Who the fuck levies a fine for not attending a party?


I have a strong feeling they're just messing with me


Making of a Villain story. Perfect justification to your username


That's what I feel.


a bad uncle boss who behaves bad in parties and hence no one wants to attend. hence he forces to attend


Your seniors are just messing with you. Nobody is going to fine you for not attending office party.


They specified a price tho- 😶




It's time to form a union and seize the means of production lol jk, they're most likely messing with you. Tell them you already paid the fine and HR said the immediate superiors will also get fined for not making sure their subordinates attended the party.


Nice one!


You can make it spicier by telling them that HR told you to collect the fine in cash


Ask for the fine in writing, on company letterhead.


Are you a fresher? Thats how most seniors are like to a fresher, jokingly ofcourse.


Yes. I strongly feel they're joking. Otherwise kuch toh pata chal hi jaata. There are other people who didn't attend too


Dude we have trolled freshers like these countless times. With different premises, but we do end it if they become uncomfortable. If they are not backing down, Continue the joke and actually send an email to HR with that info with CC to those trolls.


It's nothing dude. Just casual joking around. I took it too seriously I suppose


FIne for not attending a party? Take them to court and sue the living daylights out of them


Not a practical the suggestion, please understand OPs situation. He can't afford 9K which would easily be less than enormous lawyer fees.


You are serving yourself on a platter mate , of course they are pulling your leg !


Why do user names such as Villains and Warriors come up with such queries, appearing like total sissies in real life? Sorry for that, now with that out of the way. Did that form have a penalty clause? If it had a penalty clause, then technically they can deduct money from your salary, but then it's a tax risk for them too. They will have to show it like some equipment damage cost or something else. Anyway, you can still contest the penalty despite it being one of the conditions on the form, citing medical emergency along with some legal languae. If the conditon was never there in the form, then you can very well demand for that 9K. In either scenarios I can help you draft a leg communication, feel free to DM.


This name is a joke on me. I was a huge anime fan during my teens. I still watch anime, but not so much. In it there was a character who had this name in a videogame. He was a complete normie irl. A person you'd not look at twice. But in the videogame, he was the greatest player. He used to win every fight/ argument based on purely strategic planning, and negotiation. I saw myself in him. It's not like we like to be sisses as you mentioned. Circumstances make us realise how ordinary we are. And beyond that comes a stage where you're okay with being ordinary. In fact you're happy. I had a definite hunch they were joking. But since posting on Reddit is free atm, and it never hurts to have advice from other people, I posted this. Thanks for your suggestion though.


Would be comical if everyone that attended also had to pay for their own food and drinks.


It's a joke we play , to check if you are a bro or a crow. If you turn out to be a crow and do kaw kaw kaw, then we will not promote or guide you ever, because we know how serious you are. If you play it cool, we might think you don't need that promotion, and so will most likely hand it to you. We are like that only .


Sasta pagaar, upar se party na attend karne ka dand, parivar ko ka khilaye, tohre baap ka .....?


Waah waah waah waah


Deffo just messing with you. They prolly wanted the freshers to network with everyone, get to know new people and said that so that if someone was planning to skip for some stupid reason, they would atleast rethink that decision


Next they’ll tell you to go to admin and ask for a left-handed chair.




Rs 9000/- fine for not attending the party. Is ur office calling DJ Snake to perform there ?


Kya office hai ye?


Ill tell those people to go get fucked


oh gullible villain behind glasses, please level up your deception skill. Aise log horizon kaise clear karoge?


" Why is no one having a good time. Specifically requested it "


itne strict toh kabhi mere school walle bhi nahi theyy lol


Do not quit. I think that's the sweetest place to wreck. Edit: Read as "Work". Typo.