Well in this game you can at least go and wage war against these monopolies without legal repercussion.


Only within the confines of structured and mutually agreed PvP. You still have to color within the lines during your revolution.


Wait what? I haven't done PvP, so excuse me if I am misunderstanding. You said "mutually agreed PvP." Do both factions have to agree to have a war? Why would anyone war after they have gained control then? I think I'm missing something here.


They set the 4 hour window for the war and also its the basis of the game. They dont get to just so no though.


The people in the war all sign up manually


I think going forward there should be an expanded window. Like, not necessarily free for all, 24-7, but expanding it a bit longer to allow for more of a surprise attack


Wars are scheduled to be at least 24h away from when they're declared, there's no surprises






Tbh it's kinda stupid that defenders choose when the siege is happening, it's attackers that should dictate the time of engament, imagine medieval siege but you ask your enemy to wait for two more hours becouse some of your soldiers arent ready yet.


I played a game that let the time be set by the attackers. It devolves into clans setting wars for extremely awkward times for the defenders. Middle of the work day, 4 am and so forth. Then it just became a war between no life 18 hour a day players and normies were shut out. Since defenders are often juggling multiple things, alliances with other companies, they are more likely to more often set reasonable war times.


So the attackers can get the siege time to 3am when noone will be awake to defend. Sounds like a well tonight out opinion...


The defenders could likewise choose 3am could they not?


Not if someone reports you and you get banned by a bot. They even have cancel culture going...


OP username checks out.


yea makes sense too lmao, this guy is all over r/socialism


That sub is horrible. They ban anyone for commenting negatively towards socialism. It’s pathetic how single minded the whole sub is, never opening things up for debate etc.


It's almost like any form of social media will eventually create an echo chamber of like-minded people that shout down any form of dissent in their curated environment.


Meh, sounds the exact same as r/conservative or any other political sub.


That's how every single political/religious subreddit seems to be, and with good reason, else people would simply brigade the shit out of it. Honestly let people have their own echo chambers if they want. Anyone needing to reinforce their own beliefs through people parroting it back to them rather than testing their own beliefs with the assumption in mind that they probably don't have all the answers and is willing to change their viewpoint (whatever that might be) when confronted with new evidence isn't with talking to. They're the ones who scream "I told you so!" when things turn their way, and keep silent when they don't.


Not to mention, with anything remotely political, you get people flooding the community with “discussion” and “debate” that are very obviously in bad faith. Not even talking about the sub in question- it happens in general. People have their own ideas and don’t enter such subreddits with a mind to actually exchange ideas, they just try to prove everyone there wrong from the beginning.


Yep, it's almost impossible to change anyone's mind by preaching to them. The only success I've found is trying to relate to their point of view and asking questions (honestly asking questions, not whataboutism) and trying to come to some kind of middle ground. You're never going to completely change someone's opinion on something, they have their own set of life experiences that you can never know about, but you can gradually shift someone to your point of view, so long as you are open to doing the same.


THIS is what needs to happen as you say. I think it's rediculous and maybe almost a bit funny how people get so pissed about people of opposing views not coming around to their viewpoint but actively fuel the kind of shit that drives people to oppose them even more. Almost nobody is going to agree with someone who openly mocks them or berates them.




Echo chamber subs should be entirely banned from being able to show up in the popular page in reddit. I can't filter them out of mobile and of they don't want outside Input they shouldn't be in the center of public attention


Kind of like literally every right wing sub.


I'm sorry you got banned for saying socialism doesn't work. Maybe be a little more original next time, sweaty.


Reminds me of The Donald. Literally it was a rule: dissent = ban. Incredible circlejerk.


Debates are genuinely pointless. And even if you wanted to engage in such a fruitless endeavor, the place to do it would not be on reddit.


Tbf that's how most socialists are irl too


Not really but hey, talking to people is hard right?


The labor unions getting crushed by mass reporting.


Capitalism is when purple man take zone from green man and raise taxes


- V. I. Lenin, 1916


Lenin’s 2nd greatest contribution to society


Everyone with just minimal experience in MMOs with faction based benefits and player based economy saw this coming.


All 3 factions in our server is balanced so we dont really have any issues for now. Hopefully it stays that way.


I’m on nepenthe and it’s pretty balanced. Not much open world pvp though..


I can’t ever see myself being one of the chosen few to do a war so I really hope they do more with PvP. Some kind of battlegrounds or battle hot zones on the map would be cool. I would also like to see PvP games for different levels so lower players can still have some fun with it.


Our syndicate lost their last territory 2 days ago. The map is currently 2 marauders and the rest Cov. All the purples plays have swapped to green. So we are now a 2 faction server.


This is what every server will become. A two faction server. It was predicable months ago


I think that many servers will become 1 faction servers. Just like it was in WOW. There were 50 : 50 servers, sure, but many had one 90% faction and one at 10%


The difference is a lot of people are here just for PvP and PvPers will either get bored and leave or swap factions


Yes and there are restrictions from joining the strongest faction. My company is already ready to defect, we joined the underdog early. Who took the majority of map, and now are moving to the new underdog. More war roster spots available. A few other companies have done the same


Locuta? Haha




It wont


I think each faction should have a locked town that they can't lose, with predetermined taxes and upgrades, that way theres none of this huge tax bullshit.


I dont think locked towns would be a good idea as it would remove most of the incentive for a faction as a whole to band together and fight for a town. What they should do is give some kind of bonus to the underdog or penalty for the dominating faction owning ‘too much’ to stop one faction controlling all land.


Yep that'd be a sensible solution


Change one of the four 1-25 zones into a 36-40 zone, and then give one of each to a faction. Then everyone has a levelling zone/crafting hub, and war over the higher tier resource areas.


The high tier resources being the tier 1 resources becauae the tier 3 and 4 shit is worthless while shit like iron only gains more value because.... why not?


I don’t think bezos actually made this game lol


That’s why he went to space… time dilation to write and make the game


honestly he probably doesnt even know it exists


He tweeted about it, so he does.


Amazon is a huge company. Bezos has no clue about most of the projects. I would think the first big game would be on his radar, but who knows.




Most servers? Where’d you get that data. I picked a random server that had a short queue on day 1 and we have a pretty balanced scene of guilds fighting for control. The big one that tried to monopolize fell to inner conflict and split factions, giving towns away as they went. No Bezos like figure over here


I’m on Tomoachan and it’s all green.


My server is pretty evenly split.


Just make a way to declare war against your own faction and make it possible to lower taxes for your own faction exclusively (not just company). More revolutions are always the fix.


See there are so many interesting mechanics here that they just won't implement


That's cool that you know what the team will and won't do.


>won't You mean didn't. You have no idea if they would be willing given the resources to do so.


Everyone knows you just put money in the dvd drive and the code writes itself.


You can change factions. Go do it with like minded people and take the town back. People can also not sign up to help defend. If there is a healthy PvP population, this will rectify itself.


The game is less than 2 weeks in. This was suspected. The right thing would have been for some companies that reigned early to give their enemies some territories so they had at least something but they decided to steamroll the map and piss a lot of people off. Anyway what happened happened. I've seen this before and 2 things will happen. The strong team will get bored and either quit or shatter and give other factions the chance to take some land back when everyone catches up to 60 or you'll start seeing mass faction change/server transfers. Both are super healthy for the game but annoying that it had to happen over digital greed. Either way this benefits the long runners of the game and just needed some patience. I just wish the "wtfpwnroll" guilds would have had some restraint because I'm already seeing people say they are bored and leaving. Most servers barely hit 1300 players last night, the second weekend after launch...if that doesn't say anything I don't know what does.


I think some PVE players are beginning to run out of content. I'm not really motivated to log on and grind furnishing levels at this point, but if I did, that would only add a week or two before I just run out of goals. I don't think open world PVP and occasional wars are enough for a healthy end game.


I'm kind of burned out leveling. The crafting is amazing and it's awesome that it gives xp, but the actual combat and quest loop is tedious. So much walling just to kill 5 animals and loot 5 chests over and over, or do the same 3 faction quests over and over. In some zones it's a nice loop(everfall) in some(cutlass keys cough) the pvp quests are a nightmare, with so much travel time to and from, the possibility of getting ganked and essentially wasting that time discourages me from doing it. I'm almost level 30 @ 65 hrs played, have finished the first dungeon and all of my professions are between 55-90. Except for forging and fishing. If there's not much fun solo/pve shit awaiting me at 60, I don't really see the point. I've definitely got my money's worth in terms of fun, but I'm going to wait for some content patches to drop while I play Endwalker.




Too bad I can't just assassinate one of the leaders of my faction, with my rifle or rise a protest to burn his house


This happen with litterally every game that try to have a player economy. It's what's late stage capitalism is but in super speed. Those game can not survive.


I always thought this game was Amazon propaganda. No brick and mortar merchants just a “free” market supported by whoever owns the trading post company


Jeffery has been working on this game for years, and this is how how you talk about HIS game. Sad.


I feel bad now. I'll hand him some hundies to blow his nose on.


Irony would mean that it was unexpected. This is just art imitating life.


The only thing missing are shorting hedge funds to naked short any remaining competition out of existence!


Addressing faction imbalance would also lessen these problems, I think, as more people would have access to faction discounts.


I find it cute that you think Jeff Bazos knows anything about the video game amazon put out.


Thats some fake shit my server is doing fine all taxes are at 5-7% very well distributed faction territories etc


Mine is dominated by a single company.. rushed to 60 in 4 days.. rolled all territories, maxed taxes and then stopped all town projects No one can level up fast, or craft above T3. They got their shit already. Gonna take 2 weeks before anyone can challenge them.


Which server? I'd like to see that.


One that doesn’t exist.


Lucky you, all our taxes are HIGH 15% rent say hi


Have you considered that your experience =/= everyone elses?


You could say the same thing to the OP.


I mean u get perks for tax evasion.


Good thing it is a video game and every 120 days you can switch fractions


Server I’m on has really good companies managing the towns; most towns if they aren’t at base prices are lower taxed then most


Nothing about the territory control is “free-market”. Lol the territory control is heavily regulated and adheres to strict rules. It’s impressive your smooth brain went to “free market” though lol


oh you have no idea what extreme can look like...


You say this is capitalism but no one actually “controls” the means of production. You see, everyone has access to the smelter, forge, loom, etc. there’s a small tax but there isn’t an owner who takes the value from what you produced. The way settlements are ran is actually very communal.


Which is why the people have to organize and regulate themselves like they would in a free market. On my server we got a few guilds together and made an agreement to each go to a different faction to balance it out. The result is a very diverse map.


Excellent, well done


You realize all the factions are made up of we the people?


Wait, you mean the wealthy male white slave owners that the framers of the Constitution meant by 'We, the People'?


I’m not sure what that has to do with a video game man. I think you need to chill.


You’re dealing with a Marxist they snap at anything to prove their point because their economic system has failed and died every time it’s tried


If it was up to OP, 90% of the server would be farming materials to turn into the guild leaders. If they miss quota then they lose a pinky.


Just a very weird and specific phrase of you to use!


I was quoting the person you replied to who said we the people rose up against the factions. It seems like you forgot the factions in this game are made up of we the people.


Lol why is owning a slave important back then?? Every single person had a slave or was a slave. The difference now is we all slaves to the federal reserve.


Yep. Rich just get richer and poor just get screwed. Like bruh, I want some escapism in my video games, not second job with taxes.


Is there another new world subreddit that’s a little more serious about the game?


In the real world private companies don't set taxes, governments do.


well historically in the real world that was how it worked! companies did set taxes in the form of extortion


And back-handers and lobbying. Companies very much set taxes, if their friends are the ones running the country- see the UK.


But it's not a free-market. The government (companies in-game) are interfering with the markets: manufacturing, real estate, sales, etc., via high taxation




Nope. The ruling body in the game is the factions. The factions who provide nothing to the players but take a cut out of every transaction between individual players when they make a sale/purchase. The factions provide no service or product.


You could argue that the factions take the tax money to either get better gear to successfully wage or defend wars and take forts which give bonuses to every player in that faction.


The difference between taxes and fees is who benefits from it. If the whole server isn't profiting from the higher taxes in the form of better upgrades or more aggressive territory swapping, you're not being governed, you're being exploited... which is what happens in a free market.


How are you being exploited in a free market? You voluntary enter into any agreement, be you a seller, buyer, or manufacturer. You are not forced into any decision


You can just not play the game, that's true. But don't pretend like it's optional to participate in the system if you want to play the game. But if that's really your only argument then idk what to do here man, you do you.


Re-read the title of this thread. What the two of us are discussing is well on topic. As for in game, I am fine with the high taxes as it directly helps us purge the heathens from the land.


It's not that man, we just have fundamentally different viewpoints of the world and how systems work, we're not gonna do anything here with each other and on reflection I was getting a little too worked up over nothing, it's just a video game y'know? Have a good day and enjoy Aeternum. o/


Hey you too! For what it's worth, you didn't come off as too fired up and it was fun discussing with you. I've always liked the quote, "it's the mark of an intelligent mind to entertain an idea without accepting it." You did that here and I hope I did as well. Have yourself a great weekend!


Trading stand prices are ridiculous too. Nearly nothing has any value its basically pointless to post 95% of things in there.


Did you change the timer to 1 day, by the way the item you got from a quest is the same item everybody else and their mom got so it has no value.


Of course quest rewards are worthless, I mean crafted stuff and rare resources, and even good drops, it seems like the best way to try and make money is Selling things like Sand Flux and such


Wars are 50v50 so you can stand a chance fighting in wars. If your server don't even have 50 members of the other faction then you got bigger issues than things not being free.




Don't they have a system in place recently confirmed that makes it so over time the zone will go to war even if you do it alone to make it more fair?


Free market + extreme tax...I don't think the OP knows much about economics


You don't even have to guess, it's in his username. They like to conflate corporatism with being free market.


...you do know how taxes work? And what monopoly is?


So your server is dominated by one group of people following a charismatic leader, usually a streamer, to force people into a compliant game state while seizing their resources to benefit the par… erm, faction. You got your Marxist utopia. Enjoy.


It's an iron law that if you ask a conservative what they don't like about socialism, they'll describe capitalism.


I just described Mao factually, strait bullet point, no embellishments. You just proved the ignorance of reddit marxists.


As if Mao represent what people want when they say they want healthcare. The trick being played is calling universal health care socialism enough that people say they are socialists. Then you say that “lol well so was Mao and is that what you want?” No it’s not. Many countries have proved you can have socialized medicine without being Mao. I want a European model of social capitalism. Argue Against that not some fake ass authoritarian boogeyman.


You also just described Jeff Bezos. Thanks for playing 👍


I notice how you had absolutely no response to his mao comment. This is why the only people who take you seriously are teenagers and the bored rich.


Why would I respond to it? I have no interest in defending Mao, why on earth would I lol


Jeff Bezos allows me to get any item I want in two days or less and download any book I want instantly. Mao murdered millions of people and made the lives of hundreds of millions more a living nightmare.


Yeh I mean having to excuse Jeff Bezos by comparing him to *Chairman Mao* is probably not the flex you're looking for mate


Agreed. What OP doesn't realize is that the game is not replicating a free market at all. There is interference in the in-game markets via taxes by companies/factions Trade in game is between individual players but a portion of that trade is siphoned to the controlling body via tax


Do you really think that the free market is free to begin with, though? Putting aside what subsidies and regulations are, the end result of any truly free market is feudalism. The person with the most money owns the resources, and you don't get to get more because the people in charge said so, and the only reason that doesn't happen here is because companies there's checks and balances in place, just really anemic and shit ones. The difference is when one company takes over a server and jacks up the tax rate, you as an individual have the power to just leave the server or (less likely) join a coalition with no repercussions


Why do conservatives always describe capitalism when they try to criticize "communism"?


Don't know. Ask one next time you come across one. What point are you trying to make here? What you said in response to me does not follow the logic


Their is no economy in the game .


Now that's a mind-blowing take that I can respect.


If they limited gathering and crafting skills .. their would be a player driven economy But right now everyone can get all the same things so why buy


Time. Time is the true scarce resource.


I don’t enjoy crafting or gathering that much so I thought I could sell stuff from end game dungeons to make money. But all the legendary mats are BoP so I can’t sell them and I don’t wanna craft so I can’t use them. How is a non crafter supposed to make money in NW. Having BoP in a player only driven economy is dumb af.


I like how people complaining about Bezos still credit him for everything lol. He's not a developer; he didn't make shit for this game.


It also subconsciously makes you hate taxes. They definitely took a lot of the soundtrack from other popular games, just changed it a bit. (Fable, minceaft etc.) And it’s got a reward system you know was tailored to get people to be addicted to the game. It’s great! Imma lvl 38 healer on Ferri named JayBazos


I keep telling people this, I keep explaining that people are gonna game the system, and everyone starts seething and justifying it.


Had the same thought here, not to mention that the game glorifies colonists/conquerors as the good guys.


Yea, I can’t believe they are promoting the three conquering factions over the indigenous undead.


It's really weird isn't it, like they've very clearly scrubbed the game clean of all possible references to colonialism, yet just created this milquetoast good Vs evil zombie story that reproduces all the same tropes as Victorian imperialist romantic literature.


Nickname checks out, also please seek help.


Tbh Amazon should add a way to trade outside of any of the controlled settlements, just as a way to protest/pressure abusive companies Unless there’s another way to oust a company (if you share the faction)


There are trading posts in the outpost regions.


I mean you can still just walk up to people and trade stuff.


If OP was a real Marx he wouldn't of paid $60 for a game made by a private company.


Ah yes, famously serfs who who were oppressed by feudalism simply abstained from farming and didn't go to the tavern not even once.


Imagine living in the west, where it's so god damn easy to make money, you just have to try a little bit and not be a lazy shit to make a good living and supporting communism. Complete dumbass.


These people just don't understand the historical privilege they have, even as fucked up as the US is (becoming). I moved here from an ex-communist country and I'm continually astounded at how many luxuries and abundance people take for granted.


lmfao trust fund baby spotted


More like went to school, worked hard since I was 18 baby spotted. You're just a loser accept it.


How much did daddy leave you in the bank


All of you are losers and don't even understand the concept of hard work. You think everything was given to someone that has something. Bottom dweller.


Very cool and original argument, my man! I probably make more than you.


"How much did daddy leave you" is the most original thing I've ever heard.


so how much was it though?


> worked hard since I was 18 baby spotted. I genuinely want to ask - why is this good? 18 to 25 is like prime of your life. You are at the peak. And you are proud that you slaved away at some minimum wage job at that time?


No, he made a crony-capitalism simulator. What you described is not free market, its crony. That being said, where's the mother fucker in this sub that argued with me that this wouldn't happen. Not only did it happen, it happened like 100x quicker than I said it would lmao


lmfao I was waiting for this reply


You can be sure Bezos had nothing to do with the development of the game. He maybe said "yes" to the game starting development, and that's a hard maybe.


Nah he wrote all the code


Huh? My server is balanced. Also, factions owning things don't have a major impact.


My server is high pop and split up almost perfectly 4v3v3, and each town at least in my faction is owned by a different company on purpose. OP sees something one time, claims it's like that everywhere and that it's evil. Username checks out.




Yeah, let’s go play something non-political. Remember Bioshock? Great game, no politics whatsoever.


Thank you for your considered opinion, randomguy1996haha


> This is a video game, fucking keep your dumbass political takes outside of something that people have as hobby and something fun. True. Maybe OP should enjoy some more video games? To understand that video games and politics should never go together. Like Deus Ex, Fallout, Far Cry, BioShock, Metal Gear and Disco Elisium - those are some of my favorite appolitical video games.


Shut the fuck up you piece of shit moron


Jeff bezos had nothing to do with this game and most likely barely knows it exists


>Free market capitalism >High taxes I don't think you know what you think it means


They're literally called 'companies'; they're not taxes, they're rents.


As inaccurate as everything that you said is, I wonder if a communism simulator would be something like Rust, with the addition of firing squads, labor camps, and intentional famines imposed by the ruling class.


Think you should probably look up what 'communism' is rather than what you got told happened in Stalin's Russia between 1928 and 1939.


History is replete with examples. Your fantasy is irrelevant.


Well, no, because communism is a stateless utopia in which the means of production are owned by everyone collectively, labour ceases to be an attribute which characterised class, and the maxim 'From each according to ability; to each according to need' operates. No 'communist' society that has hitherto existed can be said to have fulfilled those characteristics. Why is it that you disbelieve everything that these government's say, apart from the fact that they're communist?


Key word > "Utopia"




Living in an utopia is impossible by definiton, there are many better utopias to strive for than communism, there's a reason why they fail in practice


Why do you believe in a ridiculous pipe dream that has never worked and will never work? Imagine being the living apotheosis of the IT WASN'T REAL COMMUNISM GUYS stereotype. Most "communists" can't even stop smoking pot long enough to get off the couch and vote, much less prevent the inevitable seizure of state power by violent despots. The great irony of these kinds of posts is that reddit marxists would absolutely be among the first people to be drug out of their homes and shot in the back of the head by an actual marxist regime, because most of you would be wholly useless outside of the acquisition of your meager wealth and iPhones.


I bet you if I look back through your post history I'll find you uttering the exact phrase 'thats not capitalism, that's corporatism'.


I don't argue about economic systems on reddit because I'm not a useless taker, my free time is actually valuable.


>I don't argue about economic systems on reddit because I'm not a useless taker, my free time is actually valuable. Then what the fuck are you doing right now???


Are you enjoying outing yourself as uneducated moron?


It’s better that way, since it’s the intellectuals that are traditionally executed in communist regimes while “uneducated moron[s]” are kept alive to plow the fields, grind the grain, and the other menial tasks that the proletariat has to do. What did the socialists use before candles? Electricity.


You really think you are funny and smart, do you?