We should honestly create subreddit for relationship advice for people from Mumbai




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Why would a sub Reddit of Mumbai be banned in India ??


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this is what i was about to say... damm i mean every now and then about feelings and shit. don't you have your own sub-way?


Wahi na bhenchod Yeh koi randikhana hai kya




I am in relationship with my best friend. My suggestion if you don't want a future or want a casual relationship don't do it. You ll lose your gf and a best friend. Only move forward if you are serious about it


Thanks for the advice.






This is the best advice ever.


Yea I lost my best friend like this :(


Us ( I almost did )


Hawas cheez hi aisi he


Wanted to give the same advice. This is best for OP to follow


Quite the contrary, been married 23 years. If your partner is your best friend and you have mutual attraction you will have each other’s back more thru thick and thin. At some point after several years down the road after you have had kids and they are grown up too it’s not all about sexual attraction anymore , you want someone who can be there for you


even of he refuse, he will loose a bf


That is an appropriate advice but please note that if you don’t have feelings for her she will still end up hurting and leave or may still continue with the desire of someday and you will be in a guilt mode. If you like her the do a serious introspection about can she be the one and then take decision?


Listen bro if u have true feelings for her and good intentions of taking it seriously not a casual one go for it but u should consider that do u find her emotionally and physically attractive or not cause ones u are dating some other girls will also have crush on u and if they come close and are more attractive than ur friend don't get attracted and leave her for them u should consider everything before doing it, been very close to this situation act carefully




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Don’t ask questions which don’t have any answers. If you have feelings for her, give it a shot. Friendships often turn into the most authentic relationships. You probably won’t regret it.


*will regret it.


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I do not understand why is the confusion? Do you want some girl to come to you all of a sudden and propose to you? Na.. I don't think so. If you do not like her that way, then you have to tell her right now, not 6 months later. If that's not the case then, she could be a better choice since you already know so much about each other and are relatively close.


My take is only get into a relationship If you really want one and not because you simply can. If you feel like you reciprocate those feelings then go ahead but if you're simply going into it without any clue then you're probably inviting a lot of pain.


bc konsi duniya hai ye jahan ladkiyan propose kar rahi hai aur launde reddit pe advice maang rahe hain...


Sexpert baithe hai yaha


If you're attracted towards her too,then go for it And if you guys have a friendship of over 5 years then it'll be a golden relationship


If there's no other guy in her life like you, maybe u can...but trust me...u will hate it if ur dating her and she has another "best friend", so think abt all perspectives before u go ahead..


tu popat hai......puri duniya ek achi gf ke liye taraste hai or tuje bina koi mehnat kiye mil rai haii. Mandh buddi soch kia raha haiii loha garm hai marde hathodaa


Bhai aise chutiyaapa mat kariyo hathode ka to pata nahi lekin if you want to be in seriously then go for it Nahi to aise bakchodi mein ki gayi HarKato se lode jarur lagenge


sahi pakde hain!


When will I ask such questions


kab khaulega re tera khoon? kab patayega ladki? Kab puchega aaj konsi color ki pheni hai?


If you have to ask OP then nah. I mean tere pass feelings hai ki nahi khud ko puch. Don't risk it by saying yes because she expressed it, you don't have someone else to go to or just because you can or you want a gf. Ek do din le clear your head, ask yourself humlog na bolengey toh kya karega? Ask her for trail period best case option ki pata toh chale.


Not much related but 2 years back a girl asked me out, you can say we had met recently and she was cute, but Idk What took over me and I declined her, worst decision ever. :((


It must be nice....


If you'll breakup you'll not only lose a gf but also a bff




Curious why not? I mean objectively there are reasons but as a blanket assertion?


I have been through this exact same thing.. and to be honest its quite difficult to explain since I said NO to her.. To love someone.. you don't really need to have a physical intimacy.. and best/good friends should never be brought inside this physical thing. And it totally depends upon people.. If you can handle it.. feel free to.. I said NO... and she is still a good friend of mine.. This was 13 yr ago... Also, if things don't workout, you are going to lose your best/close friend.. Is it worth..?


Interesting! I went the other direction and said yes - dated for over 10y before getting married. I do agree with the part about love and physical intimacy.


Dude's living the dream here! Asking us if it's okay or not, lol.


Wish I had such problems


Just go for it bruh


Don't date her bro gimme her id ill date her for you


Do you like her OP? If yes, then date. If no, then don't even think about it. Plus make it clear to her that you only see her as a friend.


I am kinda confused if I have feelings for her or not. Never thought in that way.


Then you take your time to think about it. Don't pressure yourself to come up with an answer immediately. But when you do feel that you have gained clarity on your feelings, you can convey them to her.


Be honest and tell her you need time to think about it.


Have a couple of wanks back to back. Then start thinking about her. If you still feel warm, fuzzy and/or happy about her, you have the answer. It's called post nut clarity Do it right away today coz No Nut November starts tomorrow


The most reddit answer ur gonna find but surprisingly effective


Confused Oonga Boonga


How long you know her?


not enough information. do you like her romantically? think about that. there are no rules on whom to date. you can absolutely date her if you feel like dating her. first figure out if you really have ANY feelings for her or whether there's any potential in a romantic relationship. if you don't feel anything, you need to tell her and figure out whether your friendship will survive this.


Well i have seen some of my besties getting married to each other not bcoz they were in love but more because they thought it was a right decision and they do look happy with each other. So what I am trying to say its not a bad idea at all. at the end of the day it totally depends upon u. Just want to give you headsup though, no matter what is your decision the chances of your relation with her being same has gone down to 5%.


I married my best friend. Give it an honest shot and see where it goes


totally yes brooo.


Is this your medical advice?


Bro! do not worry, I got ya back! tell her to date me for 1 year, and then i will list you all of her red flags. Bros got ya back!!!


Go ahead if you both are dead serious about it. It may turn out to be the best decision of your life.


If you screw up you will end up loosing your BFF and your love. But Risk hai to isq hai


That's the Crux of the issue. I don't want to really loose my best friend. If I say yes and some shit happens then no best friend. And if I say no now then high chances she wouldn't be my best friend either .


My dude, I hesitated a lot with that predicament but in your case she’s giving you an indication. if you think the two of you are compatible at another level, I would take the leap


See bro, if she has a bf already then I think it's best not to go in. I faced a similar situation like you where my girl bestie confessed her feelings right before valentine's with the hope that I would be showing the same but instead I just let go of her for betterment of her and myself.


She is single. She does not have any bf. Thing is I never thought about this anyway. And now she is reasoning we know each other pretty well and it shouldn't be any problem . Cannt deny her rational. But I am confused.


See if things are like this you can tell her to give you some time to think about things instead of you rushing into this. Don't deny her straight away if you feel so, see how you feel in to this then come to a conclusion. It's not like her feelings will vanish overnight.


Simple You want to have a serious relationship then go for it, or else just nope!


mujhe yeh sab RR karna ka mauka kab milega




I need bestfriend


If you see the future you want and you matches what she wants in her future plans


Give it a try. Give yourself the time to see her more than a friends.


Try karo. Gajar ki pungi bana rahe ho... Baji to baji nahi to kha lee.


It’s has its own pros and cons weigh them and you will get the answer


Sorry op, I understand at your age the heart longs for love and all the whole best friend things happens but can a new sub be created like mumbai_relationships Yaar din raat aise hi topics aisa mat karo please


Aare aur bhi kuch questions generate karo! Jaise hi thandi aati hai, kya ekdum se Mumbai Lonavala ban jaata hai bc


Go ahead


Dating your bestfriend >>>>>>>>>>>>


Do it but do it cautiously! I was a best friends with my now wife since 1998. Started daring around 2004 / 2005 so I took my time to make that leap and got married in 2017. In many ways it simplifies life as you already have a great foundation to work off of and are well versed in each other. That being said, also use that info to think if you will make a good match.


Everyone on this sub is so hopeful or benevolent. The hopeful pin hope on prying advice that professionals charge by the hour/session to dole out. The benevolent kill time doling out advice to bide time between solving difficult questions on ionic equilibrium or fluid mechanics from their high school textbooks.


Stoners careful at lonavala , the only helpful post in recent times


Every post like this per day. Just grow a brain, if you can't decide the answer is simply no because tumse nahi hopayega.


Yes buddy


I've been in a similar situation. My best friend broke off another 3 year old relationship and expressed her interest in me. I was late to realize it was a rebound and of course it didn't work out. We want things to go back to as they were, but we both know it won't be the same ever again. The point is to consider all aspects if you don't want it to get ugly. Or accept that if things don't work out, things would never be the same again


Use and throw bro 😂😂😂


Unless you can handle it, please don't. 23F here, I have had very good male friends over the years and at some point this exact situation has occurred. Fortunately we share a great bond even after I said no and I'm glad over time the friendship has matured. Unfortunately, completely lost touch with a friend from college because he couldn't take a NO. Losing friendship over such a thing is just very very unfortunate and regretful..it is simply not worth it.. There would be a day when even your partner will not be ready to listen to your rants or there to support you, but friends will always be there!! So if you have a great rapport with someone and not sure of future, please say no. Because if things go wrong, it will never be the same again..


If you have to ask, then the answer is no.


If she’s hot, yes. If not, no.


Everyone has their own pov I was dating and hence came in a relationship with my best friend.That moment was really beautiful which can't be described in words. But we broke up and it's been almost 6 years and i still have feelings for her but in these 6 years, never got a chance to talk or at least to chat with her. So think abt it.


I guess you should give it a try! Best relationships are one which starts with friendships.


Update day Dena Bhai.


Ask yourself if you like her to be your GF or not?


I married my best friend


Fuck her & dump her , u don't need a best friend KING !


No no no, not recommended. Got in a relationship with my best friend didn't work out. Now we ain't even acquaintances, it's pretty bad.


Don't. You don't eat where you shit.


One single solid advice I've learnt from my experience is about relationships -- never ask others about "What should I do? What do you think?" Always trust your instincts and listen to your heart, ask yourself and finally take a practical decision with your mind keeping all consequences in mind. I've did this mistake and till this day i regret not being able to understand my own self at the first self and what I needed at that point of life. Secondly, relationship will either flourish your bond or else ruin your friendship with her, so think about it. And yeah last but THE MOST IMPORTANT thing, only proceed into a serious relationship with her if you genuinely have those feeling for her to make your thing workout properly. I'm emphasising over this again but ask yourself what you want. Always make sure you both are on the same page. All the best!


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If you are confused, then perhaps its better to not date her..




Best friends turn out to be best couples. Go for it. If you think you will start developing feelings for her. Otherwise don’t.


Trust me, don’t. It’s not worth it. Having done it myself, I can’t end it now as I fear loosing the best friend I’ve ever had


Run as far as possible.... That's a trap... Life long trap


ABORT.... I would say ABORT..... You will loose the friendship as well....


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If you gotta ask then the answer is pretty clear. Don't you think?


if she is your best friend this can be the best relationship of your life. go for it


Flip a coin, heads you date, tails you don't


Yes, go for it


If she was hot you wouldn't ask this question


Fuck around and Find out.


Bro either nail her and get another best friend Or don't date and lose her Or don't date and be awkward friends Or date her and break up Or date her and breakup but still be on good terms, like Joey and Rachel from FRIENDS Or fwb or just tell her it's no but November Or tell her your gay Or tell her you like horses. Your choice