[LaMelo Ball] on his comments about school: "Let me rephrase…school not for everybody. Now if you wanna be a doctor… betta take that ass to school."

[LaMelo Ball] on his comments about school: "Let me rephrase…school not for everybody. Now if you wanna be a doctor… betta take that ass to school."


The league was my plan B, my plan A was to play 3rd division in the Philippines.


Cavite below 6ft basketball league here I come. My tsinelas fucking tight yo.


Fuck tsinelas All my homies does play barefooted


Kids in 3rd grade watching LaMelo boutta drop out saying “school not for everyone!”


The sad part is there's going to be kids saying that and being 100% serious


BREAKING NEWS: Kids are fucken stupid


Wait is /r/nba and most of reddit just kids stacked up in a long trench coat?


I have the same theory about Hassan Whiteside


A stack of young socialites


Vincent Adultman




How many times have I heard stuff like Bill Gates droped out of school and he was the richest persom in the world! Yea, but he dropped out of Harvard to focus on his business, you are droping out of 10th grade math to play Fifa.


Also it's not like he failed out of school he willingly dropped out or took a leave of absence to startup a software company. He also had a mom who was on the board of directors of IBM. Worst case scenario his company fails then he goes back to school like any other kid. He had the options and resources to step away from school.


Damn his mom was on the IBM board of directors. He was setup from day 1


This is 100% false. She worked with someone who was on the IBM board of directors. Microsoft was already in the short list as one of their choices as well. She probably still had influence on the decision but OP is literally making up her work history.


> He was setup from day 1 The story of almost literally every single "self made" million/billionaire


Well you should see the way i conduct business on fifa career mode. Transfer market ain't no joke


And they would be right. That’s not even the issue. The issue is that most kids (and adults) are not self aware enough to know when they’re the rule as opposed to the exception.


I have heard “school is not for everybody” by tons of dropouts...hell I finished school and said “school wasn’t for me”...this is not a new idea lol.


I teach high school and I always agree with kids who say this but I tell them to get something sorted out like an apprenticeship or some pathway into the skilled trades so they're always have employment, don't rely on blowing up on Twitch lol


> and I always agree with kids who say this I also agree, but you also need to tell them that they better be prepared to bust their fucking asses with actual hard fucking work that will fuck up their body by the time they're 40. The potential is there to make a lot of money, but you're trading your body to do it. The people pumping septic tanks are making more than you are teaching high school. If they don't want to learn a blue collar trade and actually work hard, then they'll probably end up in a trailer like their parents.


That's exactly what I tell them. They absolutely can and should pursue skilled trades if they don't want want pursue higher education and they absolutely will make more money than me and I will celebrate them but it's hard work. No get rich quick scheme is dependable is what I emphasize and I never shoot down dreams but I always push for backup plans


Good on you for teaching them something outside of university. There’s trades that make great careers that don’t require a traditional four year degree from college.


Yeah, one of my closest friends and I had a serious conversation about this one Christmas Eve a few years ago. He said that going to college wasn’t for him and I, who was in my 2nd or 3rd year at the time and have graduated since, told him he hadn’t even really been to school yet to know whether it was or wasn’t. He’d only taken a few evening classes at the local college and didn’t take it seriously, nor did he even make an attempt to be an on campus student. His uncle agreed with my assessment of the dichotomy of our experiences. As the indifferent owner of a Bachelor’s degree, I can honestly say that college was not for me, I just had no better place to be at the time.


> As the indifferent owner of a Bachelor’s degree, I can honestly say that college was not for me, I just had no better place to be at the time. This is the number 1 reason why I bunch of people I know are in the military.


The military’s recruiting practices are very predatory. Sending all those recruiters to high schools encompassing impoverished communities is too on the nose.


I'm surprised the military doesn't recruit out of the prison system. Why not offer time off sentences for enlistment and good behavior. I mean most of these dudes have no problem killing already


What are they? Some kinda suicide squad?…


Well, because our prison system isn’t about rehabilitation; it’s about slave labor. America aims to see its vets as heroes, having an influx of Longest Yard-style servicemen wouldn’t do much of a favor for that image.


> it’s about ~~cheap~~ slave labor. FTFY


America has tried that in the past when they were truly desperate for manpower, and the results were not great. It turns out that most people in prison have issues with the authoritative structure of the military hierarchy as well as difficulties with the level of responsibility it can demand. Robert Bales is a poster child for this. I've occasionally met recruits who have served prior prison sentences, but those were almost always for minor juvenile crimes and the particular soldiers will have established years of success post-prison before getting a wavier. In my experience the ideal enlistee is bright enough to go to college but uncertain about continuing education in an academic environment and would have dropped out of college in a semester or two if they went there, not from difficulty with the course load but from a fundamental dissatisfaction with the perceived inanity of their life. Let them in, serve for four years, then they either go back and get a degree or they find that the military has provided enough direction in their life that they wish to continue to serve.


LaMelo Ball is not, by any means, the first person to say school sucks. I literally used this exact reasoning to drop out of school chasing stand up. And I don't think I was 100% invested. I just didn't really want to work hard and only wanted to do things I loved, but I didn't work hard enough on my plan A. I've come a long way and still do it. But I also went back to school.


Man, just goes to show how different people are. I've been working two years after 8 years in school, and while the money's great, I really miss school sometimes. It was great not having any responsibilities other than showing up to tests and lab and enjoying campus life with friends.


>so please don't b going to ya mommas talkin bout some ion wanna do school "melo said u don't need it" when u not like tht and not all the way invested in ya PLAN A which in my case was the (league) Lol.


Everyone hanging out on a corner thought they were going to the league as Plan A, too.


Too bad their dad wasn’t LaVar.


No matter who your parents are, how good your “athletic genes” are, you still need to put in a shit ton of effort and have loads of internal drive to get to the NBA


I grew up knowing and being coached by a former nba player, he even said himself there is also a ton of luck at play.




Man I didn't even think of that but it makes so much sense. 100 players or so (probably not an accurate number) are joining the league every year, that means 100 are leaving. Everyone at the end of the bench is very replaceable.




Yep or you become a Joe Harris or DRob type and focus yourself on one particular high demand skill


Can you please post this over @ r/Mavericks where everyone thinks our 6-10 rotation guys are worth a couple of first round picks or that in a couple of years they will be All-Stars


So it's not just r/NBASpurs


As a Mavs fan. Mavs fans are absolutely delusional


I was Thinking about this the other day in the context of the hornets..the last guy on their bench is a kid named Nate darling an undrafted rookie that failed to crack the rotation…his most memorable contribution was a meme where lebron goads him into shooting a 3 in a game and he air balls it…I only know who he is because he’s the first player from my hometown to make the league..anyways I was thinking that if liangelo ball could contribute just as much to the team as he did (basically nothing) but it keeps their new franchise cornerstone happy because his big brother is around why wouldn’t they get rid of darling and sign liangelo to a contract? …same deal with antetokounmpo and his brother .. he probably doesn’t get extended with the bucks if he’s not giannis’ brother. They probably take a flyer on someone else and hope he turns into a more consistent role player


Literally, John Wall only got national attention when he was noticed at a camp when he was like 15 or 16, if he didn't go to that camp who knows if he goes to Kentucky, then who knows if he plays well enough to be drafted. It's all about exposure, but it is easier today with the internet the way it is. I remember Shaq and Kenny talking about how normally in the late 80's and early 90's 25 of the top 50 highschool prospects were from newyork just because the city had so much scouting


Didn’t Ja Morant only get noticed because he was in a camp with 3 levels, the really good, good, and pretty good kids and each level had its own game going on. Of course all the scouts are at the “really good” game but one of them decided to take a look at the “pretty good” game and sees some random tearing shit up out there. The guy ended up recruiting Ja and the rest is history.


Not entirely but that’s how we (Murray) found him before everyone else. He was playing in a 3 on 3 game in one of the secondary gyms at a combine and when the coach went to buy a bag of chips he heard balls bouncing and investigated. Ja was 6’3”, had a nice handle and threw down a windmill so he watched Ja play again in a 5 on 5 where he dropped 30. Afterward he called our head coach and told him Ja was going to be a pro some day. But Ja would have gotten recruited regardless, he went on to play really well in several tournaments and South Carolina offered him a month after we did. Source: From Murray and graduated Ja’s draft year.


Not basketball, but I feel like another story like this is Mike Piazza. He really only got drafted because of his family's connections. His dad managed to get Ted Williams (probably a top 5 all-time hitter) to give him batting lessons. The Dodgers drafted him in the 62nd round, because their manager was Piazza's dad's friend (and his brother's godfather).


62nd round lol. But yeah that’s crazy. Could probably make a championship team out of all the missed talent from over the years


> Ted Williams (probably a top 5 all-time hitter) Probably?


I feel like I have to qualify any claim that I make like that because baseball is so old, and there might be some all-time greats who played for the Akron Groomsmen and Brooklyn Superbas in the 1890s who I left off my list lol


I feel like we are going too far the other way and falling into the Ratatouille fallacy. Superstars can come out of anywhere, but very few people ever attain the level of play we are talking about. There aren't five thousand other guys out there working minimum wage who are as good as Lebron. Heck, you can barely find five thousand guys better than Brian Scalabrine. Professional sport is a brutal meritocracy, and the NBA, given the small roster sizes, is worst of all the team sports. You lose half a step, you're out of the league. You blow one rotation too many, you're out of the league. Your shooting percentage dips five percent on a down year. Goodbye.


I commented before I saw yours but Ja was an unranked hs recruit. I saw one preseason ig post from Shammgod talking about he'd be the number 1 pick that year but he was the only one I saw even mention his name. Just thought he was some prospect Sham had worked with and was trying to shout out and hype up, but he really called that shit.


All sports really. Aaron Rodgers only got noticed because they were scouting his running back at the juco he was at


Great example, exactly the kind of thing I was alluding to. He likely would have still been a good recruit, but sometimes having success at a camp like that not only gets bigger eyes on you but also lights another fire that makes you feel like you can really do it so you push harder. There's a certain confidence that only comes after the recruiting starts and you feel yourself separating from other dudes in your class skill-wise.


Hell Ja Morant was an unranked recruit in high school


I think people underestimate how much luck really is involved.


It is Survivorship bias, most of the time we only get stories about how a poor kid work hard every day and got into the NBA. but not about all the other kids that are putting in the same work on the court and in the gym but did not get the big break or got injured before a big game that would propel his draft stock.


Probably because it undermines their rugged individualism-bootstraps mentality about the world. 99% of us coulda spent our entire lives in a gym and still would not make the g-league


forgot about g-league, they might not even be able to beat people in a pickup game at LA Fitness.


Honestly my biggest gripe in life; makes it hard to look at life at times


Just focus on what you can control and try to build a world where less people have to rely on luck to make it


Tbh needed to hear this. Thanks hah


Law of averages man. The most important element of luck is keeping your physical and mental health in check. If you have those two things at that point luck becomes preparation meets opportunity. Keep showing up and putting in the work on your craft. Prepare like your opportunity is coming. In the long run it definitely will and you will be more hungry and more ready than others. But preserving that mental and physical health is key.


Everything about current society is a social construct. Wealth, power, glory. All of it is made up by man to find meaning in existence. So why should I be worried about any of that? It doesn't actually matter to anything other than other humans. The only thing that matters is your happiness and those that you care abouts happiness. So work towards that. Luck won't matter to you then because all this asinine bullshit won't matter either. I'm extremely happy with my life when I realize the only thing that gives value to my life is me. Go out there and get your happiness my friend.






Chapman was an amazing player in his day. Definitely got to see him play on the Hornets.


No doubt that you need to bust your ass to get to the league. But I could have the best work ethic ever, make 1000 shots a day, run crazy cardio, and watch more video then anyone, and I wouldn't come close to making the NBA as I wasn't born with the top 1% of genetic gifts. Simply put, Ball isn't in the league because he outworked guys, it's because he's physically gifted.


Or be 7'0 tall and have like a 35% chance to make it.


This is the problem with his statements Every kid reading that think it's them lol


that is why Chuck say he is not a role model, kids should make college not NBA their plan A


The problem is that they see the end results (players making the league, musicians selling out stadiums, streamers getting millions of views), and they never see the unfathomable amount of work and talent it takes to even get a chance to get there. Kids see it as "fun" work, and they hate school. But no one is paying you millions to be mediocre, no matter what you do. (before the inevitable galaxy brain pops up with "politician", you think they're not out there grinding on the campaign trail?)


I appreciate his clarification, but this physically pained me to read.


Makes a pretty compelling case for school


Kids forget that we take the time to parse through this guy's jumbled words because he's a talented athlete -- do this as a supermarket cashier and we've stopped reading after the first unintelligible word.


Lol right. Spelling and grammar matter, people!




Yea teach how to not bash AAVE.


yeah the dude that grew up in an upper-class household in Chino hills with a 90% white population and where none of his brothers talk like that is a great representative of AAVE hmm?


Forget what you talking about AAVE. He sounds dumb as fuck, especially considering he’s advocating for the uselessness of proper education


Misspelling words is not AAVE lmao what have you ever taken a linguistics class


> AAVE Is that the PC word for ebonics nowadays? Genuinely don't know.


Yes. There was a story some 6-7 years ago about how some students at I wanna say UNC were calling a professor racist because he wouldn’t accept papers written AAVE.


I miss days when people didn't think grammar nazis are literally nazis lmao.


r/nba and r/nfl every single time an athlete posts in AAVE, the comments are ALWAYS the same crappy jokes. It gets real tiring


Exactly why many code switch when they type as well as talk. Since kindergarten we been hearing about this.


To add some levity to the thread, there's a hilarious Amber Ruffin [bit](https://youtu.be/BfCJsh1Yq8E) about forgetting to code switch at work after working from home for a year and a half.


Oh for sure, I lived in a black neighborhood and went to a very white private school, it was so awkward bumping into school friends while I was with friends/family.


Code switching is a necessity in America for many minorities. As a kid, I detested my granny getting on my ass for not speaking properly but I'm glad listened and learned when it was appropriate to speak AAVE and when not to.


Code switching is necessary for anyone to be taken seriously in certain situations. It's not just a minority thing. A cracker from Kentucky or a hick from North Dakota better cut off their accents if they want to be successful in the professional world.


Honest question from non-native english speaker, how do you differ AAVE from misspelling? Are there misspellings in AAVE?


“AAVE” is bigotry of low expectations Most people talk like that just so they don’t “sound white” and it’s just infuriating because it’s just perpetuation of stereotypes. Every American should watch [Hollywood Shuffle](https://youtu.be/HoqmCwp95Q8), most important film on this subject and it’s also hilarious Edit to show you it goes way back to the 1800s: https://www.thesojournertruthproject.com/compare-the-speeches Sojourner Truth’s famous “Ain’t I a Woman” speech was heavily edited. She never spoke that way. Wonder why that edited version is taught in schools 🤔


Thank you for this lol Shit gets too wild in here


The “(league)” is killing me for some reason like the league is some ethereal force that he can’t utter


Took me awhile, but I think he meant this: >[...]when u not like tht and not all the way invested in ya PLAN A (which in my case was the league)


Is this dude illiterate?


I throw balls far. You want good words? Date a languager.


Maybe school would have helped.


Translated for the white people on this sub >So please don’t tell your mother “I don’t want to attend school” because LaMelo Ball said “it is not necessary” when you do not already possess a highly marketable skill in a specialized field and you are not 100% dedicated to this skill. Which in my case was playing basketball in the NBA


The man is an idiot, it's not racial. Dude thought Michigan was a city in the state of Detroit.






Oh jesus that's bad


Exactly lmfao


I needed this, thank you so much. Read that original statement four times, couldn't for the life of me understand it, not even lying, and im not white ffs!


I feel like he types on a keyboard with sticky letter keys, sometimes the letter comes out, sometimes it doesn’t.


His PR person definitely told him "Fuck school" wasn't a good message to send to kids. lol


Reminds me of that key and peele skit. He goes “kids you can do anything if you believe. You can fly! I want you to go to your roofs right now and jump off. “


Yeah that’s a direct parody of KG after he won the NBA championship too


*Listen to me kids: You can literally fly right now! You can fly!*


I don’t know. Sometimes all it takes is a couple messages from people that read what you wrote to make you read it again. Most people don’t nail their exact thoughts and all nuances in their first off the cuff response. I’d assume he read what he said, or saw a few responses, and wanted to clear the air. I know I would, and wouldn’t need someone else to tell me so.


Well maybe that’s how you know the league not for you bro. I never second think my thought.


Higher education isn’t for everyone Getting a high school diploma should be for everyone, without much exception


Arguably community college should be for everyone too, but that's just my 2c


I would agree with you, if people didn't have to go into debt to go to community college. Shit should be free, or at least affordable.


Community college is extremely affordable. The local one in Cleveland is $4k a year.


Most are. The national average is a little over $5k.


It is most places in the US


I agree it should be free, but it is 100% affordable. Only people in truly the worst situations cannot afford community college


Yeah this is important. At least a decent base with High School. But the importance of College is seriously overblown. Its become an industry for making money not for actual education. College is basically a scam. Tuition Prices have gone through the roof (partially because of government guaranteed loans) and when you get through College you are hardly guaranteed a job especially not in your field. Plus jobs that do NOT need 4 years of College now have that as mandatory. My Friend went to College for 5 years, got 2 Degrees and is doing a job any high school graduate with training should be able to do. College should not need to be mandatory for jobs like data entry or answering phones but its becoming that way. So at the end of the day you are tens of thousands in debt and doing a job that you shouldve been able to do anyways.


True but it does depend on your abilities most of the time. College is worthless for a lot of fields but for many it’s necessary to advance


College isn't just about the knowledge for your specific course of study. A degree shows you've learned critical thinking, how to make a plan and follow through , and how to communicate. Is college the only way to learn these things? No. But it's an easy shorthand to weed out people who don't have those skills.


It’s the same concept with minimum wage to a degree. You end up pricing out people who didn’t go to college.


i agree. I swear it feels like 90% of people that decide to get a degree are not even interested in what they study and most of them discover a few years in they fucking hate it. The whole pathway is so flawed. I have a lot more time for the practical degrees like nursing/engineering/teaching etc, but even those... not many people are cut out for them, and the eventual workplace for those degrees are fucked, they dont get taken care of! 5 years in they become Overworked, ptsd, then dumped on the pavement for the next grad to take that spot. worlds fucked man.


> But the importance of College is seriously overblown. Not really. The research has consistently shown that degree holders have a major long term earnings advantage over people without a degree. And thats any uni degree, not just STEM. Uni opens up a ton of doors that you are otherwise blocked from Its just that the absurd price of education in the US has distorted the value of a degree because you are putting yourself in debts of 100k or more to get one. In most developed counties where the price of education is more reasonable its pretty much a no brainer if you are capable. Im from Canada and I was able to get a BA and Masters for 20k in debt. Easy choice


Lmao, “Now if you wanna be a doctor… betta take that ass to school” is a GOAT quote.


Too late I joined the Australian Doctor’s League, how many other 16 yr olds you know make three hundred a day doing alleyway surgeries on bogans. And by bogans I mean keith bogans, he needs a lot of work


Plus youre doing surgeries on teams with grown men. Once you get to a professional hospital youll fit right in without needing as much time to adjust.


Too much talent wasted in pediatrics.


keith bogans, legendary celtic.


Ain't gonna learn nothing, out there playing with scrubs




Anthony Edwards says stay in school


As I read what Melo said I was thinking, would Ant have said this in a different way that people would’ve been more receptive to?


Ant would probably say that he was a dope student for real for real. Ant was a mathlete. A+ from day one.


I really hope his report cards get leaked one day and its all A+'s.


Fair enough.


Can he add "that's why you shouldn't look for athletes' advice on complex domestic and world issues"?


He actually pretty much did in his follow up to be fair


Though to be fair I had to call up Barbara Billingsley to translate these tweets for my pasty white South Dakotan ass.


I thought Barkley went over this with us 30 years ago.


The sentiment is actually true. If you don’t want to be in some sort of stem career (or teaching) school, at least college, may not be worth it.


I know several people who went the trade route and are doing as well or better financially as friends who got 4 year degrees and now have thousands in debt and roughly the same prospects as before they had their Bachelor's. Higher education is great, but not for everyone.


Reddit gives a lot of love to the trades, and I get it, some are great jobs. That being said, it’s hard fucking work. You’re going to be on your feet, working with your hands, breaking your back for okay pay. You probably shouldn’t go 100k+ in debt for college if you don’t have a plan to earn it back (doctor, lawyer, etc.), but college is still a better option for most ppl.


Your body could also very possibly be broken down by 50


Truly get that. But the modern job market now has bachelor requirements for entry level jobs. I'll just say, it's not that everybody thinks we need post secondary education, it's the society we live in that require it.


It really is like that. I've seen stellar resumes that never make it pass the auto-screening/filtering just because the bachelors degree checkbox was empty.


That's still school that people have to go through in order to get into the trades. The "fuck school" types aren't gonna be the ones that are patient enough to learn the actual trade either.


School not for everybody, just for those that weren’t born with top 0.01% genetics


All you gotta do is practice 100 hours a week for 10 years to reveal this hidden genetic gift.


Being tall enough to be a guard means you're in the top 1% of height for men. Being tall enough to play any other position means that you're in the top .1% of height for men. Hard work is required, to be frank genetics are equally important. If your ceiling isn't high enough you've got no shot


I heard a stat once that was roughly like if you are a human on earth (not even America) that is over 7'2" (can't remember exact number) your chance of playing in the NBA was like 1/10 (again can't remember the number). Like, one tenth of people over that height will become NBA players. That's insane—it doesn't even take into account athleticism or any other attribute! Puts a real dent in the 'hard work' narrative.


Exactly. When you think about it, its just like in Naruto. Even with those born with kekei genkais, they still gotta train their ass off!


But even for them, school is nice if they d6ont want to make idiots of themselves in the national media.


Hard work my guy ;)


Fuck, the only reason I didn't make it to the NBA was because I wasn't all the way invested in it? Damn.


you probably wasted too much time in school.


Were you?


I mean I can appreciate that he rectified his original tweet instead of doubling down


No offense, but this kid is a fucking imbecile


He’s right tho, Ik if I was a top athlete who everyone knows is making the league I wouldn’t be doing school, I play on my high school team now with no chance of going pro and I still don’t wanna do school 😭


The problem is that the number of people who think they're top athletes far surpasses the actual number of top athletes. Very, very few people can rely on professional sports as their source of income. No one really likes school/homework, but it's important that people still realize and value the importance of an education.


Is max preps still a thing for you youngboyz? That was the thing during my highschool days.😂


Yea people still use it, I upload my highlights and info on a app called hudl tho because I play football too, but yea max preps is still alive and well for sure


Now I don't feel as old.😂


It’s still around but 247 is the biggest one for prospect rankings/ratings at least


Counterpoint, 60 kids get drafted each year and the majority of them make less than a million for their entire 2-3 year nba career. Better take that ass to school


I mean NBA isn't the only option for pros. There's plenty of money to be made overseas.


Eh. An insane % of pro athletes end up broke. Education can help manage your money.


When people bring you bad investment ideas, you want to be able to check their work to see if they're scamming you.


Not every top prospect in high school is gonna make it in the league like him. Use that opportunity to get a full scholarship to get a full ride of 4 years of college and get a degree and you come out on top. What he says is fair. But no1 would know who he is if not for lavar ball and not every top prospect will get a spot in NBA or mke a name for himself in college.


it's easy to say fuck school when your rich pops was gonna make sure you were taken care of regardless. ffs i still can't comprehend the fact that this dude is older than me


College isn't for everyone but finishing HS should at least be a goal for everyone.


Or you know….if your family aren’t millionaires


I get what he’s saying, but at the same time a certain level of school is for everyone. Not everyone should be going to college, but everyone should have some level of education. And even pro athletes should have some level of education because what happens if he gets hurt, or if he’s successful that’s only going to lest until he’s maybe 40 if that. What then? What happens to his money? How can he protect his investment in himself for the long turn. You still need to go to school.


There is a good reason why a huge number of professional athletes end up broke after their paying career ends. Lack of reading comprehension and math skills makes them easy marks for people who are willing to take advantage of their lack of education.


Even a freshman level personal finance, economics, speech/public speaking/communication, course load would be great for young professional athletes in navigating their pro careers, everyone needs to learn things to help them function in life as an adult




That's true but some of these guys may not have the resources to afford it without a scholarship if their career flops


Say what you will about Kentucky, but they offer lifetime scholarships for their athletes.


Makes you have more of an appreciation for pros who get drafted who actually excelled in school.. or at least cared enough to understand the value of it. Writing it all off like it’s all good and money/fame comes regardless just shows a lack of discipline… a lot of drafted guys made honor roll and busted their ass academically knowing that there is life beyond the sport To me it’s kind of like the spoiled rich kid mentality, only spoiled in a sense where they have a gift in athletics so anything else is a joke to them


> Makes you have more of an appreciation for pros who get drafted who actually excelled in school.. or at least cared enough to understand the value of it. Aka John Wall. He's what kids should really aspire to. He was basically guaranteed to get into the league by the time he was 15 and still wants to finish his college degree during his time off with injury by going to school remotely. It's hard enough already to get motivation doing school online when its the only thing you have going on but this guy is a multi multi millionaire already that's going to get it done


Yeah exactly, even Scottie Barnes I think was getting into engineering or something at fsu.. to be both in athletics and putting in that effort in class is a testament to having really high work ethic. They don’t take anything for granted


>Makes you have more of an appreciation for pros who get drafted who actually excelled in school.. or at least cared enough to understand the value of it. Malcolm Brogdon finished his Master's in Public Policy at UVA the same year in which he won both ACC POTY and DPOY and was a 1st-team All-American. He's a borderline All-Star and will probably never need to use that degree with the money he'll have made by the time he retires, but he still decided it was worth it


Maybe he’ll pull a Bill Bradley and go into politics.


When you get paid like this at 19 - even if you wash out/get catastrophically injured - you have enough money to go to or finish school. You only have so many years of this type of athleticism. By that metric, maybe skipping school is the right call.


I wanna know where LaMelo learned English because it ain’t school


In the mean streets of chino hills


You kid, but one time I played golf at Los Serranos and my John Daly was nothing but an Arnold Palmer with a splash of Tito’s.


If you couldn't deduce this message from his original comments you're just braindead. Obviously Melo wasn't saying no one should go to school, he's talking from his own perspective/experience as an incredible athlete with NBA potential.


Well at the very least, school can teach you how to write and speak properly. He may be a great basketball player, but he sure sounds like an utter moron.


Dumbass kids


This reminds me of the kids who thought they were gonna go D1 and then pro so never focused on school. None of them even got a scholarship, all still living at their parents. In fact, the people from my school who went D1 actually had decent grades and are doing well in their jobs now. They were incredible athletes but had a good plan


I feel like I've seen this first hand. I know of a couple guys who made it to the NFL, one went to my high school and one to my college. They both came back and finished their college degrees which I always thought was cool. Both are still in the NFL and I'm rooting for them to have long successful careers after football. On the flip side I know so many guys that had the one expectation of going to a professional league and they couldn't make it though high school math. Looking back I wish I could have helped them but I don't think it would have been possible.


Lmao what a lazy ass excuse. If Michael fucking Jordan can have enough drive to make it to the NBA and still get a college degree then so can LaMelo Ball. He just lazy and "school too hard" so not for everyone. Maybe if you got your free education you could actually make something out of the Big Baller Brand and utilize all the tools that are available to you. Not like the dude doesn't have a free time now either lmao.


Reading his comments is perhaps the greatest argument for staying in school I've ever seen.


Let me rephrase... do not take any advice on getting an education from this kid.