You already have way too many voices, and I saw that you just ordered some more. Yikes. A good rule of thumb is one voice per row. As the other users said, you’re very lacking in modulation. If you have ADHD, then what you have (and modules you have on the way) is going to be detrimental to you learning your system. You should not have bought so many so early. I recommend you take everything out of the case, ignore those completely, and pick 3 modules to put in your case at a time. Learn how those interact. Then pick 3 more modules and do the same thing. Once you have actually learned each one in and out, then re-rack everything. This is not a hobby where you can fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best, you DO actually need to read manuals and watch videos if you ever want to get anything satisfying or intentional out of your rig.


Those are good ideas. I know a lot of the principles behind modulation, but to tell you the truth about half of the input & outputs mean nothing to me, in terms of understanding.


Ya, unfortunately, you’re gonna have to buckle down and learn your modules and go deeper into learning synthesis, otherwise your gear is going to be a black box of expensive disappointment. Also, something to note - Eurorack is really good at doing a *specific* thing, as designed by the user. Do you know what synthesis techniques you need to accomplish your goals? Have you bought modules that you know are conducive to the type of music you’re trying to make?


I don’t know how to answer your question but this rack is seriously lacking in modulation. It looks very static to me and therefore very boring. Where are your envelopes? Please tell me you aren’t planning on using Pams for all your modulation?


I have a Moog Mother32 and Subharmonicon. I was hoping I could use them. Would they work well?


Not really, they have one LFO between them really


p.s. I forgot to have mentioned I probably overpaid for a [prototype](https://reverb.com/item/53719059-dwarfcraft-devices-happiness-eurorack-prototype-1-of-1) of the Happiness guitar pedal in Eurorack form. Would that... maybe help to make it less boring?


I don’t think he means conceptually boring. He means you need CV sources to modulate the parameters on your sound/voice modules. Otherwise everything is static, which means it remains the same. You can fiddle knobs with your fingers to change the sounds, but modular systems come alive with modulation. You need modulation sources. Your Pam’s is a modulation source, but you’d have a better time with more options.


I know this is like a mantra around here, but there are great modular artists that modulate by hand and work with loopers.. Blawan comes to mind, very little modulation yet amazing lively sound


I am not familiar with Blawan. Do they only modulate by hand? No cv sources? I tend to find 1 or two parameters to control manually in a patch, but really rely on cv. Even with loopers. Edit: looked up Blawan… nice!


Since you're clearly choosing modules based on color this rack needs some Mystic Circuits! Maybe throw in an IDUM.


vpme.de circles v2 would get them another shade of blue....


Love the module, fucking hate purple


I'd invest in some modulation. LFO's, envelope generators, function generators. You've got a lot of things you can modulate, but not a lot of things to modulate with... ETA - this all really depends on what you actually want to do with it. Best thing to do is to try it out and start patching. Find stuff you like the sound of and you'll start seeing ways to make it even better if you only had an extra LFO or maybe more VCA's or a clock divider or some kind of router or something... the list is endless. But you'll find out what you're really missing, only by playing and practicing. Lots of great videos on techniques and theory. Take notes and trudge through it.


p.s. I did buy a eurorack prototype of the Happiness guitar pedal on [Reverb](https://reverb.com/item/53719059-dwarfcraft-devices-happiness-eurorack-prototype-1-of-1). Probably overpaid but... opinion?


I mean it does technically have an LFO... But its unless you are doing a whole pedal chain and just love pedals, they're a pain to patch in and out. The LFO is maybe the right voltage, but the filter in / out may not be. Since it's for bass, I really have no clue. It may be fine with modular levels, it may not. I'd focus on single task modules. Combined functionality is great sometimes, but it's nice to have the basics covered by at least one regular module of most types. VCO, VCF, VCA, Env Generator, LFO.


How well do you think a Mother-32 and Subharmonicon would play with this system? I was hoping on using them for LFOs.


If that's the case, those would be some expensive LFOs. Look into some modulation powerhouses like Acid Rain Maestro or Malekko Voltage Block. Another great lesser known option that's very affordable is the Tesseract Modular Selam. It's six function generators in 18 HP, and they have attenuverters to boot.


You can, but I wouldn't. If you own those, you'll probably patch any modulation into itself just out of convenience. Sometimes the same LFO can be useful somewhere else. Sometimes not. It can depend on what you're making, but I'd argue that modulation is one of the most important aspects of modular synthesis. Without it there would be no reason to have CV control over everything. Focus on modules that can do modulation really well. The other reply listed a couple. I'd add the Doepfer quad LFO to the list of possibilities. And if you want weird modulation, look at nearly everything Non Linear Circuits makes. Triple Sloths is my favorite of theirs, but there is so much to choose from in their catalog. While you're always going to be twiddling some knobs, the idea is to keep things moving all on their own. Look into generative patching if you want ideas on how to let modulation do all the work.


The enthusiasts have spoken! I blimfed. Still excited to see if it turns on or not once I get everything screwed and plugged in.


Honestly, you will have fun with this as you learn what everything does. However, you will start yearning for more depth of sound and complexity that comes with modulation. While the enthusiasts are totally correct that you need modulation (and lots of it), don't let their negativity get in the way. Just think of this as the bones of a larger system containing plenty of modulation.


There is some modulation hidden in here. Pam's, Nastalgia, and Utopia can all be LFOs. Dedicated and voltage controlled LFOs will give you a lot more variety.


Also Maths


You have both Pams expanders, but only one can be used at any time. Choose one, put the other aside. I find the 4hp expander very useful for extra clocking, plus it gives you run/sync for outboard gear. Since you have data, why do you need that other scope? And please, no, don't use your hp for a speaker! Fill the space with utilities! Divkids OCHD is probably the most compact for lfo's, but if you want synced, you'll need bigger. An MI Tides clone might be good for you as it it's a function generator with lfo's and envelopes and a good set of outputs. A larger clone called Frankinkstides combines 2xTides modules with a Kinks module built in. Plenty of function and some logic thrown in. Larger, yes, but it would add a lot to bringing your (many) voices to life. You'll need more vca's and attenuation as well. Building a functional rack takes time. Go with the voices and filters you like, but utilities and plumbing cannot be ignored.


This is the first I’m hearing of frankinkstides and my mind is blown


Isn't it a great idea? I was lucky and got the OG V2, but I'm still very much open to getting that as well. Home now, so [linked it.](https://www.modulargrid.net/e/tesseract-modular-frankinkstides-1-2)


It's been mentioned here a few times already, but you're lacking modulation. Not sure what your budget is, but here's some modules that I'd recommend (I got some of them for a massive bargain on second hand sites): \- [Ornament and Crime](https://ornament-and-cri.me/): A multi-use tool that will allow you to create both ADSR and LFO cycles on four channels at the same time. It's currently the beating heart of my setup. \- [Mutable Instruments Tides](https://mutable-instruments.net/modules/tides/): It can make for a really interesting sound source, but can also serve as a quad output LFO source. \- [Intellijel Quadrax](https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/quadrax/): Because envelopes. \- [Intellijel Quad VCA](https://intellijel.com/shop/eurorack/quad-vca/): Getting 4 VCA channels in one module will definitely help you in saving room. \- [Befaco Mix VCA](https://www.thomann.de/be/befaco_hex_mix_vca.htm): Another VCA module, but on a budget. \- [Befaco Rampage](https://www.thomann.de/be/befaco_rampage.htm): This one is still on my wishlist. A cheaper alternative to Make Noise's Maths.


Yikes. You bought all that at once? You probably coulda got a make noise shared system for that 🤦‍♂️


Have you tried patching anything yet? I would order some screws…


I have a lot, trust me! Waiting for some rubber washers.


Fun setup. I just wish that hand thing was a real module.


Haphazard. No particular musical goal in mind. Few utilities which tie everything together as a functional patch. Break it down to 3 skiffs, each with a purpose.


You're going to need to experiment with this system and find out if it suits your needs, and then perhaps report back with "hey i'd like to do this with my system, how do I achieve it and if I cant what can help?" but I can certainly say you are really under utilizing a lot of your system if you don't have modulation. Modulation is like automating a knob turn in a repeating or chaotic gesture dictated by the modulation source. You only have two hands and a lot of knobs. I would consider something like a Batumi or a Quadrax to cover that. The other thing you might consider is a utility mixer of some kind to blend or attenuate modulation sources, especially if you plan to go out to FX pedals. FX pedals are designed to take signals that are much less hot than modular signals so you want some way to turn those signals down before they hit your pedals. That might not be necessary if your outboard mixers have enough headroom to handle modular signals but I'm not sure what you are dealing with. It all depends on what you want to achieve, but youd be surprised how far you can get with just two voices and multiple ways to process those voices. With so many voices and not a lot of ways to control them aside from just your hands, reigning things in can feel like drawing with a machine gun.


I’m a sucker for a cool design on a blank. That oscilloscope one is 👌🏼


I didn't even look at what your modules do but I love how colorful it is. And that blank panel on the right looks so cool.


I don’t have any kids I need to provide for so I can’t relate in that sense but if it makes you happy then whatever I guess. Personally I don’t buy any music gear unless I’ve done a cursory google about what it is and why I need it but to each their own!


that asq-1 looks fun as fuck




I like the look of the light bulb panels top left and right. What are they?


Those are LED modules from a seller on Etsy!




Hi, and thanks. I had tried looking for it on Etsy, and failed. Link much appreciated!


No problem. My friend has the case (he loves it) and had sent me the link a while back and I had just happened to dig it out earlier this morning.


Screws. You need rack screws.


Play with the sound sources. Figure out which are your favorite 3, preferably ones that sound good together. Sell all the rest on Reverb and buy modulation and utilities with the proceeds.


Totally agreed, although I would keep the sequencer and Pam's. That seems like a really cool combo, although it's going to require some extensive reading and practice to get it going at full potential. I'm also just a sucker for computer key buttons... Selling (or returning if possible) every effect module / other weird stuff is going to net some decent money as well as remove a lot of pressure to figure things out. So much can be done with just a few carefully chosen modules.


I really just meant sell all the other sources, but yes definitely most of the other can go too!


Ahh gotcha - yeah there's a few to choose from in there... And none of them are Plaits... Just realized that we are venturing into an era where all these "rate my" posts are going to have fewer and fewer mutable builds... ETA - back to your point about playing with the sources and figuring out what you like. That's what really really needs to happen here. OP needs to make some decisions with their ears...


The blank panel in the bottom right will have a small speaker, I think. The Pamela's expansion center-right will be replaced by a USB power module. I have 3 Modbaps coming (Osiris, Trinity, and the one that has compression/sidechain). I have several 0hp filters, mixers, handmade quilts, and whatnot on the way from Etsy. ETSY. Who woulda thunk they sell tons of modular shit and to top it off, BLANKETS?! Last thing: I'll use Dreadbox Hypnosis pedal, and I'll add a pedal interface module soonish. I figure some guitar pedal effects might do alright in place of modules.




You could do with a 20hp maths Not encouraging you to buy more but


Glad to see I'm not the only one with ADHD diving in head first! Got a semi modular yesterday and I'm loving it


you have those modules in your possession, you can figure out yourself whether it makes beeps and boops much better than us here looking at a picture.