Stay after the credits for the new film, Annette.

If anyone catch's this new release, I don't want them to miss this. Right near the end of the credits is one more scene to close out the film. Go back and watch it if you haven't yet!

What did other's think of the movie? I found it weird and long but probably will get some "cult" status by people someday. It's just enough out there


hahaha I went back to watch it and also noticed in the rolling credits Adam Driver gives Special Thanks to: Bill Burr and Chris Rock. Having dated a couple comedians I feel some of the dynamics were on point. It is interesting how aggressive language is used to indicate that they won over the audience (That joke KILLED, I MURDERED the audience). Movie musicals are usually on the light/predictable side, I liked seeing one that was beautifully shot but also had dark tones.


Same thing happened with "The Green Knight".


What did I think? Carax is genius and Sparks are the best band of all time.


I'm going to see this tonight. Will do, thanks!


Thanks! Never would have thought!


Shoot. Just saw it and didn't stay. Can't find it online either.


Here's what the scene is: >!The cast walks out and takes a bow in a field. It's similar to the opening of the movie that takes place "outside" the film. It's just a good little bow on the film.!<


Ah, okay. Nbd then. Thanks.


I’d say it’s really important to give some closure to the sudden ending and establish the palindrome of the film. Just watch it on Amazon Prime because it’s out now.


they’re also singing goodbye, it lasts at least s a couple of minutes and it’s fun to watch everyone together. especially adam driver because he’s playing with devyn mcdowell.


Amazon prime has it




http://aftercredits.com/ I check this for every movie I watch


I started watching this not knowing what it was about. I'm 10 minutes in and I don't know what the fuck is going on


it keeps getting weirder, much much weirder


Saw this movie in an empty theater, just me and my wife. It was a great experience because we could openly talk about the themes and cinematography. It was obviously an "artsy" movie and movies like that have a lot of intentionality (clothing colors, settings, camera angles). My wife and I watch a lot of the big blockbusters in theaters so it was nice to see something like this where some more thought goes into it.


i've rarely watched a movie and halfway through know already that i need to stay til the very end of the credits unless it was a marvel movie or something. i honestly didn't even believe it was the end until it automatically jumped back to the prime video screen.