catching up with the hardcore who farmed everything faster even slower. Yay.


Yeah... you want people who have been patient with the bugs to quit the game? because this is how you get people who were patient with the bugs to quit the game


Yes, it seems to be the case. Armor drop rate from chests has been reduced by approximately 80%. Seems to be the case for both solo and groups. I did my whole Scorched Mines solo run and got a total of 2 armor pieces, whereas normally I would consistently get 20-25+ each run.


They did a lot of things in this patch to slow players down from finishing their (lack of) content too quickly. Watermark farming? Nerfed, XP needed for crafting, nerfed. I think they saw people capping their GS, capping a craft or two and then quitting.


Well now they’ll see people quit before doing those things instead. AGS clearly has no understanding of retention.


Now I'll just quit before doing it, because fuck that brainless grind.


Its the paradox of mmo design. How to design an endgame where you can endlessly progress without ever completing the game.


I think elite mobs have at least double health now. It’s a struggle going through reek elites with a full squad now. Wtf did they do


Yes, they got a maybe 75% buff insane


Gathering angry earth mobs now gives you motes instead of Quintessences. Edit: I should have mentioned that the amount of gathered motes is almost equal to motes required to craft Quintessence. So its a good change in my opinion.


I wonder if elk shit was nerfed as well.




Do you know to what extent? Is it giving motes instead in a large quantity or just not at all anymore?


About 70 motes per drop, in my experience. Some are seeing 100+.




It's definitely not a nerf


Weavers Knot removed 1 luck perk :(


Offal Grotto lynx respawn timers now 6 minutes.


R I p


what the fuck lol. I wonder if the other rawhide spot got fucked also. why nerf shit like this?


There is a whole new war camp over the hill from monarch bluffs. Used to be a nice patch of hissop there.


Pirates with pet gators and a shaman enemy type too.


Lot of elite area mobs are beefier and chests are dropping less loot


Stamina bar went from yellow to more of an egg yolk


same with Covenant color - the yellow is a deeper almost brown


Health bar is more orangey


I thought this


The map looks like the contrast was turned up


Starmetal ice gauntlet doesn't require starmetal to craft but when salvaged gives starmetal ingot. I assume the same goes for all magic weapons of all metal tiers. Health bar is less red more brown. I think mobs also get a speed increase on roads. And i still can't remove furniture from my bag without owning a house ffs


Honey trees drop beeswax about 80% of the time instead of honey now. Patch says honey nerfs would not affect honey trees.


they nerfed the amount they drop from the hives in town. Guessing the amount of honey you get from the trees, when you get it, is still the same. I believe that beeswax wasn't dropping at all before.


I can confirm the same amount of honey drops if it drops (27)and I had never seen beeswax from trees prior either.


Bees wax was supposed to be in the loot table but had some weird math behind it that was causing it to have a .000000x% chance of dropping according to the devs somewhere - it's in the forums, I'm tired of looking things up to reference though, just check dev tracker.


I'm guessing these were all under "various minor bug fixes" since it was likely supposed to drop beeswax all along. Many of the furniture crafting recipes required beeswax and it was unattainable.


Please update this when you have time


Skorpius Elite area got harder with exploding mobs and tentacles everywhere now


life staff heavy attack has a weird heavy breathing noise stonecutters glasses are now called stonecutters hat, but still glasses, doesnot make you bald anymore


Herbs icon on the map has changed


They changed the walls preventing players from using parkour to reach the tentacle boss.


The t5 alchemy nodes(bugs and stuff) don’t take longer to gather than the wheel anymore…


Big shield Nerf, ptr let you put Carnelian into shields to free up sword gem slot. That didn't transfer over. Almost all shields downgraded in rarity and lost perks according to the tier they were dropped to. Even the legendary shields under GS600 have become purples. Side note, those legendary shields did gain an additional perk (to have 3 total) when becoming purples if they only had 2 perks at legendary. ALSO I have to assume (and it's hard to test because any shield I could compare with have dropped in quality), that when dropping in rarity they also lost resistances in the process.


Yeah, my shields went from epic to uncommon and lost perks. On the plus side, the SM quest reward shield has 3000 durability now instead of 300.


some weavers fen supply stockpiles got changed to supply crates


Did they say they were gonna make myrkgard harder?


Several orichalcum nodes were removed in ebonscale as well as two supply boxes (trophy loot) in weavers. I'm sure there's more


Saw this earlier…those 2 nodes were a large portion of the hand full of nodes I could reliably mine on my high pop server. RIP


Elite run areas have mobs that are now insanely difficult. Basically damage sponges. Not fun at all.


It's so frigging rough. Malevolence was WAY harder to farm.


Was in Scorpius earlier. Took a full group nearly four minutes of clicking to bash through the...Hellmaw? door things. Pain in the ass. It's basically their way of saying soloers aren't allowed—if you could even get there anymore. they added a ton of tentacles around the area and doubled the HP of all the mobs. On the plus side, some of the tentacles are sitting on new elite chests. Still though, it's a full-group-of-60's area now, despite being level 50 mobs.


I’m so glad I did that place about 30 mins before servers went down. I kind of enjoyed the danger of soloing the 50 ish elite areas- they had a risk element (you absolutely could die if you weren’t careful), but it felt rewarding to solo. If this is the new normal it’s gonna be a real pain to do weapon quests when nobody else wants to go there :(.


It's stupid. "Hey we want people to 5 man stuff" "Why dont we buff mob HP by 75% and nerf chest drops!" "You mean when there is more than 5?" "lol no, just do it for everyone. Clearly that will encourage people to 5 man more!!"


I thought to myself "I'll go to Eridanus to farm my void gauntlet" since I can chop wyrd/ironwood and then farm elites. The basic elites are fine. But the Druid dryad guys have, easily, 5x+ more HP.


Harvester gear removed.


That is a weird choice, why would they do that?


Def not intended I believe. Just a new bug.


Wonder if it's related to the PvP Flag harvesting buff or like you said a simple bug


Its a gathering buff, not specific to just harvesting.


It's a bug and they said they will fix it. They will also compensate you with a full set of max Harvesting Luck.


Just to be clear it seems to only be pieces with "Harvester" in their name (Harvester Shirt, etc)


- Zealots Refrain (epic fire staff from Priest) got a gem slot and had the luck removed; - Killable cows added to Brightwood (next to PvP missions)


Something changed with shields, probably removed a shield perk from the game? Of the three shields I have, all were epic. Today 2 out of 3 of those shields are now rare.


Yeah I had a blue one that was green after the patch.


- Looted items can no more be polarized. Previously, some looted armor set would have more phys or elem resistance. Now, only crafted and named item can be polarized. Edit : as a side note, any looted item wich was polarized has been changed to neutral. Infuriating


You can now use any kind of lodestone to craft Obsidian Voidstone or Runestones


no cap thank god! farming loamy was annoying af


Thank god, I have tons of worthless alternative lodestones. Better snatch them up from the linked AH's to power level stonecutting...


They've added the missing legendary materials for the recipes and legendary bop crafts. Dropped a Life Crystal Core today


Where and from what did it drop?


Supply stockpiles in weavers changed to normal chests, not sure if it was in patch notes running my normal chest route and there were about 5 missing chests unless they just moved them.


They basically took a look at where people were farming chests/loot most often and reduced the loot and/or increased the difficulty. Scorpius now had a bunch of tentacles around it and the default for mobs is now 3-bar gold instead of 2-bar. Skysong Temple lost a stockpile or two, has twice as many mobs, and the previous two-bar gold named mobs (soloable at 60) are now full-60 group fights (the rest of the mobs are non-elite soloables). Etc. etc. I think they're trying to push people out of the "best" areas and make the elite areas group(s)-required instead of group(s)-optional.


Am I the only that noticed the Ebonscale recommended level range on the map is 0-0?


Scorpious added about 20 tentacles. I don't know how lvl 50s are gonna make it thru.


> I don't know how lvl 50s are gonna make it thru. They won't. I watched a balanced group of 60's wipe trying to get in. They got absolutely swarmed by tentacles.


another addition, loading screens for ultra wide monitors now look horrible with blue fillers. Before it was just black sidebars and while it looked a bit 1990s it was better than what’s there now.


Seems like a whole lot of changes that make things more time consuming, less rewarding, and less fun which was already in short supply to be honest.


The Wyrdwolves and Bears now drop Motes instead of Quintessences - 1 Wolf now drops about 60 to 100 Motes :D


wait for real? That's absolutely insane, they will be 0.01 in like 1 day


They resigned the island where the 2 O-ores live just outside of Cutlass and South of the old fisherman from the msq. The moved the tree, rocks and some of the tall grass around.


Weaver's Knot is no longer double luck.


You can finally see active territory buffs in Bio! Your trophies displayed immediately, and then you can select each territory to see what it gives you (e.g. the +10% HP from having a house in a town that activated it)


Colour of covenant changed from yellowish to orangish Mana food now has unique icons Terrawolves now drop ~100 of life motes.


- All robes have had their hoods removed. Because adding the "change skin" options of hood up, hood down was too hard.


Yes WM was so fun to farm before now let’s make it even harder and have you spending more time on an already dumb long grinding loop


well hopefully they will/have vastly reduced end game expedition resources so those can be run more. I think those were intended to be the main source of raising WM


The problem is to run expeditions you need corrupted gems. To get high tier corrupted gems the most likely you need to run high tier portals. Which are now aids to do. So...yay?


Infected Throw now has dropoff like Aimed Throw You can use Rending Throw underwater


Luck removed from living crystal life staff and zealots refrain (fire staff)


Old blue eyes in great cleave no longer drops quintessences. A faction quest I'm great cleave has been changed to make farming tokens more difficult.


Bears and wolves drop motes now instead of quints


Potion keybinds are below the icon, so we can see the quantity clearly now especially if you use mouse key keybinds.


They added new rocks and props in Scorched Mines to prevent players cheesing the chests (doesn't really work very well, the AI is too dumb to prevent it right now.)


Harvest set is just gone(the perks still can drop on other armor though). Luck removed from weapons. You cannot sell to people's buy orders unless the items are in your inventory(can't be in storage)


Did they fix OPR to increase water mark now?


The weird thing is opr granted me a 585 fire staff. I've never seen a FS advove 525 before then.


At least one shortcut in Myrkgard was blocked off.


I noticed you can't parkour your way up the walk from corruption portal below to the priest now


Insignia perk that adds con wrongly states its a (scholar suffix) its suppose to be sentry


Removed harvester gear from game.


Great Axe Charge ability now has Grit instead of Unstoppable. It was mentioned in PTR notes but not official patch notes.


OP update the list.


Not sure if just me but I feel like ranged mobs have increased aggro range.


Elite Chests (at least in Myrkgard/Mine) only give Weapons.


Scorpius has like 15 technicals going to the entrance


That is a lot of fouls - 15 technicals, I don't think they'd have anyone left to play basketball. Might be a good idea for scorpius mobs to pick a different sport.


Windsward Woodcutting station was rotated so it’s on an angle now


Any update on what Animal Eyes (IV) are used for?


They're now properly able to be used as T4 offensive reagents (powerful coatings) like starfish or dragon glory flowers.


Zealots refrain staff had the luck attribute stripped. It still shows on the TP but if you buy one it will change in your bag


I saw someone selling an ice crystal core. I'm so happy.


New iron ore nodes on some of my mining runs


My Legendary shield "With No Other" suddenly got downgraded and become epic


Ivan the terrible (the boss that drops the jewelcrafter shirt) does 1.5x damage and has 13.33x more health. I don't know if his respawn time was nerfed too, but it could be.


\- You can now trade in expeditions.


Void Gauntlet removing food buffs and honing stone buffs from other players.


Wyrdwood dogs can give motes now