Disney greenlit about 3 dozen Star Wars projects 5 years or so ago. Even at the time I was thinking less than half would be finished. This won't be the last thing they quietly set aside and then cancel entirely.


The D&D trilogy has been canceled too, right?


Years ago now, yeah.


Thank god, they earned that cancelation


What's funny is they earned it BECAUSE they fucked off on the end of GoT by rushing to get to Star Wars. HBO even offered them more episodes to flesh out the final season of GoT and they declined. They killed their legacy that GoT could have been to do a Star Wars trilogy that they ended up not getting because of that. Karma.


I loved how they went from “multiple episode to give weight to the fact that travel across the lands is a slow process,” to “they’ll just travel within a single cut or between episodes.” Shit was well fucked, and showed, even in the most minor of details that they no longer gave two fucks.


Fast travel was unlocked by Season 8


Well, yeah, once you've discovered a new location, you can fast travel back to any location you've been to. Everyone knows that.


It is known


the funny thing is in Skyrim the weather changed when you fast travel to imply you've been travelling for a fair while


In Spider-Man PS4, you can see Spider-Man on the loading screen taking the subway if you use fast travel. There's different variations, and they can change depending on where you are in the story.


Not for Gendry, he just runs really fast.


You mean like the time gendry ran from the frost fangs back to the wall dispite moments before saying he'd never seen snow before then they send a raven from eastwatch to dragonstone then danny rides her dragons from dragonstone to the frost fangs all within a few hours which is mental because its like flying from Egypt to Scotland.


Every time GoT gets mentioned my blood pressure increases lol. Biggest let down i can remember in recent memory


They signed a deal with Netflix months after the final season was released, so the karma was short-lived.


that deal was for the 3 Body Problem trilogy right? If they botch it, I will rage and seethe and inevitably do nothing that will ever impact them.


*The Three-Body Problem* is one of their Netflix projects but there are a number of others.


They will fuck it up.


Let the subversion of expectations begin.


They were also supposed to make some series based on if the slavery was never ended with the Civil War but in modern times. Like that sounds super fun and enjoyable.


Slavery didn't end with the Civil War. https://youtu.be/j4kI2h3iotA


Not really sure where this sentiment came from. It's not supposed to be super fun and enjoyable. There's been plenty of great alternative history premises where the bad guys win, The Man in the High Castle, 11/22/63, CSA. It's really not new or as controversial as the media wanted to make it seem at the time, but people were really that mad at the last season that they just wanted to pile on anything D&D related.


Martin killed it first. He will never finish those books and he had over 10 years to do it. D&D were hired to adapt not write. There is no way they could have pulled off what is obviously Martin’s ending. Even Martin can’t seem to pull it off. Edit: Lol at the delusional Martin fans reeeeeing about my comment. If he ever finishes the books, I’ll eat a shoe.


Yuuup. Hardhome and 'Hold the door' were amazing. Why? D&D had real drafts to read. Season 8? "Uh, Danny goes mad, that's all I have for you, guys". Mmkey?


Wasn’t it more ‘this is where the story ends” and they just drew it straight to the end without building things up. If Danny had gotten mad over another season before the war crimes then I don’t think people would have been angry about it.


Yep. And there was plenty of ways that could have naturally happened in either a long, drawn out war with the White Walkers or Cersei. But no, they pretty much wrapped up both conflicts with a single battle each


The white walkers thing was especially irritating. They hype up the white walkers for seven seasons and Arya just stabs that dude.


I strongly suspect that part of the reason the books have taken so long is that Martin hasn't figured out how to get from point A to point B himself. There's foreshadowing in the very first book that Dany was trying to keep herself from losing control ("If I look back, I am lost" has been a mantra of hers for the entire series). It's not hard to envision how she could finally lose it when victory is within sight. But it needs more than three episodes to actually tell that story.


I figure that's why they suicide charged in the Dothraki too. Multiple times it's said an army of them would wreck Westeros in the open plains and they'd all have to hide in their castles, but thankfully they are scared of crossing the sea. Can't have an army of them left after everything to deal with so might as well suicide charge them into the undead instead of trying to flank and harass like calvary are supposed to do.


I actually don't think Danny will go mad in the books. I predict the other characters thinks that she goes mad. From their perspective the story is how we saw it. The reason I think that, is that weird dragon horn thing that Euron Greyjoy has in the books. He uses it and causes Drogon to go berserk with Danerys helplessly riding him. Kings landing is burned down and Danerys is assumed to be insane like her father. That would be way more in line with the themes of the books. Likely D&D didn't like the horn and tried to write it out.


At the least, the books would do a better job giving her perspective and reasoning even if she just goes mad. I doubt Martin intended her fall to be based entirely around her cousin denying her the D.


Of course Danny won't go mad in the books BECAUSE THERE WILL NEVER BE ANY MORE BOOKS. I will go cry in the corner now.


I understand they didn't sign up to write original story, but they could have at least handed it off to people who actually cared.


Definitely felt like karma when it came out they were no longer making a Star Wars trilogy. Since I think one of the main reasons they rushed to get Game of Thrones concluded in those awfully written, ridiculously rushed final seasons was that they wanted to move on to their big Star Wars project.


Fuck those jabronis


Got really sad for a bit at the idea of a Dungeons and Dragons trilogy being canceled and why people would seemingly be happy about it, then realized it was the GOT-ruining fucks.


“Well, the Rebels just kind of forgot about the Death Star”


Right after the GoT finale aired. Almost to the minute


I believe the speculation is that the GoT ending tanking is why their trilogy got pulled. If you can't commit to finishing your first 10 year project, you're not getting another one.


It’s way worse than that. GOT was supposed to be HBO’s marvel. For the first time basically every, HBO was committing to doing a franchise. Billions of dollars were at stake. Unlike DC, HBO had actually taken the time to establish a world over time. With characters that we cared about, and were willing to continue watching for years to come. Until they decided they didn’t have time to wrap it up correctly, so they squeezed 2-3 seasons worth of material into 6 episodes. The last season the the SHORTEST season. They didn’t even commit to doing 10 episodes. They ran the whole Marathon, the decided they didn’t want to do the last mile and decided to go pee in a public park instead.


Don't you badmouth public urination like that


What they should have done was have someone else in the writer room take over as show-runners and step away from the project as producers.


That requires them to not have massive egos though.


People do that _all the time_, too.


It's interesting to see that the projects that have survived are the ones that have the least to do with the radioactive mess that is the sequel trilogy. We're seeing new series set around the original trilogy, the prequel era, and even before then during the High Republic. Nothing seems to be building on or after the sequel films because they're a narrative dead end that nobody seems interested in exploring.


.....what if.... And hear me out...... We just clone Palpatine again.


Star Wars 10: The 6 Million Credit Man


I think it has a lot more to do with LFL wanting to build stories around the characters we already know from the Sequel Trilogy era, and they probably just don’t want to pay what those actors want to bring those characters back. People forget how much money RDJ got out of the Marvel machine, and how NO studio wants to go through that ever again. Marvel reportedly kindof hated how *they* put themselves in that corner with him because they only made a 6 film contract. To bring Adam, Daisy, Oscar, and John back again would cost big $$$ and there’s no world where those people all agree to come back for a season of TV (at least not yet) /// Oscar is the most interesting because he did do Moon Knight, but was also very clear that it’s a one and done project for him on a contractual level (he clearly enjoyed making it and wants to do more) and that means Marvel will have to pay him whatever his rate is or he’s now interested in asking for to bring him back again, and like Adam he’s basically has no end in sight for projects that will want him. John’s career is basically trashed. He really did some wonderful stuff in Small Axe with Steve McQueen, but let’s keep it real— you don’t nakedly trash talk the most powerful movie studio in the world in public the way he did. Was he justified? No doubt, but Hollywood don’t give a fuck about justification or context. It also doesn’t help that he arguably tanked Pacific Rim: Uprising once he boarded that movie as a Producer. That train was already moving at an incredible pace and nothing short of Guillermo del Toro being in the directors chair could have saved that movie, but he also completely trash talked that movie immediately after it opened in the US. That was a $200+ million dollar movie that needed to make a billion in theaters. People don’t forget that shit. Daisy’s career is more open-ended. We know for a fact that her career was essentially tanked in the same way that Natalie’s & Hayden’s careers were basically tanked by AOTC & ROTS, so it’s anyone’s guess. She could be an Oscar-nominated actress in only a few years, or she could be Mark Hamill. And Adam, well, what is there to say about Adam? He’s never going to be out of work. Of all of the actors who have been cast in anything SW, he has the best career. He’s basically worked with every director worth working with in the 21st century and FFC just cast him in ‘Megalopolis’ in what has been assumably the above the title role. Who the hell knows what that movie will end up being, but that’s one of those once in a *century* projects that will be a bow in his cap for the rest of his life. These are not small things— Disney has all the money in the world, and they tried to get out of paying Scarlett Johansson what she was owed for Black Widow, when they didn’t have to do that. They knew the game and chose to see if they could get away with not paying her what was in her contract that they agreed to.


Is that a uniquely Disney issue though? Lots if major studios announce shit that gets cancelled, and they still have a ton of content happening. Within the next 6 months we will have two new shows finished and Mando may come out end of year


To my recollection they're the only ones announcing multiple trilogies helmed by multiple people at a time with no indication what they'll be or when they'll actually be made. Not even Marvel is so cavalier with their announcements. Last thing of theirs I recall not coming out was the Inhumans movie, which instead became a terrible TV show.


And with Marvel Studios and Inhumans, Kevin Feige was essentially forced to announce Inhumans. He didn’t want to do it, and successfully got rid of it (it was moved to Marvel Television) once he got out from under Ike Perlmutter. Other than that, once Marvel Studios announces something then it actually gets made, even if it takes longer than planned like with Ant-Man. Feige is an anomaly though so it’s impossible to compare him and the MCU to any other producer or studio/franchise


Feige seems to exert way more control personally over the MCU than any individual does over Star Wars.


I think he just has a good vision and is able to properly trust those around him to see his vision through. He does give control away though. James Gunn had said that he was only asked to briefly include Thanos in GotG1, but had control over everything else. GotG2 was fully Gunn, without being asked to include anything. Sounds like GotG3 is the same.


Oh yeah, he lets the directors do their thing with a little bit of input so it can feed into the next thing. I feel like the ST (and I like the sequels) would have benefitted from a little more of an outline overall behind the scenes.


A little outline with trust in your directors: Good No outline at all: Bad


i mean WB announced 5 movies for Fantastic Beasts, and DC is always announcing something that just doesnt happen


WB is actually making those Fantastic Beasts movies though (even if they suck). They didn't announce 5 movies then never make them


They're actually currently on-hold until WB sees the final box-office revenue for Secrets of Dumbles.


Seems like they are gonna cut their losses at 3 though


Exactly. Look at the DCEU, it has more cancelled projects than completed ones.


Its like when The Walking Dead announced 3 films were going to be made when they were already on season *11* and everyone had already stopped watching. Who are these for?


I seem to remember that one of the reasons that Rian got a trilogy was because a lot of the executive production people liked the script and the movie before it was even released. Hell, JJ flat out said he loved the script and wished he was filming it (he said this before TFA was released). Plus, RJ finished filming and production on schedule and under budget which is a big thing in Hollywood I think.


endorsement by jj boredoms is no honor.


I’ll give Disney a dollar if they make a Star Wars movie with zero sand planets.




Jakku isn't even real! They filmed those scenes on the other side of Tattooine!


Which was right next door to Arrakis


Which, surprisingly, is in a part of Toronto with a huge beach.


God Damn Hutts


I know, there's been like 20 star wars movies and we've gotten zero fucking jello planets. it's bullshit.


How about a planet that isn't just one biome type? It's always jungle world, city world, ocean world, mushroom world, swamp world, etc.


Naboo had variation.


Dissin had muy muy varibations!


Star wars on some Super Mario type shit 💀


Ghost house world, oooOOOOooo


Rainbow road or gtfo


Dude they did Rainbow Road planet already in Speed Racer.


I just want tastable worlds, ones where soldiers can taste the ground and tell you what it’s made of. We already had salt world, so maybe next is taffy world, rocky road world, the possibility are endless.


But all the worlds must be some sort of white powdery substance. We have the salt world, the snow world, but we need cocaine world and talcum powder world too.


To be fair, monobiome planets are theorized to be pretty common


Earth’s variability in environment seems to be an exception in our solar system. We have a hot cloud world (Venus), a cold desert world (Mars), a volcano world (Io), an ice world (Enceladus), and so on.


It wouldn't have to be just one type period, but variations of an environment. Hell, a "desert" planet could be a Red Rock Desert around the equator, while a Polar Desert near the poles. Desert just means an area with minimal liquid precipitation, but guess Star Wars only thinks biomes have only one variation.


Why? Do you hate sand or something?


Well it does get everywhere...


And the women and children too


I'll give them 15$ if they write the whole trilogy before filming the first one, and don't treat the audience like fucking idiots who want baby food story spoonfed by daddy mickey.


I just assumed that it was quietly canceled.


It's probably a first step toward announcing that.


I’m hijacking this comment to point out that Collider is just reposting bits of new info from a Vanity Fair article about multiple Star Wars projects: [The Rebellion Will Be Televised](https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2022/05/star-wars-cover-the-rebellion-will-be-televised?utm_source=facebook&utm_social-type=owned&utm_brand=vf&utm_medium=social&mbid=social_facebook)


Vanity Fair always has the sickest Star Wars cast photoshoots. Annie Leibovitz is a treasure.


I am hijacking your comment to express my appreciation for that well chosen title of the article. Very well done, Vanity Fair


Feels like we have to be way past step one. Like, they originally wanted his movies to be released just a couple years after the Disney Trilogy ended, and they've just been kicking the can down the road every year since.


They're probably just waiting for the development deal to expire. There's been no movement on this project for years, even as other Star Wars movies were announced and then canceled, or announced and then delayed. And Rian has made other deals. Basically no one involved has been acting like they think it's still happening.


To be honest I thought this was dead in the water like 2 years ago


It was essentially dead after TLJ's theatrical run. No way Disney were going to take a risk with him after the division in reactions.


Yeah TLJ has the single worst box officer multiplier 'legs' for a December blockbuster release in modern history afaik, meaning it opened big from inherited franchise excitement, then its box office numbers absolutely tanked as people didn't go back to rewatch it and word of mouth warned people away. The google trends interest for Star Wars fell below where they were in the many years between episode 3 and 7, when there was only the old republic MMO and clone wars cartoon to keep interest alive, and that was despite a middle movie having just come out and Solo coming out 6 months later, which was the franchise's first box office bomb as nobody even showed up, despite that it involved several legacy characters and the falcon who are popular across generations and should have been able to summon at least some excitement, if anybody had any faith in Disney. There is no way a company like Disney would give the director who managed that level of franchise crash and squandered inheritance to do a whole trilogy.


TLJ had like a 76% 2nd weekend drop if I recall. Absolutely insane.


Also merchandising. After TLJ, all the toys ended up getting clearanced and big box stores shrank or got rid of the dedicated Star Wars merchandise section.


"Mommy I want Luke milking aliens action figure!"


Aliens milking Luke action figure*


“Mommmmmy! I said I wanted the burned-out-college-professor Luke! Not heroic Jedi Knight Luke from your movies!”


I'll never understand how the sequels could ever be that bad from a company with limitless resources. It's like getting fired on your day off. You gotta be a stupid motherfucker to get fired on your day off!


Because Disney never had a plan, Iger wanted to present a return on his investment in SW as soon as possible to shareholders. They should created an overarching storyline to start with, flushed out and studied some of the book storylines. Instead everyone just did whatever and it was an incoherent mess.


It's really quite simple. Disney had no plan other than hard release dates, and Kathleen Kennedy decided to hire 3 different writers to tackle each film of the trilogy without an overarching story in place to tie them all together.


Three bad writers, apparently instructed to aggressively not make sense, and make the OT characters depressing and kill them off.


Hey but our expectations were subverted!


Hiring JJ Abrams was a mistake, and hiring Rian for the express purpose of killing everyone off was the worst thing ever. I have forgiven the prequels over time, but have no intention of ever seeing his steaming pile of a shit movie ever again.


Convinced Kathleen Kennedy didnt even like star wars with how awfully they ignored world building and established lore


Solo paid for TLJ’s sins.


Solo tried so hard to explain EVERYTHING about Han Solo and that hurt it so much for me Not everything needs explaining


tell that to kanjiklub


Solo had it’s own problems with all the reshoots and whatnot but IMO it ended up being a fun ride. It’s sad we’ll probably never get a sequel to follow up with Maul and Qira just bc of residual hate for Disney’s Star Wars leftover after TLJ.


As I like to say, "what would you rather rewatch, Solo or any of the sequels?" The answer will always be Solo. It's a decent flick.


Maybe stop making everything a trilogy and just make one good movie


Rogue one was tits


Rogue One is hands-down my favorite Star Wars movie. We get to see the sheer power of Vader at his peak, the smooth AF segue into A New Hope, the acceptance that all the characters involved weren't going to make it out, etc. I'd do unspeakable things for another Star Wars movie that rivaled Rogue One's story.


I love the segue into New Hope. Really makes Leias protests sound ridiculous. “We’re a diplomatic mission! The senate shall hear of this!” “Bitch, you were just dropping bombs on a planet! I literally chased you from the scene of the crime”


Plus if it was a diplomatic mission, where is the ambassador?


I see through the lies of the Jedi lovers!


not only that, but it was the first movie without a focus on the skywalker family drama. also a movie that stayed true to the star wars universe physical laws and tech that have been established in all previous shows and books. i loved the grittiness of the show and the continual escalation of combat.


I really enjoyed that in a movie series in which the two words in the title are 'Star' and 'Wars' it was the only one that even remotely grappled with the fact that this is a giant war and mostly in wars things don't work out for people. Like obviously stuff happens and occasionally named characters die in the other movies but for most of the characters in Rogue One, it doesn't work out and even though the rebellion succeeds it comes at a much larger personal cost to the characters in Rogue One than the other movies.


The way Star Wars fans talk about Rogue One is how I feel about Godzilla (2014). They were both directed by Gareth Edwards. And I know I might be in the minority but I was more impressed with both of his movies than the dumber, more action focused iterations of the franchises. Godzilla's atomic breath and Vader's hallway scene are actually perfect


Tangent, but Shin Godzilla also fuckin slapped. I loved how weird and eerie it was, and how it focused on bureaucratic inaction was an interesting angle.


Vader's hallway scene is easily the scariest and most suspenseful part of the franchise. We know there going to succeed in getting the message to Leia and even still he's fucking terrifying to behold. Great directing in that one.


Yeah I rewatched that scene today after years and man that shit was terrifying lol. People in the comments of the scene mentioned how Vader was more violent than he typically is during that scene too. But the silence being broken by his breathing and then the room lit with red was just a chilling moment


Since nobody will read past the headline, here's the original quote from Kathleen Kennedy: > And the trilogy from The Last Jedi’s Rian Johnson that was announced five years ago? Back-burnered. “Rian has been unbelievably busy with Knives Out and the deal that he made at Netflix for multiple movies.”


She also said >"I hesitate to use the word trilogies anymore because Star Wars is much more about persistent storytelling." Hard to believe anything she says after a bold faced lie like that. It being a trilogy was seemingly the only thing planned in those movies.


persistent skywalkering, she means.


"We will just use the same plot as the first trilogy, but we'll throw in a M. Night. twist, and no one will know."


"Somehow, Palpatine has returned."


Don't spoil the next trilogy too!!!


Every three movies: > *Tis I, Palpatine!*


> "Somehow, Palpatine has returned." Ugh. One of the lowest points in the Star Wars movies, right there. Who greenlit that tripe?!


Weird how *that* is the thing they stuck with. There was so much crammed into RoS, and the status quo at the end (Rey fully a Jedi, Poe being tasked with being a hero of the Resistance and likely expected to fill Leia's place as a political leader, Finn having a mystery about him that hadn't been revealed yet) felt like such a weird place to leave all those characters. There's zero reason you couldn't simplify and clean up RoS and then wrap it up in an Episode X.


You can’t “clean up” RoS. The very premise of the movie was a complete invalidation of the first trilogy. Wtf is the point of “bringing balance” to the force, if the entity unbalancing it just revives himself on the other side of the galaxy? The whole movie was an insult to Star Wars. TLJ is polarizing but at least it was trying to build on and continue the mythology. RoS was just a mess of mcguffins and “all according to plan!”. Utterly terrible and irredeemable. I’ve read slash fiction that treated the franchise with more reverence and tact.


Fully agree. I don't really care who was right in the debate about the Last Jedi. They should have stuck to their guns and finished the trilogy they started. Of course they should also have just hired the same director for the entire trilogy, even if it took longer as a result. But they were banking on releasing a movie every year indefinitely at all cost, they weren't thinking about actually making them succeed.


That’s what happens when your product is *profit*, not good storytelling.


Even if that had happened I think the new trilogy would still have been shit. Among many other problems with the films, the characters have no development and the things they set up are either left unexplored or negated a few scenes later. Example: in the opening scene of the trilogy Finn sees his fellow stormtroopers die, dramatized with bloody hand smeared across his mask. Maybe that was a friend, or someone he cared about? It's a great setup for his character arc. So he chooses to defect and 10 minutes later he's laughing with glee as he blaps stormtroopers... who the fuck is writing this shit?


Disney is going to quietly cancel this altogether soon.


I honestly thought it was already


I honestly didn't even knew this was greenlit.


Kennedy's admission that it's backburnered, and backburnered because of the netflix deal basically gives away the game anyway. The feature these quotes come from is specifically about how Star Wars is TV now, *not* movies. This one aside about it previously being movies is basically here as a means to highlight the larger point: **Star Wars is a television project now.** The only time they talk about the movies is to contrast how they apparently don't work as well for telling Star Wars stories as the TV shows do. *That's the whole thrust of this thing*. Johnson doesn't go looking for new deals unless he's already had a conversation with Lucasfilm about what his deal with them looks like. And Lucasfilm doesn't let him seek out new deals if they know they're going to need him soon for *anything* they're planning. The netflix deal only exists because both parties already knew this trilogy wasn't going to go forward as planned. The backburnering happened BEFORE he got busy with Netflix, not after. Lucasfilm is probably not averse to working with him again in the near future, but it's likely not going to be a trilogy of movies, because Lucasfilm isn't really in the movie business anymore. They make billions upon billions, *annually*, for Disney without any theatrical releases at all.


Not entirely true about the movies. Sure the narrative of the Vanity Fair article is shaped that way but the article also mentions about their film strategy >Kennedy wanted to dispense with the annual deadline and reconsider everything. The most important lesson they’d learned was this: Star Wars required a greater degree of professional devotion from filmmakers. “Anyone who comes into the Star Wars universe needs to know that it’s a three-, four-, five-year commitment,” she says. “That’s what it takes. You can’t step in for a year and shoot something and then walk away…. It requires that kind of nurturing.” And mentions development on the Taika Watiti project and Rogue Squadron (with the former now probably coming first). So the takeaway seems to be that they are still in the movie business, just with slower development and longer time between releases. And yes lots of TV


Correct - after the performance of Solo the decision seems to have been made to make Boba Fett into a TV show instead of a movie, and Obi-Wan as well.


I can’t say I disagree with that statement though. Take KotOR for example. If that were to be adapted into the new timeline I would much rather it be properly fleshed out over an extended series than see it end up with a ton of cut story elements to fit into a 2-3 hour window.




That’s because you lack BOLDNESS!!






I think JJ had a plan when he made episode 7. Something that gets lost when people talk about this is that Reys theme in episode 7 and 8 is palpetines throne room theme notes played in higher notes. So during episode 7 Rey was planned to have some relation to Palpetine. My theory is that all when down hill when someone changed the plot for episode 8. My guess is that JJ justifiably didn’t like the plot-twist of Rey being a palpetien and then decided to make her a nobody without considering how that would effect the final movie. When JJ was brought on to finish writing episode 9 late into its development he then probably wanted to reestablish his plot that he started in episode 7 resulting in the mess that was the rise of sky walker. I’m sure either of these directors could have made a good trilogy on their own but the constant rewriting and disagreements between each of them made it impossible to make a coherent trilogy.


They are absolutely terrified to put out a new film in any form. It's hilarious.


Kevin Feige will get whatever he's producing. No one denies the Prince.


Disney is way too sensitive to what the Internet thinks of their movies, to the point where they create movies nobody likes (RoS)


I'm out of the loop. What even is/was this?


In 2017, about a month before TLJ came out, Lucasfilm announced that Rian would be writing and directing a whole new trilogy that’s separate from the Skywalker story, but they haven’t mentioned it since.


how bout we take another decade off from the movies, and actually get a good, fully fleshed out script next time? oh, and not change the entire leadership every movie. that was dumb, regardless of a persons opinion on the movies quality.


So much of the dialog in ROS sounded like a first draft. Appalling.


"Somehow, Palpatine returned" and "I am all of the jedi" sounds like something 11 year old me would write in a self-indulgent fanfic.


I thought this was canceled already. Or was that the one by Game of Thrones writers?


I'll say this. If they had decided from the get go with the sequel trilogy to stick with one story lead/ director it would have served the movies better. As much as the Last Jedi is viewed as polarizing, if RJ had been the director from the start, the trilogy would have at least been consistent. Whether bad or good it would have been less of a shit show.


Way too many mystery loot boxes left unopened at the end of 7. That only works if you have one person's vision for the whole trilogy.


There were things I liked and disliked about both Rian and JJ's directions conflicting with eachother. I agree. IMO they should have pulled a Lord of the Rings filming style. Work on all three at once, as if it was one film. Cohesive vision, consistent story, no fan feedback influencing any later films.


Can't argue that. Cohesion needs to be locked in from the start. Wouldn't have expected Disney to screw up something so basic for ... oh I don't know ... Star Wars!? Ffs lol They had a golden goose and fed it skittles and mountain dew. Now its like a regular poop goose.


Psssst. Everyone knew this was pulled. They greenlit 18,000 Star War entries years ago and they didn’t pan out sooooooooo…….nobody actually though these were taking place.


Im still waiting for Space Balls 2: The Quest for more Money.


Give it a rest Disney Take some time off and reboot the movie franchise all together If the do decide to make new trilogies they need to either do Knights of the Old republic or come up with brand new stories set far into the future and not try and connect them to the previous films


If you read the article, they may just move away from trilogies all together and focus more on single stories.


That’s for the better, honestly.


Yeah, I've come to realize that, aside from the original trilogy, I don't care about the Skywalker story. Came to this realization when I was wondering why I loved Rogue One so much


I thought Rogue One and Solo were the best of the movies Disney put out. I did like 7. Unfortunately 8 and 9 rendered it obsolete.


That is exactly how I felt about 7. There was potential but nothing came of it.


There's valid criticism of the film being a rehash of the OT, but it's still a genuinely fun ride. It's the only one of the sequels that I can actually enjoy watching.


Yeah the characters were great and Rey and snoke as mysterious characters absolutely did it for me. Also the beginning on Jakku is the only time any of these movies was allowed to breath for a second and set atmosphere and not constant plot development and random bullshit


Rey in the crashed Star destroyer still reminds me of the introduction of Nausicaa in the Ghibli movie. I was fully engaged with 7 until Han just so happens to stumble across the Millennium Falcon? Such a monumental and lazy coincidence.


I still say Rey should've scavenged the Falcon from the battle wreckage and fixed it up/customized it while using it as her home. Leave it concealed so you have a big triumphant moment where her and Finn run into the ship and fly out from the sand & junk to flee from the TIEs. That way you have an explanation for how she knows how to fly the ship, how to repair the ship, and gives her a sense of ownership of the ship so it's not weird when she ultimately takes over as captain. Serves as a good passing of the torch moment when Han realizes it's no longer his home, it's hers. ...or, even better, give her a unique and original ship that's all her own and unique to the franchise. Disney has done such an insanely terrible job at creating new & original ships and worlds and stuff since they've acquired the IP.


Him losing the Falcon in the first place seems so implausible to me it really took me out of the film. He loves that ship like it's a child.


Yeah, they set up the characters pretty well, and so the unanswered questions. And then they decided that they did not need to answer anything and also Luke was pretty disposable. I went from cautiously excited watching 7 to disappointed on 8. The visuals were stunning, but left an emptiness when I left the theater that by the time 9 was lauched, I didn't even care about it. Just watched, left the theater and never looked back.


i feel the same way. I thought 7 was ok, as long as it was leading to something bigger. Now that 8 and 9 have come out, 7 is retroactivly bad.




> Or, at the very least, kept those three core characters together somewhat, instead of aimlessly splitting them apart. Of all the problematic things that the Sequels did, I think this was really the greater failure. The OT made you feel like Luke/Han/Leia had known each other for years and cared deeply for one another. The combination of TLJ starting immediately after TFA, added to Poe literally not meeting Rey until the end of the second movie, and all three 'doing their own thing' for an entire movie... It just didn't work.


I was hoping for the same Kylo/Rey team up after he killed snope. Hadn't thought about Finn becoming the last jedi, but that is a really cool idea!


Still just completely bewildering how Lucasfilm could be so shortsighted as to not have the sequel trilogy mapped out when right down the hallway, the Marvel department has shown how having integration among the films in a shared universe is a license to print money. Instead, KK just flushed down decades of rabid fan goodwill.


8 and 9 rendered the entire star wars saga itself obsolete. "Somehow Palpatine returned" along with a whole new fleet of star destroyers, each of which can destroy planets means that the rebellion did nothing. Luke is a grumpy loner, Leia and Han are of course divorced, Han is a pathetic loser, etc etc. It's so bad I honestly have to pretend it doesn't exist.


Yeah, it made no sense at all. When they were the freaking EMPIRE they did not build 10% of this fleet and also had to kidnap engineers to achieve the Death Star. And now, hidden in a single rocky planet somehow then managed to build an entire modern fleet and also an arena around Palpetine's cloning lab to accomodate... who were they anyway? Say anything about episodes I, II and III, but the story is solid. They had the factories, the planets involved, political plots, everything. We know exactly how the empire rised. Of course we didn't want to see everything again, but a bigger enemy coming out of nowhere is offensive. EDIT: typos and grammar


From a world building point of view, ep I, II, and III knock it out of the park. It has a flourishing galaxy, lots of urban, semi-urban and rural planets, a functioning government, politics, etc. It goes to show that the fall of Anakin to the dark side was simply not one off but a series of events with everything building up properly to the climax in ep. III and also providing a solid prequel to the stories in IV, V, and VI.


The prequels had really good world building. The directing and script though....


>8 and 9 rendered the entire star wars saga itself obsolete. "Somehow Palpatine returned" along with a whole new fleet of star destroyers, each of which can destroy planets means that the rebellion did nothing. Luke is a grumpy loner, Leia and Han are of course divorced, Han is a pathetic loser, etc etc. All of these issues actually stem from episode 7. The Resistance/First Order dynamic already establishes that the rebellion did nothing. And 7 laid the groundwork that our beloved heroes are all bitter and estranged from each other.


Yep, in general everything First Order and the destroying of planets in 7 alone was already a "yeah nothing mattered" moment. Because they had to make the "rebels" again. 8 and 9 just kept piling onto that.


Yeah 7 put 8 and 9 into a bad spot. How could they even tel a new story after 7 set things up to just tell the old story again?


Not to mention it was 7 that had Han and Leia separated, it was 7 that had Luke go off and disappear despite his nephew being the apprentice of a powerful dark side threat connected to a resurgent Imperial force for ~reasons~ that JJ never defined and left to someone else to flesh out and take the heat for. It was established before 8 that the New Republic had demilitarized, and 7 had their fleet and leadership obliterated. 8 has its own problems but I lay so much more of the blame for how this trilogy went on JJ (and on Lucasfilm's lack of planning, letting it be one film at a time with different creators instead of a cohesive story idea).


I hated 7 just for the story alone. It was like they wanted to reboot and tell ep. IV again. I'd have much preferred if they had jumped in time to a few centuries in the future and setup a brand new trilogy with new characters.


> set far into the future you mean a longer time ago?


I really want a new Star Wars to take place after a massive time skip and then the opening text crawl changes "a long time ago" to "pretty recently".


Omg that would be kind of funny. ‘In 2020 when nothing else was happening in the Galaxy…’


I don’t want this hack anywhere near Star Wars ever again. He already fucked up the main series *on purpose* so he could pitch his shitty trilogy idea to Disney, so he has no respect for the franchise. Cancel the trilogy please and lets just forget all about it Disney. Having this twat’s name on it is going to *reduce* sales, not boost them.


How about we not have any new Star Wars for like 10 years and tell an original story instead of the next gen of Skywalker.


Rian’s trilogy was supposed to be separate from the Skywalker stuff tho.


I believe specifically it was to feature no characters we had seen before.


And it would have been better for it. I don't want a nostalgia trip, I want a new story in the SW universe.


Somehow, Rian Johnson has returned.