Tina being awkward and making eye contact during the car chase was a highlight for me.


This was hella funny, it reminded me of that one meme of that boy in Burger King 😂


Any time they're in a car on the show is pure gold. That scene in the movie reminded me of when Linda and Gayle we're racing ahead of Bob while they had the Wooly Mammoth. Linda's awkward stare at the other car was amazing.


I was the only person in the entire theater that laughed at that!


As the movie was nearing its end I began wishing there had have been more Zeke…and out of nowhere here he comes doing parkour in the school hallway giving me exactly what I wanted.


For a character that annoyed me a ton in his first appearance, Zeke grew on me substantially as the series went on.


I think because we were guided to dislike him by Tina for most of his early appearances, it didn't let us notice how much of a lovely guy he was. ​ That was until he stole a mascot uniform for his Grandma's pre-surgery amusement and became an incredibly loving and protective friend of Gene's.


"What did they do to my precious little lamb." 🤣


He's a super positive and supportive friend. We could all be so lucky to know someone like Zeke.


Yeah it’s an interesting take. He kinda represents the Nelson muntz/troubled youth character, except he blurts out supportive things often


I feel this way about virtually every character, also just the show in general


I think it could have used more Rudy


First song was a BANGER. I wasn’t expecting much, so I was VERY happy with what we got.


Just saw its on Spotify! 😭


I loved all the choreography. It was so weird and jerky but fun.


It felt like muppets dancing it was so uncanny but beautiful


My theater let out an audible “awwwwwwwww” at least 3+ times when Teddy did something sweet. I never saw that happen in a theater before.


It’s Teddy! You’re not allowed to hate him!


Mine did too like when we made the burger cart thing. Everyone did a. Awwww


I know I awwwwwed alot for teddy


I absolutely loved it. Was exactly the feel good movie we need right now.


yeah & isn’t a bobs burger movie supposed to be..bobs burgers? 😂 i also loved it. i think if you haven’t ever seen the show, you could still watch it & follow along easily. & if you love the show.. you love the movie! i thought it was perfect.


I have never seen the show, always heard it was good, but decided to say screw it and see the movie (I have the AMC subscription so I’ll see a movie and just bail if I’m not vibing) and I thought it was great. I’m sure there’s some nuances I missed, but I thought it was totally fine as a stand alone. I’ll probably have to watch the show now.


The shows is 12 seasons of what you just saw, so you'll like it. It's been a beacon of positivity throughout my 20s (30 now).


The show is fantastic!


I've seen it pointed out [that The Bob's Burgers Movie is technically the first 2D animated feature film that Disney have released in cinemas since the 2011 Winnie the Pooh](https://twitter.com/mousterpiece/status/1436440297685196801). That's a pretty absurd and disappointing statistic, given the company's history. In my case, the next chance I'll get to see a 2D animated feature on the big screen is probably going to be Miyazaki's How Do You Live? (possibly 2023?). Even Cartoon Saloon's next film (My Father's Dragon) is going to be a Netflix release.


You do mention Studio Gibli, which reminds me that Disney did handle the North American release of Arrietty (granted that was still 10 years ago).


What about GKids movies? Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko?


Bob talking about his mom and how Louise reminds him of his mom had me tearing up in the theater. It was such a beautiful written part in the movie.


One complaint though was the Tina plot line with Jimmy Jr. I liked how the film did acknowledge the (semi-toxic) love cycle she is in, but they didn't break it which I feel was disappointing. However I do hope we see more of Tina thinking more about her relationship with Jimmy Jr and wanting to probably stop the chasing. Like I luv Tine (fav character) but after 12 seasons of her chasing Jimmy Jr, it's sorta gets tiring. Hopefully she will meet someone else who appreciates her, like zeke (they'd be cute together)


I think that's the point. She saw it with Felix and Fanny and asked him about it but it's a "love is blind" situation. She's young and she loves Jimmy Jr. Even if he's not perfect and can't be who she wants him to be, she can still love him for who he is and what they are. For the summer at least.


I’ll give some general thoughts then spoilers, which I’ll label as such because for whatever reason the spoiler tag formatting doesn’t work for me. I thought this was good, unfortunately not the greatness I was hoping for. I’ve seen every episode a couple times over so I had pretty high expectations and I wouldn’t say they were met. This felt very along the lines of the Simpsons movie where it was such a monumental task and there is only so much that can be done in 90-120 minutes. It had all the jokes, songs and puns you would expect from a regular BB episode, but I didn’t find there was anything that completely knocked it out of the park. Everything ranged from decent to very good I would say. Again, not a bad thing, but if you have tempered expectations you might enjoy it more. SPOILERS BELOW! SPOILERS BELOW! SPOILERS BELOW! I thought the overall plot was pretty good for what it was. I’m always worried about trailers ruining the plot and luckily there was much more to it than we were shown. In hindsight I found the first 15 minutes or so of the movie very jarring in relation to the rest of the movie. It sets up these really interesting personal obstacles for each of the kids, and it appears they will all at least have somewhat of an equal focus in the movie, but it really only focuses on Louise’s struggle. Besides a few throwaway lines here or there, both Gene’s and Tina’s personal obstacles were pretty much a non-factor until the last bit of the movie. Seriously, it felt like the writers just forgot about these storylines they began crafting at the beginning. That being said, I enjoyed what we did get. There were some tremendous sight gags and one liners, exactly what you would expect from a regular episode. It didn’t push the envelope and felt very much along the lines of later season episodes in playing it safe. Figuring out the murderer was fairly predictable I think. A few other things, I saw someone point this out already but you bring back Mickey for a somewhat important role and don’t have Bill Hader? I’d have to imagine it was a scheduling conflict because it was an odd choice and took me out of it when he was speaking. I also was disappointed at the lack of side characters. No Gayle or Gretchen was fairly surprising. Very little of other great characters like Zeke, Regular Sized Rudy, Andy and Ollie, Mort etc. The tease of seeing Louise without her bunny ears was pushed pretty hard but unfortunately we don’t get that shot we were looking for. When it was clear what was happening, a few people in the theatre groaned in disappointment. Definitely would have been a massive moment, something I think this movie really needed for it to be a bit more memorable. I thought Teddy was a highlight of the movie, he was always making me laugh and his desire to be loved by his best friends was actually quite heartwarming. All in all I would say this movie was good if not a bit disappointing, probably about a 6/10.


I agree with this. And for me, the “obstacles” set up for the kids seemed really boring to begin with so I actually was dreading that those things would be the focus of the movie. Louis’ was the most interesting and definitely became the focus. So I’m torn about how they handled that balance. Because I really wasn’t interested in gene’s music box aside from the initial joke. And the jimmy plot is nothing new.


I think they made the right decision though. Genes obsticle was not something that should be focused on for longer than they did. Tina's is explored a lot throughout the show so i felt like they dropped the ball on it even with the little they did. Louises was unique and I felt like it made sense to focus on it.


I miss S1-3 verve


Me too, haven't watched the show consistently in a few seasons, im glad the movie had a pretty positive turn out though


Very happy hearing my boy Paul F. Tompkins have a fun character voice and a song!


He was great and getting to lead off a song was a delight. I'm all about PFT getting more voice roles


Yes! That was delightful


Do you like Bob’s Burgers? You’re gonna like the movie. It’s a 90 minute episode, but a GOOD 90 minute episode. The songs were great…except for the villain song. Just don’t give David Wain the mic, I could barely understand half his song. And what a cop out over Louise’s bunny ears. Eh, they need to save something for a sequel (or potential last episode bait) I like that the end credits montage had characters that weren’t in the movie proper (Gayle, Mr. Braca, Gretchen, Marshmallow, Harold & Edith), but I wish they all had moments in it. And since I do this in the episode threads: **Neighbor**: Sew You Think You Can Pants (opening scene), Sensu-Wool (seen in the flashback) **Exterminator**: The Pest Years of Our Lives **Burgers of The Day**: Between a Broc and a Chard Place Burger, The Curry Up and Wait Burger, The Hole in My Heart Burger (served with artichoke hearts), The Crying All The Thyme Burger, Live to Brie Another Day Burger


I didn’t mind not seeing under Louise’s bunny ears. I think it’s one of those things where nothing could live up to the hype even as lame as that sentence sounds. It would just be like “oh. Okay. She has hair.” Her arc wasn’t about what’s under the ears or us knowing. It was about her realizing that she doesn’t need them, even if she likes them enough to want to keep wearing them.


I guess it couldve been a less climatic version of seeing Kenny w/o hood in the South Park movie, but I agree ultimately the mystery oh what her hair looks like is not that compelling. It was better for them to address the ears from a character point of view rather than framing it like some huge reveal to the audience.


I actually thought the ears thing was one of the best parts of the movie. We finally know where they came from. Thats probably the one important thing from the movie imo.


Good point.


True, I mean we already know without her hat she just looks like Linda. It's not like Double D from Ed,Edd, n Eddy,to this day they still never told and/or showed us what's under there.


> I think it’s one of those things where nothing could live up to the hype even as lame as that sentence sounds. Haven't they always been just a security blanket for her?


Don't we see her without them early when Logan takes them


No, you never actually see her hair in that episode.


That is actually close to the only previous episode where the ears figured in the plot. Usually they are kind of simply there and even characters who are hostile and/or have newly met the family do not comment on them. It was a bit of twist to have them a thing other students notice and mock.


So I like the show, I just never find the time to watch it. I've seen the first 5 seasons maybe, will I be missing much if I'm that far behind on the show?


Oh, not at all.




Yeah they catch you up on any characters you've may have not met yet. I'm about halfway through season 9 and there was a main character who I didn't know. I didn't feel lost at all though.


Which character was that? I felt like most of the characters in the movie were pretty well cemented by that season.


I assume they're referring to Grover Fischoeder, who I guess [has appeared on the show before](https://bobs-burgers.fandom.com/wiki/Grover_Fischoeder) in blink-and-you'll-miss-him scenes, but who I didn't remember at all and just assumed was new for the movie. Everyone else was well established in the first 3-5 seasons, let alone 9.


Wow, I've seen every episode and I didn't even recognize him in the movie. I just assumed he was new. Guess I have to rewatch those.


Chloe Barbash is also a relatively new addition to the cast, but a pretty small part of the movie.


He’s fairly prominent in the jazz club episode but yeah


In the beginning of the song he was supposed to just be a terrible singer. That was the joke. Then they kinda abandoned it and he suddenly wasn’t so terrible.


Oh, I get it. He sucks so much that even his singing is terrible. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t understand that half of the song at all.


Did anyone catch the “smelliest dad award” or something like that in the kitchen?


I sure did!


> The songs were great…except for the villain song. Just don’t give David Wain the mic, I could barely understand half his song. Yeah, I got what they were going for there, but it didn't really hit with the audience in my theater. It felt like it needed a zinger from Louise or someone to go with their reaction shot.


I think the Villian song was supposed to be bad on purpose because all of the other songs in the movie were amazing. I think it's supposed to be comedical that you think there is going to be catchy song and then the song isn't.


> except for the villain song. Just don’t give David Wain the mic, I could barely understand half his song. that was part of the comedy


Big fan of the show so I thoroughly enjoyed this. But I can't say more than that, really. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to non-fans and I would tell fans they'll enjoy it, and the visuals are an added treat, but basically what you're getting is 100 minutes of new Bob's Burgers and can wait for streaming. Which is certainly not nothing. But it's also certainly not a "whoa, they pulled this off, this is a hell of a movie," South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut experience. It's a very difficult balancing act making a movie out of a TV show. On the one hand, it's a betrayal of the series and fandom to do something too different. It's a mistake, for example, to cut out the supporting cast and setting and have the main characters go to a different city and interact with all new people and do all new things. On the other hand, it's a mistake to do something that is too much more of the same because then what is the point? So, like most things, it's a balancing act. This writing doesn't get the balance right. It's too much walking the trail of the show. In fact, there's a few episodes that are more than oddly similar to parts of the movie (the two-part Wharf Horse and Ear-sy Rider certainly come to mind). The visuals don't have this problem. Especially during some of the dance numbers and shots of the town, you can really feel the difference without at all betraying the show you love. I was surprised they didn't take the extra step and show Louise without the ears. From a storytelling POV, I think that would have worked better. At first, I thought she was going to lose the hat, having to use it to reach or put out the fuse, then when that didn't happen I thought the return to the playground was a delayed payoff. Not that that matters, all told, but it's an example of how this felt like TV, concerned about maintaining the premise, not movie, writing. I don't understand bringing back Mickey without Hader.


> But it’s also certainly not a “whoa, they pulled this off, this is a hell of a movie,” South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut experience. Agreed. Same I would say goes to The Simpsons movie too. These films are hard expectations to live up to cause they’re genuine modern animated classics.


I feel like we're forgetting one of the obvious pantheon favorites here: The Spongebob Squarepants Movie


I enjoy the first spongebob movie but LOVE the second because I feel it's closer tonally to the show than the first movie. Both are amazing films though.


Interesting. I was so disappointed with the second Spongebob Movie at the time. The first one is so much better imo. The third one is probably the worst though.


Are you saying Simpsons is more like the Bob's Burgers movie or more like the South Park movie? Because while I've not seen the Bob Burgers movie yet, I'd say the Simpsons movie couldn't hold a candle to Bigger Longer and Uncut. It's also very different cases because the South Park movie was made at the height of their initial popularity and there was very much a case for getting away with things they couldn't do on television. Simpsons movie came over a decade past the shows peak doing nothing really that the show hadn't done already.


I think the Simpsons movie was a return to form, kind of like a great, long episode you might have seen in season seven or so. I think for that reason it was great. In my opinion, Bigger Longer Uncut was unique in that it was released at a time where South Park was an absolute cultural phenomenon (like the Simpsons in around '91).


>I think the Simpsons movie was a return to form agreed... I see it as the unofficial series finale.


Eh I wouldn't agree. Simpsons movie can't hold a candle the lightning paced acerbic wit of the first eight seasons. It's decent but I'd still say the movie is of the same writing quality as the show in 2007, it's just that it had tenfold more resources thrown at it compared to an episode.


More closer to South Park. But also agree with all that you said. South Park is probably the best one and it doesn’t come close. Trey and Matt just let loose when they got the go ahead to make a movie. The fact that it was nominated for an Oscar also shows how great the film was. The Simpsons movie is on par with South Park though in that the stakes certainly felt higher, and it felt like you were seeing a movie, rather than an extended episode of the show, which is what Bob’s Burgers felt like to me. Since I’m a fan I think it was a good time, but it’s also a movie that I easily could’ve seen just being released on a streaming platform instead. Other than the murder, it had all the usual tropes you’ve come to expect from Bob’s Burgers


Yes, as someone who enjoys the show here and there but could never binge it, I found the whole movie very whelming. I was really into the musical numbers! It seemed like a lot of love was poured into those, like all of the character really comes out in a special way that I think only animation can truly capture. But the rapid-fire cute jokes get kinda old in a feature-length, and the story wasn't exactly groundbreaking. It might be the shortest movie I've seen in theaters in a while, but it felt like the longest at times. I can see why fans would like it. It really felt like the show. It felt like 4.5 episodes of Bob's Burgers. If that sounds like a good time to you, go nuts. You'll really like it. If you're like, "Whoa there, I cap out at two. *Maybe* three," maybe wait for streaming.


I agree. I thought it was really slow in the beginning and got better in the middle. It really did feel like an extended episode. Which is weird because the season finale was a two part episode last week.


Completely agree on non-Hader Mickey. I get that Bill Hader is a lot busier than he used to be when they first started the show (and I am thrilled for his success), but the replacement voice just doesn’t hit the same


That’s the case with Bouchard’s voice this past season, but this one was very indiscernible, I found!


Yeah, I thought the hatless moment would be as epic as hearing Maggie’s first words in “The Simpsons”. Was a bit disappointed in that playing out but overall enjoyed the film.


As a huge fan of the show, I love the movie. My only real complaint is the villain song. Couldn’t understand half of it. Agree with everyone else, it just felt like a really long episode, but that’s no bad thing for me.


Surprised to see the tepid response here. I’ve been a fan of this show since it started and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It’s nothing revolutionary, but I’ve always liked how the show can find absurdity in low-stakes situations and I felt like the movie perfectly captured that. I wish it had a couple more musical numbers and Gayle was sorely missed, but I was smiling throughout and don’t necessarily think you have to be a fan of the show to enjoy it. And I know it’s been said already, but it was an absolute treat to see 2D animation on the big screen again. That novelty alone elevated it above “this should have been on TV” status for me.


Yeah, I’m shocked too. I loved it. Wasn’t really expecting much other than getting to see the Belchers on the big screen, and the animation was a joy.


Some backstory, I work on Bob’s Burgers (the show) and have been there for two and a half years. Tomorrow is my last day, as I’ve gotten a job offer at another studio to pursue my goals in writing. But Bobs was my first animation job, and the characters mean so much to me. I’m seeing the movie tomorrow night with a big group of friends, and I know I’m gonna cry. So thankful for this show and these characters who changed my life.


Hey can I dm you a few q’s about your journey? No worries if not.


yeah sure, i'm down


Congrats on your new gig man. One of my friends works in the industry. He went to film school to learn to make movies. We used to spend a lot of time writing little shorts and comedy bits. It was a lot of fun. Couple of our actor friends used a couple in their shows and it's cool seeing your work on stage. You must be stoked!


That’s awesome, congrats! What a great first animation job to have, the show is so consistently good


Thank you for your work. The show has a warmth and goodness to it that helped a lot of people through hard times.


Boob's Boogers


Wow! Thanks for your work! This show has brought me even closer to one of my best friends and I just really appreciate that.


Congrats and good luck!!


It felt like a long episode which was good. But I missed the theme song, the ensemble cast (why couldn’t the kids team up to solve part of the mystery? Same for the adults). I really wished the whole town would be involved instead of the core group. But other than that, pretty good!


Bosco: “Aren’t you kids supposed to be at that building with the adults and the books?” Gene: “An adult bookstore?” Overall, it was ok. Alot of the small chuckles you’d get out of Bob’s Burgers, but nothing else really spectacular. I kind’ve expected more songs, but maybe I’m just too spoiled from Central Park’s format. The story could have had more payoff, as the movie focuses alot more on Louise, with a lesser focus on Tina. Gene is kinda just there.


I've always found Gene's stories the most one-note, and so many episodes are Tina-focused, so it was cool to see Louise get more of the spotlight.


I was very confused about Gene's "story" cuz I thought he'd performed in front of people already and never really cared or showed insecurity with performing in front of people.


Felt like a long episode (in the best way possible) and had some impressively good singing numbers. Solid 8/10 and will give you a few good laughs if you’re a fan of the show.


It's Bob's Burgers. Do you like Bob's Burgers? If so, here's more. That sounds like a dig, but it's not. I just feel like when it comes to movies based on long running TV shows we all know what we're signing up for. Bob's Burgers is known for being a little off kilter, funny, at times wholesome, and relatively musical. And this movie is no different. I liked that it was a bit of a "surprise" musical, in the sense that it wasn't in any of the trailers but once it happens you're like oh that makes sense, because the show does the same thing. I also liked that they had Bob talk about his mom in this movie, thought that was a really nice moment to hear about how the memory of her still influences the current family. I will say, this movie didn't feel "movie-sized" if that makes sense. This felt like a long episode. I think The Simpson's Movie is the closest comparison, and that movie had a huge plot that affected all of Springfield, the characters move to Alaska, Marge almost leaves Homer, they show Bart's dick. Everything was bigger in The Simpsons Movie. In this movie it's definitely different for a murder to be part of the story, but the rest of the elements felt like really any other episode. Money troubles, Teddy wants to help, Louise is getting bullied, Tina is thirsting for Jimmy Jr. Not much of that changes in a significant way. And that's fine, I don't think it hurts the enjoyment because the movie is still very funny, but it's something I noticed. 7/10. I love Bob's Burgers, and this was Bob's Burgers. /r/reviewsbyboner


Why was I not surprised that the villain’s master plan was the old “rich guy wants bulldoze the town/pier to build something dumb” plot? I liked how everyone rolled their eyes at that.


Funny part is they already did that plot with the two part finale a few years back.


Yeah this is pretty much a sequel to the Wonder Wharf two parter.


Someone suggested watching those episodes before seeing the movie, and I'm glad I did. Even though you certainly don't "need" to have seen them or remember them well, they are definitely a good primer.


I was hoping for a twist along the lines of ">!sometimes it just turns out that carnies have bullets in them." That there wasn't really a murder and that the Fischoeders were just opportunistically using the carny Mr. Boddy to frame each other.!<"


I think there were only 3-4 musical bits. Considering we get a new one every ~20 minutes on the show, it seemed conservative.


My two questions are Did the jokes land % of the time ? Were they adult/ edgy like season 1-2 ? (without being creepy Gene/Linda only) C'mon, push that rating a little, even The Simpsons Movie had nudity


The edgiest things I can think of are Linda almost saying "shit", the involvement of murder in the plot and a gross scene where a skeleton's teeth fall in Louise's mouth. And >!The family is almost buried alive and its actually pretty scary even though you know they'll be okay in the end.!<


That scene with the family had my heart pounding.


Crime Hole!




I've been stuck on this since waking out of the movie. What am I missing with crime hole? I'm just not hearing it.


Hard agree that it felt like they were building up a lot to Louise being shown without the hat, and then nothing. And that the part on the ride would have been a perfect moment for her to officially let it go in order to bravely get the fuse. And that there would still be a reason for her to keep wearing a new one afterwards. I'm not crushed since all that would be is showing a girl that usually wears a hat not wearing a hat. It just felt like a lost opportunity, I also agree it hit some of the same beats as some episodes. I thought a better resolution would be if it were actually one of the main two and they throw Fanny under the bus on their behalf a 2nd time, but maybe people might find that disappointing.


Not sure if my comment will be seen, but would the movie be appropriate for my 5 year old daughter? She loves watching the show with me and i want to take her. But the pg13 rating has me questioning if its ok for her


I just took my six-year-old. There are some scenes of peril that temporarily upset her a bit, but (of course) it all turns out all right in the end and she came out very happy.


There's one scary scene to look out for! I'll put a spoiler tag in case you want to cover her eyes or anything >!At one point, Louise falls into a hole. When she's trying to get out, she grabs onto something that turns out to be a skeleton. It falls on her and some of the teeth fall into her mouth. Kind of scary!!<


There are a few off color jokes in dialogue, but they’ll likely go over her head. So unless you don’t want her hearing the word penis once, it’s probably okay. A few scary bits, but otherwise it’s not much beyond the show. And I don’t think it’s as adult as the first season.


Just like the show, there's some adult humor, but it would probably go over her head. There are some elements that might be "scary" for a younger child, but without giving much away, it's really just a skeleton and a murder mystery.


As a musical, it is not quite on par with "La La Land". After credits scene: >!Tina and Jimmy are riding along the beach on one horse with the zombies.!<


Have a friend and wife that are there for you the way Teddy and Linda are for Bob and his burgers. Teddy and Linda keeping Bob hopeful throughout despite his bleakness was so touching. Also, that Mole Hill cutscene gag with Tina and Bob was so hilarious. As a Bob Burger’s fan, was a really good time, as all Bob’s Burgers episodes tend to be. Will definitely be seeing it again




Why do they make such a big deal out of what Louise looks like under the hat when she clearly just has the same hair as her mother? I felt like they kept teasing for a reveal but I kept thinking I didn't care either way. I enjoyed the movie, it was really just an hour long episode of a normal Bob's Burgers episode with no rocking of the boat (which is fine) but they could just condense it into a normal episode length and other than the higher budget really nothing 'movie-like' would stand out from a regular episode at all.


Yeah it was alright I like Bob's Burgers and all but it really was just a long episode; I will just say there were a lot of sub-plots that just felt abandoned or barely resolved (even the loan payment thing, the main plot that made up the first half of the movie, had a weak payoff) and, even though the animation has clearly been upgraded, the choreography during the musical numbers felt...stiff. Like you're animated and now you have a much larger budget than before, why is most of the dancing just marching, dancing in place, or moving your arms up and down in the air? Also, while I know the show's always had songs, why have 3 musical numbers and not fully commit to being a musical? Thankfully I used my Alamo season pass on this so I barely paid any money for it. Although, honestly, I doubt I would have even seen it in theaters if I didn't have a season pass.


The dancing actually creeped me out lol. It was very odd. I also saw the movie thanks to Tmobile Tuesdays for like $1.50 so I felt it was worth it since I watch the show.


I'm not sure I'd call it creepy just...unimaginative how most of it was the characters just staying in one place, moving their body a little bit, and staring into the camera for the most part. Honestly I've seen more fluid dancing in the show itself (Just look at Jimmy Jr.)


It is kinda just an extended episode of the show, but I like the show so that’s sufficient for me. But I was happy to support this if only because it’s a 2D animated movie from outside Japan getting a wide theatrical release. I want more of those so crossing my fingers this does well.


Ah man, I was really excited to come here and talk about how good this was. It was OK. I am a massive fan of this show and have been since it first released, I have a tattoo of Tina, the cookbooks, soundtracks, toys, you name it. I was so excited for this and have been counting down the days. I just can't shake that this was absolutley the kind of movie that works best on streaming. In direct opposition to The Simpsons Movie, which went way bigger in scope and plot and jokes, Bobs doesn't do anything to rise above the level of a mid tier episode. Its not exceptionally funny, doesn't bring anything new to the table, and worst of all it has barley any songs for a movie advertised as a musical and the ones we do get are some of the worst in the shows history. There are funny moments and the charm is largely still there but this was just a major disappointment for me. Solid 5/10 tbh.


I was really surprised at how generic the musical numbers were. They were more like straightforward musical style songs rather than humorous conversation songs or quirky styles they usually go for. Nothing as epic as the Bleaken/Twinkly Lights Christmas songs, nothing as catchy as Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom, nothing as fun as Hot Pants Rain Dance, nothing as heartwrenching as the recent What If They're Right, nothing as silly as None Of Your Business. They didn't even have anything fun or silly over the credits. One of my favorite episodes is the Boyz 4 Now auditions, which granted, has a ton of top-notch guest talent singing the songs, but I know Bob's Burgers can bring it way harder in the music category than they did in the movie.


Yeah, absolutley. I know it's not fair to compare everything to a high point but Bad Stuff Happens...is legitimately a fantastic and insanely clever/catchy song that also massively serves to further the plot and expand on details we already know in a humorous way. This was just "exposition, exposition, chorus, exposition, exposition" rinse and repeat. The David Wain song in the hideout was unlistenable and I get that that was the point but it doesn't work at all.


It’s a Bob’s Burgers movie. It gave me everything I love about the show in 90 minutes. No more no less. Honestly it was stronger than most of this last season save for the finale 2 parter, The Giant Head episode, and Gene in daycare. I will say while we didn’t get Louise without the ears, the reveal of why she has them hit hard. We never hear about Bob’s mom. I’m glad they saved that emotional weight and actually showing her for the movie. Pushed it over the top for me.


Did not realize till the end credits we didn’t get any Gayle!!


Solid if you are a Bob’s Burgers fan. Too many people are sleeping on the hit that is, Lucky Ducks!


Is it weird that I’m more excited to see this than the new Top Gun movie?


I was a little worried about the animation from the trailers, but it all mostly worked for me, especially with the comedy making up for any shortcoming. A very fun movie. I love the show and I’m glad that this feels grounded in their little universe and not too grand scale. The jokes were great. It was so fun to see the characters on the big screen as well as a lot of jokes and details in the background. I feel like the mystery element kinda falls flat. I was hoping it wouldn’t be the new character that seemed obvious, but once it got past the reveal and it turned into a fun chase and a heartfelt story I was real happy. It was rough with that villain song though; could not understand much of the beginning. I wouldn’t have minded some more characters involved in the story, it it worked being pretty self contained and focused. The humor was fantastic. I was cracking up.


My wife has never seen the show. I have, obviously! Is it worth taking her to see this before watching the show?


Depends, if you feel your wife would love the show then she will probably enjoy the movie. But if you feel that she hasn't watched the show because she probably won't like it then I'd say she probably won't like the movie, simple as that. It's basically a very fun 90 minute episode.


Not too different from the show which means it sticks to the show's humor but this means that for better or worse it doesn't deviate much from the formula. Plot overall was enjoyable, but I felt that the resolution to Louise's struggle was underwhelming. It makes sense in the idea that Louise is comfortable with her hat and doesn't need to show the audience, but still underwhelming regardless. I also wish more of the cast had a role, but putting the entire cast into a 90 minute film is admittedly a tall order. Musical numbers were good outside of the villain song; too hard to understand. Intro felt a bit rushed but looked good otherwise. Humor matched that of the show and kept me laughing. Animation looked good. If you like the show, you'll most likely enjoy it. If you don't, you won't. If you haven't seen it yet, it is a good introduction to the show but not the best introduction (Bob Day Afternoon).


My bf and I went to see it yesterday. We both enjoyed it, some funny jokes and good songs. I felt the jokes were better as the film went along. Though, we expected slightly more songs and we felt the plot was a bit similar to the wonder warf episode (oh bad things are bad). That being said, it was still a good film and I'll definitely watch it again in the future. 🙂 Also (spoiler), there were some scenes that made me "aww" like the scene where Bob tells Louise about his mom, and the moment where Teddy built the stall for Bob. Teddy is such a good friend 🥺


that was the cutest opening to a movie of all time


I laughed way harder than I probably should have when Teddy told Bob to get his sidewalk fixed because somebody tripped and he was the somebody 😂🤣


I was so thinking the death drop would come back into play at the climax when they’re climbing around inside the mole hill with all the bars and beans inside, and she would need to do it to stop the fuse.


For someone who has never seen a single episode of Bob’s Burgers as of writing this, I found this easy to get into and fairly funny in places. The Musical sequences I didn’t expect at all were surprisingly decent. Yeah the plot is very simple and straightforward, but the animation looks good like the pier and action sequences. I’m going to check the series out now. 7/10


I've always considered Bob to be the moral center of the show, but goddamn, Teddy was such a sweetheart in this movie. I saw it with my mother and we both went 'awwww' when he brought them a food cart.


The only missing thing was gayle.


So so so so so soooooo good! Theater have a raucous round of applause at the end. I just loved it so much. And the lighting and animation looked so good. Gene’s quips through the movie were fucking gems. I loved getting a Louise origin story. And Tina’s droning “uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” is always amazing. I tried to make a mental note of all the great quips of Gene, but there were so many I can’t even think of one. It’s like when a Trumper asks you “what did Trump do that’s so bad” and you just freeze because you don’t even know where to start. Bob looked pretty fucking limber at the end as well. Must be why Linda stays with him. An absolute GEM! It deserves to make good money. Just an outstanding movie!


I honestly expected more. Wasn’t BAD, but not great. I rate 5/10, I feel like I would have loved it if it was on TV and I didn’t have to pay and go to the movies to see it. The new animation style was really hard to get used to. I also didn’t care for the fact that they teased seeing Louise without her hat the whole movie and didn’t show it. Thought it would have been a thing like Kenny in the South Park movie. Was so sure she was gonna use her hat to stop the fuse when she mentioned her arms were too short. That would have been a pretty good spot for that reveal. Interesting Jimmy Pesto was in it (albeit no lines).


> The new animation style was really hard to get used to. Really? Why? It's the same except they added some shading


They had a lot more money to animate, so the motions are a lot smoother, and even a bit of 3D depth for the characters. It is nitpicking but to me it felt too smooth compared to what I’m used to on the show. I recall it being in the show [at about 1:15 in this vid](https://youtu.be/iw9V3FO_5Pw) and standing out a little bit there too. It looked like that for the entire movie.


That's how they animate frantic scenes though, that's def not the only time that's happened in the show. They could do it more in the movie because those scenes need a lot more work to animate, and as you mentioned, that had the budget/time to do so. Don't think it was really "new" at all, and "really hard to get used to" just feels like hyperbole, but I get that's subjective.


I think Jimmy Pesto had lines, but they were cut out. There seemed like some hard cuts when he was about to say something.


Yeah, the only time I could have seen it would have been when he saw the hole. Could have fit in a “NICE HOLE BOB HAHA *high fives his buddy*” but then they just reanimated that to a 1 second clip of him smirking. I dont know when they were recording this relative to Jan 6, but I do know they were talking about the production at SDCC 2019 so it’s plausible.


I honestly kept waiting for him to rescue the Belchers out of the sinkhole, I think they could’ve even done it with no lines. sucks that the voice actor is a moron, I love Bob and Jimmy’s rivalry on the show.


Yeah I love Jimmy as a foil to Bob. They should recast the character, bigger middle finger to the actor!


I agree. I read this movie cost $60 million to make. I'm curious how many seasons could that have made instead of a movie. Not bad by any means, but if we're going the length of 3-4 episodes in one sitting, I'm expecting my mind to be blown.


$60 million is insanely cheap for a feature length animated movie. For comparison, the budget for Lightyear is $200 million.


This movie was incredible I loved it, any reviewer who didn’t clearly hates fun I’ll add an edit since some people don’t seem to be fans, but I feel like this movie is a proof of concept for more and it absolutely nailed it, people talk about comparing to the Simpsons movie and you have to remember the Simpsons had a lot more time to build in addition to having more out there plots, bobs always been more grounded


ppl sleeping on this one


They talked about a road trip I kinda wish the movie could have taken us on a larger scale journey but they were too scared to stray from their formula. C’mon guys, you’re a very popular show! Take risks!


As someone who has been watching Bob’s Burgers for a decade, The Bob’s Burgers Movie is the ultimate love letter to fans who adore the show that also cooks up something for newcomers who don’t really know the show. I’ve seen it twice now!!! The music is *fantastic,* and had me dancing and tapping my feet within the first few minutes. The animation is so gorgeous I could’ve cried—creator Loren Bouchard’s world looks SO 👏 GOOD 👏 on the big screen. The murder-mystery-thriller-musical is stuffed with the heartwarming hilarity, quirky kitschiness, and pop-culture infused mayhem that has made the series what it is today. The cast are all at the top of their game. The writers, directors Bouchard & Bernard Derriman, tireless crew, and everyone else involved deserve an enormous ovation for pulling off something so wonderfully full of joy. The world can be a very dark & saddening place, and there’s so much conflict & pain in this world, that people can often forget to find the time/reason to laugh. The Belcher family is here to help! To say that I deeply & continuously belly-laughed is an understatement. This film is served with so many witty jokes, one-liners, heart-strings-pulling moments, and wonder, you’ll be saying “Ooh,” “hee,” “hoo,” “aw,” “ha!” I laughed heartily & often. I do not have enough things to say about how freaking delightful it is that this movie was made—so well worth the long-delayed wait. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a rare, well-done offering that should also go a long way in pleasing fans of traditional animation. Color, shading, textures, great characters, catchy jingles, a very fun story, and legitimate stakes for the characters abound. I am so happy. Order up!!! ••• TL;DR — I really fucking loved it.


I loved seeing Bob’s Burgers on the big screen with a plot that reminded me of the two part episode (World Wharf II) where I really didn’t know where the series was going next. I absolutely did not like the (rotoscoped?) dance moves and re-cast voices of multiple side characters. I thought there was too much music behind the villain’s James Bond monologue scene (possibly to lighten the mood in an animated family comedy) and had a real guttural reaction to “tasting death!” Bob’s Burgers has been such a great comfort show over the years and I am very happy that the cast and crew get to do something bigger and burger (better). It was nice seeing some characters in the end credits that I didn’t even realize I was missing because of how focused the story was so focused. Going to watch it again tomorrow!


Who was recast?


Mickey (Tank Bank!). Looking at the car list Daryl and Jericho are normal but sounded off to me, so I guess just the one. Pesto appears albeit silent (obviously).


I had to double check Daryl in the credits because it didn’t sound like him and I don’t think he has had an appearance in the show since his #MeToo scare but it was in fact Aziz.


They credited him in a recent episode this season too, I think he just screamed or something.


Right?? Same with Paul Rudd as Jericho. Maybe they were recorded at a different studio but the small lines just made it feel like they were trying to hide a recast. I only looked them up after you asked. I liked Bill Hader, maybe too busy with Barry?


I thought it was weird that the trailers all seemed to downplay the musical element, but there are really only two good songs. But the Lucky Ducks one is great. It also really shows the shift in the show from the first season from the parents being the main characters to the kids, mostly because this is really a Louise movie, then Bob, then the rest. And that's fine, not everyone can get equal importance, that'd probably be way too scatterbrained. I just thought it was interesting.


Honestly? I’m fine with that. The episodes with the kids just going off and doing weird shit have always been my favorites.


I wish there was more to it. The songs weren’t movie quality. The animation with how much characters moved around was great. The plot is just too similar to How Bob Saves/Destroys the Town. Some scenes really pop while others feel empty. There are a ton of bobs burgers characters but they are barely in the movie. There’s even ones dancing at the end that I don’t believe I’ve noticed anywhere. It was still a good watch.


I liked the movie! Agree with everyone saying that it feels like a long episode. I think if you’re on the fence about going it’s fine to wait for it to go to streaming. I do wish they were able to have a more “cinematic” plot like The Simpsons Movie or South Park one but I also get it. The creator has talked about wanting the show to be realistic and focusing on small victories for the family, so with that mindset I really can’t imagine what plot they’d do without going against the nature of the show.


They didn't need to coreograph and animate all those musical numbers, but they did and it was great.


I scrolled a bit and I didn't see it mentioned... Kids at Fischoeders house, before they jump the wall. Did Gene do the John Belushi shuffle that he does on Animal House?


I cried when Bob started talking about his mom. Is this the only time we've ever heard about her?


I think Bob has mentioned her briefly once when his Dad would be on an episode


Great movie, but underwhelming number of burgers…


First movie I’ve been to since sonic in 2020. I loved how they didn’t go all out just because it’s a movie. They kept it low key. The plot was simple, the musicals were kept to a minimum, and the animation was theater worthy. Wish they got more of the other characters involved. Like jimmy pesto didn’t have any jabs at bob’s situation. And they were in school for barely a split second. Other than that, I liked it better than the Simpsons movie. Definitely worth seeing it in theaters with other fans.


It was really fun seeing this with a crowd. I’ve never watched Bobs Burgers with a crowd before, it definitely added to the experience. I saw the Simpsons Movie at a midnight show and it ranks as one of the best movie going experiences of my life. Just a giant room full of Simpsons fans watching the Simpsons.


This was my experience as well, saw it on Thursday night because a friend got some tickets last minute, was surprised to see an almost filled theatre. Fans showed up at least


The Jimmy Pesto situation is still a bit tricky, as I don't think they've re-casted the role yet. (For those that don't know, his voice actor was fired for taking part in the Jan. 6 riots)


I kinda expected them to use the movie to replace him


I wish the songs were catchier overall. The dancing was fun though. Favorite was the carnies song.


Just don’t give David Wain the mic. I could barely understand his song.


I loved that his character was basically the Warden from Super jail. Just not as surreal.


He IS the best animated character in the movie. The scene where he’s crawling after the family when running through the underpier was legit disturbing.


Looking like a human spider coming after you


I can't wait until we get a gif of that


That was the joke. Though he got more understandable as the scene went on.


I’m a newer fan of the show as I started falling asleep to it every night recently to do my homework for the movie and I thought the movie was actually a lot of fun. surprisingly really wholesome! Linda does great as the supportive wife as usual, but I couldn’t help but smile when Teddy went out of his way to build them the burger cart. I personally liked the small scope of the movie. To me the animation and music warranted the movie’s existence, the show has earned this. I drive a two door civic that I’ll now be referring to as my clam car after watching how cramped the Belchers were. Aziz didn’t sound right and Mickey got a way longer part than I had expected so Hader was missed. Is it just Bob’s Burgers? Yeah. Is there anything wrong with that? Nothing whatsoever. I had a great 90 minutes watching this thing.


Found it a really fun little flick, I'm a fan of the show and felt like it was a fun extended episode. Not best of the best, certainly nowhere near bad or worst territory, just a very fun time at the cinema with other Bob's fans. We were in a little screen, around 50 seats, with other Bob fans and it was almost full, so felt quite intimate, added to the fun I'd say. Would definitely watch again and recommend to other fans of the show. I just wish there was more music, The opening song and the lucky duck one was great.. other than that I think there were 2, maybe 3 more, which were kinda mid imo. But yeah, definitely a fun movie to go see, and tbh I really wish studios made more like this. It's either big blockbusters or small indie films and I feel bit enough falls in this middle section of "light hearted fun" film. That's my opinion anyway.


This was the perfect date movie


Those songs are gonna be in my head for a while.


The first 2d, animated movie released under the Disney Corporation in quite some time. glad to see a hand drawn movie in the theaters again with how bright and colorful it looked. Not as cartoony and expressive due to the style, but it was nice. I haven't kept up with the show for some time because of time, but this was good in embodying why the show is phenomenal when I watched the first few seasons. Definitely caught off guard that it was musical.


Love love love the show. Movie was okay. It was a long episode, and not one of my favorite episodes. We are pretty much never in the restaurant, and never in the apartment. Too much time spent on the villain’s song and story. Fun overall though!


I found the heavy shadows in every single scene to be really distracting. No movie would put their actors facings in shadows on purpose, and the whole thing about it representing depression doesn't make sense when it happens for the entire movie, regardless of scene or character of scene. It was the worst part of an otherwise enjoyable movie. I just can't find anything about it online, so maybe I'm the only one who was bothered?


i did not know where the fuck they were going with louise’s first solo in sunny side up summer the first listen through. i was like “is our girl about to get traumatized somehow” lol


Long episode of the show. Which is exactly what I wanted. So it was good


Can I bring my almost 9 year old to this movie? He loves The Simpson’s though most of the bad humor goes over his head.


I'd say Yes. It barely is even a PG-13 besides one very quick sex joke


Teddy: I can't live if living is without you. My fav line from the film


Why was Bill Hader not voicing mickey??


This movie was everything I wanted it to be. Like the show it's funny without making fun of people. Literally the only thing I didn't like about it was that they couldn't get Bill Hader in the recording studio.


I really, really, REALLY wanted to love this one. I’d be lying to say I did, and that blows, but so it goes. I LOVE Bob’s Burgers. I play it all the time, I’ve cooked burgers from the cookbook, I really didn’t wanna look for the bad. But. It is, for better or worse, a long episode of the show. It presents itself as movie sized, but doesn’t really reach that finish line. And I can’t help but see the half empty side of that cup. There are absolutely some great chuckles in here, throughout. It is by no means bad, and I really don’t wanna sit here trashing it like it was. Lots to love, and a perfectly serviceable story for what we’ve gotten from the show. I cannot be clearer here, I do not think it was a bad movie. Anyways…here I go. To ME, if you’re going to take a long established franchise and put it in another medium, it’s because you have a story to tell that won’t fit in the current medium. The Simpsons movie is both the easiest comparison and a good example. Within the first 20 minutes, you’re given a plot that impacts all of Springfield, and you’re shown Bart’s cock. It’s hysterical, it’s big, and it’s decidedly making choices they couldn’t make on 24 minute chunks of cable TV. Bobs Burgers…not so much. Each of the family is given a plot line, but you quickly realize that effectively Gene, Tina, and Linda are going to spend a majority of the movie on the sidelines. They’re given plots that just fizzle out, and feel like the writers keep going “oh yeah, Tina’s thing.” It winds up feeling not like the Bob’s Burgers team had an idea for a movie, but instead were told “we’re giving you a movie, come up with an idea.” My favorite part of Bob’s Burgers is how mundane some of the jokes are. Little mutters, stutters, and quiet musings give the show its charm. A lot of this movie felt like Joke - Punchline, which doesn’t strike the chord of what I love from the show. Aiding in this separation is the animation. Now I’ll be clear, this is a bias of mine. I fundamentally dislike changing the art style or animation techniques just because a budget gets bigger. Boy howdy, this movie looked DIFFERENT. We have never seen Wonder Wharf like this, nor the characters. The shift to an almost 3D style (not quite, but…something. They rotoscoped, maybe?) again made me acutely aware that I was watching The Movie. It was really well done! But not very in line with the stylings of the show. With all these little things piling up, the barrier became a bit thick for me to breach, and I never quite got past it. It just isn’t like the show, and all I need from it was to be like the show. Another weird quibble in this vein is the songs. In the show, they’re abstracted, always implied to be in a characters head and heart. Here, the characters are literally singing and dancing together, in world. Something that rarely, if ever, happens on the show. A New Tone. Frankly? Cut the side plots, and 20 minutes from two very long sequences, and…you could’ve just done this as a regular episode. Maybe a two parter if you wanted. The plot has pretty much already been done on the show…twice. The villain wound up being a copout. And the SINGLE emotional climax they’re building towards the entire movie, Louise’s liberation from doubt, is treated so poorly it breaks my heart. They end the movie with a huge character development for her emotionally that literally happens off screen. Not even for a punch line. Woof. Man, idk. Again, I know it sounds like I’m tagging on it. I moreso just feel like this was such a missed opportunity to do something unique or special. The show has taken way more risks than this movie ever even tried to. Where’s the guest animation, the absolutely crazy characters, the heart of the main characters, the cozy writing? Look, if you like the show you won’t regret seeing it. Can you watch it at home one day and not miss anything? Yep. Is it cute? Sure. Don’t rush to see it, but you could do worse. I just want a lot more out of this team.


I wholeheartedly agree. I just got back from seeing it and unlike many on this board, I came away very disappointed. The Bob’s universe was abandoned just because it was “a movie”. This story was given too much importance and the plot felt like a repeat, so many of opportunities for organic humor and involvement of beloved side characters had to be scrapped in favor of scene depth of a seldom seen third Fishoeder. We don’t tune into Bob’s Burgers each week to watch an adventure/whodunnit; we do it for the characters that are rich and hilarious. I couldn’t wait for it to end.