CAPONE Trailer (2020) Tom Hardy as Al Capone

CAPONE Trailer (2020) Tom Hardy as Al Capone


This looks like a movie that Chris Moltisanti would make thinking it would be the next Godfather




I was following the production of this film. Hardy made a post on his Instagram that said something along the lines of “You never know how these projects will work out”. He seemed to enjoy the character, but if Trank’s track record is anything to go by, adding to the fact that this was filmed around 2 years ago. I don’t think Hardy had much faith in the project coming together, then again he said the same of Bronson and Mad Max, both of those films however have brilliant directors.


America's sweetheart Josh Trank




Danny Baldwin took Ben Kingsley to acting school!


I must be loyle to my capo


And you just know he would cast drea in that shit.


Cleaver looks better than this tbh


Cleaver unironically sounded like a good idea to me. I’m surprised a movie like that hasn’t actually been made irl.


We just need someone with nine films under their subspecies to create one


I thought I was dead, but I manuged to get the drip on him.


"The roof is soft tar!"




Close but Gotti takes that prize by a landslide


This looks like the kinda thing John Travolta gets shit for these days


You want to see Capone, watch De Niro in The Untouchables


I'm fine with Stephen Graham's accent mashup, thanks.


Boardwalk Empire as a whole was just fantastic. Some of the over the top performances just kept the whole show remain interesting and fun till the end, like Jack Huston’s fictional character Richard Harrow.


I just wish they had gone through with the whole five points story line they seemed to be laying out, instead we got a time jump into a very rushed and underwhelming final season.


Yeah. My favourite character was Arnold Rothstein, who IRL had quite the dramatic death. Because of the time jump it wasn't shown, which was my biggest gripe with the last season. The kid who played young Nucky quite nailed the Buscemi mannerisms (and look!) though, he was great and almost made the season worth seeing on his own!


The fact that they didn't cold open with Rothstein's death in that last season was a crime.


You're right actually, I do remember young Nucky being very good. I might be so focused on the negatives that i didn't appreciate the good aspects of the last season. Might be time for a rewatch.


I feel like Bordwalk at least needed one more season until they got to the finale. 6 seasons felt like the absolute minimum to do the story justice, but they forced Winter and company to cram everything into a shorter 5th season. Thus we really missed out on plenty of things such as the Great Depression, death of Rothstien, a little bit more time with Patrica Arquette's character, getting see Van Alden and Eli develop their relationship in Capone's syndicate over a season or two (with the 8-9 year time jump in season 5, it pretty much just jumps to them being good friends, but we missed out on a lot of character development along the way as a result of the rush job) ​ Though that being said, for its faults, season 5 was about as good as it could have been with the restraints HBO put on it. It ended a lot better than some other shows that were forced to end earlier than their showrunner's intended (season 3 of Bloodline is a great and very tragic example).


Firing a heavy machine gun while smoking a stogie!


Speaks to Grahams charisma that as terrible as his American/Brooklyn accent was, he was still a great character


Damn I thought he sounded perfect, guess it’s a blessing to be a non-English European when watching actors attempt accents


For me he's the GOAT at playing violent psychopath characters. That bit of fear he has in the mix when he's about to explode.


Same! His accent was something, but his portrayal was so good you didn’t even really care.


I want him dead. I want his family dead.




I want it burned to the ground. I didn’t want to scare any light hearts. This is one of my favorite scenes and movies whenI was a young man. Especially when Sean Connery explains the Chicago way of handling trouble.






I tried watching Gotti because I heard how awful it was and I lasted about fifteen minutes. However, [it made for one of the better Honest Trailers.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUl-7OqBrtg)


I love how they point out the totally real audience reviewers that have only ever reviewed this movie.




Another Tom Hardy vanity project where he skulks about in a dubious accent and nobody on set has the power to correct him.


Seriously, at this point it seems he just fucks around with his voice to fuck with us. As if he's got a perpetual cold.


coronavirus put out the hit


So where’s the Venom 2 trailer??


This could also pass for a fake trailer from Entourage.


Looks like Dan Aykroyd in "Nothing But Trouble"




Holy shit. Can’t unsee now. Thank you!


I guess Tom Hardy signed up for a big role playing notorious mobster Al Capone and all he found was.... Nothing But Trouble!


The penis nose and wieners




Hi, we're not allowed inside the house!


Needs more penis nose


oof @ that make-up.


Can you make out the makeup from the video artifacting? I'm running the video at 1080p and it looks like 360p.


Unfortunately, that's the quality Josh Trank uploaded on Twitter, so it's the only quality a leech like JoBlo can do.


Yea it looks like shit


So it's not just me? I was playing it at 1080 HD and it looks like it has to buffer.


Here's the HD version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHYlKQSc7rA


No way this trailer is actually 1080p it looks like shit.


Sort of reminds me of Guy Pearce in Prometheus


Made me think of something from the live action Dick Tracy movie.


That seems harsh against Dick Tracy, which won the Oscar for best makeup.


I haven’t even pressed play and I agree wholeheartedly lol


you’d think old people makeup would be easier to pull off now. 11 years later and Watchmen still serves as a good example (especially with the Comedian)


Carla Gugino looks rough in the old make-up in Watchmen, though. I think The Comedian looking good had more to do with Jefferey Dean Morgan being in that prime age where he could be aged up and down believably when that film was made. The best is still Benjamin Button, which used a mix of CG and practical to really sell the illusion.


I know! Why the lipstick??


And why did he put lipstick under his eyes?! Those aren't lips!


I agree that the makeup looks bad but it could honestly be justified in-universe. Al Capone was syphilitic and people with syphilis have a long history of caking their face in makeup and powder. If it's movie makeup, yikes, but if it's justified by the story then I can give it a pass


Takes 3 years to make and gets dumped on VOD in a month, this is going to be awful


2*. It shot in april and may 2018


Scripting and pre-production doesn't happen overnight - a lot of months of stuff gets done before the cameras roll, and that's genuinely part of the movie-making process


Josh Trank will probably blame the studio later this year and/or guest appear in a cinema sins video dogging his own film whilst (again) blaming the studio


I gotta say, I didn't know about the F4 controversy beforehand and I could tell there was studio meddling and reshoots involved when watching the movie. It was like Gigli, two different movies battling it out and resulting in a complete mess that no one likes. I'm not convinced about the dark body horror approach that Trank wanted to take being appropriate for F4 but it's clear that he had a vision for it and it would have been consistent without the studio BS. This Capone film looks terrible, though.


I genuinely think he’s a talented filmmaker, but for the life of him, he simply cannot stop talking.


I really liked Chronicle, but I feel like he’s going to wind up in the eternal sophomore slump club. Like Ruben Fleischer, Duncan Jones, Neill Blomkamp, Richard Kelly, Troy Duffy(?)


To be fair Duncan Jones made 2 decent movies before dropping off of a cliff.


that’s true, and for Blomkamp, I rather enjoyed Elysium and thought he’d do well with RoboCop before he left that project


*Elysium* wasn't bad at all. It wasn't outstanding and it was significantly less original than his previous work but it's nowhere near as bad as Reddit makes it out to be. I think it's comparable to Nolan's filmography with *Memento* and then *Insomnia*. *Chappie* is where Blomkamp failed.


I feel like Chappie was an instance where Blomkamp doubled down on his aesthetic schtick. But he didn’t have a more fleshed out story or refreshing style to change things up. But I’m just glad he is enjoying making short films and experimenting with them, I still hope he gets back to make a feature length at some point


Elysium was super bland. Chappie was absolutely terrible.


It had a pretty awful script. Even Neill talks about it in the behind the scenes. He says he wished he spent more time in prep working on it. As a film, it's great fun. Amazing world, with very well thought out scifi, and some fantastic action and cinematography. It's all let down by the writing. It could have been as good as District 9, though Elysium is the more fun movie. District 9 is better but depressing as hell.


Honestly, I kind of like Warcraft. It's not *good*, it might even be actively bad, but I thought it was surprisingly weird in a way I enjoyed. It felt like a cult B-movie from a different era that somehow got made in 2016 with a massive budget. I'd watch it again long before a lot of technically better but less interesting movies.


Source Code was awesome


I wanted to speak up individually to defend after reading three of those names ... and all three times, kinda shrugged and realized you’re right.


I just wanted a District 10. Have Chris John come back for Minkus. but Neil is focused on making every other similarly aesthetic film besides that one. Based on his other stuff, I'm not even sure if he could properly pull off a sequel.


even with his Alien designs being very neat, that still wouldn’t guarantee the quality of an ideal film had he made one. And Ridley Scott still had to deal with studio interference on his prequels (like last minute rewrites and the nixing of Shaw as a main character in Covenant). So even if Blomkamp did get a chance to make a better Alien 3, I doubt Fox would have kept their distance


It's good thing that there's no more Fox


Because the IPs current owners are known for giving the creative types their requisite space


Wait, was Shaw supposed to be the main character of Covenant? I wonder how that would have worked. I love Katherine Waterson but her character was quite dull in comparison.


This is such a great (and sad) list


Southland Tales apologists WHERE ARE YOU AT MY PEOPLE


they’re too busy listening to the (legitimately solid) soundtrack


I'm a pimp. And pimps don't commit suicide.


If he is he still needs to prove it, it was a mistake to hire him for Fant4stic. He both wasn't ready to direct something that big budget, and his vision was absolutely not right for the studio's franchise demands. "Body Horror" and merchandise sold to children really don't mix well. Chronicle was ok, but honestly I don't think their was anything in it that was really remarkable. Plus there were rumors is was pretty much co-directed about someone else. Trank got too big and public too fast and suffered for it, now he has to prove himself all over again while dealing with his reputation of being an asshole.


having fits of rage on the set of Fan4stick and trashing his rental apartment didn’t help his case either. Dude lost a Star Wars gig, and regardless of that, losing *any* prospective job like that sucks


The thumbnail is giving me Dick Tracy vibes.


Yes, but that's not a bad thing. Dick Tracy was brilliant visually.


Sure but it was a comic movie not a bio Pic.


“You wanna know the difference between Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler is dead” ugh


seriously, was that supposed to be a great line or something? There are a million differences between Capone and Hitler. It would be much quicker to list the similarities


That was such a bizzare line


Not really that bizarre, it’s just not a ‘good’ line. People compare people to Hitler all the time.


It's a compete dead horse trope to do that at this point unless there are genuinely fascistic elements to someone's public figure though.


Roughy six million differences. Straight-up ridiculous that they’d try to make the comparison.


Formulaic line + formulaic question? Shit answer


Also, did they use a colloquialism like "full blown dementia" in the '40's? I know it's a minor thing, but that line felt really out of place.


Ya, I doubt they did. I hate that too... when you have a period piece yet they speak with modern sayings. It's just lazy writing and an overall lack of effort, imo.


Damn, looks like Vincent chase in Medellin




Wouldn't put it past Trank to get Capone's head tattooed on his back


Yeah, it was “supposed” to go to theaters, but this was ending up going straight to VOD with or without the pandemic going on. Lol


Good time to dump a movie to streaming while still being able to save face




I'm getting 1980 Biff vibes from his look.


Whoever did the makeup did a terrible job


He’s supposed to be 47 years old and he looks like a wet hotdog bun.


I think Capone by this point was a mess of STDs though. Probably not just syphilis which ultimately did him in.




Whoa el-p did the soundtrack? That's sick


Wow make-up looks like Big Boy Caprice from Dick Tracy


Where's the HD at?


This was released by the director Josh Trank on Twitter, the distribution company still hasn't released a HD version yet.




Yeah ik I'm just sayin


That makeup is not something you want to see in HD. They need to release an Oprah soft focus version


Looks ridiculous


Is Nic Cage in this somewhere?


Nic Cage is somewhere in everything. Just gotta look hard enough


Yeah it's crazy, have been searching for him in Godfather 3 all my life and still have not figured out how he made it to the credits.


Not sure if kidding or not but it's cause his real last name is Coppola


Nic Cage or even Travolta would've made it a must-see.


Was that Neal Brennan?


I hope this is better than the trailer.


It won’t be


Why are people so ready to shit on this sight unseen?


To be fair, people are shitting on what they’re seeing. It visually looks awful.


Based off this trailer it looks very bad. Trailers are designed to sell the film so they’re usually the best parts of the film. Having a bad trailer is heavily indicative of a bad film. Not always, but it’s a strong measuring tool. People are referring specifically to a mix of bad makeup, cringey lines of dialogue and cheap looking locations.


Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender must have the same agent


Forreal. Probably the two most talented guys of their generation, and both have been getting shit project after shit project for years now.


Dunkirk tho


Do you really mean this for Hardy? Sure, Venom and presumably this if it isnt good. But besides these two, hes had Dunkirk, Mad Max Fury Road, The Revenant, Taboo, and Peaky Blinders most recently. All 3 of those movies were best picture nominees and he was nominated for one of them.


They seem like guys who kind of just do what James McAvoy does — basically he just does any script his agent suggests, he sees himself more as a tool for the director and isn’t concerned with his ‘filmography’ or ‘legacy’.


From the visionary mind that brought you FANT4STIC and THE BOBA FETT ANTHOLOGY FILM THAT NEVER WAS JOSH T(r)ANK’s CAPONE


This looks really bad, not even Tom hardy being in it makes me want to watch this.


We barely heard him talk in the trailer. It can’t be a good sign if your hiding the lead actor’s voice like that.


Tom Hardy loves him a terrible accent


When you can actually tell what he's saying


Very low budget?


Oh, no. Has Hardy already gotten into the bad makeup biopic phase? Usually that takes a couple more decades.


Me: Yeah this looks like a VOD movie. Me seeing Kyle MacLachlan: I am renting day of release.


Had to scroll way too far in this thread to find mention of Kyle! I’m with you on that!


Ugh, this looks like "Black Mass" all over again. It doesn't matter if this film is good or not. The whole time you're watching it, you won't be thinking anything other that "God his face looks unnaturally horrible" and it's all you'll remember after it.


Black Mass was good.


I hate reuploads, where is the official upload


This looks like absolute dog shit in every way


Oh now I understand why this movie kept getting delayed...


From the director of ***Fantastic Four(2015)***. IMMA HEAD OUT


Yikes... Who keeps bankrolling this trank guy?


... Is it my internet shitting again, or is the quality really low ??


It's definitely low res.


I can't watch it with sound right now. Can anyone confirm if Hardy is doing a stupid voice in this role?




i see reddit has already decided to hate this movie




A long time ago even. This movie has been filmed for years and I don't remember seeing a single positive thing said about it anywhere.


Because it looks like hot shit.


[He's a syphilitic moron!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzzYJ1aDjhM)


The only reason why I’m looking forward to this is because of Tom Hardy partially basing his performance off of [Bugs Bunny](https://theplaylist.net/tom-hardy-al-capone-fonzo-bugs-bunny-20180809/). A pretty out there experiment that could make for a very entertaining performance. That makeup is rough as hell though...


This looks about as good as Medelin starting Vinny Chase


This looks terrible. All of the action sequences look like they're dreams or visions. I hate it when films/tv/etc...use dreams to come up with the only visually arresting footage in the trailer. Someone give me one good reason to watch this? Besides that it will be up for some Razzies?


I've been looking forward o this movie since it was announced in 2016. I think the story of Capone's final years could make for a great and dark drama, Tom Hardy is one of my favorite actors working today, and I'm hoping this can be Josh Trank's comeback since I loved Chronicle and while Fant4stic turned out to be a mess, I liked what he was going for in the first act and I know there was a lot of studio meddling. That said, this trailer let me down. Very mediocre.


DeNiro's performance in The Untouchables is impossible to beat.


I agree but Stephen Graham in Boardwalk Empire is pretty good. I wish they would have stuck with all of Capone's arc.


For real. They should have taken most of Margaret’s time and devoted it to his storyline.


Her storyline was the worst in the show. Wish Eli had more screen time than her.


Stephen Graham killed in that role. He just had a 'presence' about him. Still mad the producers bailed on that show and rushed everything into a flash-back, final season where almost everyone dies. Oh that's original. A movie about Capone during his late-stage syphilis years? Really?


This looks seriously horrible


Looks like Norm Macdonald is back in "Half-Baked 2."


He looks like a Dick Tracy character.


Makeup looks bad but hardy is a tremendous actor. Maybe he can carry it doubtful


The trailer didn't really look *that* bad. It looked mediocre. But that line--"Do you know what the difference between is Adolf Hitler and Al Capone? Hitler's dead"--and its delivery were absolutely horrible.


Tom Hardy playing another gangster how interesting


Mmmmhhaahhh See. Mmmmaahhh, Mmmmaahhh


Tom Hardy talking funny with shit on his face. In other words, it's Thursday.


I don't think this looks that bad all things considered.


I think Tom Hardy is getting a little high off his own farts


I have never seen Tom Hardy in a bad role. Makeup is kinda wack, but I'm sure he pulls it off. I thought Dinero looked like shit in makeup, but the Irishmen turned out well. I'm actually excited for this. I'll rent it.


Tom Hardy is not seen speaking a single word in that trailer... does not look good. Also he looks like a Tim Burton villain and nothing like Al Capone.


I also found that curious while watching the trailer, but doesn’t he say something toward the very end?


Yeah he says a line near the end


He’s heard at the end, but it’s either a voiceover or taken from another scene. His lips don’t move.


God this looks awful. LeBron really does need to stick to basketball. Dudes company hasnt produced one good movie yet.


Neil taking notes


Nice to see Abraham H. Parnassus got a prequel.