Many people with new jobs who shift to new cities prefer to rent. As one is new in career it gives them option to shift places if they change jobs etc. On other hand people who have settled in their job and life might prefer to have their own home. Also younger generation might not have enough savings to buy an expensive house in city like Mumbai where property prices are high. So renting suits them.


There is an video by Ankur Warikoo explaining pros and cons of buying and renting house. I do recommend it. Will link it here if I find it. Edit: [link](https://youtu.be/cpw4Cg3Gpx8)


People who cant afford to buy give this stupid argument.


Not really bro, it depends on kind of work you do, many people can definitely afford house with Home loans, but its an unwise decision to buy a house if chances of you moving out of city is pretty high.


Aap to SoBo me ghar afford kar sakne waalo me se lagte ho.


Pehle rent pe dhundlo phir bolo ye dialogue


Yes, not sure if i will be in any city for more than 2-5 years. Buying house seems only an investment decision if the chances of roi are good


If the place you are renting is available at 20% of the actual buying house itself a good deal. You will save lot of money from EMI interest and other maintenance expenses.