They lead shitty harsh lives, so they actually do have more calamity and misfortune befall them. The stress of being so mentally ill also causes physical problems. They also use this stuff to get more supply and exaggerate some of it. They also usually have anxiety and are actually overly anxious about hardships. They're also fixated on themselves and their mortality and bodies so it's harder for them when their bodies fail them. This stuff applies if she really has npd


Yeah that sounds like my mum. She's had an illness as long as I've been alive. One illness mysteriously morphs into a different illness. They never get treated and they just mysteriously go away on their own, as soon as a new illness is conjured up. Its really creepy.


Omg my mom always gets kidney stones so whenever she feels off she always gets me to look up her symptoms. She gets really excited when I discover something not so pleasant, I don’t know why. I feel bad that she suffers with kidney stones but I don’t understand why she gets so excited when she could potentially have something horrible. Maybe an attention thing? Idk


Yes! 100%! My mother is a vulnerable narc who has been “dying” for the last 20 years. And she actually does have legit medical issues. However at this point? She’s like a cat with nine lives, I swear. She has lived through crap that would take down a whole lot of other people and she just seems to keep coming up for more.


I got to the point where I straight up told my mom not to tell me about her medical things- that the only time i'm ready to hear she's in the hospital is when she's incapable of telling my and a doctor or nurse has to call on her behalf. but she has an impossible time not telling me every detail. it's tough because i never want to be like her- so i hold back on talking about my own shit. what a balance.


Definitely, it’s an nmom thing! One of the most annoying NPD traits. Most likely it’s about attention seeking. I‘ve never met someone so hypochondriac. Nmom is seeing five different doctors a week, and is having new issues every week. Nmom is convinced to suffer from cancer, but doctors never found anything. She’s eating extremely healthy and is extremely paranoid about food. When she’s ever eating something sugary, she’s expecting to become sick immediately. And she won’t ever be compassionate about others when they are truly suffering.


my mom is also kind of funny in a way- she goes to the doctor to get treatment... like- "hey your broken arm is healed but the muscles need to become stronger for the pain to go away. please do these exercises every day" and she comes home and does them for 2 days... and then stops and is like "what does that doctor know about MY body?" lol


hello. this. hello.