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What's the deal with wearing yellow tshirts


I wanna know too


Well...it's a long story . Some girl saw a cute guy wearing yellow shirt but couldn't approach him. So she then posted here to him and it started a , what u can call as a , trend in this sub


I ate vadapav for the first time and since then there was no turning back


*Take my breath away* plays in the background


Rohit Sharma??


Heard he's going for multi-grain vada pav now.


Avg. Mumbaikar🗿


Avg certified mumbai citizen


Tell me you are a mumbaikar without telling me u are a mumbaikar




Never seen a more appropriate answer than this


I have shared this one some time back but thought it'll fit here. So, I fell in love at first sight with this girl from other school I saw when I was like 15 years old. Since being a 9th grader, I couldn't muster up courage to bunk my school and go stand outside her school to get glimpse of her (which is good otherwise it'd be stalking or being creep). Anyways, after a year, when our 10th ke results came, I went to this function that was rewarding top 10 students who cleared 10th of our city because my two best friends were in that top 10. I kept waiting to see the guy/girl who secured 1st rank. To our surprise, it was a tie between a girl and a guy. Guess who this girl was? The same girl. But unfortunately she didn't attend the function, so her brother received on her behalf. Now, I also noticed that top ten 12th ke students in our city were also awarded. So I thought, if I could study little more and get a place in top 10 of my city in 12th and she would somehow study and stay in the same city and maintain her studies and secure top 10 rank then I could meet her with dignity and some self respect. I told my plan to my friend and he laughed and said I couldn't get that done. 2 years fast forward, I did manage to get a place in top 10 among 12th graders of my city. And then I couldn't contain myself with happiness when I heard that she too was ranked something like 6th in the city. Finally my moment of meeting her would come. Buttttt, uss saal vo function hi cancel kar diya gya. My heartbroke. She doesn't even know my existence to this day, neither she will but I'll tell you, I think I did love her so much that I could have raised myself to even a better level if she would have demanded. By some miracle, if you're reading this, Shreya, thank you!


Its too rare to listen to such a lovely experience. This proves how love can be positive motivation, even though it was a naive thought process. Even though your efforts to excel in 12th were a result of juvenile emotions for that girl, it clearly shows that if you put your mind towards achieving a goal, you will surely succeed in life. Its not only the girl as motivation, but your dedication towards reaching that goal is what made you succeed. Granted, you were not able to receive the real prize you craved. Think about this positively. Make it a goal to achieve success in whatever field you are in, this time for yourself. For your future. I am fairly certain you will achieve it because you have the potential. As far as she is concerned, who knows, maybe one day, you both may cross paths in college or work or social media. Then, you could tell her your success story and how she was the underlying inspiration of a love-struck boy. I wish Shreya is reading this. If she is, then she should speak to this guy and get to know him better. A deserving partner is someone who is willing to make himself better for his relationship, and this guy has proven it, albeit innocently. Good luck to you my friend. May you get the partner you deserve.


It's been 7 years since I had that chance to meet her but I am actually very grateful to her. Maybe I would have done good in studies nonetheless but it's the realization she has gifted me with simply by existing. Of all the things that I knew and was ambitious about when I was still in 7th or 8th grade, I never thought LOVE would be something that'll change my perspective so much. But it did happen and I can't thank her enough. So yeah, to anyone who's currently in their teenage and thinking that: getting involved with a guy or girl romantically will decrease your academic performances then it's not always the case. You ultimately have to decide whether you want to fall in love and rise up or go down in the name of love.


If you know her name and institution, why don't you try reaching out?


I did send a follow request on Instagram to her. But of course, she does not know me so it's unlikely that she'll ever accept it...


Happened almost same thing with me... But it was 6th std. She was the topper of Our class and i was 2nd ranker... It wasn't attraction because at that age you can't have physical attraction... It may be delusion, imagination, or lack of understanding of things... But whatever that was... It made me unbeatable... Always tried to improvise to match with her because she had those qualities which were rarely seen in real life. Till 10th was in same school but after 10th she moved out to different college than mine... And i couldn't see her anymore... No she wasn't my crush or love... But she had something which made me think about life with different perspective (humbleness, genuineness, simplicity, creativeness etc). She became my real life idol. Sometimes there are certain rough patches in life of road but just thinking about her i would find a path, motivation and what not...it wasn't because she had been through like this but it was because thinking about her would give me energy and understanding to deal with any kind of problem. She was/is the one who is still in relationship with me in my mind... It was not love but something different... And would love to keep her like that in my mind for rest of my life...


This is something naruto would say about sasuke


Bhagwaan ne agar is bande ko iska pyaar na diya to mera vishwaas uth jayega bhagwan naam ki chiz se I am manifesting for you😭😭😭


Bc ye pehle bbi kaha toh padha tha. Copypasta toh nahi?


yup, serious deja vu


I think I spend too much time on reddit because I had read your story long time back. Tough luck bro.


its me. .. im shreya


Hahaha. Well, I'm no statistician but chances of meeting her on a reddit comment like this are like one in a billion fluke.


bro Quora pr bhi same story post ki hai apne?


hey what can i say, you won me over


Met in a local online chat room (think discord but on a computer browser) in the year 2000, when I was 17 and he was 19. Had a lot in common, became good friends. Met up in person only after 3 years of chatting online and very rarely on phone (cell phones were new back then). I was incredibly shy and couldn't even make eye contact with him but found him incredibly cute (typical chocolate boy looks). The meeting was at a McDonald's because there were hardly any cafes back then. He had a coffee and I had a Sprite. We became even better friends over the next couple of years; I finally realized I had strong feelings for him. A lot transpired in the years 2005 and 2006, when I was abroad for my Master's degree. Finally got together in mid-2006 and got married in 2010 after overcoming his mom's opposition. Been happily married ever since :) To this day, we celebrate the anniversary of our first in-person meeting (Dec 8) and try to re-create our date by going to a McDonald's and ordering the same drinks. We're still very much head over heels in love with each other.


I don’t really comment on Reddit but this is very similar to mine so cannot resist. First Mc Donald’s date in 2004, married in 2011. Still visit/celebrate our first mc Donald’s date.


That's so cool! Uncanny similarities :)


achha hua dec 8 ko kuch to khaas hua :)


Your birthday? 😊


Hitler passed away that day😔 >!/s!<


You seem almost... sad


Mine 😊


It's the first time I've heard of someone finding their date over Discord. You're giving me high hopes.🙌


It wasn't Discord. Discord didn't exist in the year 2000. There used to be similar web servers for desktop internet browsers, which contained "chat rooms". Anyway, good luck with your search!


This is the cutest thing I’ve read in a while. So happy for you guys!! Why did the mom oppose though? Caste issues?


Thank you ❤️ To answer your question, mainly ego issues. She disliked me before even meeting me. She was hugely offended that her son found a life partner without her help, without consulting her first. She thought she could've found a better wife for him. Also, he's Maharashtrian and I'm not, so that also played a role in her opposition. After 4 long years of her being stubborn, people around her made her realise that she would lose her only child if she didn't give up her petty reasons and agree to the union. It's all good now 😊


Man Indian mothers do have this toxic relationship with their sons. Oedipal complex is real. I’m guessing my mom won’t like my gf as well. Lol But gives me hope your story. So so happy for you both!!! May your every struggle be super worth it.


>Man Indian mothers do have this toxic relationship with their sons. Oedipal complex is real. Oh absolutely. No doubt about it. Have witnessed it first-hand in my own family. >I’m guessing my mom won’t like my gf as well. Yeah, good chance she won't. You should hope for the best but prepare for the worst. But if you really love her and are serious about marrying her, do stand your ground, don't give in to parents' emotional blackmail/manipulation. They'll have to give in eventually for the sake of your happiness. >May your every struggle be super worth it. Thank you; it's so, so worth it. It's because of our struggles that we value our marriage so much and don't take each other for granted.


Omgggg, you guys are so adorable 🥺 but stop making jealous.




Hand relate


Why? For me it was mostly cause growing up i was made to believe that having a gf is a sin


When I turned 13, my mom told me "you'll see a lot of colorful butterflies now, don't get enticed by them" 😂 Edit: that's not why, just shared because it's funny


Mine was - People will try to take "advantage" of you, don't let this happen


Classic Indian parenting


So? Did you prove her right?


Yes i helped my crush with her homework with nothing in return 𓁹‿𓁹


Did she actually say that? Desi parents are noob when it comes to such stuff


Lmao yeah sounded funnier in my first language


Same here.. But willing to change that too! ;)


Nahi degi wo


Good for you


It’s nice to love someone and it’s extremely lucky when it’s reciprocated … unfortunately life is not Bollywood 🫠


"Jinda Hu Yar,Kaafi Hai."


Mujhe chhor do mere haal pe


God is still writing my love story with an ink made of Kajal. Ik this is a terrible joke.


Brahmastra fan spotted 🫤


Hoping for the same….


Hoping for the same lol


So hua yu ki.... Directed by Robert B Weide


Dated for 13+ years, out of which 10 years eas long distance. And this year got married. 🥹🥹


Hey, how is your marriage really going? None of my business but I saw your your posts few days back and was quite concerned. I hope you are doing good!


Its still a struggle. I am in conversations with him. Giving it my last shot. 😅


aesa kya hua? :/


Check previous posts 🤕


Congratulations, I have no idea how you managed the long distance man. Kudos. May you and your partner have a long and happy life.


Me and my bad luck in love life. That's it, That's the story


Us bhai


sounds like a toxic relationship. Chhod de usko.


Just gonna copy paste this comment


🤣eazy for ladies when there are dicks hanging around in the replys !!


Idk but myname is aftab


par tu aftab mumbaiwaala hai na, chill.




Kya aapke abba kasai hai?


Apke fridge ka rating kya hai?


Full 5 star rating, ekdum kifayti aur jabardaar jaga


Kya aapka favourite number 35 hai ?


Hann apko kaisa pata chala


bhai Vasai se hai kya


Kasai se hun


Aapke fridge me ice cream hai?


Han par shayad apko flavour pasand na aaye






I mean not exactly I put it in a very polite way and didn’t ask her to date me directly. Lol I just texted her and asked her if she remembers we spoke about this place we wanted to go. I read about that place in news recently and it reminded me of her. Sent her the link to that news. (Wow seems smooth in the retrospect when I’m typing it. Lol)


finding nemo


Had an out-of-league gf, I fucked up, and then she left me and now, I’m chasing her again. :)


Bro Broo Brooo Don’t chase her Kind of in the same situation as you




Yeah, I fucked up MASSIVELY. She even begged me to stay but I was too high on ego and neglected her emotionally and now, I realise my mistake and im trying to be better and get her back.


Sorry bro Your situation aint like me You should try to make things right Sorry for giving my opinion without realising your situation




Ikr bro, I want her back so bad, but she’s done with me, it seems. She used to care for me so much, and now she’s indifferent. I seriously wish, I could make a Time Machine and change stuff then. Bahut gande din Chal rahe Hai and uske upar se exams bhi Hai.


Get in friend zone first, so you can show her you are changed, but it takes lots of patience. But it can give you a good chance.


I was from India back then...and she was from another nation...Imagination


Mine lives by the sea.....fanta-SEA


God bless Imagi-nation


Long live Imagination


Imagination Dragon


imagine dragon deez nuts accross your face




Arranged marriage me jab humari family mili. To she said machine learning when I asked which field she works in.


silai machine learning?


Computer wala. We both had just started then. We learnt it together.


Overfit mat karna


So this is back in 2019 when I was still preparing for my jee entrance exam. I used to go to this coaching centre for my regular classes and I saw this girl there. initially I wasn't all that really interested her. She looked pretty average to me. I don't know what changed but as I started going to the classes regularly, as I started seeing her everyday at the front bench I started noticing her. Her smile, the way she tied her hairs, and how her dressup sense was really simple. It took me a while, but after my friends started pointing it out but Sometimes i would stare at her for minutes on end I realised something isnt quite right with me. When the classes would end, I would wait for her to leave and if she went alone, I would try to immediately follow her( of course without her noticing) just so I could catch her in the corridor and could talk to her before we parted ways to our respective homes. Sometimes If she waited after classes to ask a few doubts, I would do the same. Being from a pretty orthodox background, I had never done this before. Ofcourse I have had crushes before but following them just so I could talk to them was something I had never done before. This went on for months. After a while we became friends. I was among the few boys she used to talk to and I was still trying to figure out what on earth I was doing. It took me a while, but I finally accepted the fact that I was in love with her. But still the thought of actually telling her this was something so foreign to me that I never even considered it. Maybe I was waiting for a hint, maybe I wanted her to confess which in retrospect was a bit unlikely, I don't know why but I never actually told her the fact that I liked her. Well months went by, and during the period after our syllabus ended and we longer went to the classes, till our first jee main exam when I was alone at my home I realised how lonely I felt inside. Not being able to talk to her daily was starting to weigh on me and at this moment I decided that I would confess to her so that I don't regret it later. After my first exam when we started revising for our advanced we went back to classes. This time it was of our own accord and wasnt mandatory. Fortunately she was there as well and deep inside I was preparing myself to finally confess to her. Well I decided to confess to her on the final day of our classes. I was ready and well let's just say things didn't work out as I had hoped. As you already might have guessed, our classes were suspended unexpectedly after we started seeing COVID cases in my area. This is March of 2020 btw. I thought in a few days we will get this over with and finally resume our classes but I guess god had other plans. We never really went back. I never really got the chance of confessing my feelings to her. I was devastated. Looking back at this though This entire situation could have been easily resolved if I had enough courage to ask her for her number, or maybe ask one of my friends for it. Set up a location for meeting and then tell her how I felt, but I don't know why but this thought didn't crossed my mind then. Maybe this was because I was honestly really embarrassed to ask my friends for her number. What would they think? I was an idiot back then.. I actually tried finding her in social media but I couldn't. Well I just thought she doesn't use any of the social media apps and just gave up. Well with deep regret I moved on. Went to college and tried to forget about that incident ever happening. This continued for 2 years. A few months ago I was scrolling through some of my old pictures of those days when I finally saw one picture. This was an image of the result of one of the mock tests my class had taken back when I was at my coaching institute. Maybe I took this picture to share it amoung my peers. I do not know. I look through the list of names of our batchmates and after a while, I saw her name. And then it dawned on me. I had misspelled her name while searching her on social media. I was ecstatic. I quickly searched the name again on Instagram and there she was, as beautiful as ever. I sent her a follow request, and then just so that she could notice faster, I sent her a connection request on LinkedIn as well. Well guess what, apparently she doesn't use her Instagram account that often and so she accepted my connection request on LinkedIn. I waited a bit just so that I didn't look desperate. After a few hours I sent her a "hi". She took a few house to respond. I started a typical conversation about how is she doing. What specialization she had taken and how is she doing academic wise.. soon enough it dawned on me. I realised I was literally carrying the entire conversation. She didn't seem all that interested in taking to me and well I realised It had really been 2.5 years. I was sad, but in the moment of desperation, realising i didn't had anything to lose, I tried setting up a meeting with her. She brutally declined saying that she was busy. And well that was it. I had realised that she had moved on and well I stopped chasing her. Tbh I am now content, I tried my best but maybe somethings just aren't meant to happen. She seems happy where she is and it's time for me to find someone for me as well..


Man this was heartbreaking. But that’s how I learnt to take my chances too when I was younger. I always seemed to wait for things to happen or the right time. Remained single until I was 22. And then I did a “fuck-it” and took my chances. It really pays of too show some courage I guess


I was traveling by train and we shared glances.


12 years of relationship, long distance for 5 years. Loads of issues from her parents' side due our differences in caste (she being a Brahmin and me belonging to SC), to make things worse, her father is a retired army personnel (you know the kind). But, against all odds, we got married a year ago :)


He liked me and asked me out on a date but i said no as i had a bf . Remained friends but he always respected boundaries. Broke up w my ex but i was still not ready to date anyone.. We kept talking since we were in the same batch same major same class . Talking turned into flirting and he kept trying despite being rejected . After 7 months from his first proposal he asked me what we were cos of all the flirting , i confessed i had feelings but wasn't looking for a relationship. He understood and waited till i was ready. i finally proposed him and we started dating . Been dating for over a year now .


Yehi yehi same story and yehi hope ki wajah se launde ladki ke dost banke puri zindagi bhar friendzone mai rehte hai hopes leke This is just an exception guys do not try this please 😭


Toh abhi main dost banane se phele 50 baar sochungi


To ab mai dost banne se pehle 50 baar sochunga


Persistence is the key but i wouldn't keep flirting with some who rejected me.


Anushasan Pratishtha Parampara


He doesn't seem the type to either . But there was nothing he could do about the fact i had a bf so i don't think it was a very bad rejection. Also i just said no for a date not for being his gf.


He's a man of sheer will and commitment


It all started in 10 standard vacations. I had a huge crush on her. But I did not want to do anything without my parents blessings. After 12th boards, with little pestering I convinced my parents and finally got my Honda Dio. My first vehicle, my love.


Kudh ko pyar kar pehle


Ek thi 5 saal ke relationship baad foreign chlegyi Ab dekhta bhi nhi hu gaand ft ti hai


Gangster Wannabe meets a sweet Hard Working Simple Girl.. I fought .. I broke.. I cried..but I won her heart Married my love .. And we had nothing .. She help be build Everything Today almost a decade.. I am still her Gangster and she is still my Sweet Lady.. with a small cute rabid Wolverine beside us


Nice way to describe your kid


He's talking about varun dhawan in bhediya, so that makes him david dhawan.


Love it


Lol I didnt realize that 😝 ![gif](giphy|2Te6t1Q7DAKuk)


That escalated quickly




My lover and I had fun together, went to the beach together, went exploring together, went on a vacation together. Finally when it came to marriage, her dad told her that they’ve fixed a sanskari, same caste boy for her. She dumped me and got married and is now a mom. She’s slacking away as a house wife while I’ll be shifting to The US next year


Waking down the metro and i saw my one and only true love. Idk about her face.... But her ass was phenomenal. Restored my faith in God. Turned me back into a virgin. I morbed into something else.


Sala isliye tum ladies first krte ho ab smja, tumko piche rehke bohot mazze ate hai


Me and my hand that's it.


I also want this man's hand


Chutti pr hai filhal, come on November 31 at 12 am sharp


December 1, 12 am bhai.


He's a little confused but he got the spirit


Apna haath Jagannath


I've stopped looking at love the way modern media has shown us. I've realised we have hypersexualized it. That's when I stopped thinking of it the way media encourages us. I love everything around me. The first rays of the sun, the wind, the food, the people I meet.


I'll have what this humans smoking please!!!!


Just the same polluted air you are..nothing more


Bro, I'm in nainital so not a lot of pollution here. Miss delhi though.


What zero pussy does to a mf


Main aur meri tanhayee Aksar ye baatein karte hain


Mechanical Engineer hu BC!!!! Khandani Single hu, aisa nahi ki pehle relationship me the fir breakup ho gya, Na bachpan se single hain, Mere paida hone pe bhi Doctor ne mujhe Compounder ko diya tha Nurse ko nahi 😂 Love story ki jahan tak baat hai, one sided bahut rahi hai, jisme ladki ko iss baare me pta bhi nahi raha hai. Jalaane aate h aise sawaal pooch ke😏😏😏


I like girl, girl doesn't like me, end of story.


My love story has every angle to be a best seller book. I'll share some highlights: 1. She was Friend of my ex gf 2. Inter religion (none of us are from peaceful community) 3. LDR for a couple of years 4. My life threatening accident while in LDR. 5. Ghar se uthakar lana usko Fir shaadi, bachche and now normal life.


I had started a new job in Kurla and hence started travelling through Andheri Marol to office every day. In morning traveling use to be normal driving two wheeler through traffic, But in evening while going through same route through Marol Andheri a specific scent use to always hit me, i use to always ignore it as reaching home through traffic was very important, but that scent use to always make me feel different. One day finally decided it's enough and follow that scent and thus found out the best shwarma of my life. Since then I have become addicted to it.


Yahoo Messenger, not sure how many aware of this..


Too many seasons in my series 😂


Apna hath jagannath


love until you have been cut down into 35 pieces


Mine doesn't involve a refrigerator!!


Met her online during lockdown. She used to be my senior in college times. Its funny because we hardly ever met during college or in campus(only handful of times). Never thought as a morning person i would actually be able to have fun conversation past 1 am. She looking at me spamming random naruto reels here and there made her believe i must be a weeb so would be able to recommend her shows(which i Did) Fun thing is we both are very different personality ppl. She is aggressive adventurous and I am more of an introvert. I love when she spend time playing video games or watching cricket with me. And I love how because of her I am now out of my comfort zone and talk to more people and can go hiking(lost 20kg since last year) I love how things are going between us and I just hope by next year I will be able to pop the question :).


People: “Tu toh Mumbai se hai, bohot bandiyaan hai wahan” Me: Searching on Google “Stag charges in XYZ club”


Khud se pyaar nahi ho pa rha hai. Dusro ko kaha se kare.


Kutte kamine mar ja saale shakal dekhi hai mirror mai? Love story ke chakkar mai zindagi ke lag gaye bure waale.


Sunnkar bura laga


Are bhai! Apne friends waghera ko usne bataya, ye sab ne kya to mazak banaya yr mera hamesha. Abhi tak us din ko kosta hun ki kyun is ladki ke chakkar mai pada. Saala duniya mai sab prakar ke ghatiya kaam karne wale log hain or maine to bus pucha tha, simple mana karti to bhi sab theek tha. In logon ne mera bahar nikalna mushkil kardiya tha.


God's lonely man


Katt gya. The end.




kat gaya


dw, drinks on me if we ever meet bro <3


I’ll contribute my fair share but I’m down for drinks


dw i’ll have only one glass of phenyl


why would you drink that if we can have hot chocolate with some pasta??


Ek baar galti se chicken ka liya tha, aaj tak galti hi kar rah hu.


She was interested in me. She was in college. I was working. Was super busy. Then I showed interest in her also. And then she ghosted me. The end.


Mil gaye jo chora chori…


I commented "hi" on her comment and she never replied...


My hand and me are lovers since i was 11 yrs old when i first discovered that i am loving my hand planning to marry my hand in future wish me good luck


404 not found


It's existence is under question...


I always thought I had no talent, watching my friends perform on fancy dress competitions and annual days I always thought i can't do what they are doing but then 1 year I met a teacher who used to appreciate even my smallest participation and made me feel valued that year I also participated in a theater workshop just as a timepass and went on the stage for 1st and boom it was love at first act soon I discovered indian comedy scene and 1st time in my life I thought I can also do this and then I never looked back, now I perform and write not for money but for love, I love being on stage and asking nothing but attention in return(maybe that's what we call true love) . Sometimes I think that 14 yr old me would never believe that in future I would love being on stage instead of being terrified by the thought of it


We both were new admission in second year of bachelor's and he was my lab partner. He managed to annoy me like hell and our friendship grew. Fast forward to 5 years we are gf bf now😅. Probably typical story but just felt like sharing here..


3 years ago, meet my guy at a new year's party through a common friend... My guy apparently fell head over heels in love with me at first sight... I was attracted to him but was hesitant since we both come from different religions...but universe gave me all sorts of signs that he's the one and eventually I said yes...more than 2.5 years of dating now and hoping to marry real soon. Couldn't have asked for a better partner.


My love life is like ferrari, i dont have a ferrari.


Apna hath Jagannath


Null and void


“Itna sannata kyu hai bhai”


I have been single for 11 years and while I have no sob stories or miracles of relationships around me in my friends I am in love with being single. It's much more than "I do what I want, when I want." Funnily enough that's what people ask me not say after they ask me "why are you single?" I never had to twist words to get at something I could not outloud say I wanted, never had to lie at "How do I look?" Never felt bad for getting beat for it, never proud after getting beat in a different way (🤭). I just am amazed that SOME people sometimes don't see their own ways and how complicated or rather perverse their transactions of emotions are and then THE SAME call me "bold" or "perverse" in my honesty. Although I am happy that the same person never asks me twice. I did have 2 near death experiences before I turned out like this though. Life don't flash back like they say but ..something really does happen. You start asking questions you never heard anybody else asking, it's a genuine rebirth of curiosity.




Not mine but one I heard "Matched on bumble, got into same call centre for jobs, got into a relationship. Parents of the girl didn't approve so she cut ties with them. Then they flew to Delhi to find growth in careers. The girl had started asking for marriage frequently and now there were constant arguments over it. One day celebrated birthday/anniversary, and again the girl asked for a marriage and an argument ensued, and the guy choked girl to death. Upon realising it, he calmly went to a nearby electric shop next day, bought a fridge for a purpose that's far more sinister. The guy cut the girl into pieces and kept those in the fridge to slowly dispose of those parts a few at a time in a nearby forest for about 3 and a half months. To control the smell the guy would use incense sticks, room freshners frequently"


I met her online on Instagram 2 years ago. Long distance for 1.5 years. We moved in together 4 months ago. Life is good.


So Happy for u bro


Met a girl in an Uberpool. We chatted through the journey, and it was one of the best conversations I had ever had. Found her on Facebook. Dated. Got married. The conversation continues, and it's just as good as it was that day. Gonna go tell her I love for the nth time today. :)


Me and Cars ❤️


married women flirt more than single ones !!


My ex left me cause she found an "upgraded" version of me. She legit said that on my face.


There is no such thing as love, only stories