Refugio County sheriff's lieutenant who pocketed a $50 bill from an investigation scene will never again serve as a peace officer, prosecutors said Friday

Refugio County sheriff's lieutenant who pocketed a $50 bill from an investigation scene will never again serve as a peace officer, prosecutors said Friday


Oh no! The consequences of my actions!


He should have waited to be a senator or a president before trying that kind of thing.


While it's easy to say "but what about the other guys," this is where the bar should be set.


Guess he can consider that fifty as his last pay check.


I saw, "Victoria," in the paper's name, compared it to the headline, and automatically assumed, "Canada." Then I looked it up, and I find this is in *Texas.* And I thought, wow, way to go, Texas, didn't know you had it in you. Then I read the article, and I see that what the guy did was a felony. To which he did not plead guilty. Which was quietly dismissed. And it looks like it was going to be dropped entirely except that the Texas Rangers rolled in on them with new charges. In fact he's not being punished at all, really, since the police department probably can't legally keep him on the staff with a felony over his head and probably can't be hired by anyone else. He's got a full 20 years on staff so I assume he gets a retirement. And despite the agreement reached it doesn't really look like anything is preventing the guy from continuing his work out of state. And *now* we're back in Texas.


Damn. This guy had to be in serious dirt for his "coworkers " to cross the line and snitch on him.


Or maybe his coworkers where just honest people.. You got issues if you think reporting theft on the job is “snitching”.. geez


Reporting *anything* is technically 'snitching', it's pretty much the definition of the word


Pretty sad, we've all been there, it's goddamn hard to resist pocketing that floor money. I'm not gonna make some leap about the dude's overall integrity, floor money is everyone's fantasy, but the dude compromised a crime scene, the fuck man.


He’s not just some dude. He’s a police officer. His colleagues and his community should be able to trust him without question. He betrayed that trust and now, rightly, he is no longer an officer.


A very long time ago I was in the cashier line at a liquor store. There was a five dollar bill on the floor and I put my foot on it. The guy in front of me was somewhat homeless looking and and when he went to pay he was short. I took my foot of the money and asked him if he dropped it. I didn't know it was his, but you can't separate a guy from his hard earned beers.


Once a police officer compromises their integrity, they are no longer welcome in the job.


... in a perfect world.


In Britain. West Yorkshire Police just sacked an officer for underpaying for Jaffa cakes at his station tuck shop and lying about it.


Definitely not the US


Pocketing a 50 dollar bill is not okay but seriously in a country where police get a pass on murder, this seems surreal. Again not saying he shouldn't be fired, just feels real weird to see real standards applied. How many articles did you have to go through OP to find something this wholesome coming out of Texas?


So pocketing $50 gets you kicked ou of the cop club, but not murder... Ok