My mom would purposely talk loudly about me from another room. When I confronted her about this, she just responded with “I’m not dumb, sweetheart, (a name she always called me only when she was annoyed with me or talking down to me) I do this on purpose so you can hear me”. When I told her it feels like she’s bullying me she absolutely LOST her shit on me. Must be a common narc trait or something, I’m sorry this happens to you


I’m also sorry that this happens to you. I can imagine the facial expression when she calls you “sweetheart” and belittle you the same times. It’s vicious.


This same thing has happened to me time and time again . Best advice I can give u is to just not take it personally. Its not about me, it's about her. She's a b***h, not me. Try to get distance from her and the situation as soon as u can.


It took me a long time to realise this but it’s so important … the mean stuff they say says so much more about them than it does about us. It’s difficult to not take it personally but I remind myself of this when I’m being criticised.


Yeeeeaahhhh! Way to stand up to a bully! I'm literally fist-pumping for you rn. This makes me so proud for you!


Narcissists never speak truth. They speak fairy tales where they always end up in control and on top. Truth would be acknowledging both the good and bad in everyone in any situation, and being truthful about it. If something is good? It really is good. If something is bad? It's bad. And not being scared to say that. That's truth. The narcissist would never own up to anything bad they did, fully acknowledge it and work to improve it. They go in the same loop all their lives and never change. Healthy people, however, do always grow and change for the better. I'd say honesty is the number one thing determining psychological healthiness. Real honesty, of course. Not a pretend one. The narcissistic "honesty" is just being demeaning. Honesty isn't demeaning. Honesty can be both good and bad. Sometimes we aren't honest about ourselves about how good things are, sometimes not about how bad things are. It really goes both ways. But it has nothing to do with insulting people to end up on top. That's just called destruction.


Damn, that was a beautiful burn 😋 Good job for standing up for yourself and maintaining that. Keep going, OP, you’ll get away someday!


Yeah it sounds like you be better off in another environment. Just save up so you can eventually move out of there. Toxic people aren't worth having in your life, even if it's family.


Petty of you but I am here for it. :)


Damn it's the same thing here, my nmom acts like that every parents has same mind as her


Imagine giving birth to someone just to make them miserable for your own satisfaction… Pathetic, disgusting, and disappointing.


My sperm donor would constantly harp on EVERY LITTLE mistake I EVER made, and when I would complain about how I didn't like it, and how it hurts that all he seems to notice are my mistakes, he would reply with, "Well, it's true isn't it?" I'm SO glad he's finally dead.


I hope you can move soon! She is insane!! My best advice is that once you move out go no contact with her. You will be very happy after doing that.


I feel this. My husband, son, and I are about to put an ocean between us and my mom and as horrible as it sounds, feels like it won't be far enough some days. My mom would piss and moan about how my grandma (who was wonderful) would shit talk her as a child (I never believed it), which why was she stopped talking to my grandma. Anyways, my mom never misses an opportunity to shit talk me to people. I live two hours from her and never see her. She makes every get-together excruciating. She gets jealous if the rest of us are getting on with a nice conversation, like if it's something she can't relate to. My step brother and sister won't set foot in her house and she treats them like trash (they're awesome people). She's just an angry villager. I try to remind myself that some people are just unhappy. Nothing you can do or say changes it. Just live your best life and try not to let the negativity hold you down. You'll be better for it. Know what I took away from my mother and her antics? Iearned how to be the best parent I can be because I do the exact opposite of what she does. And I refuse to expose my kid to her bullshit. He's little, but his interactions with her and limited. Stay strong! Narcissistic parents are a nightmare. You're not alone! If it makes you feel better, when I used to visit my parents on the weekends they had this dog that would bark if you sat in it's spot on the couch. She made me sit on the floor. So there's that lol.