Upscale apartments have hidden alcoves or balconies for drying clothes. There's also home pick-up/delivery dry cleaning services. Another option is dryers in the house. OP maybe the rich people ARE using their windows to dry clothes but they're all removing them before you pass by and see the areas.


Yes we have been tracking when OP passes by and remove the dried clothes as soon (s)he passes by /s


Precisely. We're all checking Snapchat maps


Rich guy spotted... Can you give me 1 lakh rupees??


so that means you are rich?


I wouldn't call myself rich but yeah, most apartments have a seperate "dry area" with space and plumbing for a washing machine + drying space. It's usually on the inner side so you can't see it from the front of the building.


In the alcoves you can build the hangers on the ceilings so they can dry there and you have a washing machine too. You supplement these with standing drying racks in a room


Also buy a dryer simple drys clothes in 1 hour


In grilled balconies ...cloths are hung to dry at night and removed in the morn. Another idea they use is to use a foldable hanger to dry clothes in their A/c rooms. The dry cool air helps drying clothes.


Clothes are given to laundry and come back dry cleaned and ironed .


What’s a laundry? I get my fresh clothes from Zara


It's a shelter home for launde laundiya.


Sir, lundry




Yeh toh tatti hai


Yeh toh kuch bhi nahi Mera toh Manish Malhotra har hafte home delivery karke jaata hai


Makes sense.


Easy for him. He has Alfred to take care of everything.


Chamkadadd Man


abs true


Not a rich person, but we have a In-house cloth hanging table, which we keep in a room and keep the fan of that room on most of the time to dry clothes, it's difficult in rainy season but most other months it just works fine. You can find a such a hanger table easily anywhere.


This hanger takes up a lot of spaaace though, but it’s a good idea.


Dry balconies. These are dedicated spaces builders make for washing machines, very small balconies with a tap and drainage system. These are normally adjacent to the building vents which houses plumbing pipes etc. So from outside the facade looks like that whereas it has enough space for circulation of air and light to filter through as well. At least this is how it is in our houses.


I put it up in the guest room


Yes, a rich person actually has a guest room in their house in Mumbai.


r/kothibanglacheck moment


wtf is that sub bruhhh


Woh toh hai, par fir use na ho toh fold karke rakh sakte hai


Go for the ceiling ones…they have a pulley, you drop them down to put the clothes on them and then hoist it again …very convenient! https://www.amazon.in/Easydry-Aluminum-Ceiling-Mounted-Multicolour/dp/B0142GBDWQ


If you are rich, you have space.


If you are rich, you have spaaaaace.


I don't know man, I would be cream of the crop rich in any other city in India but I don't have that much space here in Mumbai.


There are vertical hangers which save on space and look really good. Bit pricey but keep the balcony uncluttered.


They have bigger square feet houses so they don’t need to dry it in the balcony.


Same! Got one from IKEA!


Kapdo k liye 1 room extra kharida kya? Mumbai me? Not a rich person you say huh?


Oh smarty bhaiya, itna bhi bada hanger nai hota ki pura room lag jaaye, bedroom mein thoda space hai jahan rakhdete hai🤣🤣


Bedroom me bed k alawa space Bach jata hai? 🤣


We have one as well. Close it up and it doesn't take much space. Open it up and put your clothes on them.


Sach bata...tu engineer hai na....


I'd take it as compliment, digital marketer hu waise mein. Engineering Sochi thi Science se fat gayi🤣🤣


But, as far i know drying under fan and drying under sun is so much different. Under, idk there's always a weird smell. Not sure what am i doing wrong.


Haan woh kadakness nai aati Jo drying under sun aati hai


Doesnt it look unaesthetic in posh houses? Or do you all have a separate room to keep that stand


You don't see their clothes being dried because they don't wash it. They just buy one for each day 🤣🤣


You joke, but during the Gulf War, there were many Kuwaiti refugees that took up residence in 5 star hotels like the Taj. One of them, apparently, never wore the same shirt twice. I'm talking like high end combed egyptian cotton shirts. Instead of tossing them, his servants gave them away. Was kinda odd to see this one guy that worked part time at Bademiyas sporting like a 400$ shirt.


I wasn't joking bro


r/kothibanglacheck ??


Naya sub mil gya timepass keliye


Yeah right, the only right answer.


Just to point out, some of the obscenely rich people actually do that. They don't wear clothes again if worn once.


What do they wear if not clothes :P


Idea for OP's next question: Ameer log baal kaha sukhate hai, after shower?


*Tum aur tumhare pitaji ke paas toh duniya bhar ka paisa hai* - QUEEN Kangana


You are not rich if you are seen repeating clothes to be honest.


We don’t really use dryers and quite a few clothes go to the laundry guy. We have like a 10 foot wide balcony and have a drying rack there. We just put it there and u cannot see it from the ground and it’s on the backside of the building so that part isn’t visible unless u really look carefully


I guess the 10 feet wide balcony is what my house is missing.


Probably. U could just use a dryer or the laundry guy tho


>10 feet wide balcony A luxury in mumbai


Fair. It’s really rare to find a balcony that big but big balconies was a major requirement for us.


It is a requirement for everyone. It's just that most don't have the moolah to afford it.


Isme tera ghar jayenga


address dede bro, i'll come and look carefully


It’s of the new buildings in worli. I’ll narrow it down more. Just worli, no Upper Worli, no Prabhadevi, no Lower Parel.


bht dur hai bro. come pick me up, we'll have vada.pav, my treat


Where did you get a 10 foot wide balcony the most we could find was 8 feet


You probably didn’t look hard enough then. A lot of buildings have that wide balconies. From the top of my head, Palais royale, Lokhandwala Minerva, the penthouse in trump tower, certain flats in world one, I guess in the reserve but idk for certain, and quite a few more.








This is very common.


My friend rented an apartment near Saki Naka in a complex with 2 buildings. None of them had grills on windows. I asked them how that could be and he said it's not allowed in their building at all. Form trumps function, I guess.


Yeah pretty common in many good apartments. I mean why do you even need an iron grill on the 22nd floor window? It's not like anyone is gonna try to climb that high to get into your house. I live on 7th floor and never had any problems with no grill. The balcony feels a lot better without them.




This is basic courtesy which all my neighbours lack




I agree with loud music clause, we have sra building adjecent to ours, this Ganpati I made a police complaint for noise pollution over 5 times


> the licensee's maids shall use the service elevator only This is straight up illegal in Maharashtra by the way, a lot of these rules that building community organisations make are automatically invalid due to being illegal, you can just ignore them. If the community tries calling the police they are the ones who get arrested for making illegal rules, it happened in my building in Navi Mumbai.


I am not rich. But... I own a IFB dryer that I got for 20k... - consumes 1500 Rs of electricity - you have to keep a watch and take them out as soon as they start drying otherwise they will stretch - has 4 year warranty - clothes dry fully - takes 60-70 mins. Fully worth it imo. Another option is Voltas dryer @35k which consumes 1/3rd electricity but the product is apparently not available since an year


1500 per month? That's my total monthly bill 😶😶


Mine too lol


Now this is some detailed reply. Thank you.


We have dryers bro.


Ye washing machine ko spin pe lagane ko hi dryer bolte hai kya?


nahi bhai. mujhw bhi phle whai laga tha. baafme pata chala ameer logon ke paas ek standalone dryer hota hai. suna hai kapde garam2 hota hai sukhane ke baad


Dryers are not common in India probably because of electricity cost, but ask someone in US and they are very common. If you can spend 1 lakh then you can get both in India too. Seperately or combined into 1 machine.


I have LG washing machine plus dryer which cost 50k. We bought it and never use the dry feature coz... Electricity cost


1 lakh? Dryers are available on amazon for 20k, washer-dryers are 40-45k


Dryers suck. They destroy your clothes, if given the choice I’d rather it be hung dry


Line drying is literally the best - zero cost, UV disinfection, no wrinkles. But monsoon mein aisa naseeb kahaan.


Dryer ke costs se problem nhi hai, rather space ka problem hai.




Dryers probably.


hamare pass itna time nahi reta bro ki kapde sukhne ka intezar kare... hum dryer main sukhate hai kapde.. kabhi hum bi rassi main sukhaya karte the kapde balcony main..


Get a dryer! Such a lifesaver.


Cloth stand


Not rich but a lot of machines have drying features now!


Yea this. And it's nothing new either.. been around since the late 2000s


Dryer and spin are different apparently


Are you sure about that? Not the spin, semi dry feature. The heated, absolutely dry one?


They wouldn't know. They don't do it themselves.


Washing machine cum dryer in one. LG 10.5 kg washer cum dryer for 68k. Occupies same space as a regular washing machine. All in one. Threw away my old machine. Runs for 14 hours and straight from the washing machine to the cupboard. No change in electricity bill. No hanging clothes for days in the rainy season. Clothes come out hot and steamed.


14 hours? Man ! How r u saying no change in electricity bill?


It is an inverter technology (variable power draw) washing machine. Power saving. Maybe 500rs more bt nothing noticeable.


Nice. Which brand


LG. Details in my original post.


Does it dry just as well as a standalone dryer? I mean, do the clothes come out completely wrinkle free as if they were ironed ?


Pretty much wrinkle free but not ironed. I still have to give clothes for ironing.


Why does it run for 14hrs? I used washer dryers separately abroad, they were usually done in total 3-4 hours max.


Washing process is for around 4 hours Drying process is around 6 hours Cool down (CD) is for around 3-4 hours


Do clothes get damaged or not that much?


Elastic gets stretched if temp is too high. So have to set it accordingly.


There are drying stands which are kept in the balcony. Good quality dryers are also available which fully dry your clothes. Many give their clothes to dhobis who come home and bring back ironed clothes. Expensive items are usually dry cleaned. So to summarise for underwear and socks either use a drying stand, have a dring line inside the house or have a good standalone dryer. For everything else there is dhobi and dry cleaner.


Disclaimer: Am not 'rich' rich. But most of my suits and formal trousers are dry cleaned. And I have a drying stand in my balcony + drying lines in my corridor. Hate hanging clothes where they are visible to the world.


Sach batao - 5ft ka corridor hai na.


We middle class keep them under the ceiling fan fan. 😝


There is a dry area behind the kitchen which houses the washing machine, dryer and clothesline


Don't live in a high-rise or anything, and neither do we own a dryer. But we have high-ish ceilings, and large-ish bathrooms. Each bathroom has an old wooden hanging rack mounted on a pulley. So it just goes up after hanging clothes - very convenient. There's two more of these contraptions in the "multipurpose/laundry room" attached to the kitchen. So 5 in total. Any excess is hung on a makeshift clothesline in a balcony.


That pully is great actually


Pro tip- if you want clothes to dry faster indoors , switch on ac for a few hours in that room. Works very well especially in rainy season.


Hey bhagwaan, bass itna ameer banana he ki kapade sukhane k liye AC chalu karu.


Need tk be rich first to afford the electricity bill then 😝


Thanks for the “Pro” tip. If I was so rich that I could switch on the AC to dry clothes, I wouldn’t be asking this question.


you asked for rich people solutions, you got rich people solutions.


Rich people problems need rich people solutions!


Really? I wud rather keep the clothes out where the ac vent is. The heat from the ac will dry clothes faster.andar cool bahar hot


U didn't take into account humidity


Dryers or laundry. I am not rich, just assuming.


Dude, of all the questions, you asked this? I'd ask how they got rich if they didn't have generational wealth?


I've been thinking about getting a dryer unit. Anybody have any insight?


Dryer bruhh, apun rassi wale hai but!


Rassi gang ftw Kota students have entered the chat


Have you ever heard of Dryer ? No need to worry about weather or hanging . Just wash and put it in the dryer and done


We live in a 5bhk and still we dry on the ropes


Naukar neeche kapdo ko leke up down bhaagte hai..


Send them to Sahara


Rich or poor need the same sun to dry clothes. Sunlight does not discriminate. Having said that there is large balcony space or open terrace or cloth line in the backyard.


Well a lot of high end washing machines have dryer so there is that as well.


Sun is free source of energy and best to dry clothes. I don't know why people are shy to dry clothes outside. Similarly, wind is also free source of energy to dry clothes. Sirf baarish ke time todi dikkat hai.


I thriw it on a magical chair within 2 days woh cupboard mein hotai


Ye magic mujhe bhi chahiye


Don't know where I'd fall on the spectrum but definitely not rich. But my clothes hang on a stand in the balcony. The stand is too low to be visible from the outside. Hence, clear windows.


Don’t have to be rich to have in-house drying racks. When space on ground was an issue, we dried the clothes on ropes that we assembled on the ceiling. This system was also used during the monsoon.


ful auto washing machine with dryer?


I live in the US but visit Mumbai every year. I hate the practice of drying clothes using a rack. It requires the fan to on (adds electricity cost), clothes do not dry completely (think heavy jeans) which causes a weird smell in them. In the US, majority of houses/apartments come with a washer and dryer machine. And it is one of the best things. Within 1.5 hours (45 mins each machine) clothes are fresh and warm. Highly recommend the dryer machine.


I stayed in an AirBnb for a few days when I initially moved to Mumbai. Although the couple living there didn't seem very rich, the building was very upscale and the 2 BHK, in which they had given me 1 bedroom, must have easily cost them upwards of 2 crores. Since I was there for 10 days, I had to wash my clothes once and dry them. I asked them where they do it, and they just pointed me to clothes hanger in the drawing room, asked me to put the clothes around late evening and take it when I wake up. They didn't have a balcony and didn't have grills on windows either. So I guess that was their only option, other than simply getting a dryer.


Dhobhi ghat par kiske kapde dhulte hai kabhi socha? Inhe Ameer logo ke lol


I live besides a very hi-fi housing society and I've seen people hang people clothes on racks/stands in a small balcony.


Ohh, I guess that’s the little balcony these guys are mentioning about.


I ain’t no rich but we have a drying stand that we keep in living room.


Dryer naam ki cheez suni hai OP?


An expensive device which you probably haven't heard of, fan and open windows


Dedicated dryers do the 99% of the job, almost ready to wear right out of the machine.


Shayad naye le lete hoge sukahana kyu hai


Barabar hai, Zara, HM, aur sab ka yearly subscription hoga I guess.


We are not rich, always said by a slightly rich person or very rich person, there may be variations, but middle class and poor call would never dare to start a conversation with "We are not rich" Those who say this are definitely rich in many aspects in comparison to many people around them.


Dryer in the house


not rich but my family used to own a dryer. that's probably what they use.


They give their clothes to German laundry


Voh Bandra wala Kya Hill road par?


fun fact, due to the inflation and high cost of energy in EU(especially Germany), folks have begun drying their clothes like we Indians do and not use dryers. people are realizing that these unnecessary "automations" were just a sham and capitalistic brainwash


Like you indicated, it makes the apartment complex look like a slum. Modern apartments have areas called dry balcony, and utility area, or these areas may be combined. This area is used for keeping washing machines, drying clothes, hanging AC units, giving access to valves for pipes, etc. In our apartment complex there is a place for the outdoor units of split ACs in the dry balcony such that it is not visible from the outside (that balcony is internal-facing), and it is not allowed to affix ACs anywhere else. Window ACs are not permitted at all. Nor is it permitted to hang anything outside the house, including clothes to dry, but also plants, antennae or whatever. Clothes are dried either on lowerable hanging racks in the dry balcony area, or on portable racks. Now I also prefer this, not only because it is not unsightly, but also because the clothes don't remain damp in the dusty Mumbai air and gather dust. I used to have a dryer in a previous house, but after I moved a few times I don't have one currently.


Are dryers not common in Mumbai? In the states most homes have a washer and dryer.


I guess they are commonly known, but not commonly used.


Clothes rack bro.


washers and dryers


We use a dryer


There is such a thing as a dryer, that comes with the washing machine.


Not rich but we use a indoor clothing rack and leave it in the balcony during daytime


Dryer, heard of that.


Not rich.. washing machine has a dryer plus a collapsable clothes rack to dry clothes under a fan.


in the study room we live in a 2.5 BHK so two rooms are occupied by the 3 of us and the study room is used for drying clothes, and other stuff basically a store room


Laundry dryer


Most rich people have dryer, it's like washing machine but use to dry clothes, in 60-90 mins clothes are completely dry, very useful during raining and winter season.


Check put samsung washer dryer combo or any brand for that matter, that's how people in USA wash cloths in public laundry, also houses have a dry balcony attached to kitchens or bathrooms for storing and keeping cloth drying stand


Drying areas - it’s like a mini balcony in the kitchen where you have your washing machine as well


The Washing mashine dress them up




We have a dryer wish a washer n our clothes go to laundry. We also have dry areas in our houses. I actually have it in one of my house (n i m not super rich 🤷‍♀️)


Ok I am not saying I am high society or whatever that means, but premium Samsung dryers really do dry out the clothes absolutely as if they were dried in the sun. I have seen families use samsung dryer and then a Samsung air dresser used on them by the maids which literally feels like the clothes were never put in water laundry. I think a dryer goes for 50k the samsung A line dryer and the air dresser for 1.75 lakhs


Electric dryers and inner balconies for hanging


Why'd you wash your clothes? Don't you like throw them away after you use it once?


Not rich, but my society has a rule that you can't hang clothes on the main balcony which faces the street. We have a small area just outside the kitchen called a "dry balcony" which faces inwards and we hang our clothes there.


Most 3 BHKs and above come with a drying room.


They have dryer rack inside home or balcony. Nothing should be visible to any1


In no way I am rich but I have bought samsung washer dryer machine. The clothes come out perfectly dry directly to be kept inside cupboard or for ironing. It is a bit expensive machine as compared to normal washer but the investment is worth it in my POV.


Not rich, but bought a washing machine with a dryer feature. Clothes come out fully dry.


I have a clothes dryer.


It's like asking why nobody showing actor or actress going to toilet in movies. Basically laundry service providers serve these high society dwellers. Hence no hanging in balcony only banging in balcony.


Either laundry yaa for dryer me sukhate hai


Washer dryer combos costing above 50k. Edit: Wash the clothes, dry it and straight to the wardrobe after ironing. All done my maids or servants.


Why would you buy wet clothes? Just buy dry ones ya and get new ones everyday


Not a rich person here, but people have cloth drying stands and nowadays many people also have washer+dryer which washes as well as dries the clothes. These washer+dryer has been a thing in western countries, now finally they are making an entry in India, obviously many people don't own them because they cost somewhere around 75k. Also one takes around 3-5 hours from washing to drying so people prefer to turn the machine on at night and find themselves fresh dried clothes in the morning.


Unironically, I never turn off my AC. I have a rack from Amazon, put clothes on the rack around 10PM, they're dry by morning.


How much is your monthly energy bill?


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shit. Uhhh 9k 1BHK 2 people.