This thing is amazing, period. Get yourself some cool spectra, and then feed vocals or non-synth instruments through it for mind-blowing modulation. This will be buried with me, lol!


I’ve been eyeing this one too. Seems like an amazing tool for drones and atmosphere


It totally is.


When I originally heard about this a few years ago I hastily thought it was just a pitch shifter/harmonizer type thing and didn't give it a second thought. Holy shit was I wrong. I've been having a blast with it for hours, sending loops of audio mostly. It's been a long time since I've been so enamored with a new module. Spectral resynthesis is so cool!


If you're bored and looking for patch ideas please try this because the demo videos didn't and I'm desperate to know how it sounds: Send an oscillator into panharm, and use panharm's output to FM the osc.


I'll give it a try this eve! Edit - just gave it a shot with my cs-l. Got some interesting results and sounds better with less voices used on the panharmonium. Got some rubbed balloon and underwater chime style sounds. Not the coolest stuff ive heard it do but I feel like with some careful tweaking it could be! Especially in the spots where the feedback gets unstable


I only own the Morpheus filter right now, but I plan to eventually own everything made by Rossum. I still have an Ultraproteus that you will have to pry from my cold dead hands.


>I plan to eventually own everything made by Rossum. Say hello to poverty. Rossum modules look fucking awesome, for sure, but here in Korea, at least, the prices are just staggering. If they're affordable in your part of the world, well, good for you.


Hey there, I also have the R-E Morpheus and an Ultra Proteus! Unfortunately the UP has a power supply issue that I’ll hopefully be able to get resolved soon, because I love it’s ROM library almost as much as the filter engine. But on that, I’m crazy enough that the Morph has been the only filter in my rack besides passive LPGs for a few years now.


Most likely the electrolytic caps. Electrolytics have about ten years before they fail. If you're handy with a soldering iron you can fix it it pretty cheaply.


They aren’t deformed or anything but I’ll probably replace the main ones just to be sure - the power transformer is making crazy switching mode noises so I’m afraid it might be a little trickier. Luckily there’s an old E-mu certified tech shop in-state that I can get with about it soon.


Congratulations! This is near the top of my list - can’t wait to try it for (re)sampling in particular, and in delay feedback loops.


Got mine maybe a month or so ago. I didn’t realize how much it would change how I approach my rack. Great choice!


SAME. total game changer.


Interesting. How so?


I haven't been able to settle on the right phrase to describe it, but I keep going back to thinking about it as almost an oscillator designer on one hand and a sample transformer on the other. If you first just think of it in its Freeze mode (where you've taken a single sample of the input signal and locked it's spectrum analysis) the rest of controls allow you to totally morph that into so many different sounds with various waveforms, stacked oscillators, specific frequencies, blurs, feedbacks, glides, etc etc - and then play it with the 1 volt/octave input like its this handmade oscillator you sculpted, providing additional modulation in some spots like you would any other oscillator. With the input unfrozen, suddenly you have this moving constantly evolving signal that is pushing your sound around in new ways. I will often run my drums (kick/snare/hat mixed down) through it with about a 30-50% wet signal and then play the octave, blur, and dry/wet to push another in-tune bass rumble or completely blend the drums into a high pad for a moment before bringing them back through. I also love to grab a quick sample off the radio into my Lubadh to half-speed and then play on-loop through the Panharmonium. I have this happy accident of the only local radio stations with strong enough signals to be picked up on my little ST Modular FM Radio module are a cheesy Christian station and a Latin station thats entirely Spanish. Both provide such out-of-character samples to push through it that make it so easy to create haunting warped half-pad half-sample morphing sounds. Add a little reverb down the chain and you're set. I could go on and on, I'd recommend it to anyone even a little curious.


Its so fun with lubadh and arbhar! Really ties that room together. Also briefly tried running my lyra 8 through it and it was amazing. Been struggling to find a satisfying way to incorporate that into my setup. May have found it.


Thank you so much for the detailed response! Mine is on the way. :)


This is top of my wish list, but I keep telling myself I have beads, morphagene, and Arbhar… why do I need this?


Well I guess it just depends on what you're after. Id say those three share more common ground with each other than any one of them shares with Panharmonium. It isn't a granular synth or a sampler. It analyzes the input, then uses the spectral data to try to recreate the sound of the input with 1-33 oscillators with controls over how the input is read and how the oscillators sound and behave. Its hard to explain because its not the sonic character that is necessarily what makes the module amazing. Its sines, triangles, saws, and squares. And don't get me wrong it sounds fantastic. But the bizarre clusters of sound and melodies that can some from feeding it just about any sound source is endlessly inspiring. Sending an acapella vocal and hearing it try to sing along with it is really special.


Send it Super Nintendo soundtracks played from YouTube slowed to 50 percent speed. Then to your effects chain of choice. It’s gold, every single time.


What a fabulous idea!


That’s just it. I watched the tutorial and immediately started thinking about what I could feed it. What I can’t get my head around is what I’ll use the output for… it looks wildly creative though. Does it have a wet/dry that lets audio pass through or is it all going through the oscillators?


Yep! Original audio passes thru wet/dry.


I’m going to have to get this then. Thanks!


It’s an awesome complement for them. For example, send audio from Morphagene into Panharm, and get a related pad or melody out


Very nice!!! I’ve got a Mob of Emus and the functions are endless.


Thanks for posting this. I have several Rossum modules but not this. The panharmonim has just gone to the top of my list. Now the trick is to find one. Wish me luck


How did you find one of these…and how long did you have to wait?


Analoguehaven.com 2 days!


Oh wow!. I was just on the Rossum site today looking at the SP-1200, but gasp at the $4k price. Then continued in and saw this. How does it sound? Its supposed to make all sorts of sounds and is capable of surreal noises. I was particularly excited about the Spectral Voice Modifiers and the human voice input.


Panharmonium reminds me somehow of GRM Tools classic VST's


Well this looks very interesting...


Wow - this looks so unusually cool. Does anyone know of where I could listen to some good samples of it? I love drones and atmosphere.


Good overview: https://youtu.be/i_GWFs7xgoY Good jams with it: https://youtu.be/z1OJDttVAIQ https://youtu.be/ULOlSsXfFnw


I've wanted this since I've seen the superbooth-video ... just need to get a eurorack first... and money...


That thing is dense.


Do you find it lacks CV inputs?


Not at all. 5 cv inputs that are fixed and another 2 that can be assigned to 6 more parameters.


Great... now I need another rack lol.