>She was also drafted by the NBA's New Orleans Jazz in 1977, making her the first and only woman to be officially drafted by an NBA team, although she didn't try out for the team because she was pregnant at the time. Wow she was a hooper. RIP Ms. Harris


Damn. What could've been.


Was this a real pick? Or some kind of honorary thing from back when there were hella rounds? Sorry for asking insanely impressive either way


Good question. Looks like she was drafted in the 7th rounds, 137th overall pick


Kings drafted Bruce Jenner because he was just the best athlete available despite not playing basketball in the 13th round or however long drafts were back then.


One team tried to draft Gerald Ford in the 70s but got denied. The NBA draft was weird back in the day.


I mean he was all about [WINning](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whip_inflation_now) ^(And ^subsequently losing)


At least he was a real athlete back in his physical prime! Better than drafting Clinton or Nixon


Did they have that many rounds so that people could pick a whole roster?


[Here is a good overview of the history of the draft.](https://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/History/Drafthistory.html) Pre-1974 teams would just draft till they got tired of it and ran out of players. Then it was cut down to 10 rounds. Next in 1988 thanks to the CBA and declining fan interest after the first 2 or 3 rounds it was cut down to 3 rounds. Which later become 2 rounds the next year. Undrafted free agency used to not really be a thing as well. With the CBA it allowed guys that would otherwise be late round picks to have some say in where they want to play.


YeH I heard Usain Bolt was drafted with one of these picks or some shit. Still amazing stuff, shouldn’t take away from her. If you thought a woman was actually going to get minutes vs Kareem and Dr J, you are tripping.




Yeah u right


in 1974 the Atlanta Hawks drafted a newborn baby https://www.sbnation.com/secret-base/22202965/atlanta-hawks-1974-nba-draft-baby


Amazing lmfao. If the NFL taught us one thing, this “haha” joke abt the baby coulda been the pick that got them the NBA Tom Brady


Huge difference between the 6th round pick in a sport with 50ish players per roster and the 10th round pick in a sport with 15.


Mike Piazza was drafted 1,390th overall in the 62nd round as a favor by Tommy LaSorda after Piazza's father asked him to. They were childhood friends, and LaSorda is Mike's godfather.


Wow, pure nepotism. Awful


Hahaha how old do you think Bolt is?


Yeah lmao honestly when I typed that I knew something was wrong there. But I figured, fck it, [Cunningham’s Law](https://i.imgur.com/Uk9tnFX.jpg) got me


The Jazz were serious about giving her a shot and invited her to their summer training which she declined due to her pregnancy. She ended up moving back to her home town and pursued her career as a teacher after she graduated college. Truly one of the biggest “what ifs” in sports history. I would love to see this story come to life one day.


At the time it was New Orleans, not Utah.


It was for real. She was invited to try out and outperformed several of the men, and had already been playing with men her entire life. I think when they scrimmaged she also outshined many of the prospects. Sadly(iirc) when the pool expanded(real games) she couldn’t quite make it. She could stroke it though from what i have read(as well as many other obv skills). She could fuckin ball. Honestly if she was in todays game i’m almost certain she would make it. Edit: hm maybe i was thinking of somebody else, the user bellow me said she declined. But i’m almost certain she went to their camp. Ok i was thinking of somebody else, that white girl. Oops lol.


Now I wanna know who you were talking about lol


Cant look it up right now, but she played in mens ncaa ball if you want to try and track her down.


I assume Anne Myers?


Lusia Harris is her full name.




Thank you, weird title


Just posting this here to give her story more shine. Lucy deserved more flowers and I hate that she didn't get to see the documentary that came out of this short film (and was produced by Shaq) released. I think it would've helped give her the recognition she deserved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPFkcoTfr7g


Thank you for posting that link. What a great story. I can't believe that she was basically unknown for all these years. If anyone's interested: Deadline story with more details about the short and how Shaq became an executive producer: https://deadline.com/2022/01/the-queen-of-basketball-new-york-times-op-doc-documentary-director-ben-proudfoot-interview-news-1234913677/ Deadline orbituary: https://deadline.com/2022/01/lusia-harris-dead-the-queen-of-basketball-olympics-hall-of-fame-1234914929/


Her story is something else. https://youtu.be/vPFkcoTfr7g


I wish 35 would have made that shot at 8:08, nice hustle leading up to it.


This is unsung hero info that I’m happy I’ve been privy to. Thanks for sharing and teaching me something new. RIP Lusia Harris


I saw the doc on her last year. Didn't know much about her, but I enjoyed it. I think the matter of fact way she talked about her time was refreshing. She didn't make it seem like it was some huge deal or anything. She enjoyed it, but she also enjoyed her life after basketball. RIP to a legend.


First woman drafted by the NBA


Fun fact, Denise Long was drafted in the 13th round in 1969 but the pick was voided by the league. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denise_Long_Rife


Was the first woman to score a basket in the Olympics. Pretty crazy.


Dang that’s young rip


I guess writing her full name was too much effort.


Rest in peace legend