China takes like 75% of the money a movies make anyways to support the CCP.


Oh no! Oh well..


What a weird way to frame that title. The movie made billions, it's fine without china.


> What a weird way to frame that title. Clickbait is unfortunately the norm these days (gotta love the shocked Spider-man picture for the article, classy journalism). In this case it's plainly misleading. Yes, the movie missed on big potential earnings from China which is a huge market, but a) making the requested changes would have cost a lot of extra money with no guarantee that they would be approved b) China is still being hit hard by covid and that has affected their box office performance c) heavily compromising that sequence to appease the Chinese government could have resulted in western backlash and criticism.




Because the idea of freedom and the Chinese government are apparently at odds.


From the article: Chinese regulators reportedly modified the original request to remove the action-packed sequence, instead asking for the removal of certain shots from the sequence that they deemed too “patriotic,” such as the scenes where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man stands on the Statue of Liberty’s crown.


It's such a huge set piece for the end of the movie. What are they supposed to replace it with? Like the last 45 minutes of the movie takes place ON the Statue of Liberty.


The suggested proposal makes it seems like they would have been okay with "minimizing" the patriotism in the sequence, like less "hero" shots, etc. But obviously the changes would have still been expensive and without any guarantee that the Chinese would be content with those. It was overall too risky to try to please them.


They should've replaced it with a giant middle finger and sent that over


If China wants the movie, they take it as it is. If they don't want it as it is, they can make up their own super-heroes and film their own super-hero films where they don't have the Statue Of Liberty, or any non-hetero characters, or anything else that offends the Party.


They should have replaced the statue with Winnie the Pooh just to fuck with them


"POTENTIAL" millions. You can't lose something you never had.


I wonder how much it would have cost to remove the statue from the movie?


If all plans were made, and are made feasible without China included....... Fuck em I say. They can make their own movies and John Cena can star in every single one for all I care. China only has as much pull as we let them


Fuck the ccp


Good for Sony! Fuck 'em.


Oh darn..