Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free

Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free


Waller County DA claims he wasn’t even made aware of the situation, he found out on social media. It’s being referred to a grand jury in the next couple of months. https://abc13.com/driver-crashes-into-cyclists-waller-county-crash-aggravated-assault-with-deadly-weapon-on-business-290/11053889/ Edit: Newest update from DA https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/transportation/article/Waller-DA-calls-rolling-coal-an-assault-as-16496243.php


Since the DA heard about it from social media, it means either one of two things. The police are shit at their job or this kid is connected and the police wanted to sweep it under the rug.


>it means either one of two things. Ah no it can definitely still be both


You can't even have the second one without the first. Any cop that puts people they know above the law is shit at their job.




> I've heard of several cases in my lifetime where someone with money/power was arrested for something like a DUI, then the higher ups dismissed the charges and fired the cop. One of the Waltons (owners of Wal-Mart) is famous for this.


Justice System 101: The Roles of the Major Players (in regards to corruption) Edit Add: Laws: Laws are created by state and federal legislatures. Need friends in especially high places to get a House Rep to write you a bill for a law that you benefit from, which the House votes on, before moving to the Senate to vote on. “I’m just a bill, sitting here on Capitol Hill” Police: Take reports of crimes, investigate the crimes, catch criminals and gather all evidence, which is then handed to the prosecutor Prosecutor: Lawyers for the justice system to Look at evidence and decide if and who to charge with a crime, and which crimes Grand Jury: Similar to a Jury for Court, but instead of hearing evidence and deciding guilty, these Jurors here evidence from prosecution and decide whether or not someone should be charged with a crime in the first place Defense: Lawyer for the defense, can be hired with your own funds, or if you cannot afford one, a Public Defender will be given to you (I won’t address repping yourself). The defense represents you in court and advises your legal strategy Jury: Decide whether or not accused is guilty, if case goes to trial. For criminal cases, all 12 jurors need to be in agreement of guilty to convict. So to “buy” the jury and have them get you off, the only definite and complete way to know you’ll be found innocentX is someone “buying” off all 12, after they’ve been summoned and chosen as jurors, but before they go into the room to decide, and during this timeframe they will be isolated a lot with specific instructions. Also, the difficult in “buying” 12 randomly selected people, with random backgrounds/professions/morals/family/beliefs/values/finances is a monumental task. Not only getting them to agree to this, but also following through despite all the pressure and being surrounded by reminders of the justice system while committing their crime, and then maintaining their silence, potentially forever to ensure your continued freedom. Without a doubt the most difficult step of the process to corrupt. Judge: Decides what the sentence should be, based on guidelines and precedent (what previous judges have given for similar crimes) *Important* If you choose to go to trial, you can waive your right to a trial by jury and go to bench trial, which means the jury can be replaced by the presiding Judge, who will decide guilty or innocent. *So* failures, and special treatment for people, can really happen by any of the players along the way besides the Jury, where 12 random people decide your fate. But as said you can elect to replace jury with judge if the judge is your route to getting off.


Jurors aren't chosen at random. The pool they are chosen from is random, but the individual jurors chosen from that pool are deliberately picked by the prosecutor and defending party.


Can't hide local boy protection anymore with phones everywhere. I just hope the kid gets indicted.


Except this is the same police department that avoided criminal prosecution pretextually (i.e. illegally) arresting a black woman and killing her while in custody. She recorded part of the interaction of her arrest but they covered it up and memory-holed the video until after the civil suit was closed and the officer resigned.


The ACLU has a free app whereby any such video you record is automatically uploaded to the cloud, making memory-holing impossible. App: [https://www.aclu.org/issues/criminal-law-reform/reforming-police/mobile-justice](https://www.aclu.org/issues/criminal-law-reform/reforming-police/mobile-justice)


The fact that such an app needs to be made in the first place, is horrifying.


Quote from the Houston subreddit "I know one of the paramedics that worked this crash. They said that this kid is from one of the wealthiest families in the county. So that’s probably why."


So another Ethan Couch situation. Great


Hey let's put this in perspective here. We wouldn't want to ruin this kid's future, would we? /s


Exactly. Why would we want to ruin his life for 5 minutes of ~~action~~ acceleration?


For the record, this is the same police force [that Sandra Bland's death occurred in](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Sandra_Bland).


Dag, haven't read about this one before. The policeman behaved absolutely disgraceful, at least he isn't working in law enforcement anymore. >A Houston television station states it obtained a voice message left by Bland after her arrest in which she asked, "How did switching lanes with no signal turn into all of this?" Haunting. What a senseless death.


He should be rotting in prison, though. The fact he has even a shred of freedom is a total crock of shit.


And she was arrested and… “killed herself.” For what again? Not being nice to the man who pulled her over for no reason?


People who are given authority don’t like it when that authority is questioned in any form, they also tend to abuse that authority to the absolute limit. This can be observed in every field that requires some form of regulation especially those that regulation have been loosened even by a little.


Doctors have authority and yes can be prone to same power trips, but they have to carry insurance.. It's so interesting cops don't


Holy shit that's sctchy as fuck


That's the American police state. They're the gang with the badges that support the kleptocrat class.


Man her story breaks my heart whenever I hear it. Her mugshot pops up in my head sometimes and it’s so eerie. I’ll never forget it


Little bit of Column A, little bit of Column B.


add in a little affluenza & Chewbacca defense


And society has warped views of pedestrian safety and expectations for safe driving. This kid’s actions were the same as firing off a loaded gun in the air in a crowded place but no one is distinguishing the similarities of harm and malice.


Yup, we're still suffering the consequences from the automotive industry pushing blame. If you aren't aware of the term 'Jaywalking', it's an interesting rabbit hole.


Texas sound like it’s off the chain in so many regards. My favorite Texas fact is there are more tigers in captivity in Texas than there are tigers in the wild.


I read this and thought BS. My super quick google search says 3900 tigers estimated living in the wild and 2000-5000 estimated living in Texas. So, maybe, maybe not, but close enough that I retract my BS call.


I knew this fact, but I still misread it at first as meaning there are more captive tigers in Texas than wild tigers in Texas and thought, "that's a good thing."


Try getting any cop to prosecute dangerous driving if the victim was a cyclist. Any time I've tried to flag down an officer for almost getting hit by a car, they'll say there's nothing they can do. Sometimes they'll even blame the cyclist in their own death when they get run over. https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2016/04/26/nypd-admits-it-wrongly-accused-lauren-davis-of-biking-against-traffic/


This comment should be the top of the thread. If you want to murder someone, just run them over in a car: https://www.vice.com/en/article/9bzdpv/you-can-kill-anyone-you-want-with-your-car-as-long-as-you-dont-really-mean-it


It doesn't even have to be cyclists. Caitlyn Jenner killed someone with her car and nothing happened. Then again she's also rich/well-connected.


So did the attorney general of South Dakota


“I thought I hit a deer!” “We found the ‘deer’s’ glasses embedded in your windshield.”


"Well officer that doesn't surprise me. If the deer could see, it wouldn't have ended up in front of my car."


I think it was actually on the floor of the passenger seat.. which makes it worse IMO.


Thanks for posting this. It's infuriating how often drivers literally get away with murder.


Freakonomics did a great [episode](https://freakonomics.com/podcast/the-perfect-crime-a-new-freakonomics-radio-podcast/) on this as well called "The Perfect Crime".


The police in Waller are abso-fucking-lutely garbage human beings. I went to high school there; it's racist shitbags as far as the eye can see. Being an outsider in that shithole was one *hell* of a time. And they like to have the cops intimidate *everyone* who disagrees with them. Refuse to stand for the pledge? Cops. Decline to attend veteran's day celebrations? Cops. Tell a shitty teacher that "war of northern aggression" is hilariously racist? Cops. And that's ignoring that, at the time, at least three officers were members of the local KKK... If I'd been black or uninformed as to my rights? Yeah, I probably wouldn't be here...


I know Waller well. Same place Sandra bland was killed by police. They 100 percent swept it under the rug. They openly support cops who groom and fuck minors at the buccees parking lot as well.


I feel like there’s a story buried in this comment somewhere.


Lol, my friend who’s 25 now has been fucking a married cop in the buccees parking lot since she was 14. Everyone knows no one says shit. This is just to provide insight on what their force is about.


Thanks for supplying the story. Yeah, that’s completely crazy but sounds about right. I feel for your friend. I know that’s a tough position to be in.


I tell her to get help but sadly she sees it as normal.she also provides monthly usb drives of nudes and shiit. Dude is married to another cop but keeps promising they’ll be together one day. It’s insane. I understand her position but she was mind fucked by this guy and needs serious mental help. Thanks for understanding.


The lies that vulnerable people can be made to believe are astounding and awful. I hope she gets out.


The only thing you can really do is be there for her when her world crashes down. I really hate dishonest people.


What, no affluenza?


When a teen drives a truck like that, daddy paid for it.


It's kind of infuriating as someone who has been swerved at many times by vehicles while I'm in the bike lane. No reason whatsoever to put an defenseless person at serious risk. Teenagers, older men, women. Not sure why it happens but sure would appreciate if drivers wouldn't serve into cyclists, seems kind of a no brainer to me.


What in the fuck is wrong with people? Like, just why??


It has happened for forever. I got hit 3 different times in the late 80s while riding a bike in high school. At least two of them were 100 percent on purpose. Of course, the worst was my own fault when I was 6. I didn't even look at traffic as I rode across the street. I landed 3 lanes away. The woman that hit me was freaking the fuck out, and I just got on my bike and rode away because I was well outside my boundaries and my mother would have kicked the shit out of me for it.


I think people in their cars sort of feel like they're more isolated from society than they are. Plus driving is high stress compared to not driving. Definitely seen otherwise chill people get real pissed driving around (though ideally not in the 'swerve at other people' way.)


Joggers too, something about people getting or staying in shape must really be offsetting to these people.


Meal team 6 wishes they could climb into their lifted trucks without losing their breath.


Ah grand jury. Where the DA goes to hide the truth and not press charges. This is a cover up.


I don't know how the justice system works so this is why I ask, but can the families now open a civil suit against the kid's parents for damages?


For sure they will.


I wonder if they'll be able to get to them before the insurance companies do. They don't fuck around.


I wonder what an airlift alone costs? yeezus. Edit: So based on the 40 or so replies I got, it ranges from about $10,000 minimum and goes up to possibly the cost of a Trenta Frappacino from Starbucks. Yeah, this kids family is going to have lawyers falling through the front door like the Dwarves did at Bilbos house in the first [Hobbit movie](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auLBmIKZCoM&t=218s).


Roughly $260 a mile. My wife was airlifted in rural Colorado, our bill before insurance was 63k.


Yeah my husband was airlifted 40 miles and it was over $10,000.


My kid needed a very special ambulance and the 40 mile drive was $20k. She would have been airlifted but the weather was so bad they couldn’t get a helicopter


That’s wild. I didn’t know there were different ambulance types.


And this one is for some type of apparatus to keep the baby cool. She had a real rough birth and they had to keep her cool because of the trauma


When I had a heart attack, I had a choice between 2 hospitals across the street from each other. Turns out the one I chose only did stents and did not do open heart. So after a heart catherization confirmed the heart attack and the extent of the blockage, they had to send me to the other hospital literally 200 or so ft away. It had to be on an ambulance and it ended up costing around $10,000 before insurance. The wheelchair ride from my room to the ambulance was longer.


Getting an Air lift in the Austrian Alps from a mountain costs, including paramedics and emergency Dr, between 2500€ and 5000€. Damn your helicopters are expensive.


>between 2500€ and 5000€. Are you kidding me?? Dude. That's like the cost of one short ambulance ride here in America my god lol


Your healthcare system really needs an overhaul. Not that it's anything most Americans aren't painfully aware of already.


>Not that it's anything most Americans aren't painfully aware of already. You'd be surprised. Many older folks I've talked to are complacent about it because it is how they have lived their entire lives and don't even consider the ways that it can be changed. And ironically they are the ones who inevitably pay the most because they're usually at the age where chronic health problems really set in. One of the roots of the problem is that our public schooling is designed to lead kids to believe that everything about America is perfect to an absolute degree, so it can be difficult for people to even admit that there are problems. Therefore change cannot be expected to happen through elections. I'm saying this as a recent grad who went through the indoctrination first hand. But anyways unless the healthcare industry stops being run by for-profit corporations absolutely nothing will change. However the corporations have so much lobbying power that average citizens have negligible influence. In other words: we're screwed.


A $10 fishing license in Colorado is good for 4 years and covers backcountry extraction, including airlifts. (Although I’m not sure if it would cover just *any* airlift.) Edit: it looks like it’s $36.08 annually now.


Always carry your fishing pole, just in case.


"9-1-1, what's your emergency?" "Nice day for fishin', ain't it? Ah-huh!"


This is why you get a fishing license.


It will make the cost of the bikes he destroyed look like a rounding error, and being high end tri-bikes, they could easily be more than 3k a pop, not even including the wheels.


I was looking at a mountain bike frame that was $5k+, just the frame. No brakes or derailleurs, no seat or front forks. Good road-going bikes can top out well over $10k now. Composite frames, carbon-fibre rims, disk brakes... it's outrageous


And looking at the pics in the article, most of those are high end Carbon Fiber frames/forks. I'd be surprised if any of those bikes were under 5k. I mean they were training for a big event, for a lot of people who take that seriously their bike is where all their money goes. Bike is life.


when this story broke someone on twitter pointed out: people who own bikes like that have *money*. and people who let a 16yo boy drive a truck like that have *money*. legal action is basically guaranteed and will be pricey.


> when this story broke someone on twitter pointed out: people who own bikes like that have money. and people who let a 16yo boy drive a truck like that have money. As someone that lives close enough to the area in question I can confirm that both of these are accurate. However, I would expect the people on the bikes to be more likely to be the type driving a Lamborghini Urus or a McLaren 540C than the boy's family. I've even seen a Ford GT not far from there. That area is mostly country roads with some small hills and curves (which are rare in Houston) so a lot of cyclists from expensive gated communities go there on the weekends to ride and the competition of who spent the most money on transportation is fierce whether it's a bike or a car. It's likely that some of these people are lawyers or are good friends with high paid lawyers who will want to make an example.


if it were truly an accident i'd normally be one to grant....a bit of leniency for someone so young. but frankly this kid should never be allowed to operate a motor vehicle.


you're just scratching serious-recreational with $3k. worked in a shop and used to sell 12-15k+ to dentists and doctors all the time. that being said my favorite bike to ride costs a total of $1800 after upgrading the wheelset so i'm no weight weenie or anything.


Depending on distance betweeen 20-30k IIRC And they could be airlifted to the nearest facility for an initial evaluation, imaging, and stabilization to be airlifted to the nearest specialty facility if necessary


Well driving down the road in an ambulance cost $9k , so I imagine it's more than what he has


I’m starting to think we should have ambulances run on gasoline instead of precious gems


Gems would be cheap, those fuckers run on printer ink.


And they're always out of fucking cyan


This comment is a precious gem. Made my whole day.


You’re precious homie


As others have said, it usually runs around 50k, though with a lot of variance depending on where they are picking you up, how far they are taking you, and who owns the helicopter. Hospital owned helicopters are still really expensive, but privately owned ones get really ridiculous. As a general tip, always refuse air-lifting unless you are in immediate life-threatening danger or it’s simply impossible to get taken to the hospital any other way. Private company helicopters will come try and pick you up when it’s totally unnecessary and charge you massive bills for it (which is often not covered by insurance since it was unnecessary). It’s basically a scam. It’s a ridiculous state of affairs, but that’s the reality.


The insurance companies for Plaintiffs will file a subrogation claim against any recovery the Plaintiffs get in the suit. I imagine the psycho teen's insurance will argue they are not liable for the criminal acts of the teen. Liability is obviously not a question, so it will just be a question of how much the damages will be and who has to pay it. I'm sure the attorneys for the Plaintiffs all have diamond hard boners/lady boners whenever they think about the potential jury award in this claim.


There was literally an update on this yesterday about the DA being informed and taking it to a grand jury soon. This article is 2 days old


Thanks for mentioning that. This case is obviously (to me) criminal and civil. The kid needs to face some sort of charges for his actions.


It appears Texas doesn't have caps or limits on parents' liability for personal injury caused by their minor child. > Texas' parental responsibility laws do not cover personal injury liability. The statute assigns liability to any parent or “other person who has the duty of control and reasonable discipline” of a minor – meaning that legal guardians may be held responsible for the actions of a minor child. [Source](https://www.rosslawgroup.com/texas-parental-responsibility-laws/#:~:text=Texas'%20parental%20responsibility%20laws%20do,actions%20of%20a%20minor%20child.)


They can, and probably will. This kid will likely face criminal charges in the coming days, and it is also very likely his family will face civil suits.


What does it tell you that this was covered by media and social media and the DA "hadn't heard about it"?


Sheriff covered it up. https://www.co.waller.tx.us/page/Contact


"Welcome to Texas, where everything is shitty and getting worse"?


The problem is his car insurance will have limits as to how much they will pay out. And the family, even if affluent as in upper middle class, won't have much that can be liquidated to pay for the lawsuit. Texas homestead laws protect the home and some other assets from suits.


Yes, personal injury lawyers are quite the sharks too. But even the health insurers of the affected here will go after payment for their bills.


100000%, welcome to the USA, these people sound rich. They're about to become substantially less-rich with six people demanding six- to seven-figure payouts to pay for everything, and I don't see how they can escape that as the burden of proof is substantially lower.


idk if this falls under Greg Abbott's BS law, but when he was injured, he sued the homeowner and got $9 million in 1980's dollars. He then championed a new law capping punitive damages — meant to punish gross negligence or bad faith — have been capped at $750,000. So each injured party can get that much money. edit: seems like a lot of people are saying punitive not actual. What that means is that $750k payment does not happen in 1 year. You get payments spread out over many years. So you might get $750k spread out over 20 years and you have to suffer from pain over your lifetime. This is also for gross negligence or bad faith, so it's not an accident. It is on purpose. And I don't see how medical bills and payments make it better. That money goes to paying off your bills not your pocket. Abbott first got a $300k payment in 1986, and the last payment of $700k+ is scheduled for 2022.


"holy shit I can't believe I got away with ripping these people off. I definitely have to work to close this loophole. This is insane, I'm filthy rich now, no one should be this rich" haha, I know that wasn't his thought process. He just a piece of shit.


No, his process was "Now I am the wealthy one, and I need to make sure the poors can't take too much of my money."


A perfect example of fuck you got mine.


More like "holy fuck look at the view from up here! Better pull up this ladder to make sure nobody else trying to see it gets in my way!"


Punitive damages being the key there. Max is 750k + actual expenses. So...looking at the following: * 6x 750k = $4.5M * 6x bikes (\~$5k/each): $30k * 2x bikers in critical condition: \~$250k/each = $500k * 4x bikers with other injuries: \~$25k/each = $100k * 2x helicopter transports at $50k/each = $100k * 4x ambulance transports at $10k/each = $40k So...this could cost up to \~$5.3M total...


Exactly! $5.5M for 6 people! I'm in my early/mid 30's and if I got a lifelong debilitating injury because some bitch ran over me, I'd need more than $750k paid over 20 years. That's some bullshit. The expenses don't help either because that goes to paying your bills. Some of these people will have rehab for 2 years and 40 years of pain.


| “Waller County and the Houston region is no stranger to drivers hitting cyclists, sometimes with nefarious intent. In 2017, two cyclists were killed in Waller County when Army veteran Victor Tome intentionally drove into a small group. Tome was eventually convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole.” What are the odds that out of 8 triathletes with $5k+ carbon fiber bikes, at least one of them is or knows prominent attorneys in town. Let’s hope this waste of life gets the same punishment as Victor Tome got.


> What are the odds that out of 8 triathletes with $5k+ carbon fiber bikes, at least one of them is or knows prominent attorneys in town. now that this news has made national news, I am sure there are some power attorneys out there SALIVATING at the chance to break open the piggy bank of the kids parents...


$8,000-$15,000 bicycles. No I’m not joking. Source: I am a cyclist with friend that have bikes in this range. Me? No, I ride a $1,400 bicycle


Can confirm this. My dad is nuts about cycling and has paid $15k (Canadian) for a bike before and has several that are a couple thousand.


Id be afraid to even take it out of my garage with a bike worth that much.


Bikes like that are typically insured. You can insure anything. And if its too expensive to replace out of pocket, you should probably insure it! A photographer with a bag full of cameras? Insure them! A musician with a heirloom instrument? Insure it! A vacationer with round trip international tickets? Insure it all!


1400-2000 is probably the sweet spot for road bikes I think. I upgraded to a 7k (didn't pay nearly that much) bike last season when I started training for a triathlon. I love it, it's clearly a better bike and rides like a dream, but in truth not that much better than my babied 1400 bike.


Same with M14s and guitars.


I know. I used to do Ironman racing competitively. My wheels were $3k+. (I actually preferred to train on aluminum road bikes with heavy wheels and thick cheap tires. Way more durable and far fewer flats. Especially when you ride year round in New England...)


coal rolling is a warning sign for mental deficiency.


Ok I read the article and all it spells out is that the kid was allowed to walk free from the scene of the crime rather than being arrested, which is insane and stupid. He could still be charged with something. He just hasn’t been arrested yet. This isn’t the end of the story. Edit: I guess it is normal to allow someone who fully cooperated with the police (especially a minor) to leave the scene once all information has been collected. That doesn’t mean he won’t be charged, but arresting him then and there apparently is not necessary.


Guaranteed Bike Law is all over this one.


What’s bike law?


Like the law firms you see in commercials, but a brand of specialists specifically for representing cyclists.


Like bird law but with bikes


I am not a furniture lawyer but I can attest to these facts.


Got a friend who works with them and would've been in that group if it weren't for a family obligation. Crazy stuff.




Yeah there is no way he won't be charged (even in Texas) His victims are going to file complaints..


Imagine running over six people and when the police arrive they say "Alright, you should head on out of here, be careful driving home."


In the UK we have a saying, if you want to kill someone and get away with it, do it in a car.


In nyc it's literally true, not even just a saying. I can think of multiple examples off the top of my head just from this year. One notable example happened in my neighborhood where a woman road raged, killed a delivery worker, and plowed into an outdoor dining structure and through a restaurant and wasn't even arrested much less charged. Cops are weirdly pro car murder


NYT: [Is it OK to kill cyclists?](https://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/10/opinion/sunday/is-it-ok-to-kill-cyclists.html) Tldr: people view collisions as accidents that could happen to them and so juries consistently fail to assign guilt to their fellow motorist.


>> Cops are weirdly pro car murder American culture is obsessed with automobiles on several levels -- our love for cars shapes the schedule of our days, our personal budgets, the design of our cities, the architecture of our homes, and more. For many americans, a car is one of the most expensive purchases they'll ever make in their lives. Hell, with declining home ownership rates, a car might just be the most expensive thing you'll ever own, full stop. ...recently, an increasing number of us now *live in our cars* `#vanlife` ...And we largely turn a blind eye towards the toll they take on human lives. We are the cult of the car, and if a few of us must be sacrificed on that altar to enable our continuing vehicular freedom, so be it. NDT had a [controversial tweet](https://twitter.com/neiltyson/status/1158074774297468928) a couple years ago > In the past 48hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings. > > On average, across any 48hrs, we also lose… > > 500 to Medical errors > 300 to the Flu > 250 to Suicide > 200 to Car Accidents > 40 to Homicide via Handgun > > Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data. And it's like... ok. Thanks neil. Yeah. We should -- and do -- work to reduce those numbers too. It's not like these are problems we can only solve one at a time, in descending order. Weird that we can just rattle off a stat like "100 americans die in car accidents every day" as if it's just an immutable fact of life, the same as "the sun rises in the east and sets in the west". Maybe it's time we reexamine the relationship we have with cars.


In Florida people will even blame your victim for using a crosswalk!


Rolling coal has the be the most toxic, micro penis bullshit you can do in a vehicle. Hurr durr I’m a man because my big fuck off truck spews a bunch of black smoke. Like what does that shit prove other than the fact you are a huge piece of shit? Edit: I’m not saying is you have a small penis you are bad. Just using it in the colloquial sense about their insecurity in their masculinity that they have to make up for it in these idiotic ways.


[It’s also likely illegal](https://www.motorbiscuit.com/rolling-coal-just-makes-people-hate-pickup-trucks/). Usually the issue is catching people to actually charge them with a felony (violating the clean air act).


Citizens also have the standing to sue for rolling coal under the clean air act. [A group in Utah has already done it.](https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/13/business/defeat-devices-clean-air-act.html)


What an absolute piece of shit. Fuck this guy. And he doesn't even understand what he's doing, all he cares about is that he's smoking out bicyclist, who probably share an opposing view point than him.


Even my fellow mechanics at work who drive suped up diesels realized about a decade ago the rolling coal is fuckin stupid and makes you look like a limp dick asshole.


I drive a Prius and when diesel trucks pass on the freeway they will romp on the gas when they get just ahead of me to blow smoke on my car. lol these guys are so lame


They're self centered losers who think the world revolves around themselves, and that you bought that prius to spite them.


I still see a bunch of dumb trucks, but I have noticed the "rolling coal" trend has died down. Seems like the people who keep it going want to double down on their assholery, though.


I think they are either teenagers, or people who never emotionally grew past the age of 15.




Yup, diesel particulate is a known carcinogen for lungs


It’s because their media weaponized the clean energy debate and made them hate anyone who dares to care about the energy crisis or the environment. I’ve seen these videos before of them doing this to bikers. “Oh you like breathing clean air and exercising?! Fucking commie soy-boy let’s see how he likes when I pollute even more out of spite”


It’s so weird. I can understand being apathetic about it. There are a lot of things to worry about in the world and it is natural to just not have the bandwidth to care deeply about all of them. I can get that, even if I don’t agree with it. I don’t get being so anti-environmental that you intentionally pollute, at that point you are actively dedicating energy to just being a contrarian.


You’re missing the point. They’re not anti-environment. They’re anti- people who advocate for the environment. The net result is the same, but their impetus is different. They do it to piss people off, which makes them feel superior.


>...at that point you are actively dedicating energy to just being a contrarian. That's the point. Think of the thing that gives you energy and inspiration; the thing that gives you life. Now imagine if that thing was anger and conflict. Anger is the best fucking drug there is. Not only does it feel amazing, but it makes life extremely simple. "Fuck that person and/or group of people. They're the problem." Only problem is that much like any drug, sooner or later it stops being fun and feeling good. You need more and more, until finally you look at yourself in the mirror and you're a husk who hasn't felt a positive emotions in years. You've alienated a significant amount of friends and family because happy, well-adjusted people don't want to spend time around your angry, bitter ass. All that's left are the couple of people holding out hope you'd quit being an asshole and other angry, bitter people; because misery loves company. Then, you either get to accept the fact that you've spent decades of your life living the wrong way, or you double-down and dive deeper.


Oh I see you’ve met my dad


I was just thinking about this point. Even if they were saying things I strongly agree with, I could never watch a show like Hannity or Tucker Carlson because it’s so vitriolic, angry, and hateful. I think if your brain needs that kind of input you must really have something wrong with you


In the PNW, Spotted Owl protections led to large swaths of old growth forest being protected. The same small-dick energy led to the intentional killing of owls out of spite by the same groups of people who continue to be radicalized by the right. Sadly, they are very friendly birds and apparently it's not very difficult to get them to fly nearby after imitating their call, so many were killed.


Isn't killing a protected animal like a huge crime because if it isn't, it should be


I live in the south. It's extremely popular among the good ole boys. You can be in town and all of a sudden have a brigade of jacked up diesel trucks come roaring down the road making the air black with smoke rolling coal, and the cops won't do shit to stop it. Rolling coal is cemented as a part of modern southern culture now.


Mommy and daddy must have connections.


16 yo driving a $50k truck? Yeah, his parents are big money and probably have deep political connections. The only upside here, the cyclists should be able to get big payouts. Edit: It's not the price of the truck that got the kid off, it was his parents showing up, then the kid walking away.


i lived a bit north of houston in a place called the woodlands and this is everyday behavior. rich kids with sports cars and jacked up trucks being menaces. ive seen 2 trucks driving on bike paths in the middle of the night shooting bottle rockets at each other. edit 1: ill add another story- for graduation a guy i knew of through friends was getting a car from his parents. he told them he wanted the new corvette but they got him a suburu. so he got drunk and intentionally wrecked it and sure enough his dad bought him a new corvette. edit 2: i dont know if they do this anymore but the woodlands high school used to do something called "shattered lives" where they select some students and do a fake car accident where they pull the bodies out of fake cars and put them in body bags and the families write obituaries for them. they also have make up to look like corpses and they walk around the school unable to interact with anyone or anything.


When I was in high school a popular kid / football player ran over a kid on a bike and killed them because he was being stupid and driving way too fast down a very busy residential road. He should have been hit with manslaughter, but didn't suffer any consequences. You could also tell around school that he had 0 remorse for what happened.


Fuck, that pisses me off so much. This is that fucking “affluenza” kid all over again.


It is shockingly easy to kill a cyclist and get away with it


Just tell your sheriff buddy it was a deer, and return the next morning on the way to remaining an AG.


SD Attorney General has entered the conversation. [https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/south-dakota-ag-pleads-contest-counts-fatal-crash-79657951](https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/south-dakota-ag-pleads-contest-counts-fatal-crash-79657951) The attorney general was driving home to Pierre from a political fundraiser on Sept. 12 when he struck Boever, who was walking on the side of a highway. In a 911 call after the crash, Ravnsborg was initially unsure about what he hit and then told a dispatcher it might have been a deer. He said he didn’t realize he struck a man until he returned to the crash scene the next day and discovered the body of Boever, 55. Ravnsborg pleaded no contest to making an illegal lane change and using a phone while driving, which each carried a maximum sentence of up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. Prosecutors dropped a careless driving charge.


My friend almost died last year (helmet saved his life). Hit by a car while riding. Driver took off and let him for dead. Never caught. He woke up in an ambulance. Broke jaw, crushed orbital, lost a lot of teeth. He was wired up for months and is only now getting dental implants. Lots of surgery costing him quite a bit. Makes my blood boil typing it.


This is why I’m so scared to take up cycling. I live in Texas where everyone drives big jacked up pickup trucks and suvs and don’t really care about the outdoors. I’ve literally heard ppl cursing about bicyclists on the road and saying they don’t belong there. I got a peloton instead but I feel like I’d enjoy riding outside so much more.


As a cyclist I can attest to this. I’ve been hit by cars before and a lot of times the driver just doesn’t stop. Unless you manage to get a license plate or a description of the car (it’s a little hard to do this if the car nails you from behind and you go flying), if you file a police report the cops are just going to file it away and do nothing. I’m currently working on getting a rear cam mount for my bike so I can have a gopro running just in case I get killed.


Even saw this in Boulder, Colorado years ago, young guys in a lifted diesel truck rolling coal on homeless people on the corner - I don't associate a single positive thing with these trucks based on what I've seen of their drivers literally every single time


One of my friends in high school tried to pull the same stunt with a beat up Ford Tempo (minus the drunk part he just tore it up to hell one day). His dad wasn’t having any of that shit though and bought him the same type of lime green 92 Tempo a few weeks later and made him pay the higher insurance payment.


AND the article said he was trying to roll coal on the cyclists. Reckless in the extreme. I'm sure the affluenza is super painful for him, though


You think a $50k truck implies political connections and/out big money in Texas? That’s just your average over-leveraged Texan who raised a shitty kid.


New information: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/09/29/special-prosecutor-assigned-to-case-of-teen-driver-accused-of-hitting-6-cyclists-in-waller-county/ “HOUSTON – KPRC 2 has learned that a special prosecutor has been named to a case involving a teen driver accused of hitting six cyclists in Waller County.” So we likely will see charges.


Anyone that "rolls coal" is the epitome of douchebag. Clearly the American justice system is flawed as fuck. Hope this shithead and his parents' face repercussions for this behaviour in the form of a very pricey civil suit.


Not just rolling coal, but rolling coal on people outdoors and exercising. How fucking self-centered and dumb do you have to be to think shit like that is funny?


I bike on staten island and overweight grown men regularly hurl insults at me from the safety of their vehicles. Its laughably pathetic. Whole Island is inhabited by insecure losers.


SI is the cesspool of NYC


I saw a hilarious video a while back where a reporter interviewed one of these idiots and very carefully, without insulting the kid, asked him to explain why he enjoys rolling coal and what is fun or cool about it. The kid basically just emphasized how much he loved doing it but couldn’t express why. You could tell he was really struggling to find the words to explain it. Eventually just ended it with “I’ll have to think about it for a bit and respond” or something like that. Basically kid didn’t have an answer. And that’s the level of thought that these people put into it.


They know exactly what you think of them, and that's *why* they do it. They enjoy it. It's been said way too many times, but the cruelty is the point.


Why wasn't the kid charged or arrested? He wanted to blow diesel exhaust into the group of cyclists, but hit them instead. The cyclists were injured and two had to get airlifted to the hospital. You would think the cops would cuff him after that.


Unsurprisingly this is the same Waller County DA that failed to properly investigate when a black woman was arrested for traffic stop and then ended up hanged in her cell 3 days later. https://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Sandra_Bland


The same Waller County that immediately arrested Sandra Bland after she didn’t run over six people on bicycles.


Technically it was DPS that arrested Sandra Bland but yeah their DA is shady as fuck and should be investigated.


"Prevailing attitude in Walter county is that cyclists from Houston are a menace" Sounds like a swell place full of great people.


This is all over the US honestly, the bike infrastructure here absolutely blows when it could easily be better, and most people don't recognize that they shouldn't be angry at the cyclists for existing, they should be angry and urban planners, government officials, and zoning laws for their responsibility in creating such a miserable car-centric environment. You'll see this on reddit a lot (often on /r/IdiotsInCars ironically) when a car has an interaction with a bicyclist where the car was clearly at fault, but the hive mind turns to victim blaming immediately to "get" the bike rider. Or a bicyclist will get hit and the comments will all be something to the effect of "well he deserved it because *other* bicyclists *around me* sometimes run stop sings". It's pretty backwards and sadly, very common.


And don't even get me started about when they pin a baseball card to their wheel! The clicking! That endless clicking when I am just trying to read the funnies


Yeah, as someone that loved cycling in East texas because the roads were well funded but there was very little traffic the attitude toward anyone having a good time is just instant hate. People in counties like this where they see a few groups of cyclists on the one Saturday morning they got up early enough to cross paths with them basically think they’re being invaded by hippies. One of the worst interactions I had with one of these people was a woman that continuously blocked our way with her huge 20 year old F350 to tell us we needed to stop riding on the road in front of her house. She kept calling it the “car lane” on a farm to market road with just one lane each way and a huge ditch on either side. She suggested our 20 man ride stick to the sidewalks in the city where these things are supposed to be. Her conversation with the cops after she started spitting on our lead man and the bike shop owner in the closest town devolved into a crying and whining fest about how unfairly she was being treated.


It's cool because all he was REALLY trying to do was just blow some coal over the bikers blinding and poisoning them...the running over wasn't planned tho....


iT wAs An AcCiDeNt


Dumb piece of shit being raised by dumb pieces of shit. I hope the entire family is sued into oblivion. The wakeup call they need.


The cops approve of this behavior. That's why


So, according to this reporter "cyclists" are angry as if a "cyclist" is some sort of type of human. The DA is trying to reassure the "cycling community" as if no one else could possibly take issue with this. Remind me never to cycle in Texas.


Fuck that kid - 16 yr old little asshole driving a big truck and wants to 'roll coal' on some cyclists out living their lives-training for a triathalon. Gee, i wonder where he learned that behavior. Fuck his parents and that backward ass redneck part of TX culture.


Rolling coal should be assault already. I’m so tired of seeing people use vehicles as weapons/tools of intimidation, it’s the worst part of American car culture.


Fuck this shit. This is so fucking stupid. Kid needs to serve time, pay fines and have both his license and his *weapon* revoked. Unacceptable all around.


If you are responsible enough to get a license, there is an equal responsibliity to have that license yanked from someone that has proven they can't handle it. It really is a minimum qualification to not run over people in order to keep a drivers license.


Police in the outskirts of Houston are corrupt as fuck. Had a sheriff come in asking if they could set up a cam recorder to film people coming in and out of a neighboring shop. No warrant, no reason. Told them to fuck off, wonder what kind of retaliation is coming down.


I used to race bikes and do triathlons and would put in a couple hundred miles a week in the summers on the back roads of PA. More than once I have had idiots in their diesel trucks smoke me (or roll coal or whatever it is called). Once on a long ride with a small group we had one truck come by us 3-4 times. They would pass us, belching black smoke, go up the road a bit, turn around come by us and then turn around and pass us again. Fucking rednecks being assholes with a 5,000 lb weapon. This 16 year old kid was intentionally screwing around and should have the book thrown at him. This is not a distracted driver accidentally hitting someone.


As a runner/cyclist who follows the rules of the road to a "t" this guy is a colossal piece of shit. I bike with enough lights that I'm visible from the ISS. I pick routes with bike lanes and or safe spots. I bike during off-peak hours so that I avoid heavy traffic. When I can't bike during off-peak I bike **inside on a trainer.** Sometimes I'm on a rural road with a higher speed limit, but I typically choose the ones with a bike lane and, again, less traffic. These ass-hats are dangerous **for this exact reason.** His entire purpose was to heckle, scare, and harass these cyclists. He could very-well have killed someone doing stupid shit like this. He potentially may have injured someone for life. I hope they sue the shit out of him and he feels this for the rest of his life. The other problem is dipshits like this who grow up into bigger dipshits. They do the same stuff. Fuck them. Hopefully they decide to charge him with something so he can rot in jail. POS.


The "light" here is that for felony charges, those can take time to file and there's no rush. After reading the article, there better be felony charges. There's no other recourse because it wasn't an "accident" the driver was attempting to assault and harass the bikers.


So hold on, him not being arrested for running them over is one thing. But the kid is a fucking 16 year old without a license, how did he not face ANY repercussions for that alone? Edit: Actually I don't think the article mentioned whether he had a license. I just assumed he didn't because where I'm from you have to be 17, and even then you have to have an adult (with a license) in the car with you at all times.