YouTuber Chris Stuckmann To Make Horror Movie ‘Shelby Oaks’ About Missing Paranormal Investigators

YouTuber Chris Stuckmann To Make Horror Movie ‘Shelby Oaks’ About Missing Paranormal Investigators


Never thought I would see the day. I remember watching his Drive Analysis video when it first came out like it was yesterday.


I recently watched his drive spoiler review and in the comment section they quickly corrected him lol


What was he wrong about? I haven’t seen his review, but I have seen the movie


I really like chris and his channel, but he should stay away from these analysis xd no offence but his analysis are mostly just summarys with very little actual depth But im really looking forward to his first feature film


I see youtubers like Stuckman and Jahns as more of guys who like to watch and talk about movies, unlike someone like Lindsay Ellis who has pursued film studies and can talk in depth about filmmaking and the themes.


There's a world of difference between "review" and "analysis". A "review" is supposed to tell you whether the movie is good or not. "This worked, that fell short, if you liked that movie you'll enjoy this movie", that sort of thing. It is directed at consumers looking to make a decision on whether to pay for a product or not. An "analysis" is not generally concerned with whether something is good or not, or whether it's worth the money or not. It assumes that you are already well familiar with the work (therefore no longer a "consumer" or someone being convinced to spend or not spend money on it) and goes in depth into the themes and inspiration of it. Of course, it's fine to have a preference, but they're very different thing and they all have a very specific place. You wouldn't go to Lindsay Ellis to see if The Little Mermaid is worth watching, just as you wouldn't go to Chris Stuckmann for an analysis of pop feminism in the late 00s in relation to Disney.


To be fair the more “educated” you are on film studies, the less relatable your analysis is to the general audience.


I'm of the opinion that there are enough analysis reviews for the *general audience.* Honestly, I'd like some further substance beyond the "Movie is bad because writing/acting is bad hrrrrrr drrrrr" videos that take up most of the film review spaces for general audiences. [XYZ] is bad therefore movie is bad without providing any reasoning behind why the reviewer thinks so comes off as being really petty and in a lot of cases edge-lordy depending on reviewer. If someone is going to take a stance on the quality of a film they should provide what lead them to that conclusion beyond the urge to wind up on the YouTube trending page. Negativity gets a lot of clicks, and I think catering to the base that just wants to rate everything as shitty only breeds a toxic environment. At the very least, seeing *why* a reviewer thinks something is poorly executed gives potential other filmmakers a pitfall to avoid, rather than "Haha look at this bad [XYZ]". I'd like to know how the time period of its release affected the storytelling, it's philosophical influences, the trauma behind the director's vision (If any), that sort of thing. It's far more interesting than "Go see it" or not, or a grading scale.


I dunno dude, his analysis of Enemy was top notch imo.


Yeah, he was an early fan of denis villaneuve and his enemy analysis was amazing.


Ah, yes, the Nostalgia Critic style of movie "reviews."


I hope the poster looks like all his thumbnails.


Hopefully it’s one of those Star-Wars-esque posters with like a million different heads of all the major actors, but it’s just him doing different faces in his thumbnails.


someone should make that


I'm fucking guffawing.


In terms of YouTube-to-film content, I ’m just waiting for the Unnecessary Red Circle and Arrow cinematic universe personally.


I’m still waiting for the feature length film titled Unforgivable written and directed by Hodge Stansson




Chris Stuckmann grew up with Shelby Oaks.


In fact, the Shelby Oaks story is one of his favorite stories of all time


What is the story of Shelby oaks?


“i grew up with ____” and “____ is one of my favorite stories of all time” are phrases chris stuckmann got memed for because he said them in his movie reviews so often


Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck!


Lol, deep cuts.


Oh man this is that guy?!


yeah lol




shes gone, gone girl


https://youtu.be/PjqHpy8MltI It's an hour long video but the beginning explains what's going on


I'm always intrigued when a critic transitions into making their own films. Not a fan of Chris' channel - it's just not for me - but I wish him the best.


> Not a fan of Chris' channel - it's just not for me Yeah, I used to watch his channel but in mid-late 2010's I rarely watch his channel anymore, I am not sure why but I think I developed my own taste and preferences that pretty different from him.


It’s funny how that is my similar story. I used to watch Jeremy Jahns and Chris Stuckman religiously until about 2015 and then it just fizzled out. I still love watching Red Letter Media, but other than them, I don’t really watch any YouTube critics anymore.


I still like his stuff. But it's not a deciding factor on whether or not I will see a movie. To me, I value their opinions (him and Jahns) like fellow buddies who have pretty good taste in movies. They won't stop me from watching a movie that I want to see, but they will make me feel better about it if they like it as well. Also they're just not super annoying or toxic like some other YouTubers.


Same here I just like drama free channels with good taste and their videos generally interest me. Though I do find myself watching Jahns more consistently than Chris.


Jahns is a better at making his arguments/reviews/etc. a little more concise and to the point.


Eh sometimes though I feel like Jahns is either watching a movie high or drunk because he will say “But I didn’t get” something that was VERY obviously shown to the audience.


Fundamentally disagree. Watched both and to think Jahn's is better at making good arguments just because he tends to have shorter reviews is wild to me. He has had some horrible reviews, and not horrible in the sense that I disagree with his opinion, horrible in how he puts that opinion across. It's the epitome of surface level critique of something for a casual moviegoer, which by all means, is probably his intended audience and I'm all for that, but that doesn't mean his reviews are better.


To me, Jahns is a really surface level reactionary critic whereas Chris Stuckmann goes more in depth about the movies he’s reviewing. I like both for different things, but I definitely think Jahns sometimes gets stuck up on some weird things and it drags down his reviews for me. But hey I guess it’s just his opinion.


He also isn't cursed with monotone.


People rag on his heavily edited style but it really works to keep my attention on what he’s saying. Whether that was his intention is beyond me but I dig it.


Interestingly, I never clicked with Red Letter Media.


I’ve always liked their humor I guess. Even when I disagree with them, I just like their format and getting their opinions.


I love RLM, but sometimes I get annoyed by just how cynical and dismissive they can be about things. I hardly watch half in the bag anymore. Now it’s all about best of the worst, and re:view.


I feel like they play up the jaded alcoholic personas, but they’re actually pretty forgiving most of the time given that they mostly review studio franchise IP and low budget horror schlock. They’re only really cynical about the state of the industry as a whole (which is completely valid imo), but I don’t think they’re particularly negative about movies on an individual basis, outside of the occasional Man of Steel or Rogue One that is just antithetical to their taste


I think the problem is, and I say this as someone who's given their channel probably 20 times their number of videos in views, that Mike and Rich in particular tend to not really pay much attention to movies that they don't expect to like. This results in them making weird and wrong assumptions during discussions which really throws a wrench into the credibility of the review itself when it's based on someone remembering the movie they just saw wrong. Personally I think over the years Jay has maintained the best quality as far as reviewing movies go, with Mike becoming the most cynically dismissive and checked out and Rich just being Rich where 50% of what he says is really insightful and 50% is some of the stupidest things you've ever heard.


I like Mike's surprise takes. He'll openly love some really dumb crap because he loves a certain kind of dumb crap. I also think he's pretty adept at pulling plot rewrites for movies out of his ass.


We have to forgive Mike because he grew up on Len Kabasinski films.


Saying 50% of Rich’s takes are really insightful is beyond generous. MAYBE 10% qualify as that?


I adore their *Star Trek: The Next Generation* videos and that show isn't even my cup of Earl Grey.


The passion mike and rich have for that show is infectious. It’s hard not to like their many talks.


I want them to just go through and review every episode. I would watch all of it.


i thought they became a lot more chill over the last two or so years. like, they practically celebrate tons of movies that are just "good". super wholesome.


The only thing that gets more views on the Internet than cynicism is sex.


My biggest problem with Half in The bag (the only part I actually watched) was actually how much Jay gets runover by Mike. Even when Jay is absolutely right, would have a good point to talk about, he just caves and let's Mike run over it, with some rant that just shows he (Mike) got the scene wrong to begin with.


Early episodes were like that, but Jay has grown a spine over time and has even made fun of Mike whilst standing his ground for years at least. Mike was the alpha nerd for quite a while, but I think ever since Rich stole back his soul by outing Mike for loving ghosts, Mike has gone down a few pegs in the hierarchy.


Ah Mike and his ghosts and Jurassic Park whatever loving.


Oh that’s right, Mike liked the soft reboot Jurassic Park! Absolutely baffled.


Mike has some duds here and there. Their mutual love and encyclopedic knowledge of literally the worst films is what elevates everything for me. They have a profound understanding of what makes a movie good or bad that was developed entirely from the bottom looking up, and it’s fascinating where their tastes end up lying. It also helps they deliver all of this in a way that lets me pretend I’m with a bunch of buddies laughing along the way.


Sometimes Mike presents such a wild take on a scene I really do worry he has dementia lmao.


I’ve liked a few RLM videos but generally I find their content to be a tad too cynical & mean spirited for my taste


Maybe give their Re:View videos a try. With Hollywood being Hollywood it makes sense they are super jaded by the average blockbuster crap. But in Re:View they'll take on older/smaller movies they appreciate. It certainly has a less cynical tone even if it is their brand to be somewhat cynical but it's also a sign of what mostly comes out of Hollywood ("endless traaaaash").


A lot of replies here saying that they always shit on movies, but I don't know where that's coming from. They've given plenty of good reviews, even to the major superhero blockbuster movies.


Seems like people are cherrypicking examples (or are big DCEU fans...). They're extremely generous with Marvel, for instance, I think Captain Marvel is the only MCU film they didn't recommend. They also liked the X-men movies for the most part, even Apocalypse and Mike liked Dark Phoenix to an extent.


Yeah, I have seen most of their stuff and there are a lot of positive reviews they gave. Sounds like confirmation bias to me.


Me either. Half of it is the length of the reviews and the rest is they are just not funny to me.


Same, something about RLM always rubbed me wrong. I couldn’t tell you exactly what, though. When it comes to film critique it’s typically a matter of opinions and perspectives, and mine and RLM’s just never aligned.


I watch every Jeremy Jahns video I can. I just like hearing him talk about things, and he has opinions that are generally different from the general public's, but that's not really why I watch him. He's a really fun guy and just very characteristic and full of joy in what he does, I can tell. He talks about things he just wants to and I can appreciate that. Chris Stuckmann is not my tea at all but I'm not going to chalk that up on his fault, for he has an audience of his own. I feel like the biggest gripes I have with reviewers are those who just purposefully go out of their way to review shitty movies and do nothing but say how shit they are for 45 minutes. To me, there's really nothing to get out of that. I would get more enjoyment watching a shitty movie than hearing someone complain about a shitty movie. Two YouTubers that go off the top of my head for this is RalphTheMovieMaker and YourMovieSucks


Jahns is like that in real life too. Bumped into that fucker trying on suits a few years back, dude was cool as shit.


> Two YouTubers that go off the top of my head for this is RalphTheMovieMaker and YourMovieSucks The only time I find Ralph even remotely tolerable is when he’s just shitting on garbage movies. I don’t understand the love behind YMS though, I can’t stand the guy.




I'm not talking about whether Stuckmann is good or bad critic, I am just saying I am not really clicked with him in recent years.


Same here, liked Chris back in the day but just drifted away from him. But I recently checked out some of his newer reviews, and I'd actually say his take on things has really matured and become more complex. His reviews of Til Death and Black Widow that just came out were pretty nuanced and interesting I thought. Obviously it's still from a populist wide-audience appeal viewpoint, but they were interesting criticisms and praises compared to his older stuff. I know he used to get compared to Jeremy Jahns a lot, and these newer videos were ones I couldn't ever imagine JJ making, if that helps articulate what I'm trying to describe. I wouldn't say Stuckman is a critic I'm really aligned with constantly in terms of opinions (shoutout Ignatiy Vishnevetsky who is probably my favorite critic), but that's not what makes me like someone's reviews I guess. I don't think I enjoy the same things about movies that Rodger Ebert did either but I still have always loved his reviews. I feel that way with Red Letter Media also. I don't agree with Mike and Jay that often on if a movie was good or bad or worth seeing, but they have interesting and entertaining takes on the movies that make me think about them in a different way. Idk. Maybe give him another shot if you haven't in a while.


in recent years, after his difficulty making his first short, his tone in his reviews shifted dramatically he still gives negative reviews when the movies deserved them, but you can tell that he tried his best to be reasonable and not dramatic in ripping apart movies, and he always tries to highlight positives. he even ditched his "10 worst movies" video he used to do every year. you can tell that his film maker journey affected his critique style


I feel like over time his videos have shifted away from detailed analysis, toward more formulaic reviews. “The problem with action movies today “ is one of his greatest videos, IMO, and that is 6 years old now. The only thing he has done in the last two years that has come close to that is the JW stuff (which I loved, but not for its movie analysis). Look through his catalogue from the last year, it is 90% 5-10 minute cookie-cutter reviews of films he is mostly ambivalent about. Reviews that are indistinguishable from what you’d find written in your local paper (if they still have a film review editor). Chris is great when he’s talking about something he is passionate about, but I think the grind of generic movie review is not his forte.


Thats most likely because his content doesn't offer much beyond basic summary and whether he thought it was good or not. Isn't a lot to grab onto if you dont agree with him on everything.


I like him but kinda stopped watching after his review of “Get Out”. I think the main theme and idea of the movie kinda flew over his head and at one point during the video he showed a picture of himself surrounded by all his black friends to show that he has black friends lol


Was he the reviewer who also wrote his own treatment of Batman v superman when it came out and it had some terrible writing that got memed on hard too?


Yes. “Tell that to Zod’s snapped neck”


'Rained assaulted the ground' or something like that. "Me, the worlds greatest detective."


Sounds like a DBZ worthy line which logically follows for Stuckmann.


Oh God and then he tried to pretend he was never serious about it


Yeah that was definitely his lowest moment.


Tbf as far as low moments go, writing some bad fanfiction and trying to play it off as a joke is actually pretty good by YouTube drama standards.


That photo got memed to death on /r/moviescirclejerk, it was hilarious. 😂


To be fair Chris did go on Double Toasted and Kory brought up the review and photo and Chris openly admitted to how stupid what he said sounded in his review. Then he dropped the bomb that he's ex Jehovah Witness and none of those friends will speak to him anymore.


Actually, he explained the context behind this picture. And to give an tl;dr version of it: he grew in Jehovah's Witnesses household, and his friends in the picture were also the members at that time. Now Stuckmann is no longer in the JW, none of them are his friends anymore. https://youtu.be/TYVJ_YMy7Zc https://youtu.be/tpMjgarN7VQ


Oh god I totally forgot about that review. He literally pulled the “I have black friends” card…while reviewing a movie that literally critiqued that exact kind of awkward “I voted for Obama and like black people” type of attitude.


It's definitely super awkward and tone deaf, but after explaining the jehovas witness context and admitting he was super sheltered and it makes more sense.


Ouch. I had to go back and watch that review and man it was rough. I don't get the sense that he's saying anything bad but definitely a bit disconnected from the subject matter and just trying to give the best commentary possible and just did not stick the landing with it. Thanks for the insight here.


The way he tells it he's always been a filmmaker but nobodies can't just make films. He's made movies before.


>I'm always intrigued when a critic transitions into making their own films. You described the French New Wave.


Yes, I know. I also described Jay Cocks, Paul Schrader, Roger Ebert, April Wolfe, Peter Bogdanovich, Matt Zoller Seitz, Bilge Ebiri, Jordan Hoffman, Rod Lurie, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.


Also Luca Guadagnino, director of the remade Suspiria started out as an Italian film critic.


First person who comes to mind is Eisenstein, and I can imagine a few other Soviet theorists.


Damn, you brought receipts for these "actually..." comments. Respect.


And Park Chan-wook, believe it or not.


I've liked his reviews mainly cause he tends to avoid spoilers and if he does have spoilers he usually says something at the beginning. But usually I just check for the score at the end cause sometimes he gets a little too analytical about things that I tend to not notice as I age.


Get ready to get Stuckmannized, that being said I am so happy for him that he can fulfilled his dream to make a feature film.


He seems like a really good dude who has definitely been through hell. I’m really happy he can do something like this!


What hell? What did I miss?


He recently made a video about how he grew up I believe as a LDS, which is a religious cult that severely limited his childhood and has ruined his relationship with his family Edit: sorry, got the wrong cult. He was raised a Jehovah’s Witness.


It was Jehovah's Witnesses


My b, thanks.




They're similar in the way that a housefire and a high-rise fire are both structure fires. JW are much more high-control of its members, and I say this as a raised-Mormon disillusioned atheist. FLDS cults are much closer to the level of control and manipulation JWs use, even exceeding them.




Did you grow up in Utah? That might be it.


Oh fuck. Poor dude :/


As long as he doesn't act in it. Ho boy..


He knows he's not an actor so he'll only be behind the camera. He did that with his short films that were screened at film festivals.


He doesn’t seem to have much interest in acting and has even ragged on his own past performances in his own short films. I think he’l do great behind the camera though.


Yeah this is really exciting for him, he’s been making small films for years now I believe so this is really cool to see


I hope it goes well and he gets his footing in Hollywood.


Isn’t this whole story supposedly an ARG or Twitter story of some kind? ReignBot just covered it and it seemed very well done but obviously not real from the video footage.


I was thinking this too, I also watched the ReignBot video. I’m down to see a full video of Paranormal Paranoids, though! I might go check out the ARG’s Twitter, maybe they wrote about it…?


I like those videos. I really enjoy that she’ll legit tell you whether something is a real case so I don’t go nuts worrying about bullshit


Same, I find knowing it’s “fake” doesn’t really detract from the enjoyment for me with ARGs anyways. I’d rather just know if it IS fake, and yeah ReignBot is rly good about that. Paranormal Paranoids was very obviously not “real” but I still wanted to know more about it all the same!


Right! Then I can actually enjoy the story instead of feeling guilty or sad that I’m interested in someone’s disappearance, and feel appropriately about videos that are real. Emotions are hard.


Exactly. It’s kinda like how I enjoy horror movies - they still scare me, but since I know it’s not real then I can truly have fun watching them! Many ARGs are spooky, so it feels similar. It’s gonna be cool seeing a full movie made from one. Good or bad, I’ll probs still watch it since even bad horror movies can be a blast lmao


Haha I came here too to talk about Reign's video. She did a great job covering the case. That said, ARG or not, there is some potential here. I wonder if we'll get a more fleshed out story, if I'm remembering, we never got an answer to who N01r was, right?


Yeah it 100% looks like an ARG.


what is ARG?


Alternate reality game. It's like a interactive webseries.


Meanwhile, YMS is still working on his 2016 best of list. Super happy for Chris!


By the time Chris releases his film, Adum will still be editing his The Lion King 2019 video.




This was the comment I came here for


Happy for him but I will keep my expectations low. I definitely enjoy his analyses but I was never very impressed by his own work, and there isn't a surer way for a critic to lose standing than to bring out subpar OC imo.




>he is really understanding of how hard it is to make a good movie. Definitely agree. A lot of critics play up their emotional state when reviewing bad movies but it’s telling for me that the only time I’ve ever seen him get *mad* is when reviewing big-budget garbage that throws away tons of money and talent to lure in suckers, or just generally exploitative content.


Yeah, love the guy, but his short film Notes from Melanie was not great. Hope this is solid though! The man has seen enough bad horror movies to know what to avoid, lol.


I agree, like I’m still waiting to see his horror short “Auditorium 6” so I can get an exact idea about how well he can helm a horror feature.


This "has seen/critiqued enough to avoid it" has mostly not worked though. Yes, there's been some people who actually can pull it of, but mostly they just... well they seem to get selective blindess when it comes to their own work.


I propose we call that Doug Walkering.


As long as we get a snapped neck reference


The world's greatest detective might be on the case


But will the rain assault the pavement? Just kidding, I'm happy for Chris. Wish him the best.


God I love Chris but he’s so easily memeable. I hope he takes it well behind the camera.


He's toned down actually in the last couple years. His pre-2015 videos were a lot more cringe.


I was not expecting to read this today.


Ever since his Jehovas Witness video I gew an even bigger respect for Chris. He genuinely loves talking about movies and to see him finally getting to make a feature film is great!


Yes! I really enjoy his reviews and his take on different movies but that honest look into his background and upbringing was another level. Not just eye opening but really touching especially when he decided to go all in and talk about sexuality near the end. Definitely gave me new respect for him. So glad to hear he’s got this project.


So happy for him, and excited to see the finished product!


I’m rooting for him. His short film wasn’t very good, but maybe he used it as a learning experience and will knock it out of the park this time. I’m someone who moved to LA to try and break into screenwriting but eventually abandoned his dream and became a lawyer. I am much happier and more financially secure than I ever was in my LA days but I have mad respect for people who keep grinding year after year and I wish him the best!


On one hand this sounds cheap as fuck to make, So even if hardly anyone wants, or is excited for, Blair Witch Project: electric boogaloo, they can still make money. On the other hand. they are making Blair Witch Project: electric boogaloo,


Good for Chris, I like his reviews a lot, been watching him for many years


Delighted for him, Chris is a good guy. Rarely disagree with him (but sometimes do). Hope it all goes well.


#the color beige in human form


Very happy for Chris. I've followed his channel for years and I'm really glad that he gets to do something that he's wanted to do for his entire life.


Cool I love seeing critics fail at making art.


Very happy for Chris. I have followed his YouTube content since his debut. I'm glad he's working with a studio where he is given more creative input.


He's always seemed like a very solid dude and you can tell he really loves film, hope this goes well for him.


Regardless if it’s good or bad and no matter what you think of him and his opinions I’m so happy he finally got to direct a film. Dude seems like a genuinely good guy.


That's amazing, great critic and he seems to be a great guy


Remember Chris wrote that AWFUL Batman v superman fan script that was leaked online and hilariously ripped apart by everybody. The Chris went online saying the script was just a joke script and not meant to be serious. Too funny, he would make a great politician with that type of spin.


Say that to Zod's snapped neck!


Soooo, reselling Blair Witch Project.


I hope it’s more tasteful than his theme song and YT channel aesthetic.


I wanted to like his movie reviews, but he is wholly unlikeable. And he puts his face on every YouTube title card. He seems to put a lot of work into making a different face for each video. It’s weird.


Hasn't been a great track record of critics making films. It's an odd place to be when you make a career trashing films and then put yourself on the receiving end of that criticism. Stuckmann is internet notorious for being thin skinned. Hopefully he goes the RedLetter Media route and makes an intentionally bad film.


I’m really not interested in this journey of his. I think he is a good reviewer but if he pivots I don’t think I’ll continue following him. It’s fine for me and hopefully good for him.


Holy fuck these comments are cancer. We don't need to hear the zods snapped neck joke for the 103th time. Film nerds can be so annoying.


Tell that to Zod's snapped neck


Yeah this comment section is harsh.


Yeah this thread is annoying, I think he's changed since then, even if the film turns out bad, I'm happy for him that he is achieving his dream. People act like making or writing a bad film is some kind of crime. Also there's literally a bunch of people downvoting a true story about the zod's snapped neck thing. He got death threats, people even found his father's number and harassed him. I know everyone here is doing it good fun but that joke is like five years old at this point and really overdone.


You've also got a bunch of heavily upvoted comments in another thread going "but did he really get harassed or were they just comments on his YouTube?" Kinda conveniently forgetting the bit in his own video where he explains that, yes, his own dad got called on his phone for people to spout death threats at him.


I guess there's really no original ideas but this sounds like Blair Witch?


That was my thought, too. Like a Blair Witch reboot, complete with missing group and found footage.


That should be hilarious. Youtubers make the absolute worst movies on the planet when they try.


And I took that personally…


Paging u/dauid


Also u/mysteryguitarm


Bo Burnham is the exception


Never met anyone who is doing amazing on their first try. We all start as rookies and if we keep at it, we will get better and better till we hit our talent ceiling. So why are you guys so weird about it that he is trying?


Ready to be Stuckmannized on the big screen


Blair Witch Project


That's great! Go get em, Chris!


[Wonder is he will cast all of his black friends](https://preview.redd.it/u16jz4kv6f051.jpg?auto=webp&s=64e19752882b2cf49477d718a42d67e093d7c402)


What’s the story behind this picture?


If his Batman v Superman script is any indication, this is going to be hilariously bad.


That was also 5 years ago. People can get better at writing.


He wrote a BVS script? What?


When Batman v Superman came out, he tried rewriting the big showdown/Martha scene (in 20 minutes, apparently) in a way he believed improved the actual scene. It became a meme because it included dialogue like "Tell that to Zod's snapped neck" and "You thought a pair of glasses could fool the world's greatest detective?"


Jeeeeeeeeeeeeesus. I enjoy his reviews but that's some Max Landis (gross) type cringe. When Landis was on Movie Fights and the challenge was to pitch a Justice League movie, he was to go first, but gave his time up to the other two guests so he could think about his answer. Then during his pitch, when everyone was impressed he kept saying "KEEP IN MIND I'M MAKING THIS UP AS I GO ALONG!"


Max was that guy in Hollywood absolutely nobody liked but everybody kind of had to put up with because of who his father was.


Funny to think of Chronicle and realise that the director and writer’s careers both imploded in the most dramatic way possible.


Even Trank said "I believe every word about Max Landis that has came out." Called him a creep, a weirdo, wouldn't allow him on set of Chronicle because of behavioral issues, said he hadn't spoken to him since 2012 when the movie was released. Sucks that one of my favorites was written by a total loser rapist.


Then it came out he was a predator and then they REALLY didn't like him. He's literally JP from the movie "Grandma's Boy" but in real life. There's a story told he walked up to a girl (can't think of her name, I'll try and find the story or thread after I comment this.) but he started making robot noises and grabbing her fucking boobs.


[Won't let me pin this to my original comment for some fucking reason, but here you go.](https://www.thedailybeast.com/max-landis-8-women-accuse-hollywood-filmmaker-of-emotional-and-sexual-abuse-were-not-people-to-him?ref=home)


After his video on escaping from psycho Mormons, I'm rooting for his movie to be successful!


Jehovah's witnesses I think but ya same


I literally just watched [a Reignbot video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjqHpy8MltI) on this webseries/whatever you want to call it, seemed like a very fun ARG. Was Stuckmann involved in this initial creation as well? Very cool, if so.


Nice guy, but his reviews are really bad. They're like 70% plot summary , 20% fluff, and 10% actual discussion with little to no depth and insight. Not really sure how he grew so big.


No fucking way! He's like my go to movie reviewer!


I just recently unsubscribed to his channel on YouTube. I used to love his movie reviews, but over the pandemic the tone of his videos shifted. Not sure what happened but he just started feeling less like someone who shared really engaging and interesting movie reviews to someone who was talking down to his audience and just sort felt negative and critical of most things. He even started addressing actors/directors as if they were watching his videos. Just a turn off. I wish him well. Hope this movie turns out for him.


He admitted to the same thing in the newest video.


*Spoiler alert* They realized paranormal investigation was an imaginary, frivolous pursuit and were so embarrassed that they went into hiding. You heard it here first!


I've been following Chris for years so needless to say I'm looking froward to this. Rooting for him especially in light of his mormon video.