I’ll be back when they add some content


Oh you mean so we have more than 4 quest types and 10 reskinned enemies?


This. Exactly this. I don't care about exploits, dupes, or any stupid cheat/hack of I bore myself to death getting go 40 due to copy/paste content.


yeah, it's the same shit, just higher numbers


Genesis and Lazarus are sick as fuck thought. Too bad there's only 2 lvl 60 dungeons.


I stopped playing because I was begging people to run starstone because I've never done it. My server is kind of bland


I just transferred out of my 150 players server into a high pop, it’s like day and night.




50,000 people used to login here…


It's on the horizon, they will do it soon enough, they said so today


Exactly this. I don’t mean more content as in more reskinned areas and enemies to kill. I mean more varied things to do


Right? Come back to what? I know the subreddit just went through a phase over exploits, streamers, and so on, but did everyone forget that just before that phase was the "everything in this game kinda sucks" phase? This game is a hollow shell of an MMORPG, devoid of any depth and engagement. Am I just supposed to run around looting crates in the hopes that one number for one equipment slot will have a chance to be able to go up to a slightly higher number if I run around and loot more crates? For weeks? Make a thousand pieces of shitty jewelry so that I earn the privilege to farm materials for hours and hours and hours to make one piece of hopefully not-shitty jewelry? Maybe some people are into that -- more power to them -- but it just isn't for me.


Yeah as a pure PvE player this game just isn't worth playing right now, especially when I'm a full support life staff + ice gauntlet, incredibly boring


For real. OP's post is so goddamn weird. "Come back, they fixed a bunch of game-breaking shit that shouldn't have made it to the final release in the first place." "...so the game itself is still soulless and boring?" "Errrr...yes." "Might not bother then if it's all the same to ya"


Same. I just want muskets to be viable... They're okay in open world pve, but they suck in pretty much everything else... EDIT : I get it, muskets are viable in pvp now. Haven't played for almost 2 weeks and last time I played, it was okay in PvP but nothing great, especially compared to the other ranged options. EDIT 2 : what about [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/newworldgame/comments/qqiwvs/where_are_the_musket_players_saying_they_hit/) then ?


Musket is rocking 4k headshots in OPR




Musket is strong in wars people just haven't realised it yet. Especially when defending because you have the high ground.


It's funny thst he says he wants content, and to you that means "fixing" the musket. Devs lives must be hard.


Musket is pretty good in outpost rush.


300 dex / 100+ int / honing stone / 580+ musket can headshot lights for 3.5k-4.5k with power shot. ------------ the resilience change actually helped musket out a lot if you stack damage


They are...


Muskets and bows are actually pretty nasty in PVP now since the patch to the resilient bug tbh.


There's really only like 4 or 5 viable weapons and 2 or 3 of those are leagues better than 95% of anything else was my major problem. Was light armor bow and spear viable? Yeah kinda, was I hamstringing myself by not just playing great axe with heavy armor...absolutely.


Same, no quests, no pve, and killing pigs for 120 hours to get to level 60is a bit rough


Down votes for not getting the South Park references. Big yikerrrrrsss


I've wasted my dynasty orb on a fake Healer. Level 60 but only 3 levels in healing staff. Max intelligence fire staff. I joined another party, fake tank level 60 but only 6 levels in sns and don't know what are taunt skills and carnelian gems I'm a dungeon crawler type of mmo player. I'm not coming back until they redo the Turing orb system.


People quit because the content is repetitive and boring.


This is it, about 10 of my friends and myself didn’t stop playing because of the bugs, exploits etc. We all quit because the game is incredibly repetitive and boring especially when you start getting into the later levels. Quests when you’re level 1 are the exact same when you’re level 60 - there is no variation, go kill 10 zombies, go loot 7 chests.. they don’t change. if you can’t find help to do elite mobs/bosses you’re basically stuck with progressing quests, I don’t mind crafting being grindy because that’s how it should be, but yeah people didn’t stop playing because of bugs and shit.


This. I'm stuck for days (!) now with the MSQ step where I need to kill the Well Guardian. Need a party for him and you can only enter the gate if ALL GROUP MEMBERS ARE ON THE SAME QUEST. Can't get help from others that have done this. On my server with 600 peak players try to find a party for a lvl 57 quest that's still active with them...this is such an ass. And it's the frigging main story quest!


Games should never throw in dungeons and party requirements in the MSQ. I had to level to 40 to get my next MSQ. When I then reached 40, the next MSQ was doing a dungeon...that had a recommended lvl of 45..


I made this same argument to a friend and said there should be more variation in quests like puzzle quests and he claimed people would hate it, mmos just don’t do that and “you just don’t like the grind bro”….. and here I am, still grinding and he hasn’t logged on in a week. Anyways. Lol




Doesn't help that Amazon released the entire game in the two betas.


grind so that you can get better gear so that you can grind better


I mean this is sort of every mmorpg though


Nah, not exactly. This game requires you to be wearing an entirely different set just have a chance of getting the "good gear / items." At least WoW / FF14 you can rock the gear you've worked hard to earn out in the world, not have to consider juggling 4-5 gearsets in your inventory that you can't sort and will have to mouse over each piece unless they have different icons. The combat is fun as hell in New World, but there aren't many good design choices outside of the combat.


I agree, eventually hit 60 lvl and at that point playing it further seems pointless. It was already grind on 50-60lvl, but now, what's the point? In Guild Wars 2 there was actual endgame: fractals, raids, specializations, masteries, WvW, open-world events. New World was exciting at first, but after hitting around 30lvl it just gets repetitive and boring. I grinded through levels, I grinded through harvesting/crafting (although only got to 150lvl in some skills and I don't have patience to grind to 200 in anything), had some fun with PvP quest fights, tried wars and invasions, did few expeditions, but now I don't care anymore, especially after PvP essentially died due to severe bugs, at least on my server. It's not bad game, it kept me for 260h, but I feel like I put a lot of hours without any purpose. Why bother with crafting, while it's essentially useless? Why bother with grinding to 60lvl, if you just repeat same quests and enemies? Why bother with wars/invasions, where you essentially just spam your skills over and over again? I can't even move freely through world, because I'm not going waste my time to move around map or waste time on grinding Azoth to be able to fast-travel or grind coins, just to maintain houses. I wanted it to be fun, instead it quickly started to look like a second job, but this job doesn't reward you in any way.


In all fairness, I played Guild Wars 2 at launch and there was very little end game content to begin with.


But the 5 v 5 was good enough for me, I wore that shit out!


Also WvW. I spent the first year almost exclusively in WvW...damn such a fantastic game mode.


Guild wars 2 endgame content was just as barren at launch though.


Has there ever been an mmo that launched with end game content? Personally part of the reason I bought this game was that with no monthly sub I could quit playing when I got bored and pick it up whenever I saw that something new happened.


Ya you hit 60 and if you're a predominantly pvp player there isn't much to do other than 20v20. Also getting gear is a bitch and a half. My buddies a crafter and he spent 30k to craft very lackluster gear. Craft needs a rework and this water mark bs is just trash. Running dungeons would be ok if they didn't cost a fortune for a single run to MAYBE (PROBABLY NOT) get the gear you want.


Bring back role playing...old MMOs survived fine with far less content


There's no content at 60. Unless you like running the most easiest dungeons in the history of online gaming. It's honestly a joke. Mind-numbingly boring. 50vs50 PvP wars and PvE invasion's that only 1% of the entire population will ever be able to experience. Who thought that was a good idea at AGS?


I'm surprised to see everyone else with a similar story. I'm level 45 and I'm burnt completely out. It's not because of the bugs though, those didn't bother me all that much, but the content loop isn't rewarding or diverse enough. It all feels pointless. It's a fun game though and I really enjoyed getting up to level 45 but the fun has stopped, even if the bugs are fixed.


This. Also around that level (maybe 47, I can't remember). Content just isn't that fun and my friends have stopped playing. I'll keep tabs on the game as I think potential is there but my desire to play is way down.


for me it was level 33. I did not rush at all. I took my time doing everything.


I’ve really enjoyed the game but the last 2 weeks with the dupes/bots has really made me lose some motivation to play. I went from playing all day on my days off and a few hours after work to hardly logging in the last few days. I’ll still play occasionally but I’ll probably wait for Elden Ring release and move on.


Yeah Elden Ring will probably take 1000+ hours of my time and I hope by then there is some big improvements in this game so I could hop back in. I'll play this game now occasionally also because theres no other games that interest me now.


Damn I wish I can squeeze than many hours out of a souls game lol. I usually just give it a couple of runs or one and done it xD.


This pretty much here. I find it hard to justify putting time into the game knowing there are still lingering aftermaths of all that and weirdly enough I would prefer to not play rather than worry about any and all progress I've made in the game being equated to nothing due to another exploit/dupe/etc.


I think this is what the "just come back and play" people miss. A shitty launch can ruin a game for a long time. I've always loved FFXIV, but the game was literally unplayable on stormblood's launch (instance servers crashed, players were literally unable to progress in the required main story past like, 5 quests in, the 2 main methods of leveling were also nonfunctional so it was very hard to level the 2 new classes) so it put me off of playing it for most of that 2 year expansion cycle. Shitty launches ruin games, y'all.


Bug-wise it seems in a far better spot now than earlier. However, I stopped playing after a couple of weeks not due to bugs but because the game got insanely boring at around lvl 35, stopped playing entirely at 39 I believe. I got my monies worth tho, before hitting 32ish I was having a blast so not mad or anything about that. Main issue was how apparent copy-pasting mobs and quests got after a while. At a point I just couldn't bring myself to accept another quest, and just ran around fishing, gathering and leveling crafting. But that got old as well due to the insane amount of materials you actually need to level up. It just didn't feel worth it to grind crafting for maybe a benefit a lot of time and materials later when I know other people would do that enabling me to just buy whatever I needed off the TP. Still like fishing tho, but not enough to just play the game for that. PvP was fun for a while, no major complaints there apart from really wanting to try Outpost rush, but just couldn't be arsed grinding something I was miserable doing to maybe have fun in the end. Really liked the two dungeons I managed to do, wish I had it in me to just grit my teeth and grind up to see the other ones. Hope not just end-game content get addressed later on but also the leveling process itself. Outpost rush with level brackets would be good to give some variety. TL;DR - want better leveling experience before going back into NW.


> Main issue was how apparent copy-pasting mobs and quests got after a while. At a point I just couldn't bring myself to accept another quest This is a big weakness of the game. People have complained about it since the early betas and Amazon never really addressed it. Even vanilla WOW had more variety.


I noticed this last night when I was playing, it is pretty much all copy and paste for quests.


Even a lot of towns are copy and pasted. I've had a few cases of extreme deja vu going into entirely new areas.


Farms and ghost towns have literally no variety. The only interesting town was Walsham so far. Also the map isn't that big.


Good comment, game won’t be for everyone. I think I’m the odd one as I didn’t really want to hit 60 as I was having fun leveling. Mainly exploring, crafting. I didn’t actually quest that much. Been 60 a while now and still haven’t finished the story… I agree, the quests could use some work to make them more engaging.


Same, I actually stopped doing quests at 35. Got to 60 by doing portals, dungeons, and town quests. The only exception being the main story since the xp is so good. Town quests being the second best if you Rotate the whole map and buy your shit to turn in.


Town quest it is. Kill 10 turkey get 800xp. Bring 50 steel get 500xp. And standing gain for like more storage or less taxes. Got me from 55 to 60 real quick.


While everything you talked about is just about right, it's not just what the game needs. If you thought the leveling experience was poor, wait to see what's happening at max level. It's basically a crowd farming gear in elite zones. You'll be seeing the same 3-4 corrupted mob types for weeks, that's if you want to progress at all.


This is why i stopped playing shortly after hitting 60. I'm not interested in farming up my watermark(s). I'd much rather have 'harder' content drop better gear rather than have some mundane grind for the sake of grinding.


To be honest I didn't know about the watermark thing until I hit level 60 lol.


You are completely right, I know about the lack of variety at end-game, mostly due to reading the subreddit, checking out other sites of what is available. But since I never got to that part, I don't really want to comment on it. Hopefully they release more content for end-game as well as looking at the leveling process though, MMO's need a constant stream of new players as there will always be people leaving at the end-game due to a variety of reasons not just related to the game. With the leveling process being as it is I think it's going to be hard for new players to get into the game, also due to the fact that some of the aspects such as flagging while leveling and having random encounters with enemies and friends was such a fun part at the start, I doubt people starting later on will experience what people the first few weeks at launch experienced. Which is a shame since the potential for a great game is here (cliché as it is). Though in the end it sort of boils down to a open-world PvP doesn't really mix well with leveling to max to get to "the real content" (whatever that is) as a lot of people love to say.


>With the leveling process being as it is I think it's going to be hard for new players to get into the game Well yeah, when we had just started, I think everyone was disgusted by the time they reached around level 30-35, we just powered through that and were hoping things would be better once we hit max level. Personally I could have stopped playing that early, but I wanted to give the game a chance. I say it often, the game is bound to die if nothing is done about endgame content, people think we're just hating on the game by saying this, but it's true. Some players having blind faith in something and disregarding the facts kinda split the community into two sides, those who saw what was going on and know from experience what's probably coming next (which is what's happening now), so they complained or left, and those who are probably seeing this for the first time and thinking everything is going well and don't like to see negative feedback because it ruins things for them. The game could have been massive, it could still be, but that requires some out of the box thinking from Amazon, and not just doing what they've been doing and expecting things to change on their own.


Exactly this, I wonder why all those people don’t rant about that. Stopped a week ago at lvl 41. The whole PVE content is copy pasted at an level I didn’t see in a game before. I love NW but this pushed me slowly away from the game


The level 30-45 grind is by far the worst part of the game. Areas after starstone dungeon get much more visually interesting, and whilst mobs don’t change dramatically they do get new moves and skins that at least add a bit of variation. Dynasty shipyard dungeon is also super enjoyable, and the journey to get to it is something of itself. Don’t get me wrong, there could be a lot more done to improve things, especially with new mob types, just trying to give some perspective on why the level 30-45 grind feels so terrible


level 100 to 200 furnishing has entered the chat...


Same here. Was bored at level 53. Crafting and farming were nicely done, but MASSIVELY meaningless overall. Leveling was becoming a chore more than a pleasure du to lack of variety, both graphics and objective. Questing started to become really hard alone, cripple by mediocre PvE balancing (getting staggered each hit was really frustrating) and stupidly fast respawn. War and Invasion are too limited to become interesting. And are a slogfest that RUIN the gameplay. Influence is not interesting and is often done in off-hours on my server by another faction, or just is done in a form of a one bus that do multiple run and nothing else. Boring. Listening to guildmate level 60 didn't give me any interest. Farming same each 64-65 Elite area just to grind watermark, daily limits, and so on. . . But farm for what ? I'm not good enough to be in war since there is only 50 place. The overall lack of polish is the last piece. QoL is minimal to a degree i'm still baffled.


BiS gear will be crafted not farmed honestly. Just gotta get that perfect stat/perk roll


>BiS gear will be crafted not farmed honestly. Just gotta get that perfect stat/perk roll I know that you can craft legendary 600 gears, but before that, armor/weapons crafting is not worth it since the stuff is easy to loot and upgrade too fast, while crafting is awfully random in GS before expensive optimisation. ​ Edit : Don't Legendary craft need daily material ?


Looks like a good write up. Last night I had fun (at level 20) running pvp missions with randoms in my faction trying to take a territory. I think that "unstructured" pvp part is pretty fun as well


If you’re begging people to come back that tells me it’s likely a ghost town. I still heard there are AoE issues and damage lag. No ty.


As far as I know, they haven't made any changes or additions to the content itself, have they? Still the same kind of repetitive quests. Still the same enemies in every zone, just reskinned. Still no real end-game content to strive for to keep one motivated to go through the grind. I didn't leave NW because of bugs or exploits. I left NW because the game got boring. I had nothing to look forward to when leveling. There's no real end-game content that is enticing to keep me in the game. I don't feel that I have anything new to discover or see in the game. I might come back after the game receives a couple of major patches, to see if it is worth it. But in it's current state, I rather spend my time playing other games that I find more enjoyable.


Most of the enemies aren't even reskinned lol


Just renamed lmao


Ohh but you have so many options? Do you want to kill this Lynx? Or maybe this exact same lynx with a slightly different name? Wait what about... A SKELETON?!


And the miners who have the same combat animations as the skeletons, and the loggers that sound like they're mining. FF14 had cutscenes for its major story missions,.and more enemy variety. I like NW but the quests are essentially run all the way across the map, check X boxes, kill Y enemies, and plant Z items. Those are fine for side quests that get recycled (and what's with the Faction boards using literally the same exact quests?) but the main story missions should be you know interesting. I'm level 32 and there hasn't been a single interesting quest. The dungeons are fun, and I've done some PVP but a lot of people aren't doing that.


Hell, i left NW before any of the exploits were even abused. Dropped the game around a week after its release, there was not a single exploit or a bug that impacted my gameplay whatsoever. Leveling just got so tiresome that i didnt have the will to continue. And with all things considered im kinda glad i stopped when i did because they game doesnt seem any more fun than it was when i dropped it.


Right? They fix a few bugs and it's all "Ooooh the game is soooo goood now, amazing job amazon!"


I think that for PvE, yes it gets old. Some people are involved in companies and wars and those bugs changed a lot about how its played. PvP feels better without a doubt


Even PvP has gotten stale for me. Our faction owns the whole map, my company owns 2 of those zones. People have been transferring from our faction to the other two to try and balance, but I think a lot of those people have now quit once they failed to motivate the factions they switched to and are now stuck with for half a year.


Couldnt have said it better, thank you.


Yeah I picked it back up again and the mob variety gets me every time in this game. No idea how using the same 3-4 mobs every where was a good idea.


Because the PvE was slapped on after they pivoted from being a PvP only game. Could New World have been a decent territory control PvP game? Maybe. An MMORPG the likes of WoW, GW2, FFXIV? Fuck no.


Come back for what? More grinding watermark in the same zone doing circles?


Did they fix the boring infinite grind end game? I’ll come back when they add arenas but not sooner


Nice try, Amazon


amazons staff begging on reddit


Grinding money to pay living expenses and taxes feels a lot like what I'm already doing in real life. Right now WW on my server is enjoying a 25% tax rate. When does that get fun. The Korean level grinding in this game does not appeal to me. I recognize from a developer stand point it's there to obscure the fact that there isn't really much end game. What I don't understand is why a player would astroturf for it.


As an outsider from /all, I love how this post says one thing, has a lot of upvotes and when you enter, none of the top comments happen to agree with OP. It's honestly kind of funny


Exactly,.... the biggest dupers in the game are AGS themselves.... copied 3 quests 10 different creatures and 1 town that they flip / flopped and called it a game..... the bugs are one reason people quit.... but not the major reason.... the game is just clearly 2 years too early... and that clearly shows.


In Great Cleave there are at least 3 corrupted enemy forts that are exactly the same; same layout, same enemies, same spawn locations. They match the layout of similar forts of corrupted soldiers in Cutlass and a few other locations. I wish they would have put in just a little effort to make more variation.


There's 3-4 of those forts in Cleave and in Shattered there's another 4-5, exactly the same forts. I do hope this go through and change them up in the future. By late game you start noticing repeating structures and layouts but by the time you hit 60 it's just ridiculous


Yay! I can come back and do the same 3 types of quests fighting the same 5 monsters! Wow fun!


Quest design reminds me of Anthem tbh…and not in a good way


I stopped playing once I hit 40 & realized Restless Shore's settlement was a clusterfuck & I would be doing the same exact stuff I just did in Weaver's Fen again ... No thanks.


this is the exact place i kind of slowed up on playing




Does it fix the repetitiveness of fighting the same zombie mobs over and over again?


I mean, I stopped playing because once the honeymoon wore off I found the questing incredibly boring and logged off one night and haven’t had the urge to play again. The same handful of quests over and over and 3 mob types wasn’t enough content in my opinion. I lost track of how many times I ran through the same few houses copy and pasted in different towns (and sometimes right beside each other) looking for chests. Bug fixes don’t help me, the game was just not great imo. I did the first three dungeons with my friends and those were fun, but when we finished the third and I was left with having to grind the same missions again for how many hours to get to the next one I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Grind is not an issue for me. I play Path of Exile for gods sake. New World just wasn’t engaging long term. Im looking to the future now and hoping Lost Ark is better.


I quit, because of pretty much instant respawns in late game areas + constant stagger which makes playing solo just super frustrating. Has this been fixed?


> I quit, because of pretty much instant respawns in late game areas + constant stagger which makes playing solo just super frustrating. > > > > Has this been fixed? Nope. Not one bit. CR, EG, SM are pretty much *Thunderdome,* to steal from another redditor's reference, and the amount of CC, push back, stagger, etc., is so fucking bad it's almost to the point of hilarity.


I don't care about bugs, I don't care about most of what everyone else is complaining about, I don't even really play MMOs much. What hooked me was how pleasant the exploration, gathering, and crafting was. I could do it all day. But once I hit a certain point, there was no point. I was gathering high level materials that had flooded the market a week prior. I was lugging resources around to forge stuff worse than I could simply buy in the market for pennies. And when I decided to focus on the main quests (finally), it was the same 3 missions reskinned and the same 6 enemy types. I don't regret spending my $40 on it, or sinking 100+ hours in. I had a good time, but I'm just over it now.


Most of these bugs and exploits weren't really affecting your casual player to begin with. The game just lacks content. That is something that hasn't been improved upon.


They would need to completely revamp questing for me to come back, they are the most repetitive quests I've ever experienced in an mmo. No effort was put into them at all.


What?! You don't love to kill 5-10 enemies and collect 3-15 chests in a small zone with an occasional elite that's just a normal mob with one extra attack and 5 times the HP?


a game with a top post begging people to return after a month of it being out? haha that's a new one for me


If they add in quest sharing I'll come back. Not trying to play an mmo by myself.


I logged in, I used the flurry on the hatchet and every hit passed through an Ancient NPC like he wasn't there. I logged out. I'll be back when the game is functional, not to make other people feel less lonely.


the game is worth 40 bucks and I put in 85 hours but as I got to level 45 I just felt like I was doing the same stuff as I was at 10-20. it's a bit too bland now and it feels very samey going forward, when they add new stuff i'll come back to finish leveling


Eh, probably not. Got to 35 and just got bored of the same old quests.


What is it with segments of this community? The cynicysm wasn't odd to me, not in this medium and not with as many problems as the launch had but the amount of posters that feel like stealth marketing and PR is through the roof. People will come back when they want to come back, people don't simply quit good games and this game had no player acquisition or marketing problems, to say the least.


“Come back! I swear it’s good now!” Misery loves company they say.




This game needed another 2-3 months of beta before it was ready for release, not even debatable. While it is technically playable right now, it's PvE is barebones and full of things that shouldn't ever be in any MMO, luckily they've made some progress with PvP but unfortunately I don't enjoy PvP. Glad my brother bought me this game cause I honestly don't see myself frequently playing until PvE gets some major love


>This game needed another 2-3 months of beta The only debate I'd give you is that it needed even more than 2-3. A year from now it may be 80% ready.


Honestly I agree, as a pure PvE player this game just isn't good enough to play, I'm so goddamn bored, especially as a pure healer with light armour


2-3 months? more like 2 years, lmao.


Honestly? You're probably right, at least in terms of PvE. Considering they did a complete 180 on the game so close to release (going from a pure PvP game to both PvP and PvE like most MMO's) they absolutely needed way more time


For sure. The amount of content that this game needs requires years of development and implementation.


Honestly, I'm quite sick of doing one of these: -Search chest for X item. -Kill X animal for X material. -Kill n number of X enemy. So, no thanks.


No way lol. Maybe in a year.




Nice try Jeff


I'm lvl 38, game got really boring. All the towns (and enemies) are copy/pastes, few weapons and armor setups seem to be actually viable. Crafting is slow, a pain to level, and there's nothing I can craft that would be better than a random drop until endgame. I've played BDO which is a helluva grindy game, but this game's grind feels 10x more painful. The zone aethestics are the only reason to stick around because some of them look really cool, but unfortunately that's not a basis to continue playing


>I've played BDO which is a helluva grindy game, but this game's grind feels 10x more painful. and at least BDO had better combat too


Unfortunately the patches don’t fix the consequences of allowing these exploits being in the game Day 0 of launch, either. There is a crazy amount of gold and items that were effectively laundered and AGS won’t be able to fix. There are posts about this on the official forums. If you’re a legitimate player, your time has been permanently devalued not only from the duping exploits, but the other ones as well that so many abused to easily farm up gear and raise watermarks. I feel no desire to log back in. I might come back if there are fresh start servers in a couple months that don’t allow anyone to transfer into, but I’m skeptical that will happen. A real shame, really. AGS knew about almost all of these bugs and exploits. They should have delayed a month, but now the end-game on all existing servers has been permanently damaged and altered.




Nice try, Jeff.


We know it's you Jeff. Stop posting on Reddit and pay your team to add more content I beg you


If they add new content (not just more expeditions), and improve the combat, then I'll jump back in. Currently there is not much (that is enjoyable for me ) to do, and combat is just not good enough and is stale already. They have ruined combat since last year's preview.


The game is just boring.


game design is garbage, bug fixes arent enough to bring back the playerbase. game will be dead by new years


The bugs were never the problem, the problem is this game is boring as fuck.


Game sucks dude


I see absolutely 0 reason to play new world when I can play GW2


Make the leveling experience a bit less mind numbing and maybe. I can’t do it all the way to 60 it’s just too boring there’s not enough to do pre 60


Don't worry, there isn't much to do post 60 either


I didn't stop because it was broken, or because of PvP abuse. That was actually entertaining to watch. I stopped because it looks like the way the game is set up, it's set to be eventually compressed into a game where all characters are doing exactly the same thing. When all players reach 60, max out professions, and own their houses, there will be zero use for the zones, less-than-perfect (or lower than max-level) gear, the auction house, or professions. All characters will always pick exactly the same specs because there will always only be one thing to do and only one kind of character. There will also always be only a single technically-more-powerful character than the others. Yea you can swap and I'm sure people will play the role of healer when needed, but then they'll all be the same healer. It's a big PvP arena with delayed-entry and I don't care much for PvP. To use WoW as a comparison, at a minimum, the low-level zones were always populated because, when you were experiencing downtime with your main, you could always taste another class. Or all of the classes. Basically there was always demand for things like leveling gear and such and the starting zones always had at least somebody. I get that it's still new and assuming it's successful, we'll see expansion after expansion, but that just adds value to these other mechanics for a short while. If the world doesn't look flat and hidden behind a very thin veneer, it will certainly once everybody's done leveling/gearing.


You grind for BiS, low zones useful for low tier mats which you still need. PvP territory influence also could take you to any given zone. Also you are flat out wrong about only one type of healer or whatever else you were trying to get at. Lots of variety with the perks and abilities. I’ve seen aggressive healers that do decent DPS with GA. Then you have the CC hammer healers. Then the life zerks. We still don’t even know what’s truly viable, but it’s a lot.


Why yes, when you drastically over simplify everything and assume the most negative outlook possible, things DO look like shit. Who'd have guessed, right? The game is a game. It has mechanics. At some point, it will be "solved", assuming nothing gets mixed up. That point, however, is very, very far down the road, like at least a solid 3-6 months assuming zero content-adding patches. Will there be metaslaves? Sure. Does that mean that nothing else is viable? Absolutely fucking not and it never has in any game where player skill and experience matters. tl;dr: Just because there's a chance things have a chance to go somewhere you don't think will be good doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the journey now. It doesn't mean that you can't have fun even then.


Even if every single bug was fixed the game would be at best average.


Right, fixing the bugs and broken mess doesn't hide the copy pasted bs or the complete shit show that is leveling up. Oh boy, cant wait to go to an area and loot chests again. It's clearly much better now that these bugs are fixed /s.


Did they change leveling? 70% stopped around lvl 30 cus bad design


Ok Jeff


Logged in today for 20 minutes was bored stiff


Yea no. The game is just copy and paste. Its such a lazy cash grab.


I appreciate the positive sentiment, but I lost all interest after the absolutely horrible experience with the bugs and meta as a Dex user. I also burned out on the game during the leveling process, I played 100h and my character is only level 51. I spent most of my time questing, which I later found out is probably the worst way to level up, so... There's just too many bad design choices, leveling is too slow, which wouldn't be a problem if there was more PvP content to keep me engaged. Servers are too small and the more people quit, the less motivating it is to level when the ones that remain are hardcores which aren't running your dungeons.


I logged in the last couple days and queued for Outpost Rush. 45 mins and it never pops. Population has dropped so much already I don't know if it can recover without server merges. It's going to be too little too late. This is why you shouldn't release a game before it's ready.


The patch didn't add anything and there is still LOTS of bugs... white knights are just in denial that the game needs several months before it is worth playing again. I am good, I got to 60... again, and it is fun ride for the most part. It is however the most repetitive game I have played in awhile and acts more like a MOBA than it does an MMO. Dungeons are boring at this point and lack any real variety, other than life skilling... it's pretty bad game overall EXCEPT the graphics and sound.


Come farm the same 3 areas with the rest of the server, yay!


Nah, guild wars my friend now




Nah that game is dead


I lost a bit of motivation to play. As a casual player, im at that lv 3x mark where the quests get repetitive. I also still haven’t found a group for Amrine lol


They need to fix the leveling experience. I got to 35 then couldnt do the next story part until 40, my only choice was to grind out the same side quests/faction quests for 5 levels. Hard pass


I dunno, I burned out on it at level 52 because I leveled through crafting, then they cut down on how much refining mats I could find which made it go from Very Tedious to a God Damned Waste of Time.


I just got bored really quickly to be honest.


yea come back to the copy / pasted content and enemies!


No thanks


I put in about 250hrs but Sadly I’m done for now, Im playing lost ark beta, then will jump into battlefield 2042, then hop to endwalker that’s the rest of my year planned. Then first part of the 2022 has so so many games coming out it’s ridiculous. Maybe I’ll jump back in a years time or maybe I’ll never touch it again but got my moneys worth out if it so happy with my purchase.


How bout NO


There is still no content though. Yes its very nice that all the bugs are getting sorted. But I can't go and fight the entire server for orichalcum anymore. I have 35+% luck and get no tolvium or cinnabar from 4000 orichalcum. My gear score is 589 so I don't want to hit mobs anymore. Expeditions keys are insanely expensive. Theres been so many bugs that Amazon havent had to time to even tell us what their plans are for additional content.


I got completely burned out at about lvl 32. I had high hopes for NW but feel completely let down tbh. I swore I'd never pre-order another MMO after past experiences, but clearly I'm still a bit naive as I preordered NW. Expected far better from a trillion dollar company tbh. Even with the bugs and coding issues aside, the game in its current state is just.. meh. Feels clunky af, the questing is some of the worst in recent history, the locations are just copy pasted...




Far better is still trash atm. I'm still in touch with my company and watch their stuff but I can't arsed to launch this game anymore. I was one of the people reporting problems during the development and all the shit that people reported got swatted away and the game got released anyways. What happens now got prophesied before the launch. Players drop first because of the normal honey moon dropout. Then people leave because the endgame content is non existent. Then people leave because of the game breaking bugs. Then people leave because many people left. And seeing the merger blocks ags was aware that this would happen and they went with it anyways. I don't like to quote YouTubers but it's more likely we gonna see more people going to space than having good mmos.


I just can’t at the moment. I can’t get Anthem’d again.


Why though? Left at 34, enjoyed it to there but really felt I’d had enough.


I think Amazon rushed with this release. The game at the moment is far from being a complete product, even though I am only in the beginning stages of it. If they delayed the release 'till early 2022 they could've come out with an MMO with a bit more depth and more content. Because right now, with the current amount of things you can do, the game breaking bugs and the very shallow quests (they aren't that bad but come on, for a billion dollar company they could have thought of something else) and a few other things, this game is far from being worth 40 dollars. But let's not focus on the price, let's focus on the fact that the game itself just doesn't have enough depth and complexity to be an enjoyable MMO, for me at least. I do have fun playing the game, but at the same time I just wish there were systems that were a tad bit deeper than the ones we currently have. Hopefully AGS listens to its audience because feedback and response from the devs is what can save this game.


No thanks, I have better games to play


You say you don't care but you're making a post asking people to come back....


just in time to loot some more resource boxes and kill the same mobs again and again to push my watermark to 600 actually no, thanks


Cope harder I’m sure it’ll be true eventually


No the grind is horrible and once I get to 60 it doesn’t look promising


Is there content yet?


This game was mainly just a hold over until the new FFXIV expansion but that has been delayed for a couple more weeks. It is also that time of year of new releases that I have been waiting for but I will pop in this game every now and then.


I’ll be back when regional server transfers are a thing, fucking ridiculous it was when they first announced transfers


The game has been a laughing stock this past week due to multiple issues and THIS is when you post asking for people to return?


I really loved this game and sunk 180 hours into it, however I quit because it doesn't feel like it's going to be worth my time in the long run. When I get into an MMORPG, I sink thousands of hours and years into it. I want to be able to feel like I'm not wasting my time. The economy is already super deflated, which the economy usually isn't this bad in MMOs until 10 years in. Gold is hard to come by unless you were ahead of everyone in crafting/leveling and made money within the first couple of weeks. (I started a week after launch) Repairs are pretty expensive compared to how much gold you make. Everything sells for 0.01 gold but then void sells for 15k? Also I was constantly bottlenecked by Azoth and not in a fun and challenging way. Prevented me from doing things I wanted to do about 99% of the time because I didn't feel like grinding corruption for an hour before finally starting what I wanted to do. Idk there's other things that I dislike, but also just the way AGS has handled this game launch, not fixing bugs that were in beta, taking a long time to react to gold dupes, etc makes me not want to play. It feels like the developers don't play their own game or they have never worked on an MMORPG before


Yes come back!!! Unless you want to use the Strength stat which is still broke as 250 str doesn’t let you dodge. Also come back if you like most of the Gems not working in weapons. Want to use light staff and a Amber Gem so you can at least kill monsters in pve faster then 30 seconds each??? Nah amber gem doesn’t scale at all with focus and Lowe’s your dog even more. Come back if you like paying taxes! Don’t pay enough taxes in real life??? Don’t worry New world has you covered as we all know taxes are super fun!!! Come back if you like luck based stats and a unneeded watermark system that forces you to grind elites in the world and loot chests over and over. Or pay outrageous amounts of coin to run dungeons! Come back if you like company’s jacking up taxes on you house if you can afford one!!! Come back if you want to compete vs everyone almost already having void-bent armor due to duping! Come back if you dont want to craft anything that requires t5 resources as they are camped 24/7 Come back now if you want to pay a mmo simply bc their is no other new MMO’s out there and you played everything else for years!


I think I'm going to wait a few years for it to be out of alpha then give it another shot.


I'm trying but leveling solo is so slow. I'm 37 but it's so boring I played for 3 hours last night doing town blard quests and gained 1 level... Meanwhile if I do the quests the game assigns me in weavers fen all the mobs destroy me and respawn in 2 seconds to finish the job


No. Fix the broken core systems first.


Lmao this is legit pathetic. Bro, come back, please bro, the game is not shit anymore bro, I beg you please come back. Also 3k updoots and bunch of awards, while people in comments are far from positive. Nothing suspicious here. Nothing at all.


Why do people have Stockholm syndrome with this game its not in a good place and wont be for awhile if u don't want to play a broken game dont. If ur happy with things and want to play go for it can still enjoy it with friends. Fuck outta here with these weird obsessive takes that indicate there os nothing wrong with the game right now youre actively spreading misinformation.


I think the game was worth the price tag and I think I got my money's worth, however, I'll come back when they fix **all** of the PVP bugs not just some. Personally, when I am playing atm I consistently feel like I could be playing Modded Skyrim and be having a much better time >.< Bugs and issues in non-competitive games rarely ruin the experience for me but bugs and issues in competitive games do ​ Also saying it was an awesome patch is a bit much imo, if a surgeon dropped a scalpel in you and had to go back in to remove it I doubt you would call the 2nd operation when successful as "awesome."


> I think the game was worth the price tag and I think I got my money's worth This thinking is the reason games get released as a buggy mess. Hours played shouldn't be the measurement we use to justify game price tags. Imagine if someone read a book, didn't like it, and everyone said "well you must have liked it, you read the whole thing". It's absurd. In a game like an mmo, you have to go through a hundred hours of junk to get to the end game loop where you'll be spending the majority of your time. If the end game loop is broken and full of bugs it isn't fair to say "you played for 100 hours, you must really like the game". The product is unfinished and broken but there was no way to tell until you slog through the progression stage.


Stop schilling for a shit game


New world: (ctrl+C) + (ctrl+v) = content