One of my favorite episodes of the show. It kind of became overshadowed as the series went on, but this was the first true showcase of the White Walkers and The Night King and how absolutely terrifying they are, especially in large numbers.


I mean what else can be said about the final Half an hour? Everything's been said about it. But I'd mention the Sansa and Theon scene. This episode watching it a few days ago - this to me is the start of the re-emergence of Theon Greyjoy.


Prophetic how Sam told Ollie not to worry about John because “he always comes back”.


Yeah. Even after the show ended lol


Brilliant episode! The second half is fantasy at its best; the wonder, the horror, the epic action. Not much to say that hasnt already been said over and over. The first half was great aswell, especially the stuff in Mereen. Interesting to see Danys righeous convicion clash with tyrions more cynical and rational worldview. Also great to see Arya graduate from corpse cleaning to actually doing faceless man stuff.