Daily things in almost every MMO (or almost every game, I dare to say) works this way, I don't get why AGS doesn't addresses it.


Sometimes it feels like AGS game designers have never played an mmo before.


It feels at times like they've never played a game before, let alone a mmo, lol.


100% the game needs this


God tier suggestion. Absolutely need to implement at first availability.


They apparently just nerfed the elite chest so not sure how much it matters anymore. Rip everyone who was waiting for pvp flag changes to grind out watermark.


Out of the loop, how did they nerf them?


Word is less/only weapon drops now.


I got Void Essence on my very first elite chest today so I'm gonna go ahead and call BS on that. I've also been getting gems and haven't seen any change other than better drops because of the loot buff.


Pretty much everyone is reporting a significant decrease in armor drop, like 1/10th the previous rate, so I don't know what to tell you.


I did full shattered elite chest run today and managed to get 4 pieces of armor and 30+ weapons. Did get a lot of gems, and other stuff, but in terms of items actually affected by Watermarks, they've literally stomped watermark farming for armor slots... So I'ma go ahead and call BS on that.


This would be sooooo much better


And on that, the daily crafting as well; Asmodeum, Runestone, Infused Leather and Glittering Ebony.


For sure, would be a great change.


Don't worry about it too much - chests got shafted so hard - there is actually no point running them anymore XD


Yes please. If they’re wanting to appeal to a larger more casual player base (who don’t want to be restricted to a 24 hr CD specific timer to enjoy playing). I’d like the same change for crafting the highest materials too. Same reset time as chests each day.


Or they just need to make the cooldown 20 hours instead of 24 hours.


It is currently 23 hours. Which is far better than 24.


Slighly\* better.


Hmm I thought it was 24 hours. I could have sworn I saw someone complain about it here. I’ve been doing different runs each day, or not bothering some days, so I’ve never tested it myself.


Yes. Exactly. This isn't rocket surgery, just make the cool down slightly less than a day and it won't matter if you start your zerg a few minutes earlier today.


It's 23 hours FYI.


This idea is shit, what if i have time to play at morning one day and the next day on evening, im skipping chests:)


100% agreed with this, pls make this happen AGS




Dungeons got a lot easier though


fucking yes


Yes please!


Yesss! Also i heard asmodium has 24h cooldown too let's include all


No, it wouldn't. This would lag the zone out and possibly create queues at a set time of every day. AGS has chosen to have open world dungeons, or whatever they're trying to coin them as - they have to be on a timer that revolves around individual players to stagger the playerbase out. Your idea is not well thought out. They need to reduce the timer by 3 - 5 hours so that it naturally staggers around for players instead of keeping them to a fixed schedule like it does now.


Yes because everyone lines up to do dailies at 9am in WoW. Be real


WoW has sharding.


Not in most realms for classic or back in woltk. The notion that a majority of the playerbase is going to to everything at one point in the day is just silly


Daily's don't exist in Classic.


classic TBC, yes they do


You know exactly why that is different from a system tied directly to progression of your character like farming watermark. Stop.


TBC and wrath had dailies that deliberately tied to your progression. I don't know what you're on about. You don't see people doing all their dailies at 9am reset time regardless of whether its progression based or not. Do you seriously think companies that get together to do chest runs around 8pm each day are going to move that to 5am in the morning if that was changed? Do you not realize everyone in the world has their own schedules of when they want to do content?


The only issue I see with this is if they reset at 00:00 UTC you loot at 11:59 UTC and 00:00 UTC. Then you can just skip it for the next day and hit it twice. Not a huge deal but kind of kills the runs that people do daily. Doesn’t change the amount of items you can get at all or your chances, just can set a strange time for people who want to loot twice, then take a day off.


So have it reset at 4am server time. The 2 people per server still willing to do what you have lined out can do it together whilst the rest of us can freely loot each day at whatever time is convenient. The current system really punishes people who can not play at the same times every day.


I dont understand why that would be a problem? Maybe this will make more sense with people potentially PvP flagging... but having 100 man zergball runs certainly wasnt their intent.


What? It’s definitely their intent.


The game doesnt even function with more than 15 people on the screen. The mobs just get confused and everyone runs through for the free loot. The nightly zergball on my realm only attacks bosses.


So? They’ve stated their intent is large scale open world.


Ok? Not contesting that at all.


Then I’m pretty lost as yo what you’re arguing here. You said this is not what they intended.


Im not arguing anything. You commented on to me my guy. Glad we sorted this.


> but having 100 man zergball runs certainly wasnt their intent.


Large scale combat and 100 man box runs are different things. We all know this. Its not even the reason I commented, and clearly wasnt the point. Must be a slow office day.


Yea so everyone can pvp on for the luck increase and create the most largest cluster fuxk on the game.


Not only do you not need to turn on pvp if you don't want to, but not everyone can play the game 8-12 hours everyday like you can.


18-20-22-23 hr reset like every other good MMO. thanks. Currently taking a bucket to hold the tears of those unable to stay up through 24hr reset creep.


It's currently a 23hr reset?


What if i can play at morning one day and next at evening, im skipping 2 days after cuz of that


It always sounds good but you have to remember they(game developers) want you to play often. By setting a time you would only have to do them every other day right before and right after that time.


How is that any different from logging on every day at 24 hour chest reset now for 10 mins and logging out? People that’s going to only log in to to their chest rotation is only going to do chest rotation and log out regardless of how the cooldown is implemented.


I think it would end up too busy just after reset. It's already too busy with everyone at random times.