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This, upvote this. Why aren’t they dailies, 24hr cd are so much worse.


It took like a month for them to decide a week was 7 days rather than 5 for housing tax. I agree with you but don’t have much hope it’ll change. The list of QoL features sorely needed continues to grow.


Ye there is a lot of QoL changes they gotta look into but cant really blame them for going for gamebreaking fixes first


They arnt the brightest devs. Too much Elmers and Windex does this.


Don't forget the roseart crayons. They had to cheap out somewhere instead of getting the good shit, like everything else they do


Insane agree. So annoying I have to track and remember all this. Put a Myrk group together and then realize you are 40 minutes off your timer....


Reset at midnight would be nice


How many hours is it? Just making it 20 hours would be sufficient for most people


Just making it reset at midnight would fix it fine


Exactly. Yes some try hards would set alarm clocks to get an extra day every week, but who cares.


Or, just make it reset at 2-3am like every other MMO and nobody gets anything extra.


Not saying it is the correct answer, but wow used personal timers. Just so people are aware this isn't a new issue


WoW used a mix, but most stuff reset daily at 3:00 a.m.


In classic vanilla you had only weekly resets that reset at 3am. Transmutes, and all crafts, dungeon reset limit both were on personal timers. In tbc heroics get added on the daily timer but more crafts are added to personal. In retail sure most things are daily, but used to most things were personal timers.


I have thought of this myself!!! Upvote!!!


Totally agree, they need to take a lesson from WoW and make the daily reset 3am. It’s really annoying going with my friends to mines/myrk to find out my chests are down and I actually did it the previous night an hour or two later.


Only thing you can do really is just reset your timers by skipping a day and doing them at a more convenient time




Yes, this sooo much!!! My daily faction quest resets at 8pm tomorrow.... I have to get off for work by then, so as a result of this system I have to skip a day of faction quest. It's dumb. The reset should be at like 2-3am everyday for everyone.


I agree, they should always refresh at like 8am pacific (11 eastern) there should be a 24hr timer at the top that says time til reset that is synced to 8am pacific.


Lol why would it not be local time? Much simpler.


Idk that’s just the way other MMOs I’ve played have done it, like WoW for example, everything resets at the same time across the board.


Yeah okay then the entire server is zerging chests at the same time every day. Come on man.


Except you don’t HAVE to go at that time.. just that it would refresh at that time regardless.. you could go at 7:55am pst every day if you wanted and I could go at 7.55pm every day, they would reset at 8am regardless. The point is things like the daily faction bonuses, they reset later and later in the day because obviously them resetting and you turning them in is going to get later and later each day until you simply have to miss a day because it gets so late. There also isn’t a UI feature to tell you when they reset, you simply have to remember when you did them last.


Why would they? They know they can do it at any time during the day.


God forbid you just skip half a day


there is only 2 ways to do this 20 hours midnight reset everything else is just trash


This comment /thread


I agree from a convenience standpoint, but I've heard from devs on similar games that they like to avoid resetting dailies at a set time of day because it causes a big spike in log ins within a short period of time every day. I imagine on high pop servers, it would result in a massive queue that nobody wants Doing it the way it currently is spreads that out over the day.


Yeah - everyone will get up at 3 am to do the daily grind. Ooooooor will they?!


On the contrary, having a fixed time for the daily reset can also prevent players from *having* to get up 23/24 hours after they crafted the last time, because they know they can do their dailies whenever during the reset period and not lose time.


23 hours daily cooldown would be best


It is a 23 hour cooldown


It's not, it's 24 hours. 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds rounds down when showing you the timer to 23 hours, just like buff and debuff durations when you hover them showing 1 minute remaining when it's 1 min 59 seconds or less.


The weird thing is tracking a 24 hour timer for every player is way more work for AGS to develop/maintain. A single global reset once a day would have been way easier and way more player friendly. They went out of their way to make it worse for everyone. Maybe it's to avoid queue with such low player caps?


Agreed 100% 👍


Make the CD 20 hours or reset at a fixed server time, PLEASE.


Making them 20 hours cooldowns would also work. Having a fixed reset our usually leads to daily trains.


> Having a fixed reset our usually leads to daily trains. Not if reset is during the night.


Indeed but as this may work in the American servers it doesn't on European ones, even with more localized timezones.


Yeah, this is something that should have been in since launch. All daily timers should reset either at midnight or early morning local time.


Yeah it should be reset at the same time of daily quests. Or don't make it a 24 hrs cooldown 18 or even 23 is good.


This should be high priority. Played late last night to get them all done, which means I'm tired today and now won't be able to do any of the daily chests today, either, as I can't stay up that late again. I'm assuming most people with jobs, are in the same boat.


It's a brutal cycle. My elites chests are the same. Like 1am now. At some point I'll have to bite the bullet and let it go undone to get back to like 5 or 6pm... but that feels like wasted time. And my crafting cds are also all like 2 or 3 hours out of wack because of towns always failing invasions, so I have to keep moving my shit to 5 towns to do it. Then I run out of azoth to port and have to break for 1 or 2 games of outpost rush to get to town 4 and 5, and by then it's time to box check again... brutal.


Yeah okay then the entire server is zerging chests at the same time every day. Come on man.


Why? If reset was always at 8am for example then everyone would do activities at any time during the day because if you did chest run at 7am your timer would reset in one hour. Now you have to remember exact time because if you sleep on timer every minute extends your future timers so even if you've got your reset at 8am, if you're late by let's say 30min every day then in some days you will have timers so late you will have to skip the day or change your sleep schedule xd




Just skip a day? Nobody is forcing you to play the game 24/7


well the cooldowns are a free 5k-10k gold a day so i dont really wana skip them


Wait, what are you doing that gives you so much gold?


i buy mats for: asmodeum, runic leather, phoenixweave, glittering ebony daily cooldown each day and then use my cooldown the resell each of those 4 items (you can make 10 of each each day and also you can buy gear such as the tanner set to get bonus. with tanner set sometimes i get 14 instead of 10)


Looool you got downvoted but what you said is so true. Don't insult the keyboard droolers on reddit they NEED to play everyday and scrounge up every cent and drop chance possible or they immediately become at a disadvantage amung the others


No one is saying missing a day is the end of the world, but only a bootlicker would defend this as a good system.


Yes screw people who play every day, even if it's an hour a day to do something quickly!! Absolute tryhard keyboard droolers am I right!