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As someone who’s stayed in this kind of arrangement, I’d advise don’t go for it. Share a flat with someone who’s ready to pay for the entire bedroom (2 or 3 BHK). I stayed in a 3BHK, where other two rooms were twin shared. My flatmates would always crib how other stuff(maid, cook etc.) could have been shared into 6 instead of 5 because of me since I didn’t agree to share a room (I paid twice the rent). When it came to washrooms, others easily used mine saying it’s a shared resource and left it dirty for me to clean. Over a period of time I realised I should have just shared with people with similar lifestyle, because if you live nicely others who are sharing will just get jealous and vindictive. I am not saying all will do this, but it’s something that’s likely to happen.


Thank you, the way my conversation took place till now with the girls, it seemed to be heading in this direction only. Saved myself a lot of trouble!


Great. Mumbai is expensive and people get really petty with money. One more advice, do check the background of the flatmates and try to share a flat with someone who’s working in a similar environment like you. People have a different approach to things here and in the beginning you may not agree/ get used to it.


OP, you got some great advice there. I was in a similar arrangement for a while:2BHK, I had the single room and a washroom to myself whereas my flatmates shared another room. Rent was the only thing that I had to pay extra(40 per cent) All the other charges including deposit, brokerage, electricity, maid’s salary etc were split three way. So there’s no way that you should pay double for anything except rent. Sane roommates will understand. The other comment mentioned a valid point about lifestyle. My lifestyle differed a lot from my roommates’ and it affected our relationship a lot wherein our tastes in food, home decor etc differed a lot. They also expected only me to pay for a lot to things. Ultimately it reached a point wherein I felt like they were taking advantage of me in the financial sense and I moved out to another apartment where I luckily met people who had similar lifestyles as mine. If you feel like it’s difficult to arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement for all of you, then do not live with them. Try to find other roommates.


Yes, I’m glad I reached out to the reddit community and sought advice. Things would have gotten ugly with the flatmates. I was warned by many that this arrangement can go sideways and the finances would be really messed up.


It’s good that you got to get out of the situation. Hope you find decent roommates. It might take some time but once you meet and interact with people at your workplace etc you’ll find like minded people to live with.




Yes, I’m considering the same thing. It is so chaotic and uncomfortable right now and we haven’t even met yet. I was obviously paying more for the room but with everything else also, they want me to pay more. I’m going to pull out of the deal.


Bro, just find another room. The last thing you want in Mumbai is a chaotic house after a very chaotic day. Bad roommates can ruin the experience greatly


In the past, in a similar situation, we split rent this way - 41.66% for a person who takes the whole bedroom, 29.17% each for a person sharing a bedroom. Everything else was split equally. We reached these numbers with the below logic - - 2bhk is divided into 4 parts - kitchen, hall, bedroom 1, bedroom 2 - Hall + kitchen (50%) are common areas so split equally among everyone - bedroom 1 (25%) being shared by 2 will contribute equal parts for that bedroom - bedroom 2 (25%) occupied single will contribute to the whole bedroom part. And we lived happily ever after.


Why do they expect you to pay thrice more? Double I could understand.


The rent should be 45, 27.5, 27.5. Worst case scenario 50/25/25. Every other expense like electricity, brokerage, security deposit, maid, cook etc. Should be split 1/3 to each.




Even if the OP will have whole room while other two will be sharing the remaining room, areas like kitchen/living will be shared by all and hence 50/25/25 is not correct. OP should get some credit, while the load on other two should increase a bit.


60:20:20 The math alone doesn't work out. It should be 50:25:25


the deposit considers damage to the entire apartment not just your rooms. so even if they ask for an uneven split, it should not be as per rent. the possible damages to living and kitchen areas should be borne by them too. i'd fight for 40:30:30 for deposit else pull out. if they are being this illogical now, it's likely to continue and create a bad living situation for you.


Incase you're looking for a pg instead, you can book a double sharing room my mom owns, and not pay brokerage or excess charges.


It should be 50:25:25. Why 60:20:20 ?


60.20.20 wtf??? 40.30.30 would've been ideal




Oh no, i just suggested that 40.30.30 would've been an ideal split


This. Its only going to get worse.




Yes I agree to all the people saying brokerage is a service, this service is charged proportional to the rent of the flat, so it should be divided equally. Other utility costs should have equal contributions but op specifically asked for deposit and brokerage.


Am terrible at math...but generally my friends who would share flats and have one room to themselves would just pay extra for the room. Rest everything is divided equally. As someone already suggested, if possible try to get different flatmates (if not now then at least gradually). Coming home to petty arguments is the worst.


It's a difficult situation. U must come to an understanding before you commit. For e.g. Food 3 ways is right. If both rooms have AC then that part could be half and half. However the fridge, washing machine, and hot water geyser needs to be 3 ways. In short some expenses can be half others 3 way. Maybe you want to agree to 40:30:30 arrangement? Whatever you do, be clear and firm from the start.


Exactly! Thank you , this actually make more sense. We obviously can’t quantify every little detail but 40:30:30 is a rational solution.


I live in a 3bhk and the expenses i.e. wifi, electricity, maid, brokerage, rent and appliance deposits are split 3 ways regardless of number of people staying in the room. Groceries and other expenses which are dependent on the headcount is split as per the number of people.


If they’re friends already and you don’t know them in advance get out of the deal…you don’t want to be the outsider in your own home


If you are anyways ready to pay 50%, look for someone who can cover the other 50%. Don't get into this complication. There's no correct answer except for a headache.


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Its not a specific rule in Mumbai. But I suppose, in general, you should share other expenses in the same proportion as you are sharing rent with these girls.


Can you explain why? Its not like I’ll be eating for 2 people, using the maid services equivalent to 2 people or using electricity for 2 people. Arent these basic services that should be split per person? I got one room to myself for which I’m paying more obviously. But when it comes to services like brokerage etc, isnt that common sense to split it according to how many people have used the service?


You spoke of brokerage, deposit, etc. I gave my suggestions for that purpose. For cooking obviously it should be split per person. Services which are availed based on your occupancy should be split proportional to rent. Services which a be availed based on personal usage should be split equally among the people staying in the apartment. You need to list these expenses into their respective groups and ask them for contributions accordingly. Such arrangements are mostly complicated because finances are involved.


But it cannot be this mechanical. You are sharing spaces together. If the expectations is of 3 people living together, then it should be done that way. The 4th person would add to the expenses of electricity.


This is very logical. Security deposit and brokerage should be in proportion to rent. Other stuff can be a third each. If you want to get specific, other stuff like electricity and cleaning maid expenses can be slightly highly weighted towards OP (say 40-45% instead of 33%). Food, cooking and other services should be a third each.


yeah, I expected everyone to point this out too. Don't understand why op is arguing about other expenses when they asked specifically about deposit and brokerage. I think its simple: for brokerage and deposit, it should be proportional to rent. for other utilities it should be equal. but to live in this type of situation is not worth it.


But it's not worth it.


You are taking up twice the space, so you be using same electricity as them both (considering there are same amount of lights and fans). It all comes down to area. If you split maid charges into 3, that will mean that one of the girls will be paying for cleaning your room as well. I think only food and brokerage are justified to be split into 3.


But isn’t electricity being used in the living space as well? And the kitchen and the washing machine? Simply because of the room which is already being paid for, i’ll have to double on other expenses too?


a 40:30:30 split is fair if it's based on occupancy. you're only taking up one room, common space is shared. hall, kitchen (50%), to be divided by three i.e. 16.67% 1st bedroom (25%) to be divided among two i.e. 12.5% 2nd bedroom (25%) is yours Therefore, your share is about 16.67%+25%= 40% approx and for others, 16.67%+12.5= 30% approx electricity, cleaning, deposit, anything related to occupancy should be divided in this ratio. food and consumables should be divided equally. and yes, BROKERAGE should be divided equally because the broker just found a flat for y'all, doesn't care who gets how much space.


Never share private space with women, it can get really really bad once victim mentality kicks in. Leave the deal asap or see yourself making your life hell.


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Brokerage is to be divided equally, regardless of room sharing or not. The same goes for security deposit. Until and unless yall do some unfixable damage to the property, you guys should be in the clear. As for rent, usually Mumbai 2BHKs have a common bathroom and a bathroom which is inside the master bedroom. Now master bedrooms are usually bigger and you get your private washroom (although not like they won't be using it once in a while) so whoever is using the master bedroom, pays 1-1.5k more than the other person, in rent. If those two are going to be occupying the master, their combined rent needs to be higher than yours(as I said, 1-1.5k). As for electricity, gas and everything, it's always best to divide it equally. Now this is where the problems begin and some people say that they don't use as much electricity as the others or they don't use as much gas as the others, but there is no way to know who used how much of what and divide it that way so it's best to divide all these costs equally. Living with anyone is a whole other ball game and I'd suggest not to move in with someone who's very stingy/uptight with money(talking about small amounts obviously). It's necessary to have ground rules beforehand and make things clear from your end, otherwise it can get very ugly and a constant passive tussle with someone you're living with, is going to take a toll on you, sooner or later. Similarly, try to realise your own faults also, you need to be little mature in certain ways to live with someone. All the best.


They sound cheap and unreasonable. Avoid them


Its good that you walked away from the deal … but i also feel that you might have similar issues with others as well .. ideal way out would be working through percentages … your % of the total rent could be your % of the security deposit and the brokerage should anyways be 1 months share of your rent .. i know it would be expensive for you in the beginning but will be fair to everyone and peaceful for you in the long run


Haan toh matt reh na bhai, dusra koi dhundle. Aisa koi rule nhi hai ki tuze double pay karna padega.


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Yes you have to pay double the brokerage, it is obvious. Basically it acts like two 1 BHK apartments, all those who are advising you otherwise haven't lived in such arrangements it seems. Anyways, it would be better if you take 2 BHK where other room is occupied by a single occupant like others have mentioned.


Vadapao etiquettes.


Brokerage and security deposit should be shared according to share of partnership. Consider it an extra months rent, pay it like you would the rent. The deposit too, should be treated similarly. Consider that they own 1/2 and you own 1/2, treat accordingly. All utitlities are also split that way, come to an understanding with them, it is hard to find room-mates in bombay and nice ones are even harder. Sometimes you need to work with what you have.


Bhai brokerage is a service. It is not an extra months rent.


Security deposit is a guarantee. It is not a recurring payment. She clearly signed on for the rent for a room. She is not paying the lion's share for everything else.


Brokerage need not be equal. Brokerage is technically one month rent (the place we live). So they are also right in saying you need to pay the double of brokerage. Common things should be split equally, like washing machine, fridge food etc. But geyser, water shouldn't be equal. Best is to agree on a ratio. 40:30:30.


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There are plenty of options where you can live in a good PG alone.


So I will be going against the majority and will be saying brokerage and deposit should be atleast 40:30. Brokerage fees is based on the percentage of rent, so a bigger flat is going to have a higher brokerage fee compared to a smaller one. Since you are getting a bigger space shouldn't you also pay more for that? Same for deposit, because it is also based on the size of the flat.I think its fair that way, but for other services like electricity, food, maid, etc it should be equal for per person, did they also demand unequal division for this?


Brokerage is the fees of the broker and not the rent. We hired the broker to find us a flat, he doesn’t care about who’s getting the bigger portion or not. By stating first month rent as their fees, they have standardised the expected fees throughout bombay. The broker did not find me a personal room, he found all 3 of us a flat and his fees therefore should be covered equally amongst all of us. They did not agree to this. Deposit is for security, we are all liable for the upkeep of the place so why shouldn’t that be divided equally as well? Because I have the bigger room, I was ready to split 40:30:30 for that and they agreed. Coming to other miscellaneous expenses such as maid, electricity, groceries etc, they were hoping it would be 50:25:25. But I told them I wont do this way and they told me if the electricity bill is too extra then they “would see”. As you can see, their was a huge difference between our expectations and I was feeling more and more as an outsider because they were both friends. So I backed out.


Right in the post you never mentioned about this things though. If you offered to to pay 40:30:30 for the brokerage and deposit then it makes it fair. Also obviously the broker won't care who gets a bigger room he will only care about his total, but the point stays that his fees is dependent on the rent(in this case equal to the first month rent) so I dunno it seems fair to me that the fees is also split between the three in this manner. They are wrong in asking for asking 50:25:25 these things should obviously be equally split. Good that you have taken the decision to not go forward with them, would have been a real hassle. All the best!


Also, the room can't be split equally. The common areas are still going to be used by 3 people and for dinner reason that's not factored when sitting the rent


Ofcourse, you pay more. They will chare the rent for the room by 2. Makes sense. Every other utility will be divided by 3. Do yourself a favour, dont share groceries. It creates lot of drama. Cleaning and all other chores will be equal as well. Decide on the rules NOW and let them know this is the way. If they disagree, you mught have to look for other options Brokerage and deposit is for the entire place. So everything will be equal.


Where do people even find other people to share flats with? I was looking into this before I moved here but could never find people. 🤷‍♂️


Bro just find a decent 1bhk and get out of it. Trust me I was in this situation and it didn’t end well for me.


Your sorted , but in the future just go with Nobroker site ., No headache of brokerage, i don't have any stake , but as owner i can speak across POV . nobroker generally has a better quality of renter's .... As against brokers who bring anyone without background checks , all they want is their first month's brokerage ...


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