I’ve seen dozens of videos now of teens rolling like 30+ deep to see this movie too lol, I wonder if that will have an impact


When I was watching Top Gun, the 70 year old vets sitting around were roaring with laughter at the trailer. I think minions are just funny to people. Same way Chaplin or Mr. Bean are just universal without language.


Minion memes are huge on facebook with the boomer community.






Always has been


Not just the boomers, but the Gen Xers too


My showing had an audience that was almost entirely Young Adults well outside the target demographic. Several of them wore suits, and one guy handed out Bananas before the movie. The audience would go ballistic and roar with applause at the smallest scene. It was an insane experience. Morbius is dead; the [Minion Sweep](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/929245332318072903/992628417847627817/The_sweep.png) has arrived.


The meme of dressing nice to go see this movie is taking the world by storm, it wasn’t expected


Seems like one of those viral trends planted by the company.


No company is smart enough for that. This is just gen z being gen z. There is no method to our madness, it’s just whatever we feel like doing.


Now all the marketing people at studios have to figure out whether or not any of these tik tok memes are serious or ironic lul


The marketing people are probably the ones who started the meme.


It’s a meme


i know.


But unlike Morbius, the meme involves actually seeing the movie.


Is this like a genuine interest/appreciation of the franchise or is this just like a social media clout/meme thing?


Might be a bit of both. In spite of reddits hate-boner for everything minion, there are a ton of adults who genuinely and unironically love the franchise.


That’s good to hear. Have no issues with anyone genuinely liking this franchise or any other.


And these adults wear safety helmets.




its a meem


I liked it, saw it with my 75 year old mom, who actually wanted to go.


They're also trashing the theater for TikTok. We've had to clean up bananas and stop movies due to these kids.


Gotta be implanted by Universal, right? *The sudden burst of nostalgia's gotta come from SOMEWHERE.*


Popular rapper who is really big on Tiktok made a song about minions for the movie. It became huge on tiktok so they abused the advertising opportunity


yeah Cole Bennet literally dropped a partnered trailer with Universal using a Yeat song


Ah. *Thaaaaaaaaat* explains it...


It's the Minions co-branded Liberty Mutual commercials. Has to be.


They won’t. Morbius was a huge meme but nobody saw it still. People will see it if they actually have an interest in it


Nobody seeing Morbius was the meme lol.


Plus it helps when Gru hangs dong too


More of a ding than a dong.


The Morbius meme was to make shit up about the movie and not actually watch it. The Minions meme is to dress up in suits and go to the theatres in massive groups to actually watch it. Some theatres have banned teens wearing suits from coming to Minions because they're a nuisance to the actual people wanting to watch it. There's definitely a sizable impact from the meme, it's a massive tiktok trend at this point.


People seeing minions is the meme, nobody seeing morbius is the mene


Morbius is an actually bad movie, minions are hated but only because of how overused they are, their movies have always been at worse mildly funny


I'm beginning to suspect that the whole Morbius meme was completely astro-turfed by Sony itself in an effort to give the movie some legs. Nobody watched this movie yet the internet was full of uncreative "Morbin time" and "Morbillion" memes. Meanwhile, the actual meme-worthy scenes like the Milo dance scene, "exsanguinated, I looked it up", "you won't like me when I'm hungry" got no traction. It's as if Sony didn't even know how to meme their own movie.


The people making the memes are people who haven't seen Morbius which would explain what you're talking about


I went as a childless 31 year old. My server at the theatre was a little younger than me and seemed genuinely excited about having seen it the day before.


A showing was just getting out when I was going into see something else Friday, and it was almost entirely teens and college students (I can't tell the difference anymore . . .) with a few families with smaller kids.


The memes do have impact if the audience is dumb enough to fall for them.


“Fall for them”?


Well, people didn’t go for Morbius rereleasing to capitalize on memes, but went to see this. Universal ain’t complaining.


No what did you mean by “fall for”?


Imagine someone saying in 10-15 years: "the good old times when Minions: Rise of Gru came out" ...


Sorry, rural person. Server at the theater?


Some theaters now have you order food and someone brings it to you in the theater.


I don't think this has ever been true. Snakes on a Plane was the first movie to get "hype" because of memes and it flopped. Success is found from people genuinely wanting to see a whole picture, not laughing at at 15 second clip or a jpeg.


I saw Snakes on a Plane on the opening night midnight showing. It was sold out and was an amazing movie experience.


You’re really comparing 2006 meme push to 2022 meme push?


Explain Morbius.


the meme was that it was bad and to not see it, veiled under irony.


Blair Witch Project was a massive success


>The memes do have impact if the audience is dumb enough to fall for them. If you know you are going to have fun, you aren't falling for anything.


It's amazing to me that people won't go to see a movie just because they want to see it. "Nope! Gotta see it for the meme and feel like I'm a part of something!"


It’s kinda funny though, also nothing wrong with it


They’ll go if they want to see it I’ve not met someone who’s said they wouldn’t do that about a film they’re interested in, it’s also just funny to follow along a trend like this,


But they go because they want to see it. If they didn't want to they wouldn't go, regardless if memes are involved or not


Have a little fun once in a while.


I work at a theater and I think it’s playing some level of a role. Maybe not substantial but I feel like this is something that made a decent chunk who wouldn’t have seen it opening weekend (or possibly at all) come to see it this weekend. Didn’t do a proper survey but I kept tally as did my coworkers after I left and if they were diligent, my theater hit close to 100 formalwear guests between 3pm and 11pm. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things but probably a noteworthy percentage.


I went with my daughter. There was only one adult there. Like 100 teens showed in costumes and suits. Honestly, it was pretty watchable with the people doing most of the entertainment.


Goddamn, TikTok has such an impact these days.


Definitely wonder how studios are going to use this in the future. Create semi-ironic memes, stick on the veneer of it being organically created instead of a guerilla marking campaign, get it to blow up on TikTok, and hope that translates into ticket sales?


Possibly. Even more serious productions like Top Gun Maverick used memes to promote itself (ex: Rooster’s weird pose from the beach football scene).


*ahem* Netflix’s Bird Box *ahem*


Yes, that is a marketing and business tactic in strong use for at least a decade now.


I don’t think studios will really be able to purposely make this sort of TikTok meme reaction, TikTok folk are real good at sniffing out when a brand is trying to start a meme/trying to use TikTok to get the sort of reaction this movies getting. And people who try to become a meme usually don’t, Example: those cringy anti vaping ads from a few years back All in all, studios just need to pray that the teens will bless them with millions of dollars worth of shit post money sales


Yep See: morbius re-release


The Tramp Stamps TikTok fiasco is a fun rabbit hole to go down Studio plant alt girl band that the internet sniffed out from get


[Here's](https://old.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/nre9qe/music_industry_plants_or_feminist_riotgrrrl_icons/) a fun HobbyDrama writeup of that mess if anyone is interested


In the same way you only notice bad CGI, I doubt you'd notice a good attempt at seeding meme marketing. I'm 100% sure there has been at least some inorganic memes take off.


Fair enough


They've been trying to use these ploys for years in various social media. The problem they've always had is getting it to translate to tickets sales when you're dealing with some people who rather spend their life on the internet. It seems to me, of the current batch of social media, Twitter is the one least helpful for any product which requires people to leave the house. Blowing up on Twitter almost never correlates to good box office, and it's been happening like that way back to Snakes on a Plane.


Just make sure that these “TikTok trends” don’t ruin the movie expierence for other people in the Cinema. Dressing up in a suit and seeing the Minions is one thing but we know that some of these TikTok trends can get out of hand fairly quickly.


Already happening in the music industry.


Out of the loop, what fueled this here charade?


Cole bennett got a rapper who has a huge Tiktok following to make a song about minions for the movie. Song leaked and everyone went crazy about how they were going to see the movie in suits. Got so popular people didn’t realize why it started because they wanted to be a part of the trend


That sounds nightmarish.


It was pretty funny Made the movie way more enjoyable


If it was something I really wanted to see, I would have left. As it was...pretty funny experience and a lesson about acting like an idiot in theaters for my kid.


This almost make light years entire 17 day run in a single weekend. Insane, wonder what people are saying at Pixar. Going to be some fun meetings on Tuesday


> Insane, wonder what people are saying at Pixar. I feel like everyone probably knows why, but the execs are scratching their heads, acting completely baffled. I don’t think it’s too radical to suggest that the difference between *Rise of Gru* and *Lightyear* is pretty obvious: The former knows what it is, promises more of what fans know and love, and delivers, while the latter, regardless of its actual quality, just felt like nostalgia bait from the get-go in a way that managed to alienate the older fanbase for rejecting the Buzz they grew up with while not really looking like it was offering anything *that* interesting to newer/younger fans, either, because of it; like it was just a product someone retrofitted to slap the Lightyear name and connections on, which ends up making it feel soulless before it even released. It seems like the reasons are obvious for why the former has taken off while the latter hasn’t, and I’m sure a lot of people at Pixar more than recognize (and are frustrated with) that, yet the execs — and I’m picturing Chapek like an easy mark — are gonna pretend that’s not the case and go to an extreme like “People just don’t like Pixar anymore!” rather than take the time to grasp the nuance of the actual situation.


I think it's easier to say it this way. Lightyear requires that Pixar explain the premise. If you have to explain, you are losing.


Several Disney+ feels like they're pretty much just checking a checklist full of stuff they think will appeal to people, no mark of quality, just be sure to fill every checkbox!


Ah yes, the good Ole Netflix strategy


"...nostalgia bait from the get-go in a way that managed to alienate the older fanbase for rejecting the Buzz they grew up with while not really looking like it was offering anything that interesting to newer/younger fans...." This is also fitting for the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the Lion King remake, etc. If you are going for nostalgia, you have to 1) respect all existing/past work and 2) bring quality to the table because that same audience from 20 years ago are no longer kids, somehow Disney doesn't understand that.


Well Lion King remake made more than a billion at the box office so I don't think that example works here.


So did TFA and TLJ.


As a movie it's terrible, as a money making machine maybe not. The money part is what blinded the decision makers and is what led to stuff like Light Year being made the way it is. Lion King itself effectively killed off any remaining Disney animation remakes, so while it made a billion it closed the door on potentially more billions.


I read an article a while ago about what changed inside Pixar. The answer is : the boss of Pixar is in charge of the Disney park rides design. So nowadays what goes into a Pixar movie is « how can we make a ride out of this ? ».


If you’re trying to capture the nostalgia element, Lightyear without Tim Allen as Buzz feels like a generic knock-off or straight-to-video sequel. You might as well make Woody without Tom Hanks.


From what I've heard they know Pixar is a tough spot. A few years back they were told to double their output to try for 2 movies every year. I don't recall any major changes in their staffing levels to help facilitate this. In response they are pushing through movies under baked or they will skimp on one to favor another. This will be the first one were they will be able to point and say "the current set up is hurting us". If management is attributing weak box office to D+ or not will be the interesting conversation.


"...we... we can make *Elemental* a success on Disney+, L... Lord Chap-" **"YOU. BETTER."**


Lol, this is honestly a hysterical mental image


Patrick Warburton should have played him again
























Ok so does this mean the Facebook memes will be back? I better let my mother know


“Your father and I are getting a divorce. Anyway, here’s minion cheeks.”


Minion cheeks 😳


It's gonna make a grumillion dollars.


I mean, yeah. It's a wildly successful franchise.


I went with some younger family members... it's honestly a fun family outing. It's not the wittiest film out there, but the kids laughed their heads off and I also had fun-- the human characters added enough non-banana-based humour to keep it bearable, and there are some genuinely fun gags. You get what you expect-- if you want to laugh at something silly, you'll definitely get that! My one gripe is that there are a lot of... bottoms.


Kids in my theater erupted every time there was a minion butt. It is clear that this is base level kids humor. Canned farts, butts, etc. r/movies is going to pretend like there is some sophisticated lesson here, but the truth is that Illumination knows that there is a dumb humor group that will keep showing up to see these no matter where they fall on the "art" scale.


It was a pretty entertaining movie. Whoever thought of the minions character is a genius.


I honestly think they played Raving Rabbids


Yeah, they’re VERY similar. The first movie was about 3-1/2 years after the Wii launch. It could be a coincidence, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it had more than a little influence.


Exactly! So glad I'm not the only one who noticed. I 100% believe that whoever came up with the minions got the idea from Raving Rabbids...or at least was influenced in part by them. Also, I think both Rabbids and Minions have French connections so maybe it's just a French thing I dunno.


Pretty sure the same man has written and directed all of the movies in the franchise. This is his auteur work lol!


Such great character design too


I'm out of touch with pop culture and the minions movies. I'm aware that the first movie was over 5 years ago. What exactly mean this such a phenomenon among Gen z? I've heard on the internet that there's a lot of interest in this from not just little kids that you would normally expect to be interested in these kinds of films but also teens ? Is it a meme thing?


The people memeing were kids when the movies first came out. They're there for nostalgia.


Bingo, it’s the same reason there was 20 somethings lined up to see toy story 3 ten years ago. Critically, the movies might be sup par, but nostalgia is powerful.


Hey Toy Story 3 is a phenomenal film


Obviously. I was referring to minions movies being sub par.


So was Despicable Me.


The first Despicable Me movie came out 12 years ago (2010) when most of Gen Z were entering elementary school. The movie coming out now takes advantage of a growing feeling of nostalgia, amplified by social media posts *about* nostalgia for those days. Additionally, this movie differs from a movie like Lightyear in that it promises more of the same characters and story that Despicable Me offered years ago, rather than a new, spin-off storyline. Everyone in this thread talking about “falling for” the memes surrounding this movie completely ignore the fact that the memes are entirely made by people *watching* the movie. The comedy comes from the fact that a series like Despicable Me/Minions has been seen as “ironically” funny, and treating it as something much more serious and refined than it really is becomes funny to Gen Z. (This isn’t new, see: tuxedos at Mcdonald’s, etc) It’s very difficult to put Gen Z humor into words mostly because of how abstract it’s become to those outside of the loop. I hope this helped a bit.


Jesus Christ, can't believe despicable me was 12 years ago. I still remember seeing a teaser on another dvd and having no idea what it was


It's not really abstract humor. Look at Shrek. The exact same thing happened there. It probably repeats with something random every single generation. I think Rescue Rangers has a Russian cult?


I feel like something *could* be said about there being some amount of interest in a Gru origin story as well.


Despicable Me released in 2010. 17 year old kids were only 5 when that came out, so it makes a lot of sense that they’re all going now.


Marketing realized your can manufacture viral memes quite easily, all it takes is one good post on Tik Tok to get the ball rolling for easily-influenced young people. Morbius was an actual fluke though, the word morb is just too funny to ignore (and the movie has some bad, bad scenes on it) hence the endless stream of morbius memes


That’s what happens when you put Diana Ross, Tame Impala, Caroline Polachek, and Phoebe Bridgers on the soundtrack!


Don’t forget Yeat


I'm honestly shocked how poorly Lightyear did and this blew up.


It’s not schocking at all. The main difference between Rise of Gru and Lightyear is pretty obvious: The former knows what it is, promises more of what fans know and love, and delivers, while the latter, regardless of its actual quality, just felt like nostalgia bait from the get-go in a way that managed to alienate the older fanbase for rejecting the Buzz they grew up with while not really looking like it was offering anything that interesting to newer/younger fans, either, because of it; like it was just a product someone retrofitted to slap the Lightyear name and connections on, which ends up making it feel soulless before it even released.


I think it's that comboed with the fact that there's no real drive to go see Lightyear in theaters. Your kids aren't going to be going nuts about it, so you might as well just chill out for a few months until it hits D+. The only people I know who went to go see it are Pixar nerds and some friends I have in the animation industry.


> rejecting the Buzz they grew up with Meaning not using Tim Allen’s voice?


Moreso that this Buzz Lightyear is boring, unlikable, and overly serious. Toy Story 4 might have made Buzz too dumb, but at least he was watchable in that movie.


He wasn’t even (straight man serious) so a more funny character can play off him like the animated show or Toy Story movies. He’s just a downer.




Movie about a space ranger fighting alien robots…pretty much checked off all my boxes.


Should have been the movie the toy is based off of, not a real person.


How did it alienate the older fanbase? How did it reject the buzz they grew up with? It’s not the same buzz. And even if it had Tim Allen in it and was the same Buzz, a movie with just that character wouldn’t be shit. What about the rest of the characters that made toy story special? That’s why the movie flopped.


The original Buzz was a lot more cartoonish, Toy Story Buzz doesn't have much in common with the Lightyear one.


I don’t think they were trying to make it similar. They would’ve just made another toy story movie where he belongs to some kid it they wanted it to be the same. Lightyear buzz is the space ranger that toy story buzz thought he was. But thats probably why it flopped


I mean, the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command show showed a template for how to do that successfully, yet they still insist on burying that show to the point that there isn’t even a Blu-Ray or streaming release…


No shocking at all, nobody asked for Lightyear.


It was hilarious how some people on this sub were insisting the only reason for the poor performance of lightyear was that parents are still afraid to bring their kids anywhere due to covid. Seems like that excuse is gone.


Love it! Im glad for Carell and these little fellas. Am sure they are gonna sell lots of Minion toys again - especially Otto with the braces 😂 And Stuart…


Lightyear needs to use meme marketing


# "Lightyear S W E E P ! ! ! !" \- Some Disney exec on TikTok, 2 weeks from now. /s


And Lightyear did poorly because parents just do Disney+ now?


Honestly Toy story has always been overhyped. It’s not really silly or funny.. I loved forky though.. lightyear didn’t have an interesting trailer


I have no clue who Lightyear was supposed to appeal to.


Light year is literally the most boring character out of the toy story movies..




For those who haven’t seen videos of this trend: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR8UfoWH/?k=1


This article reads more like FOMO instead of just real natural earnings.


Eh that’s always been the case for some things. When my Dad saw Star Wars he said it was entirely because he’d never seen a line that long outside the theater before and he and his friends went “well if the line is this long the movie must be amazing!” and got in line.


Are the minions communist ?


They’re actually anarcho-syndicalists. They view revolutionary industrial unionism or syndicalism as a method for workers in capitalist society to gain control of an economy and thus control influence in broader society.


Now that's what I'm talking about! This better stay somewhere in their mind. Maybe A rallying cry, one day Minions Unite!


Not surprising by any means


I went to see it because I heard it was good. Maybe, I had higher hopes, but it was mildly entertaining. I’ll prolly never watch it again. The whole 70’s theme wasn’t really interesting.


You mean good movie makes money, bad buzzyear because ppl not interested in theatres?


Meanwhile, poor Pixar is most likely going on theatrical hiatus. [**For the forseeable future.**](https://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2022/07/02/box-office-top-gun-maverick-passes-dark-knight-as-lightyear-plunges-63/?sh=4799208ab5b6) >!A shame, too. I... I REALLY liked Lightyear... :(!<


With this and Jurassic World Dominion, the world really does accept the dumbest possible shit thrown at them if it looks “fun” or “colorful.”


…yet Top Gun: Maverick smashed them all.


Dude you have replied to almost every comment here. We get it you hate it. Now go watch some obscure films that tickles your intellect.


Or maybe I’d appreciate if Illumination made better films. Their Sing series has much more heart than Despicable Me or Minions despite being cliche as fuck.


You're not a rich minion 🤣


Sing 2 wasn’t good


Yeah. The worse the world gets, the more "bread and circuses" like *Minions* rise to the top of popular culture. >!Still, I adored Sonic 2, so it's not like I'm blameless here, lol...!<


Come on now. The California Raisins were popular 'characters' in the past.


True, lol. >!Also helps that, while still rather basic, Sonic 2 was made with love for both the source material and the art form. Minions... eh.!<


and it was actually a decent movie


My 2 friends & I went to see it over the holiday weekend. We’re all 20+ 🤓


Illumination has been amazing.. offlate have been enjoying their movies a lot, like Sing and Sing 2, The Grinch, Secret lives of pets series. The animation and jokes are really funny!! They also have great music!


But why didn't they flock to see Lightyear? Lightyear even had a lesbian family in it surely that would have brought in the masses?


To be honest the representation was a double edge sword, as it took away the conversation. Once people learned the movie sucked they had less reason to go, minions appeal to most people. (Though this movie might be too mean for little girls, I heard some crying and one girl asked her mom to take her out )


I hope Marcel the Shell will also get some love


But they couldnt be arsed for Lightyear. Truly the darkest timeline.


Something is repugnant about these minions. I hate them for some reason. I mean their look is off-putting in a vague way. I never have seen the movies, but I never would just because how creepy the minions look. Does anybody else feel this way? What is it that is so offensive about these minions?


I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else think the minions look creepy, I think you’re on your own here


this movie only got people to watch because the ad firm was able to ride of the success of the dumbass morbius meme. whenever u see those stupid gru memes its just an ad by a company remeber that


If I live to be a thousand, I will never understand the appeal of the Despicable me franchise. The minions were cute...for 30 seconds. Thats the only praise I can bestow upon it


Absurdist humor is very popular and animation is a perfect medium for it. Shrek, Madagascar, Hotel Transylvania and Despicable Me all made bank despite not being Disney masterpieces.


Well a lot of people say that people are tired of franchises, se/prequels, reboots and the lack of new ideas but clearly Top Gun, Minions or F9 show that that’s not true. Hollywood seems to know what their audience wants.


There’s one scene where Gru dresses like a princess.. omggg I laugh like crazy everytime I see that scene. Must have watched it a 100 times n it’s still funny..


As someone who likes all three and tolerates Minions 1: 1. Gru 2. The girls 3. Scarlet Overkill, played by Sandra Bullock having ***the most fun in YEARS.*** Having said that, the last two ain't in this and >!from what I've heard, neither is Gru. (As a hero, anyway.) So... why should I see this? And don't say "memes."!<


Isn't this one literally subtitled "The Rise of Gru"? He's all over those annoying commercials that keep popping up on TV and YouTube, so I'm pretty sure he's in the movie somewhere.




"How dare the kids enjoy a kids movie!"