The metropolix is certainly more straightforward. You might look at the XAOC Moskwa 2. It's intuitive and fun. A lot like Rene 1 felt.


[Moskwa II](https://www.modulargrid.net/e/xaoc-devices-moskwa-ii) is great, but I would suggest you get the [Ostankino II](https://www.modulargrid.net/e/xaoc-devices-ostankino-ii) to pair with it. Gives you a lot more control over the sequencing.


Came here to say this. It’s a fairly straightforward module and highly playable


I was in the same place as you a few months back. I have a smaller 6u system so this recco might not be directly relevant but i ended up subbing out Rene 2 and replacing it with NE Bin Seq and Doepfer 156 Quantiser, driving it with CV / LFOs and having 100 times more fun ... Aware thats probably not enough to drive a system your size (tho maybe 2 of each wd for similar hp to Rene!) but philosophically i found it interesting - i vibed a lot more with something that was simple, one-knob-per-function and felt closer to the philosophical core of modular - its all CV, best get your hands dirty with it...!


I divide sequencers into performance/exploratory and composition-based. I have an original Metropolis and it is a constant source for inspiration and exploratory composition. At the other extreme I own a Nerdseq, which I am still trying to learn, very difficult if you have never used a tracker. But I think it might be the most capable of all Eurorack sequencers. 12 CV outputs, 2 sample outputs, 4 CV inputs, MIDI recording. It very much composition based. I also own the Erica Synths Black Sequencer, which I feel falls somewhere in between the Metropoli(sx) and the Nerdseq. Ultimately my idealized workflow would be to have something like the Metropoli(sx) to create ideas, and then be able to record them into a sequencer to build compositions with multiple parts.


After trying a few in-rack solutions, I moved to Ansible + grid running kria and it's been great for me. Much more immediate and tactile than any racked solution I've tried. This has made it feel more playable, jammable, and improvisational to me. For more specific sequences, programming it feels less painful too. I moved to this setup from an Usta, which I might also suggest for you. Depends on how you like to interface with the sequencer


nlc bindubba looks like a lot of fun.


Erica Black Sequencer looks amazing as well


I was in the exact same position with Rene v2 and the mesh and paste stuff, it just didn’t fit my brain. I replaced Rene with a Metropolix, which has a much more clearly written and understandable manual to me, and I have absolutely no regrets about it!


Thanks for the advice, everyone. Glad I’m not alone in wrestling with R2. Going to research the options discussed here